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  1. So are we going to get multiple sets of maps.. suited for boats and suited for ships? Further divided by speed of boat and/or ship?
  2. Yes, it rolls over. The achievements list the maps you have to play on and the maps from both days are listed.
  3. Since they're not likely to be available through other means for a good long while, yes. It's not about them being good, it's about you playing one of them in a year or two from now and everyone going "what the hell is that?!".
  4. It's a destroyer, not a battleship.
  5. You think it's a "start", but In other words, vessels need to be able to deal with each other without relying on torpedoes.
  6. and the 4 years of naval hype?
  7. shots can also ricochet off the ground
  8. if it was what people want, they'd say it out loud.
  9. I originally didn't want to play WT because I thought it wouldn't run on my computer after looking at screenshots and videos. (but thanks to f2p I figured "what do I have to lose by trying anyway?") Nowadays I still have the same computer, the game looks prettier and runs smoother. Weird.
  10. Not even best of their class = weak? Would they have trouble damaging the other ship?
  11. Probably needs to happen if Japan is to have balance even with boats only.
  12. Cruiser, Armored and Cruiser, Light also Heavy Cruiser/Light Cruiser ---- BB = Big Boat BC = Big Cruiser *cough*
  13. Torpedo boats will still get blasted to bits, the travel time of torpedoes ensures that any lead indicator is useless against maneuvering targets (of any size) if launched outside the range those targets can destroy the boat. Remember that a torpedo going 50knots means 40 seconds per kilometer. Lead indicator against other boats will be largely useless: firing from long range means target will likely maneuver and avoid the torpedo even by accident, firing at medium range (within gun range) the target is probably aware that you did so and will maneuver actively, while firing at close range or against immobile targets it is not necessary to begin with. What the lead indicator will achieve is trivialize attacking of AI units, which travel and attack predictably. This in turn will mean that an attack/defend scenario is unlikely since it would be extremely hard to stop torpedoes. (Unless Gaijin seriously changes the way AI works, which wasn't something they mentioned. In fact, with Assault mode we've seen the AI (or at least design) regress from what it could do as a bot since 2013...)
  14. Well, that's going to be handy against AI ships I guess. *tinfoil hat on* Which will be used to show that they can't have torpedo boats and capital ships in same game, torpedoes are too stronk *tinfoil hat off*
  15. Note that the wording does not say 'large (or capital) ships' nor that the larger ships will be player controlled. The Liberty Cargo Ships that were in Convoy test were (much) larger than boats for example, and attacking large AI ships was something devs said (torpedo) boats could do, right?
  16. More than one ongoing war at a time would reduce the time until each players' prefered vehicle is playable in war, though it also splits the playerbase.
  17. Speaking of which.. That's not a 20% overall increase, but should still be noticeable.