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  1. i get quite a lot of Kursk lately, i see this map everyday for over weeks now but Abandoned factory does pop up way more than any other map
  2. strong?i wouldn't say British at 6.3/6.7 have the bad armour layout a good penetration main gun allow you to have a higher chance of ammo detonation, but not ignoring weakspot, and giving up damage they do have good gun depression, they will be nice in a hull down position, but not as strong as a hull down US heavy the stabilizer does help abit, in pee-ka-poo situation, or snap shot, but since i try to avoid any frontal engagement in British tank, it isnt that much of an improvement the fast reload only shine when you have ace crew i do found British generally better against USSR, mainly due to the smaller size of USSR tank and the magic of HESH but after the grind hell from Tier I-III does give me some training using British tank, something i seem to have ignore when playing USSR and German tank furthermore, i guess British a relatively new, i see many opponent have zero idea where to shoot e.g. I saw people keep shooting the strongest part on my FV4202 turret even my turret top is paper thin, and my hull is completely expose, I have also seen people keep shooting my angled turret mantlet in my Cent. Mk.3 when my hull is completely expose
  3. yes Ferdinand is 6.3 in RB, and i will pick Ferdinand over Tortoise, even Tortoise drop to 6.3 for more speed, more armour, no cupola of death, better gun, better reverse
  4. so as British, they need a better SPAA, not that Crusader SPAA Mk.1 also SPAA/s to fill up gap between Crusader SPAA Mk. II and the Falcon Chieftain Mk.3 and Cent. Mk.10 are still able to hold it ground in high BR battle, another Chieftain is not that urgent
  5. why not since every nations have some capture plane (except Britain) either remove all capture, or should allow all nations have capture plane just keep them out from events and Sim it would be nice to see it added in game
  6. I think you mean most
  7. at 6.3 only Charioteer and Cent Mk.3 with APDS can damage a Ferdinand at range over 500m, but APDS have no comparable target effect to APHE while Tortoise with similiar penetration to long 88, weaker effect, similar armour layout, similar crew placement, similar mobility sitting at 6.7, i see absolutely no reason for Ferdinand to 6.0
  8. Cent Mk.3 have similar armour to a Panther, a comparable gun to long 88 when APDS unlock, and heavy tank mobility while Tiger II P sitting at 6.3, i see no reason for current Cent Mk.3 go any higher than 6.3
  9. nah, at 6.3 it is very strong at large map when u can keep a range to opponent, even 20 pdr APDS is not auto pen when engage in range, not to mention those can penetrate it frontally under 1km are solid AP and it is the driver and team effort to keep flank safe, cheap CAS spawn cost is another individual issue 6.3 is right for it, and 8.8 JT should be 6.7 not lower the 128 JagdTiger is very competitive after unlocking 2nd ammo, it sit perfectly fine at 7.0
  10. i am talking about Maus, not Conqueror, Conqueror is fine at current BR, so as Cent Mk.3
  11. many 6.3 struggle to penetrate it even from side, no way it go down to 7.3 when the MM BR spread is still 1.0 Ferdinand is fine at 6.3, even back in 6.7 use it right in the right map, it can be very powerful of road block and currently at 6.3 only very few tank can penetrate a hull down Ferdinand at distant, especially Tortoise is sitting at 6.7, Ferdinand is not that much worse than a Tortoise
  12. it would highly likely completely negated HESH round due to the huge impedance mismatch between RHA and siliceous but if two equal impedance plate weld together, depend on how perfect the surface are between them, it is possible to reach a point it act like a single plate, yet i doubt any how rough the contact of two plates will be
  13. since Maus going 7.3, i think it would be safe to ask all current 6.3 tank drop to 6.0 and no, it is not too harsh, it is what have to be done
  14. i didnt access Dev server is the T95E1 have stabilizer in Dev?
