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  1. Each installed modification increases repair price already, except ammo belts, bomb/rocket pylons and crew replacement (they have reload costs instead).
  2. Server replays have all of the data for everyone for the entire match btw.
  3. And any bomber can get those results of Tu-4 (minus differences from RP/Lion reward modifiers), if given enough time unintercepted or before enemy team ends the match. ..assuming they have enough bombload that time doesn't run out in battle before they reach 80 tons anyway.
  4. It's not even just sparks as hits from high calibers DO register, they just don't deal enough damage to bring enemies down.
  5. The error occurs in _every session_, and is completely irrespective of a persons own client. Following rules is good but that's just ridiculous to ask for in a report like this.
  6. jets

    The price was set before the plane tree even had Kikka (or J7W, J2M, A7M for that matter)
  7. P1Y1 is no longer the most expensive bomber in game to repair in RB, now 8.8k stock (11k spaded) down from 14k stock. This change wasn't in the original economy changes list, devs appear to have made changes. B-29 went to 14k stock and Tu-4 to 16k stock.
  8. [server] [update]

    Since winning provides a big bonus to income the R2Y2's appear to have good income - in any RB match where an R2Y2 spawns, the team cannot have another bomber instead. And since as we all know, R2Y2's are used as if they were fighters with airspawn, and enemy teams' bombers do not get an R2Y2-like bomber the end result is effectively a fight where Japan always has numerical advantage in fighters, some of which are very suited to bomber interception both because of armament and because of their spawn. Add to the mix that R2Y2 cannot be matched up with the Sabre because of BR difference. Please remove the airspawn of R2Y2 and see how the R2Y2 would perform if it was truly a fighter.
  9. [server] [update]

    I edited my post to reflect my new finding about possible changes. Doesn't change that the time period was really short though, especially for econ changes.
  10. [server] [update]

    Check the time that was posted... 'well over a week', lol.
  11. [server] [update]

    much salt, ignore.
  12. [server] [update]

