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  1. What helps slightly is setting your "sense of flight" setting to 0. It's still there but the effects are a little stunted at least.
  2. Because it's a light tank that'd end up being superior at killing tanks than most of the actual medium tanks and tank destroyers at its tier. The Bulldog's APDS penetrates about 270mm's of armour up close roughly doesn't it? Well the Ferdinand firing APCR is about the same but I think the penetration might actually drop off faster for the Ferdi, so in essence you've got a light tank that fires a higher penetrating round than the Ferdinand... a heavy tank destroyer. Not to mention the obvious mobility advantage and two spawns. I'm no War Thunder expert and maybe you're completely correct but in my opinion having the Bulldog at T4 would make quite a few tanks a bit redundant. Why use a Comet (another tank destroyer) when you can use the Bulldog? Why use the Charioteer etc. It's all very similar to when people were/still are complaining about the M18 fighting Pz IV's. Except at least the M18 is an actual tank destroyer.
  3. No you're not alone I'm still suffering with glitchy ailerons as well.
  4. I'm not having many problems walking my Bulldog in T5. I'll admit that some maps seriously don't suit it and you're pretty much guarantee'd to run head first into a grinning Russian on the smaller maps but other than that I don't see the issue. I've had no trouble penning tanks from the side with APDS. The only time I've had shots bounce is if I've been a bit of a pooey shot and I've hit a rounded turret instead of the side plate. I think the Bulldog in T4 would be a little bit OP as it would then be a very fast light tank that would be able to pen almost everything it faced frontally at pretty long ranges. It'd essentially become a super fast tank destroyer that gets two spawns.
  5. It's a good idea and anything that encourages teamwork or spices up EC's gameplay is worth looking into. I was wondering if increasing the points award for killing bombers might shake things up a bit as well. It might stop the bomber spam and encourage fighters to defend the bombers so there might be a bit more teamwork as well. I cant remember but is it 500 points per air kill at the moment? I'd up it to 1000 points per kill or make each kill worth half of what a destroyed factory is worth. That's my half arsed fix anyways.
  6. I just want them to fix the aileron bug. It's worse now than it was before.
  7. Oh no don't worry haha I try my best to avoid the fighters. If one gets on my six I book it straight away. Belts wise I use the same as you and they seems pretty effective. I think the stealth 20's have the most minengeshoss rounds as well. (I apologise to any Germans here regarding my probably completely incorrect spelling of your brilliant rounds)
  8. You'll learn which tanks are which just by going into the research trees and just giving them a bit of a look over. There's certain features that are dead giveaways. Just a simple few pointers, Green tanks- American/Russian Tan tanks-German ( Although I think there's a tan T34 but I'm not sure) Grey tanks-German or British. Rusty colour-early Japanese. Also if it's boxy it's usually German or British. If it's smooth and slopey looking it's probably Russian and if it's on fire it's probably me.
  9. You're right eathotlead. Arcade is pooey, come join us in Simulator battles it's much more gooder.
  10. Maybe they had enough of an energy advantage to keep up just long enough to finish you off. I've been dodging P51's with only half the Tier 2 modifications unlocked. I can't wait to see what it can do fully modded.
  11. The DO-335 is a great plane. I haven't even got close to researching engine injection yet but its energy retention and speed is fantastic, nice roll rate too. So far it's possibly my favourite bomber hunter in the game even if it is a little slow at getting to altitude. I had 3 EC games at Stalingrad last night and I cut through those Pe8's like butter. I found the best tactic to be what antiago said, dive on them at 450mph+ and hit them from the top. If done right you'll completely slice a wing off! Fighters aren't scary either, I had a P-51 attack me at Sicily and even he couldn't match my energy retention in a shallow dive. I just stuck the nose down and watched him disappear .
  12. Welcome to Sim Toastfrenzy. Once you get used to it you won't go back to RB or AB. Also don't beat yourself up over the Type 61 episode, we won't learn much if we don't make mistakes after all.
  13. Try using tracer belts on the .50's it's pure APIT but like the guys have already mentioned sometimes you lose sight of your target in the fireworks . I'm not quite sure what to think of the current FM. It's previous FM was far too stable in my opinion but this feels like they've perhaps gone slightly overkill with it. I like that it'll snap on you if you push it too hard as it was known for doing this in reality, but it does feel like it's missing a fair chunk of its turn rate to me. When I was flying the 202 religiously in EC (before the aileron bug) I had some pretty close calls trying to out turn P47D's and P38's. Both aircraft are considerably heavier than the MC202 and have a much higher wing loading. Here's a website where they discuss the MC202's maneuverability. https://www.warbirdsforum.com/topic/7077-machii-mc202-series-ix/ They mention a 17.5 second sustained turn time for the MC202 on WEP with flaps up. To put it into perspective according to this site the Yak 3P has a turn time of 18 seconds with flaps raised. I haven't spaded my Yak 3P yet but I'm imagining that in game it'll comfortably outturn the 202 in it's current state.
