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  1. 380 lions per belt x4 because four guns x3 for three reloads (one of them happens after battle) = 4560.
  2. Less overall.
  3. You're forgetting the Type 60 MAT is in game now too. 85m/s vs the 185m/s on Swingfire, and it too is launched at an angle. 6 missiles vs 14. Lower top speed. edit: and MAT is first gen..
  4. ki-67 hiryu

    15x50kg = 0.9 tons of base damage 8x100kg = 0.92 tons of base damage 3x250kg = 0.6 tons of base damage The torpedo modification actually unlocks the 250kg bombs. edit: The gunners die immediately and if they don't, they certainly can't damage anything.
  5. They'd have to do something else besides wave based defense.. wouldn't be much fun landing to reload and then having to climb back up again multiple times per battle.
  6. In bombload they can't compete at any BR above 2.0 though (and 2.0 has many bombers that carry double or triple the bombload), and while the speed is higher it increases less than the enemy fighters' speed as you go up BR's.
  7. It's easier because AI tanks don't shoot you just because you got near, like AI bombers do.
  8. I think the red star icon shows number of waves left. The one on right side of your base health anyway at bottom left corner. 15 waves of enemies, though not all of them are bombers.
  9. I saw a level 3 player in one of my Assault matches, with myself in BR 2.3 Hurricane with 40mm's. That player had two reserve biplanes as his lineup. I very much doubt he had fun, or a clue about what he should be doing. Nobody would have had time to explain anything to him anyway. That kind of first impression for a player is... not something any game should give.
  10. I tested how fast you could get the booster: 1) Enter, spawn, quit to hangar - no booster 2) Enter, spawn, land on airfield, rearm, J out, quit to hangar - no booster 3) Enter, spawn, kill one bomber, ram into another bomber, quit to hangar - no booster So I guess there's either an activity requirement or you need to be there when the match ends or otherwise spend significant amount of time in the match. edit: quit after playing "for real" and losing my vickers tempest twice (it's rubbish for killing bombers btw - solid slug AP ammo and bad accuracy), 9 minute match. got the booster though the match isn't over yet. +50% Seeing how I got a 50% booster from 9kill+4assist match (Japanese Sabre), 10 minutes and 75% booster from 26kill+1assist match (40mm Hurricane, Vickers Tempest and something else), 14 minutes and tiny amounts of RP (and even worse lions - you can easily make a loss from repair and rearm costs) from those matches... it seems it's better to not participate at all - playing a regular match is something like a 90% booster worth in comparison to playing PVE, and they have a shorter duration.
  11. ki-67 hiryu

