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  1. I'm beginning to wonder if LBGP is some sort of cyborg? Whenever I read his/her admittedly amusing posts the message always seems to be DOES NOT COMPUTE. Intentionally flying potentially outclassed aircraft is illogical! ERROR! Just kidding LBGP
  2. I can't launch my WIP on PS4... Our WIP's are stationary I think .......... Whatever a WIP is. It's not quite so bad with 0% sense of flight but I was just getting the hang of having it on full whack so now it feels like my pilot has been set in concrete!
  3. They used to drive me nuts but they aren't too bad now. It's great fun taking them on in the MC202 because you can just about outturn them and if they get on your six you can dive away to victory! I still haven't found the limit for the MC202. I've watched the speedometer spin well past 800KM/H and its barely even started shaking. I can't wait for when we do finally get the MC205 or G55.
  4. Well there's your problem! Look at how sloped the propeller hub is on that La-5. It's like a flying T44, quite frankly I'm surprised you managed to yellow his engine instead of having the shot bounce wildly off.
  5. I made a small video of what's happening to help explain the situation. Notice how when I pitch up and down it's still nice and smooth but when I roll you can see the cockpit twitching. Think we should make a bug report?
  6. There's some weird things going on with the Tiger II.. my Comet managed to pen the turret of a Tiger II with stock rounds (about 130mm pen up close). I was sure I was going to be dead meat which I was actually because I suck at tanks and I sat there like a tit trying to magically pen him again.
  7. I had a somewhat strange laggy experience in the MC202 while flying in EC3 that sounds very similar to what you're describing. The plane twitched constantly when rolling or doing any maneuvers but I was still in full control unlike my usual lag where the plane decides to become sentient and find the fastest route back to terra firma. I asked the ladies/gents I was flying with if they were suffering from any stutters but they all seemed fine so maybe it's just our internet that's playing us up?
  8. I've experienced this as well. I think it's because we'd completely dominate the game in them so to keep it fair to the Americans they ban us from using them.. That's gotta be it.
  9. The 190A5 with the twin 20's and 7mm is my favourite. Twin 151's is enough to shred any fighter in one pass and bombers are usually lucky if they need two passes.
  10. To be fair doesn't the US also get the Zero and Ki43? Not to mention they also have an FW190 and a 109. I do agree with you though captured planes (not lend lease) definitely need to go from SB.
  11. 'S e do bheatha Well I guess it was only a matter of time.. Klingons have invaded War Thunder.
  12. Yeah but my Zero would've been repairable. Sure it was slightly toasted and the engine was dead but other than that it flew absolutely fine so it can't be because it couldn't be repaired. It's not just Zero's I've had my "plane burnt down" while flying 109's as well. I do agree that the 10 second rule should be kept for reasons you've mentioned but I think it should be tweaked a bit. If you're still in the air even if you only have one wing there shouldn't be any countdown. It should be up to us to make the decision to leave the plane or not, however as soon as your plane crash lands or lands anywhere that isn't an airfield that's when the timer should kick in. That way we still have the control over our pilot's fate but it also stops trolls who'll land their bombers in a field somewhere and strafe ground targets or planes.
  13. I think my Zero is getting tired of my nonsense.. It keeps throwing me out even though it's perfectly flyable. I've been told my plane's burnt down even though the fire's gone out and all the control surfaces are responding perfectly.. There's been time's I've been shot up after taking off and I would've easily been able to land for repairs but no. My poor pilot get's ejected by the hand of god and is left splattered all over Honolulu because his parachute couldn't open. The other time this annoys me is when I might've made my Zero go 460mph and it got so excited it left it's wingtips behind. But I did it perfectly so both tips vacated the zero at the same time so the plane flew perfectly straight! Sure I didn't have any aileron control but neither do Firebrand pilots. So I see no reason why I'm forced to bail out when I'm quite confident I can land the thing. Why does this rule still exist? I don't have a problem with awarding the guy who riddled my A6M3 with the three bullets needed to turn me into a five second fireball because he's earned it but come on at least let us decide when we should bail out and when not to!
  14. I think it's a great idea. You'd need to include the different colours of tanks and such as well because of all of the darn captured tanks we have to deal with.
  15. Ah thanks Luzitano. That clears things up Close the thread please mods.
  16. Okie dokie! A6M3 vs landing craft using only my MG's, I'm using stealth belts if that helps at all. It took one and a half passes as the majority of my first burst missed. So I'd say easy enough considering the weapons used.
