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  1. Yeah but at the same time you're still dead in that situation no matter what. If a dirty little Russian turns up on your left flank and you were facing the front you're going to die. Especially if you were targeting a guy in front of you. I'll agree with you about the Ferdinand's cheeks being a fairly big weakspot though. One round through there and you've got a fire on your hands but this takes me straight back to my original point. A Ferdinand should never run blindly forwards straight down the middle of the map. That's a Tiger or Panther's job.. A Ferdinand should guard a flank and cover the advancing tanks on your team. Get your lower half protected and your practically unstoppable. For long range attack/support the Ferdinand is possibly the best tank in its BR range. Definitely superior to the glass Jagdpanther but not as good for capturing points (which the Jagdpanther shouldn't be doing anyways). Regarding speed the Ferdi is slow as hell there's no denying that. But it's fast enough to get where it needs to be before the Allies get there even in small maps. Berlin for instance a good place to get in a Ferdi is in the lane near A where you can use the burnt out tanks to protect your lower half and you can skewer whomever is foolish enough to run for A and you'll cover your own team when they decide to attack. If even I can do well in the Ferdi now I've learned how to use it.. it can't be too bad!!
  2. If you chuck it in 2nd gear its turn isn't half bad actually. Being fair to the Ferd the situation you've given would mean a dead tank no matter what you're in. A Tiger 2's sides are just as vulnerable as the Ferdinands. The advantage that Ferd has is its stupidly fast reverse, See a guy coming your way from a side alley? Slam it into reverse and force him out in front of you. A Tiger or Panther on the other hand has to pray that he can spin his turret around before the T44 blasts it into pieces because you ain't reversing to a safer spot any time soon. The Jagdpanther would be even more dead. No reverse speed and almost no chance to bounce.
  3. You're only flanked if you let them flank you. It's the same as with any other tank. I think what I've learned by the responses is that people don't like the Ferdi because it makes a useless rushing tank. But the Ferdinand isn't so much the unstoppable force but more the immovable object. It's not designed to rush in and cap but more to defend friendly units from a distance or become a death fortress in a choke point. Let me give you a different situation. I'll use abandoned factory and the Ardennes. Abandoned factory: The best place for Ferdi is the protect the advancing Tigers and Panthers that go for the Capture point near the river. Not only are you saving your team from being flanked but you'll also be protecting the capture point. Get your lower half protected and boom you've just turned on god mode to any T44 silly enough to try and cap that zone. So you're Defending/helping to attack a zone, killing anything stupid enough to get in your cap point and you've locked down the entire flank of the map. Ardennes: Same as the factory really. Go wide at the start of the map and lock down the flank for your team. There's a thread about the Ardennes at the moment complaining because all of the capture points are in the town so the heavier slower Tigers are getting flanked.. With the Elefant on watch you can protect one flank for your team and the Ardennes has some pretty long lines of sight.. Nothing is getting near the town from the side you are on because you'll send an 88mm tusk through their ribs if they try. As soon as your team starts moving to the next zone you move up with them but you still keep your distance. So it's the same as last time. You're protecting your zones, you're protecting your buddies and you're forcing the other team to use a different approach or rush in head on against your Tigers. I've heard they could use a bit more meat in their diet anyway. You might not be the highest scorer in the game but you'll protect those that will be. (Sorry for the skyscraper of text)
  4. This new event is very nice but the bombers, spawn killers and captured planes are driving me nuts. The Japanese aircraft lineup at 3.3-4.7 is also semi frustrating to play. The Ki102 for instance. The main plane the B25 spam should fear.. Is made out of paper and overheats stupidly fast. The Ki61 (nose cannons version whose designation I cant remember) feels bit tougher than a Ki102 at least but its still worse than a corsair and Hellcat in pretty much every single way. Cant climb.. Cant turn.. barely zooms.. and like the Ki102 it overheats stupidly fast. The Ki44-II Could be great but guess what? it overheats stupidly fast. Even without using W.E.P you'll melt in no time. Plus the canopy has been cleaned to such an impressive level that its like your flying around with the sun inside your cockpit at all times. The only way to see is to have the canopy open but doing this slows you down so you're not flying a nippy little fighter anymore. Also a single bullet gently grazing the paintwork on its wing will make it uncontrollable. Ridiculously the toughest fighter I've found for Japan in this BR bracket is the A6M2 Zero. It barely catches fire and it can take some punishment before turning into a brick. I've been murdered in a P47 faster than I have been in my Zero.. (Maybe Toyota made a few of them?)
