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  1. Plus the teamkiller has to pay the other guy's taxes for a whole year. That'd show em.
  2. I thought some tanks did have some sort of fire control system?
  3. I prefer Ace Combat frankly.
  4. So G50's have to fight Corsairs in AB/RB? That's absolutely nuts! I can't help but laugh when I hear this and then remember Gaijin saying that "Historical BR systems don't work." Because G50 vs F4U is fair is it?
  5. Yeah I've got some issues as well. For me the camera refuses to let me look to the left and right while zooming in, I can look up and down but doing so also adjusts my throttle so zooming is now pretty much useless. Which makes Sim spotting ridiculously difficult now. Also perhaps this is just my imagination but does anyone else think that our graphics have been turned down somewhat as well? In test flight the runway looked rather blocky/pixelated and the water seems much less detailed now?
  6. They did. Not intentionally of course. There's a few accounts of gunners during the Battle of Britain opening fire on Spitfires and Hurricanes and that's not the least of it either. It's been known that B-17 gunners have opened fire on their P51 escorts as well.
  7. Actually I think pilots running towards the safety of their front lines and airfields was a fairly common thing in WW2. There are quite a few RAF pilot accounts I've read where Spitfire pilots would try to chase 190's as they ran back to the cover of their front lines.
  8. If I see a friendly chasing a guy I like to climb up and watch his six. Odds are his prey is screaming for help so it's only a matter of time before a baddie latches onto my guy's six. At which point I dive down and blast him. My guy lives and their guys die, even if I miss it should be enough to scare the 2nd bad guy off so my little buddy can live and hopefully get his kill. The only time these rules change is if my guy is smart and BnZ's instead of turn fights. Then I'll back off if our target get's set on fire, spins after my buddy's attack or loses a fair chunk of his wing. If he's only leaking oil then he can still put his guns on target so he's still fair game to me.
  9. Yeah I'm a stealth boy as well. The problem I had with tracer belts was that I'm such a poor shot that my target would see my tracers passing by him at which point he'll start yanking it like a madman and away he goes! It's nice to think that back then my enemy seeing my tracers was a major concern.. now it doesn't matter because they'll hear me coming from a mile off anyways.
  10. I'm a speedy Gonzales boom and zoomer or energy fighter. Or at least I try to be. Regarding planes running to base for cover I really don't have a problem with it. In my opinion the guy is using his speed advantage to escape, or his evasive maneuvering was better than my aim (not hard `to do you've probably all seen me shoot) and he's made his way home so once again.. well played. Thankfully I've since started flying the FR 47 Seafire which although at the moment is a bit craptastic it can however dive to nearly 600mph so no tier 4 prop is getting away. ( watching Dora's trying to run is quite hilarious).
  11. Check what your team is using before you decide if you want to use a tank or plane. If there's already 2-3 planes in the air then go tanking. If there's none then jump in your plane. I can't give any tips regarding tanking as I'm completely rubbish. But when it comes to planes I'll say that if you're a fighter you should always climb to the side of the map for a bit before you intercept any attackers, also if you see any fighters make sure to kill them first. This leaves the P47's vulnerable. If you go straight for the jugs then you'll just get chewed out by Spitfires or Lavochkins that'l be protecting them. Oh and another thing. If you're chasing something with bombs then keep your eyes on them.. some people like let players get on their tail just to drop a bomb and kill the chasing plane in the blast. If you see them loose off a bomb then go vertical and then come back down again.
  12. Go on you, keep gloating! I just must be stupidly unlucky then.
  13. I know I'm going to sound like a tin foil hat specialist now, but does anyone else feel like the AI's constantly make a beeline for you if your plane is stock? I'm currently trying to spade the Seafire FR 47 (which is a bit of a nightmare) and each game I've played I've been almost non stop harassed by the AI's. This was my experience within 30 minutes of flying the FR 47, Got to 10,000ft... Hunter AI's, no problem shot one down the other got away. I then dove on a big Japanese bomber whose name currently escapes me.. during my climb back to altitude I look back and there's two J7W1's coming straight up at me barely bleeding any energy at all and a Ki84 trying to get to my altitude. I kill the Ki84 and then run for home. Being under attack by Hunter AI's and then Eurofighter J7W1's one after the other is bad enough right? Well as I'm reloading on the airfield I notice that AAA is firing and I hear a "thunk" as I've been shot at. Turns out that AI Mary decided that she weren't going to let me go and wanted to suicide run me whilst I'm on the ground let me just add that Mary is a new AI bot in a Zero that I hadn't encountered yet.. AAA kills her and I can repair so no issues. I take off and as soon as my wheels leave the floor "PLAYER OF YOUR TEAM WAS HUNTED!".Oh god no lightning can't strike twice can it?! It sure can.. two N1K2's come streaking my way. I crit one of them and the other runs. It's after this that this video was recorded. You can see by my altitude and speed that I'm still only about one/two grid squares away from the airfield. Then.. this happens. Two more J7W1's and a player controlled KI84. At that altitude with such a terrible plane I was doomed. Now you guys know infinitely more about this game than I probably ever will so you tell me. Does War Thunder pick on you relentlessly if you have a stock plane? Or do I have the worst luck in War Thunder history??
  14. The Tiger has weird armour... well from my experience trying to kill them anyways. One minute their almost flat side armour can bounce rounds from my Chaffee and the next my Churchill (the second one) can penetrate their frontal plate from reasonable distance. That said I've had some pretty epic battles with Tigers (and the pooey captured KV1) in the later Churchill. It's like the unstoppable force meets the immovable object.
  15. Erm.. where is it?? I thought this was going to stop the bomber spam? The last game I played at Ruhr had about 7 bombers running amok, about 5 B17's murdering the bases and 2 A26's that dropped their bombs and then decided to go gunshipping. Just to make things clear I'm not complaining about the bomber damage models or flight models but just the sheer number of them that is allowed in the sky at once. Another example of bomber spam is any match vs Russia at T4.. I've been trying to spade my Yak 9U but each game I've had so far with Russia has been the exact same crap with 90% of the team consisting of PE-8's and only me and maybe one other guy/gal in a fighter. The poor Germans / Japanese stand no chance. If it their were only 2-3 bombers I'd be more than happy to escort one to the target and back but as it stands now I'm actually glad when I see the enemy team kill a bomber. So did quantitative matchmaking just vanish or is that still coming "soon".