    Adding the external bombload is a must, otherwise it's just a sidegrade to the Ki-21 - less bombload but more speed and marginally more effective defensive guns (plus option for torpedo). reminder of Ki-21-Ia bombload: 20x50kg 10x100kg 4x250kg 2x500kg in other words Ki-21 carries more bombs of every weight category and sits at 2.0 rank1. Comparison to some other bombers' payloads at low BR is even worse. Right now I think Ki-67 has the heaviest "weapon BR tax" in game. ---- As for it lacking armour, here's a quote from devblog: But devblog probably can't be used as a source for a bugfix, right? --- The nose and tail turrets are cool - rotating cone plus up/down movement of the cannon (This is also how G5N tail turret needs to work (but doesn't!)). Makes it rubbish for tracking targets moving sideways fast in the firing area though, the gunner keeps firing in a half circle pattern while the turret is rotating. The front turret has the opening only from middle to top, while rear turret has from top to bottom, but I think the rear gunner never utilises the bottom part (test by aiming straight back and up, then keep firing and moving aim point directly down - the turret will rotate when you get past the mid point (and the gunner will miss the target by miles)).
  12. About them bombloads, I think I illustrate my point well enough by comparing two bombers: BR 2.0 20x50kg, 10x100kg, 4x250kg or 2x500kg vs BR 4.7 and 5.0 15x50kg, 8x100kg, 3x250kg, 1x500kg or 1 torpedo --- And considering there are other bombers with same or much heavier bombload at same or even lower BR as the 2.0 example above...the BR of Ki-67 is unjustifiable.
  13. As much as I worry about PVE being a bad thing for PVP, this PVE (at least arcade air) we got is still a disappointment - definitely not worthy of naming a major patch for. If WT is to have a PVE side to it, then that PVE needs to be good enough that someone who doesn't like pvp would choose to play it forever and that way the devs could get more money which benefits the game as a whole (even if there's a temporary drop in pvp player counts, some of the extra money Gaijin gets could also be put towards pvp later). Right now though, the PVE mode seems very very far from that, to the point it would have been better not to show it to the new PVE players at all. If someone quits a game, it's much harder to get them back a year later when things have been fixed. First impressions count a lot, and this Assault isn't making a good first impression. Keep in mind WT can't even hide behind the 'beta' flag anymore.
  14. First impressions of PVE arcade air: - Bomber formations are cool - It's a dps race with practically zero challenge in targeting - bring planes that have great armament and ammo amounts - Bombers sometimes collide with each other even when nobody got closer than 10km to them. - bomber formations are difficult to touch without taking damage, but the setup of the mission means you can't do proper approaches or they reach the target. This is also why you have to bring stuff with great armament. - Bombers can't be used by players, though Attackers are ok. No proper targets for them showed up though - some groups of Howitzers did, but these are targets for anything with a pair of 7.7's. - AI basically doesn't react to what the players do, other than the turrets firing. - AI Spitfires fly in bomber formation too. And bomb. That last one is what got to me, so I won't be touching the mode again other than enter+quit once per day to get a small booster easy and fast.
  15. Arguing semantics is always the best thing to do, I think. edit: if mods would be so nice as to remove only these posts from the thread, I'd be thankful.
  16. So with that logic I can claim that rank5 RP earnings in pvp are terrible by taking a screenshot of the battle summary while researching a newly added rank1 vehicle?
  17. He actually got 550, because he's researching rank5 but flew rank3. Just as he explained. 2 rank difference = RP reduced to 40% of what it would be for researching same rank. 550*0.4=220
  18. My bet is Vickers .5 inch mk III. Since I can't find info about a 5 inch gun, and a 0.5 inch mk III is an anti-air machine gun according to wikipedia.
  19. ki-67 hiryu

    What if I told you someone at Gaijin saw '800kg' and thought "They must mean 8x100kg, nobody had 800kg bombs.."? I have no proof for this, nor for what the plane actually carried :P
  20. Aren't all those games about ships though, not boats? There's plenty of naval games, it's just the games about boats that are among the rarest of games out there. I had heard of all of the above (and played some of them) before, but I've only heard about one game about boats and that only after 'knights of the sea' was announced and it happening to have that exact name. edit: Ok, also remembered about Gunboat, that game about vietnam war river gun boats. It was really cool, back in 1990!
  21. And soon player created rooms for SB (Air for now) will lead to that mode being split more than it already is. https://warthunder.com/en/news/4572-war-thunder-1-67-further-development-for-simulator-battles-en/ Certainly a feature many have requested, but what will the consequences be?
  22. http://steamcommunity.com/app/236390/discussions/0/135511455869238032/
  23. dev server preliminary patch notes 1.67:
  24. They don't actually show up for others, so they're pretty but not much useful as camouflage.
  25. British tanks you say? Churchill (I forget which and can't be bothered to try and recognize it from screenshot) stronk! 2016 January
  26. And they turned Hurtgen forest into a town map (at least in arcade?) by moving all the capture points inside the town :I edit: I should stop replying to threads before checking the area they are in, cursed front page "latest threads" list :P
  27. Do you know why PVE is being added to game? Because players requested it. Why they requested it? Because they felt some vehicles, particularly stock condition or specific classes, cannot handle the +-1.0 MM in pvp. Does PVE fix that? Only if the RP/SL gain is high enough. Many people say they hate the grind, but I'd say what they hate most is feeling helpless. Against AI opponents that is barely going to happen to anyone. Steady progress, easy kills, little effort vs having to work for progress and feeling like progress is dependant on stuff outside their control. Players will do PVE unless the rewards are ridiculously low (and if they're so low that nobody does PVE, why did the mode get developed at all?). --- Gaijin is adding something players want instead of what the players need. Playerbase isn't that smart, some of them would be okay with 2.0 MM spread for example.