  17. It sounds like you might be having lag issues. I was spraying them down quite easily in my Val (saying that though those Japanese 7mm's do seem ridiculously potent for some reason). Although I do think that the bigger guns are seriously underperforming. Yesterday I put 5 HE 37mm rounds into a Catalina and all he got was a damaged aileron and damages of elevator.. the 50mm gun is almost as bad.
  18. Yeah I had a stupid moment. But y'all must be used to that by now.
  19. Oh yeah my A6M3 thinks it's a 190. Don't tell it the truth because it's actually working really well! My Ki102 thinks it's a torch though unfortunately.
  20. My Zero's turn on a penny but you can't complain about them retaining energy too well, I think a glider will retain more speed than a Zero will. Although saying that I've been ridiculously successful in the A6M3 using boom and zoom tactics lately. I'll never outzoom any American aircraft but its far better than just turn and burning.
  21. I've turned my cockpit sharpness up a tad and that seems to have made spotting a bit easier but I feel dirty for doing it and might go back to default. I know this is off topic and I can obviously understand why it's done but I hate when there's a night battle and everyone tweaks there setup on the runway so they have night vision. I wish there was just one setting for night battles so no one can Sam Fisher their way to victory.
  22. I don't think you're getting my point. I'm not stating that the Zero will be guaranteed to kill aircraft X,Y,Z by fighting with energy. What I'm trying to say is that using what's considered a turn fighter to energy fight is usually better off than strictly yank and banking which leaves you with very little energy and wide open to enemy attack. By Boom and Zooming the Zero makes itself a far harder target to hit and it also gets the chance to catch allied aircraft unawares. Bare in mind that I'm talking about SB here where there's no radar nor 3rd person view so your chances of being spotted are considerably lower than in RB. Your own answer pretty much explained my point. If the Zero was chasing everyone's tail like a Yorkshire Terrier then you'd be running towards it. But if he fights like I've already mentioned then you've got to run away from it. What happens after that can be anyone's guess.
  23. That's because your Zero assailant dun messed up. Let's go back to that situation. The Zero dives on you, He's built up around 400mph of speed and you enter a shallow dive. Now instead of diving after you (stupid move) he climbs back up to altitude. Now not only does your Zero have its advantage all over again but now you've given up some of your energy. You can try to zoom climb and chase the zero (stupid move) or you can enter a shallow climb and try to regain some of your lost altitude. But now you've given up a nice chunk of speed.. Zero dives.. you dive.. Zero resets position. Doing this keeps the Zero the aggressor and if the enemy plane keeps diving away it won't be too long before he hits the deck. Meanwhile the Zero has about a 5-6kft advantage to play with. Now compare that to your typical turn fighter. Zero dives. Corsair dives.. Zero hangs on the tail of the Corsair.. the Corsair zoom climbs.. The Zero then stalls out and we all know what happens afterwards.
  24. I play SB but in my opinion no matter what the plane is you're flying you will always be better off boom and zooming if you have the advantage than entering a turning fight. In fact I might even argue that it's even more important to energy fight/bnz in the slower turnfighters. A dogfighting zero is dead meat. A zero that fights with energy is a slippery menace.
  25. Hello everyone. This document has probably been brought up before but upon reading it, it does seem like our Tempest is perhaps slightly overperforming. The doc. http://www.wwiiaircraftperformance.org/tempest/tempestafdu.html Some info regarding the tests vs FW190 (BMW 801D) Climb 39. Except below 5,000 feet the FW.190 (BMW.801D) has a slightly better maximum rate of climb. Because of the Tempest V's speed and clean lines however, the Tempest has a markedly better zoom climb, where the speed is kept high. Against the new FW.190 (DB.603) it is estimated that the Tempest will have a markedly superior climb below 5,000 feet, but a similar maximum climb above that height. Turning Circles 41. There is very little difference in turning circles between the two aircraft. If anything a very slight advantage lies with the Tempest. Now being a PS4 player I don't have the performance measuring programs that you PC guys and gals might have. But going off memory I recall that the Tempest comfortably out performs the 190A's in everything except roll rate?? So am I going nuts (probably) or is our Tempest a bit of a spaceship at the moment?
  26. Found this an interesting video about the Hurricane. There's some great battle of Britain footage there as well. Gotta love the little Hurri.