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  1. Aircrafts: Fw190 series The issue is the overdone and not physical correct leftspin caused by engine torque. All Fw 190 do have this Problem. At 0% throttle there is no leftspin, because there can be no engine torque. When increasing the throttle the plane starts banking left. It banks to the left so hard, that the 190s left wing tends to touch the runway on takeoff. To fly a straight line after takeoff you constantly have to hold your joystick to the right about 15% for right aileron. This overdone engine torque happens at all speeds and rpm until you throttle down to 0%. I noticed the leftspin decreasing at 50% of throttle downwards. The hardest level of leftspin is at 100% + WEP. How to fix that... Engine torque do have an effect on the plane at very high throttle and low speed. Like on a takeoff. If the speed increases, the airflow over the wings and tail rises and stabilize the plane. At a point of 300 km/h there shall be no noticeable leftspin caused by engine torque. So engine torque do only have an effect on takeoff, in most of the cases. Even on takeoff the spin to the left is so slightly that you can easily compensate it with a bit of right rudder. So what to do, to fix that, is to reduce this leftspin massively. To underline my position i can provide what Eric Brown wrote about the Fw190, as he tested it. He wrote down a lot of his detailed experiances in a book called berühmte Flugzeuge der Luftwaffe - Wings of the Luftwaffe. Source to Eric Brown: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Brown_(pilot) The Book: Thats something very hard to proof, that this leftspin is not correct yet. Not because the book is in german language, it´s that only pilots who really flew this aircraft can tell you that it is wrong. So i translate what Eric Brown has written down there.... While takeoff: " I could notice a light turn to the left, what can be easily compensate with the rudder. " Thats all he wrote down about a leftspin to the Fw190. Honestly, who has flewn the Fw190 in game and noticed this hard spin, can guess that this cant be a real thing when it´s nearly not possible to fly a straight line without breaking your wrist when playing a few hours. I really did my best to proof, that this is an issue, where you guys please should have a look on. I also spent a lot of time to report and meet your requirements . Thanks for reading. 2017_07_20_17_02_36__2216.clog
  2. O.M.G. I´m getting sick of this "left spin" thats completly overdone and a issue that needs to be fixed and that is still called "engine torque" incorrectly. For sure there is a engine torque and a leftspin, but thats the case when you are on lowspeed with full throttle. Even when this happens, the spin to the left isnt that hard like it is currently in game. I have to give 20% right to compensate the spin to the left. Also at a speed of 550km/h with 65% throttle. You cant tell me that this is realistic "engine torque" anymore... After takeoff with full throttle at a speed of 250km/h, you have to give right aileron of 50% for a short time to keep your left wing off the ground because it banks left like hell. Same leftspin on the Bf109. Thats always gets me off playing this game after an hour because i´m ***** up holding my stick to the right all the time to fly a straight line. I´m always grateful if somebody shot some holes in my right wing, so this plane flys nearly a straight line like it should. As well, there is no trimming on rudder and aileron axis so far... I used to trim my planes in the testflight and safed the settings for flying in simulator battle, but after one update (patch 1.67 i think...) the settings are not getting restored after repairing. Also wrote a comment to this issue on the updatereport, but no one was interested in. PLEASE FIX THAT
  3. Hello guys, just noticed that since the update(1.67 in SB) the trimming of the Fw190 won´t be restored after refuelling and repairing. The settings only get restored when you spawn in your choosen aircraft for the first time. As you might know, there is only the elevator you can trim in a gamingsession on SB. So for trimming on aileron and rudder axis you have to use the "testflight" and safe the trimmingsetup. Regards 2017_07_20_17_02_36__2216.clog