    I was told "we had all weekend to give feedback" in ingame chat, when I complained about the short time period before changes went live. edit: snipped some salt out of here. ------- edit: P1Y1 appears to not have the 14k stock repair cost in RB anymore - it's now 8830 lions (11k spaded). I suggested 8k myself for a more suitable repair cost in the feedback thread, so dunno if error or they took some feedback into account? It'd be a good idea to post an updated changelist if changes have been made to the original.
  13. R2Y2's are all still too expensive in RB (the most expensive planes in game by far, even though V3 is getting reduced by 21k lions, more than 95% of planes in game cost to begin with!!), and now the V3 is going to be cheaper than V2. P1Y1 needs a reduction in BR, a bugfix to its divebombing and a reduction in RB repair cost - 14k for a 2x500kg bombload bomber is far far too much (it was highest cost bomber in game, now tied with B-29 and 2k lower than Tu-4), especially considering it doesn't have pilot controlled weapons to add to its income potential. The 2x500kg bombload is barely better (more versatile) than the B7A2 that precedes it (that one only gets access to 1x800kg, like the P1Y1 also does) but in performance the B7A2 is far more able to defend itself, plus has cannons for pilot. The defensive gunners of P1Y1 have a blind spot directly behind the plane and don't have much of a firing arc elsewhere either. A good repair cost might be around 8k lions, which puts it in similar place as the Brigand who still has advantage of pilot controlled weapons. 50% increase to A6M5 otsu repair cost is too much, a 17k stock repair is far too much for a rank3 plane. J2M5 repair cost reduction is a good thing and appears to be indicative of it performing worse than the J2M3 whose price was similar to J2M5 before and they shared BR... but you're also going to increase the J2M5 BR now. Mixed signals being sent with repair reduction but BR increase, statistics haven't been collected with new BR. --- Japan now has 7 planes with a stock repair cost above 20k. Britain has 4, USSR has 0, Germany has 1 and USA has 0. Japan now has 22 planes with stock repair cost above 10k. Britain has 27, USSR has 21, Germany has 19 and USA has 14. Japan has the least planes in total yet seems to have a lions share of the ones that are expensive to repair. I may considering checking average repair costs per rank and type of plane later, but for now this quick check should be enough to raise suspicion.
  14. About 50% larger in length than the german artillery barge. I doubt they will happen as they probably cannot navigate the English Shore map. Not to mention their armament (and crew count) is in another league compared to boats, especially late war.
  15. And even the "incredibly fast" ones can't dodge hits anyway so eh.. A 30m length target at 2km range going 50 knots(25.7m/s, 92.6km/h) perpendicular to you allows for ~1s worth of miscalculation on the lead distance (at a guess, accounting for shell velocity dropping over distance) to still score hits somewhere on its hull and while a target headed your way (or away from you) is smaller it also doesn't move sideways as much so leading is simpler. It's not like aircraft where the slightest course change or lead misestimation causes you to completely miss the target. Especially when the instructor handles elevation adjustment for you. 500km/h = 270 knots. Shooting boats is easier than shooting a stalling plane (even a Po-2 is faster than the boats. All planes are also smaller, more agile and can move in three dimensions). There are three things that can make shooting enemy vessels tricky: 1) Range. With enough flight time on projectile, the enemy can use evasive maneuvers you can't account for when firing. With enough range, inaccuracy of gun will come into play. A 10km range would be 10-15 seconds flight time, depending on weapon, though of course targets would be larger and less maneuverable too. Flight time to 2km (which is more than the average engagement range I've seen on pre-beta footage, generally speaking) is only a few seconds and the ballistic curve such that it is harder for shots to fall short or fly over target (and the automatic elevation system in place prohibits that to a great degree anyway). 2) Land/islands. These seem to be very plentiful and closely spaced on a couple of the pre-beta maps. Can't shoot through terrain and, with the aiming system and weaponry in place, not over it either unless very low ground. 3) Waves. These appear to have got a mixed response from playerbase - on one hand it made aiming more difficult, which was well received by some. On the other it made aiming feel more RNG to some, which was not well received.
  16. Japan is the first nation with only 2 unlockable camos - Brits and USSR have 3, Germany has 4 and USA has 9. Plain colour camos (default and the unlockable brown) are also boring in that you can't make a difference by rotating or resizing the texture.
  17. I thought for a moment I'd play this but.. 1) Repair costs 2) "Historical". The lineups are 2.3 to 6.0 and 2.0 to 6.3, entirely too much spread.
  18. Wow. Poor sailors. But then I guess these stayed real close to shore, and plenty of the boats don't have life rafts at all.
  19. I can't help but look at those life rafts and wonder if they could save even one person at sea (and I'm pretty sure that thing has more than 4 crew).. did that thing actually have them or Gaijin just modeled them before modeling weapons/people to see the scale? Or are they actually realistic or not life rafts at all?
  20. [server] [update]

    What counts as 'higher ranks'? Why don't spawn altitude changes extend to jet matches (7.7-8.0 in particular)? Do spawn altitude changes apply to all game modes/maps that include air spawns? Do these changes fix bomber spam, or only reduce the number of viable bombers? I can see the Do 217's being on the threshold where their bombload can no longer destroy minibases in one drop (this is already the case at high enough BR battle though), but 15% more tonnage required doesn't meaningfully change the impact of B-29's or Tu-4's (or Lancasters, but Lancasters probably get shot down before getting to drop bombs - they are already tricky to use and changes to spawn altitudes make it more so) since their bombload is so much higher. Moreover, the matches ending quickest are rarely decided by base destruction (minibases are worth 1/3/5 GT's or so, depending on map) but by GT destruction (24 ground targets is a common value on Ground Strikes - half a team of bombers only need 3 GT's each to finish a map in under 4 minutes). Are there any plans to increase number of ground targets or otherwise lengthen match duration of Ground Strike maps, for example by requiring a number of player kills also?