  15. I would rather have more Leo it will be a disaster for SIM battle
  16. i have Tiger II P and Ferdinand in my 6.3 line up incase of City map i use my Tiger II P other than those two, Carpathians, Normandy, Mozdok, Tunisia, Alamein and Sinai all viable location for Ferdinand to perform, all you need is just a team that know what they doing and cover your flank, but it is something every slow turretless TD need
  17. many people play sim actually and just saying if German getting those tank, it should be NATO tank not Warsaw FYI, i dont want German have have those tank, Japan sharing those tank with US is already bad enough but in case Gaijin decide to do it, it should be NATO
  18. i m against German getting T-55 and 62 instead German should have NATO tank, in SIM Tier V battle, we are splitting into NATO vs Warsaw
  19. you probably have to prepare me a crate of cookie than the Ferdinand is strong in certain map, but very difficult to use in certain map, but this apply to all heavy armour but slow turret-less TD it does have threat of being flank, but that's team-mate and the driver responsibility to keep the flank safe at 6.3 the only real threat is Charioteer and Cent Mk.3 with APDS but at over 1km, 20pdr APDS do little damage after penetrating Ferdinand especially Ferdinand is very roomy half of our map are close combat, so i just do not spawn my Ferdinand in those maps, but if i get a large map it is very capable i can easily tank over 1k-2k score in those map till i got bomb
  20. solid AP still have variable damage depended on energy left over after perforation but it seem solid AP dmg does received a buff
  21. I have to say, I am having more Winning in German team now, it seem those RU-251 driver is getting to know the tank better and seem more and more player know how to handle T29/T34 now
  22. because the opponents fail to learn the weakspot of a Jumbo Sherman a fully research 75mm Jumbo cost almost 3 times the repair cost of my 6.7 T-34/100, almost 1.5-2.0 times of my 6.7 Tiger II H even my FV4202(which already have an absurd repair cost) cost less than that
  23. Patton seem to be the better choice since in SIM, they are pairing with US/UK and Japan fight against Russian
  24. no no no, i do hope it will be in game, as a regular tree unlock just i lose my faith in gaijin making model right
  25. hull break

    it does not HE shell have very low delay fuse, the explosive train trigger at a very early rate once the impact occure within the shell, apart of detonation energy were wasted in breaking the shell case even we assume there are no energy lost in breaking the case, only very tiny part of the shell have contact with the armour, the rest of the shell explode in a unconfined condition, a large part of energy were lose pushing back the air surround it not to mention even with our modern technology, we could only achieve about 35% efficiency converting detonation energy into work done
  26. it really should go back down to 6.3 (especially with this horrible zoom level) and since Ferdinand can be drop to 6.3
  27. if you feel this "weakspot" is bad enough wait until you see the 50mm plate on upper glacis on caernarvon, the 20mm periscope plate on Black prince or the front driving wheel of Black prince when Dev can't even make those years old tank model properly, i have doubt they could make such complex O-I
  28. This is not a reason to uptier or down Tier a tank
  29. negative, gap have to be filled with current 23 tiers, gaps are already serious issue, try queuing 4.7 and you will see 5.7 99% of time try queuing 6.0 it is almost 6.7 every single game when expanding to more tiers, more gaps will be present, if those gaps are not filled, there are no point expanding tiers, without filling up gaps, MM will remain the same and slightly better just mean a very small advantageous, it happen almost every single BR, it is almost impossible to have two tank at same BR completely balance out each other
  30. it does accelerate better, but i do not see the turn better, both my cent mk.3 and caernarvon lose speed almost equally the 50mm turret roof is still a big weakspot for good aim player I dont mean i hate Caernarvon, i do like it but i prefer Cent Mk.3 generally over Caernarvon because of the lower SP and without hull weakspot which help in city fight K/D isnt quite a good indicator for tank performance but i have to say in AB, good armour + nuking gun + good gun depression generally would perform better due to the spotting mechanics and aim assist and mobility boost
