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  1. there was a lot of talk about fixed gun designs in the 60's, 70's and 80's. Only one country actually went through with it.
  2. You could say that. And more interestingly each of the little tank drawings is different with differing crew.
  3. That's one of my discoveries... Note it says "Fig.7" at the bottom, what do you think Fig's 1 to 6 are?
  4. That's not even the best looking design.
  5. From what I've read, admittedly its not been a major focus of research for me, that about 10% of fuses failed to detonate. Its likely that a similar percentage would have been hyper sensitive. Then you have the quality of the casting and shell construction, which could cause shells to break up on impact, which I have no data for.
  6. Easy, as others have said: Its behind armour effect was almost the same, but in the real world would have been damn near identical. An APHE shell has a significant chance to fail, while a Solid shot will work exactly as advertised every time. So what you have is no noticeable benefit behind armour, but more reliable performance. Also you have marginally better penetrating shells. If Wt were to model fuse and case failures you'd soon see some love for the solid shot. Oh and technically some (One I think, also note the date...) British AFVs did get a "APHE", but these were AA guns firing plugged rounds. But hey if we're having fantasy APHE that works all the time...
  7. There is a story that a Universal Carrier crew in Italy decided they wanted a bit more punch, for self defence. Some how they managed to get hold of an Ex-Italian S-18 and mounted that on their carrier. How exactly is not known. Twelve foot Carrier, mounting a seven foot Weapon...
  8. All well known, but not a Dingo with a .50.
  9. There are rumours, but no one has seen a picture.
  10. Not bad, now for a real test, can you find a Dingo with a .50...?