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  1. I have discovered a bug that allows any decoration, including bushes, to be placed anywhere on a tank. It is also possible for the decorations to "float" and not be attached to the vehicle. Essentially, the bug transfers all decorations of one vehicle onto another, regardless of shape and size differences of the two vehicles. Steps to Reproduce Join a custom battle with 30 or 31 players in it (mode/map does not matter) Select "Ready." Occasionally, you will not join the game and remain in the lobby. Exit the custom battle screen and return to your hangar. Your currently selected tank will still appear, even after switching to another. Switch to a different tank in another slot. Click "Customize" on that tank and place your decorations. After placing the decorations, queue up for any regular battle; wait until a battle is found, but you will not be able to join it. Press "Cancel" and return to your hangar. Switch to the second tank you selected; decorations from the first tank will have transferred to this one. This bug does not always transfer every decoration. It is easier to reproduce this bug using a smaller tank, perhaps because there is less clipping between the hull and decoration. Screenshots of the bug Video showing the bug Vehicles affected: All ground vehicles Mode: Any (main hangar) 2017_03_21_09_37_02__11736.clog DxDiag.txt