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  1. Please keep in mind that these ideas do not necessarily reflect my opinion. They are merely a collection of ideas that have been posted so far.
  2. So let's put together a list of solutions for a suggestion with a poll and be done with it, alright? If you want to add anything to the list, just quote my post, I will add it and post the suggestion next Friday. 1. Remove aircraft from ground RB. 2. Add markers to aircraft. 3. Increase spawn point requirements for aircraft. 4. Increase the price for ordnance. 5. Allow fighters to spawn from the beginning. 6. Reduce SP generated from capping. 7. Use the SB spawn system. (With takeoff from the runway) 8. Limit the number of aircraft airborne per team at the same time. (I might remove this, because it takes liberties from the players)
  3. And still nobody has been able to post a suggestion. They want the devs to change the game, but want to do so by spamming this area instead of just suggesting solutions to the devs...
  4. And why exactly is this not in the pinned CAS topic? This is just another useless spam topic that should just be a post in the official thread.
  5. Going high for your run is no problem. Hanging around in the stratosphere, when the rest of your team is dead and waiting for an AI autowin for an hour (which shouldn't even be possible in a PvP game IMHO) is annoying and a waste of everybody's time.
  6. The only thing to fix/overhaul is the spawn system.
  7. I'm sorry, if it sounded impolite, but can you imagine how annoying it is to see the same handful of players trying to derail every topic they post in?
  8. Well...this got derailed from a topic about friendly fire to a topic about cap and fly rather quickly. I wonder if it is really so mentally challenging to stick to a topic...
  9. 1. Speak English in the international forums. 2. There is already a topic about CAS. Use it!
  10. You mean like in "World in Conflict", where you had a maximum of 6000 spawn points and they just regenerated over time? Sounds a lot fairer to me than the system we currently have in game.
  11. So the fairest solution is blindfolding the pilots...why not just put the tanks into dust clouds with a 10m visibility?
  12. Can people please use existing topics instead of opening useless new ones?
  13. I find it ridiculous how players still think that you can recover from everything. If I fly US, chase an enemy multi-engined aircraft at 200m altitude, set all engines on fire together with a few fuel tanks and remove a wingtip sending him into a spin at low altitude, the guy is dead. But the game doesn't think so. If another friendly swoops in to put a few more bullets into the wreck, he then gets the kill. Or if I clip the wing of an enemy at high altitude sending him into a flat spin...by the time he hits the ground one of the following will always happen: a) a teammate dives after him giving up all his energy and wasting ammo to get some easy score, while at the same time hurting his own team by following a wreck instead of participating in taking out enemies. b) by the time he hits the ground, the game will have forgotten who killed him and count him as "crashed". Which is weird, because I had games, where I got hit early in the game without taking any damage and more than 10 minutes later I crashlanded with critical damage from AAA or ships and the guy who scratched my paint in the beginning got a kill...