  31. because the 0.3 BR gap have more than "slightly better" 23 tier is definitely not enough, especially from 6.0 onward, it is just total mess but even it is expand to 30 tiers or 40 tiers, it simply wont eliminate "A is slightly better than B in same tier" situation and even now we have only 23 tier, there are already tons of gap in each tree, e.g. German have almost nothing between 4.7-5.3, British have only 1 proper tank at 5.7 (Challenger just not 5.7 material), US and Russian also missing some tanks in certain BR range, without filling those gap, BR and MM have no meaning, e.g. queuing a 4.7 line up will 90% get up tier to fight Tiger I H/Panther or T-34/85 and IS-2 since they have tons of 5.7 tank and very popular queuing 6.7 in German will most likely ending 7.0 or even 7.3 game expanding the BR range is the ideal treatment, but gaps have to be fill along the expansion
  32. in theory, Caernarvon hull are suppose to immune any gun, but due to the size of shell is just a pixel, the 50mm plate on upper glacis suddenly become the biggest weakspot it can have, in a hull down position, the 152mm mantlet isnt something amazing, but it will do the job at range, then the 50mm turret top just another place written "shoot me here", in town fight just aim for the 50mm plate at upper glacis, at least driving the Cent Mk.3 i dont have to worry too much about 85mm gun going through my upper glacis and about mobility, i have to disagree, my Caernarvon accelerate slightly faster than my Cent Mk.3 but they both achieve average about 30-31km/hr in fighting situation
  33. 23 tiers and many gaps among 5 nations if we are going by that slightly better standard, more gaps, and MM will be totally broken from 1.0 onward every BR have a clear top dogs, it just happen, not only 6.7 but almost every single BR
  34. this not gonna work, this would mean expanding the whole BR system to infinite it is extremely rare two tank have completely equal strength some would always be top dog, and some would be 2nd
  35. IS-6 can easily be 7.3 even after optic fix, it might have weaker gun that IS-3 but it have excellent armour protection and very good mobility
  36. so Thunder skill do not indicate a tank is OP or not it is slightly better, slightly, if that "slightly better" warrant a 0.3 BR, Tiger II H would be 0.3 BR above Caernarvon, and then the BR system would have to expand over 20.0 because if we look at 6.3 vs 6.7, 6.7 vs 7.0, those 0.3 difference are way way more than T29 vs Tiger II H, but Tiger II H also need the turret cheek armour value fix asap to be honest M103 does get buff, T29 105mm 1-2 crews, max 3 crews if the shell penetrate into turret, the issue of solid AP it vary dmg depend on distant, the further it go, the less penetration it have, the less dmg the fragment will do, but this does not apply to APHE, since it use "distant" as fuse, it will retain the dmg power even it barely penetrate the target, and it also allow stupid mechanics like Cupola shot
  37. external bomb sight should be given back in air RB, but not in GF RB there are no reason not to have external bomb sight in air RB, especially we have 3rd view, main gun aim circle in air RB but for balance reason in GF RB, it must not be given back
  38. let just say it is a tank with heavy tank mobility and medium tank armour the entire frontal is weakspot i like this tank, but i prefer Cent Mk.3 more, and it just not a profitable tank and very situational you need APDS to do dmg, and you usually need more than 1 shot when fighting German, and the tank excel at long range, yet we have almost half the map in city fight, and being a Heavy (400SP) which i just prefer Cent Mk.3 over it
  39. W/R is a very poor parameter indicating tank performance, poor player will drag great but difficult tank W/R low not to mention W/R is meaningless unless you fighting a "one make" race with other nation light tanks P-47 use to be extremely low in BR, is it bad, nope, just the player keeping range and angling the turret is the way to hide Tiger II H weakspot and T29 AP does not have stronger target effect, it just got higher penetration, not APHE level of damage, AP dmg vary depend on the energy leave after penetration hit, APHE doesnt, with currently sphere of doom, APHE is strongly favour over solid AP T29 is slightly better than Tiger II H only due to Hull is easier to hide than turret, but it is not a 0.3 BR better, just like Tiger II H is not 0.3 BR better than Caernarvon sitting at one hull down location will not help the team win, it will eventually get flank by other more mobile tank, and trade firing in both T29 or Tiger II H is not the ideal way of using it, you are assuming in a 1 v 1 situation, hull down T29 can only be penetrate by Tiger II H APCR, and angled turret Tiger II H will have a very small weakspot for T29 to aim at, but being a heavy does not mean it must be fighting like bunker at the end, no matter what BR system gaijin implement there will always be a top dog in each BR and some less potent at same BR
