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  1. That is indeed slightly to the right, but not enough to explain the results. At higher altitude the random spread (which increases with altitude) could explain some hits to aim point.
  2. Ugh.. played another SM.79 in arcade, picked 500kg bombs specifically to avoid the bomb bay door opening issue, went for medium tanks moving predictably on road.. and missed from low altitude (level flight so no extra accuracy penalty from trying to divebomb) as the bomb dropped 10m+ to the right of the target.. --- One of the 500kg bombs is slightly off center on the plane sure, but not by this much.. Altitude dropped from in test was about 100m above surface, strikes on left side of red line were dropped coming from other direction. Bomb drops were done in level flight and using bombsight, the picture does not represent the bombrun.
  3. Note that they are not saying the equipment available is that of real world operations. And this quote should further cement the fact that they are not historical battles, merely inspired by them:
  4. It's just to have some rank 4's - there wouldn't be 6 planes at that rank without the P.108's and they need 6 for rank5 unlock purposes. Rank doesn't matter for matchmaking but rank4 is more useful for tasks and research thank rank3. Wouldn't surprise me if they get downranked in future if more planes are added to rank4.