  5. The little MC200 is a pretty aerobatic little plane to start with. It's agile but it'll teach you when to expect a stall as it will drop a wing if you push it way too hard. Or try the Spitfire in EC2. A good bit of practice and it would help the team would be to hunt down the surveillance aircraft in EC. They're usually bombers that float around at 12kft and usually begin to circle once attacked. Great for perfecting your gunnery! AI's tend to hover around battle zones as well and killing those also add to your team's score. Watch out though because some of them can actually be pretty good.. I hear that Tetsuo was quite the hotshot back in the day.
  6. My Ferdi killed a few IS6's through its angled frontal side plate. It only worked when they angled away from me a bit though so it was facing me more or less head on, it was probably more luck than anything.
  7. This is almost the complete opposite to what I've experienced. At close range the flat plate can be penned by big guns but that's about it. Like I said earlier if you keep your bottom half protected you can angle the Ferdie pretty well as the gun has quite a wide range of travel for a stationary turret.
  8. Its an interesting idea but Gaijin has already said that it cant/wont be implemented.
  9. Agree with you lot, I'm not liking the smaller Sinai map. It reminds me of that scene in Tombstone where they have the fight at the OK Corral. Head on, no tactics and nowhere to hide. It wouldn't be bad if I was Doc Holiday in tanker form but I'm more of an Ike probably.
  10. It's nice to know there's another Elefant lover in the game. ..maybe that came out wrong.
  11. I'm quite liking it. Although it might be because I've been having a crappy day with the Avenger and this map felt like the only one where I didn't waste both spawns. I even killed a Tiger and a Ferdinand because it feels like one of the only maps where you can still flank. Rest peacefully fellow Ferdi driver.
  12. But... can you get as many groupies in it compared to the Do217N?
  13. I think it's pretty good fun and the rewards are nice too. I can't help but feel that some of the maps are a bit impossible to win for certain sides though.. The map where the Americans have to sink a whole armada of cargo ships for instance. Japan has a hard time with the map with the two islands in the middle which are armed with what can only be turbo lasers as well.
  14. You're right.. a 4/1 kill ratio is pathetic. You should quit the game now to save yourself further embarrassment. You're just experiencing an off day HellStorm.. I'm still waiting for my 'on' day personally
  15. Other than trying to outroll him and get away at high speed there's not much I can think of. The only thing I can say is to always make sure you climb as high as you can at the start of the match and strictly stick with boom and zooming. Ideally you'll want to get to get to about fifteen thousand feet before you start to dive on them. This way you should be at maximum speed at around 8kft which is good because. 1, Because you're at max speed you can chop your throttle so the Spits won't hear you coming. 2, If you miss and the Spitfire latches onto you he'll have no chance of catching you in the zoom. 3, You can bait him into zooming after you (he'll stall) and one of your buddies can get an easy kill! Just don't ever turn against them... even if you think you have an energy advantage.
  16. I've only really experienced that on EC5 because the jets are so fast that the AAA can't track them. As long the AAA guns haven't been bombed then anything over the airfield below 10kft gets annihilated pretty quickly. We need a similar system for tank spawns to force the Spawn killers to actually play the objectives.