  40. Thunderskill stats have nothing to do with how a tank OP or not, IS-6 and RU-251 are equally under tier, just because IS-6 are more novice friendly does not make RU-251 less OP compare to IS-6 T29 strength is at the turret, and if the T29 driver find a position to hull down, then the player is playing the tank right again the hull is very weak, even my Panther F have no issue penetrating the upper glacis over 1.5km, the mantlet is strong but Tiger II H APCR have no issue penetrating it at range, the gunner periscope is also another weakspot for any APHE firing gun Tiger II H have a higher ROF, better APHE and better hull, in return of a weaker turret cheek, Tiger II H can angle the turret toward gunner side, the loader side turret cheek is much smaller, T29 also have a slower turret traverse Super Pershing simply just not a 6.7 heavy material at all
  41. i found T29 pretty easy to handle it is slightly better than Tiger II H, but it deserve to be at 6.7
  42. save your German talk, i was taking a break when M18 arrive and when i return M18 is sitting at 5.3 already German is my most played, most unlock Nations HEAT-FS is not magic round like APHE, you need to know where to hit, my PT-76 basically 1 hit most of my opponent, and T29 have a relatively large fighting compartment and 6 crews, even long 88 or Russian 100mm would not always 1 hit T29 without ammo rack detonation no matter what reason, all tank should have their BR adjust properly, which including the two most game breaking tank IS-6 and RU-251
  43. this type of thread will eventually turn into shouting at each other both side have their own view and valid argument, only if we could all discuss it like civilised man and woman giving both mouse aim and joy stick their own play ground is the first step, MA want a less arcade mode but not as hard-core as Sim, JS want a less hard-core spot the dot but not fighting MA accuracy so it would be best to just create a "simulation battle" type event allow player to create room of own's rule to fix it the damage done to current RB player base will be minimum, and current EC sim player base is already at a low level
  44. IS-6 need armour fix, and/or may be BR adjustment after armour fix, not dropping E-100/Maus down T29 is perfectly fine at 6.7, it is on the same level only slightly better than Tiger II H, btw Tiger II H with turret cheek fix would definitely be on par with T29
  45. capital ships usually have rather thick deck armour so they have Armour-piercing bomb to help bombing those target, ordinary General Purpose were also available during the war and i m quite sure Allied specially US have supply of AP and GP bomb, but it seem the selection only appear in Japanese tree currently? before the ship DM got change, I m quite sure AP/GP act the same, require the same payload to sunk specific ship type i havent try bomber after the ship DM change though
  46. MM is broken all the time, try queuing 4.7, i see full team of Panther/Tiger I H or T-34/85 99% of time, while my team top BR is only comet and M18 try queuing 6.7, i see IS-6 almost everytime T-54-47, another broken BR range 7.3, either it is top br or i see 8.3, when i am top BR, almost nothing can touch me, when i m fighting 8.3, it is better just J out from 6.0 onward the BR are too compact, too many tank got stuck into tiny BR range, making this broken MM even worse
  47. they will get my full support for giving them a separate game mode/eternal event where they create their own room, set their own rules, force cockpit/JS only/no icon/no instructor/whatever, something like the current "simulation battle" event and RB remain the same as it is, so RB mouse aim ppl are happy, JS ppl will be happy too so that this kind of thread will not appear again and we can even distinguish from a troll and someone who actually want balance