  14. Yep I've got all these issues as well. I mainly play Simulator battles but both game modes have infuriating bugs and glitches, EC is nearly unplayable due to the ailerons glitching out nearly constantly. It's frustrating to finally get a bead on someone and then the plane will randomly skid to the left making you completely miss your mark. No big deal I'll just play tanks.. Oh wait I can't because for some reason each time I change up a gear the god damn radio operator wants to shove a map in my face! I do have faith that things will be fixed though. They've already fixed the aileron bug once I'm sure they can do it again. Also Gaijin if you could get the almighty snail to kill my radio operator I wouldn't complain.
  15. Yep, it's back with a vengeance. I could swear it's worse now than it was before as well. I wonder why this happens we haven't had any updates that could've broken it again since it was originally patched have we?
  16. I'm beginning to think that we're growing an Italian army, there were four 202's flying last night and we weren't doing too badly either! Rise my Italian brothers!!
  17. Got bounced in mine yesterday when I was playing with Ryanair, Got attacked by a Typhoon IB, P51D and an F82 all at the same time. I killed the P51D and wounded the Typhoon before he hit the deck and vanished into the trees. I was chuckling like a madman until the F82 came out of nowhere and cut me in half. So far I've learned that P-51's Typhoons and Tempests aren't all that scary when I'm in my little Ferrari. I haven't been killed by a Bearcat yet either but I've taken two of their pelts now. Also does anyone know where the fuel gauge is on the 202 or if it even works? I usually fly with the HUD off and there's been a few times now where I've conked out yet none of the gauges looked like they were near zero. Finally does anybody else find the stealth belt IAI rounds to be completely ineffective? I've since switched to tracer belts in the .50's and last night I sawed a Catalina's wing in half! (brave man to bring that into EC4)
  18. I think War Thunder gets picked on a bit because it's the hip thing to do if I'm honest. Other sims might be more detailed with the as mentioned start up routines etc but flight model wise what I've read mainly indicates that War Thunder is hot on their heels or superior with certain aircraft. I know many on here have said that they much prefer WT's FW190's compared to DCS and IL2 BoS etc not to mention that BoS is also suffering from UFO'ish Yak's at the moment aren't they? The only things these other sims truly have WT spanked on to what I can tell is mission structure and sound, the latter of which plays a big part for me to make me feel immersed. Although some aircraft engine notes sound great (Griffon's,I16's,109's etc) there's an equal amount of them that sound terrible! The 190's,La's,LaGG's and Yak's all share the same wasp trapped in a fan engine note and it's a bit pooey to be sure, not to mention some of the weapon sounds although I will say that the MG 151's and FF's sound fantastic. Fix these little issues and WT would be near the top of the pack in my opinion.
  19. Escapekkis... For your actions you will not be receiving a medal. You will be getting a statue made in your honour and you will be known as a hero of Italy. You will be joining the elites.. in the future people will speak of your deeds in the same light as other Italian champions such as Julius Caesar and Rocky Balboa.
  20. The plane could've been acting smart and cutting his engine power as he comes in close.
  21. If you're bored of EC or fancy trying something different I implore you all to take the lovely MC202 into EC4 for some fun. You won't get many kills that's for sure (you'll be the assist king though) but I find fighting Tempests and Spit IX's in my little Ferrari feels way more rewarding than sitting in the boring 109's or 190's that I've flown over and over again. It's still weirdly competitive as well. Yesterday I had a fun fight vs a Spitfire and a Tempest MK V and I kid you not I managed to keep an energy advantage over the spit and I managed to start tickling him as well! All whilst keeping myself out of the Tempest's gunsight. In the end the Spit went vertical in what I thought was a move of desperation, so I followed him up and gave him a quick burst but unfortunately for me the that was when the Tempest decided to scatter pieces of my pilot all over Ruhr.. But I'm quite confident that if that Tempest wasn't there I would've definitely destroyed that Spitfire's oil tank.. or lightly damaged his fuselage. It's not hopeless if anyone gets on your six neither! It'll out turn Tempests and P51's quite happily and it'll put up a damned good fight against the Griffons as well, although that said it's not the easiest plane to make a tight turn in.. you've really got to grab it by the scruff of its neck and force it, plus If you keep your altitude above 3km you can just dive away from Spitfires and watch their wings rip. Any negative G maneuver at a little over 700kmh indicated makes their wings pop right off! Go on give it a try. It only costs peanuts to fly and repair and it'll put a big smile on your face. Also does anyone know what the max dive speed is on the 202? The War Thunder Wiki states that its 800kmh but I'm sure I've seen that needle on the speedometer go way past that.