  17. I have my own personal views on camping/spawn killing. If you are protecting an objective then there is no problem with camping, also if you are in a slower more defensive tank like the Ferdinand then you are supposed to hang back and cover the advancing Tigers and Panthers. Rushing forwards means you die. Spawn camping on the other hand is a shameful tactic. Especially when players completely ignore the objectives just to rush into the spawns and farm easy kills with absolutely zero repercussions. I've heard a lot of comments from people trying to defend spawn killing but none of them hold any water. The most common is "Well your team did something wrong and left a flank open!" To which my counter argument is: Would you find it fair if WT got rid of all of the AAA and I kept runway killing you before you could take off and there was nothing you could do to stop me? Of course you wouldn't. So stop doing the exact same thing in tanks and play the bloody objectives (It's what they're there for). Also sorry for further derailing the thread Neptune Man.
  18. Found this an interesting video about the Hurricane. There's some great battle of Britain footage there as well. Gotta love the little Hurri.
  19. The Firebrand!!!!
  20. It'd also be nice if the range of the airfield AAA was decreased or if they could increase the distance between the airfields and the battle area. I'm getting tired of chasing a plane back to its airfield and then retreating half way back to the battle area only to be damaged by AA fire.
  21. Ah thanks LUZITANO. Yeah I had a few good games yesterday, well for my standards anyways.. I think I only died two or three times and two of my deaths were at the hands of Fenris Wolf. He played dirty though as I think I was fighting two other guys at the same time. I think I killed 3 of his team mates and then his ugly little T44 shot my poor elefant in its side just as the match finished. I could honestly say that if I was in the Jagdpanther I probably wouldn't have lasted through their first salvo. Revenge will be mine, Mr Wolf.
  22. The Firebrand can actually boom and run pretty well. Its got surprisingly good energy retention especially in shallow dives too. It's also so ugly that it's beautiful.
  23. Can I make a list as well? Re2001 Re2002 IMAM Ro57 MC205 Fiat G.55 RE2005 Cant Z1007 Just for starters.
  24. As interesting as they are I really don't think we need either of these planes. Especially considering that we're still waiting for totally original Italian planes that were produced and saw combat. Plus performance wise wasn't the 209 and 309 a bit of a failure?
  25. Being shot down is perfectly fine but it's when they start poking hoes is when things go too far.
  26. Because the Ferdinand can slug it out with pretty much any tank it faces (if positioned correctly) and has a very high reverse speed for getting out of trouble. My question is why on earth would you take the Jagdpanther over the Ferdinand?
  27. It's ugly but also huge! Which makes it more intimidating. As for penning the cheeks in my experience the only thing that's penned my Ferdi is the T44-122 at very close range. The other thing is that the gun on the Ferd actually has a reasonably wide range of travel so as long as your bottom half is protected you can angle more than you think. Regarding the Jagdpanther I honestly can't see why this tank gets so much praise over the Ferdinand. The only advantage I can think of is that it's faster.. but running towards the allies is the last thing I'd want to be doing in this kind of TD especially considering that the Jagdpanther can be penned by pretty much any allied tank at most ranges. I think most people hate the Ferdi because you need to take your time with it. You need to stay behind the pack and only move to a position where your bottom half is protected. But if you stick with it though and keep watch over capture points you become an impenetrable wall of death.
  28. Pe8's are a pain but for some strange reason the ones I struggle with mostly are the Lancaster and Halifax, no idea why though.
  29. I'm starting to think that my Ferdi might be the last one left, each time I join a tank battle I'd say that 90% of the time I'm the only Ferdinand and I don't understand why? It's got a cracking gun that one shots T44's more times than not and as long as you don't rush in and keep your lower half covered it's practically impossible to penetrate. Plus if somebody does get a little too close you can just slam it into reverse and keep them in front of you. It's also enormous.. which makes it more menacing. Come on everyone give the Ferdinand some love! If I can get 2-3 kills a game with it then think what someone who's not an idiot can do with it.