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  1. it is worse in AB since the icon pop up as long as one of the enemy see you Tiger P would be a little bit more AB and ace friendly
  2. thank got it lower the BR, when it was at old BR i see panther and tiger H 99.9% of time, which I can not do anything against them, until i unlock the horrible APCR then the 85mm and IS2 just go though my tank like cutter butter with hot knife
  3. Tiger P is great, the frontal armor is strong, even with two weakspot, it is not as easy penetrate as you think if u keep a good distant, i once got over 1000 score just be taking hit in this tank, and the gun is good, 99% 1hit anything, and it have very good reverse speed but there are many flaws in this tank too, it is practically not a heavy tank, drive more like a break through tank or TD, this tank is slow, even slower if u need to turn, and the turret transverse is horrible so you can drive it like a normal Tiger H, just think it as a mini Ferdinand but cost a heavy spawn point i dont own the RU-251, but i test drive it, and my comment on it, it is very very capable tank at 6.7, but like every agile light tank, it require very good skill to master it
  4. it is completely disaster JagdTiger murdering everything 14 German vs 16, yes 16, only 2 more Allied even if German spawn no plane, CAS have limited support in such City type map it is a good event, but horrible unbalance been waiting so long for some Historical event, and this horrible game mode is what i got, GJ know the best
  5. I wanna ask too, tank with Range Finder, what is the maximum range it could read? does it affected by crew range finding skill level? i never bother using it, even it is on my Panther F, since most of my engagement is over 800m
  6. this just happen earlier when over 80% of my team obsess with Cap A and rush into the city and got slaughter in less than 5 minute it is not the tank that causing the issue, but the mind set of tank driver
  7. i just love how my british tank have 7 assist and get less score than my Russian tank which take out every cripple tank i done i literally stop playing British with the solid AP nerf and APHE domination
  8. i understand CQC urban map are great for Russian tank type play style but German tank itself isnt bad, we have APHE, we have decent gun depression, we have decent ROF, we have decent penetration, and decent armour i agree it is more the players, there is a game in Poland, only me in Ferd and a tiger taking the hill side, the rest of the group just rush into the town, no matter it is Tiger II H or Panther, and they literally got slaughter by hellcat and M36 we are fighting US+UK, instead of setting up the ambush and trap waiting for the US fall into it, the Tiger on my side rush to the cap then exchange life this kind of play style might suit US tank and benefit Russian tank, but instead of using our range superiority, the Tiger II in my team just going the CQC fight
  9. Best trolling machine, I have kill Tiger H I, Pz 4 in it, and i kill more ground unit than plane in it but in terms of Anti air ability, it is completely trash low ROF, small ammo count making it hard to land shots on plane, and it usually require more than 1 shot to shoot a bomber/heavy fighter/armored attacker down the open turret and paper armour just make it worse in short i will use anything, even IS-2 turret MG for anti air rather than this
  10. the problem isnt the tank, isnt the map, CQC map are in disadvantage, but even in long range map, i still see half my team wipe at less than 5min it is the players, i have no idea what magic the cap circle have, but it attract player no matter what they driving into it 4 out of 5 game i see people going like sheep one after one going into the cap, instead of spreading out forming a defensive line or covering each other game will not instantly lose when we have less capture point, the ticket bleed seem to have some phycological issue that drive many people mad it is not exclusively in German, it is in every nations, just matter of luck
  11. it got no gun depression, and no reverse, it is like a armourless KV-5, which can only go forward
  12. negative, WR/KD should never take into account for a tank OP or not a easy to use OP tank will have sky high WR/KD, but a tank with low WR/KD does not implied it is not way better than tank of same BR, a tank with high skill ceiling would always end up with low WR/KD in a normally distribute population, but it can also be very powerful, only way i see WR/KD can taken as a indicator would be comparing two similar tank under similar condition such as fighting the similar enemy, fighting with similar teammate, which would never be a case in WT
  13. you need speed, you need climb rate, you need large gun 30mm+, and you need very well coordinate team to win this mode so far I have only won it once the effort needed to win this mode is way more than PVP this mode is long, and if u fail, all the time invest in this mode is wasted
  14. just an example we do need a system that turning all the stats into a number for total BR rebalance, which i guess require community effort and a whole new thread one of the biggest issue when it come to BR discussion in forum, people obese with fire power, penetration, and armor but there are more than that, such as how large the fighting compartment i.e. how spread out the crews, where the vital component locate e.g. ammo crate location, engine location, fuel tank etc. also the size, gun depression, gun arc, turret transverse rate, mobility, post pen effect, the list go no etc. ROF i would say would be a balancing factor in some extreme case e.g. the 183 gun on british, the 152 gun etc, but when it come to something like 6s vs 8s, it is not a balancing factor. what I am trying to say is, W/R, K/D is a very poor indicator for balancing BR, e.g. i found my Super Hellcat god like when I use it right, but it is not as forgiving as my T-44 does, and obviously my T-44 W/R, K/D will be much better than my Super Hellcat, yet, it doesnt mean super hellcat is not on par with T-44 I am not ready to jump into this RU-251 OP/not OP debate, I dont own it, and I seldom fight against it either however, people can not, should not use KD, WR to support the tank OP or not OP I really think it is best to compare every parameter of the tank with other tank in the same BR
  15. not saying RU-251 is OP or not but using player stat to measure a tank ability is one of the worst parameter this is why Air is a mess in BR a tank br should purely based on it performances such as size, gun depression, number of crew, penetration, ROF etc. two tank can be equally effective on same BR, 1 could be hard to master, 1 could be Ace friendly, but these factor should never take into account for tank BR
  16. somehow when i play mu 6.3 lineup no matter which nations, I got into 6.7 game 70% of time, and 30% chance get into a 7.0-7.3 game
  17. i loving flying with my 37mm stuka, my 50mm Me410 and 262, I also love flying my Vicker Tempest, but Air RB is more TDM than AB we (those who love flying ground attacker) have been trying giving advice of how to make bomber/attacker meaningful in RB, but it never get into dev ear and since bomb have nerf into oblivious, the only viable choice for ground attacking without having to land alot would be those cannon attacker we could use more mission base style game mode in RB but still have strong PVP factors i have high hope in the assault mode when it came out, but the AB style + extremely close spawn time of each wave making it very difficult to play just turn me away
  18. not happening to me i lose half my team just now, when my Ferd just move to nearest strategic in a 3 cap zone map
  19. i stop using arty because 99% of time I never kill a thing and when I set up a perfect shot on the capping enemy, all out of sudden someone drop arty at the cap, and blocking my aim arty just way too RNG and do more harm than help imo
  20. even some maps are small, if the Tiger II H keep their distant, the turret cheek isnt really that big, i once hold up pretty well with a Tiger II H in my ferd distant is our ally in those tank, and we toasted 1 T29, 1 T34, few US light tank without any dmg, until a M18 caught me off guard actually the large Tiger II H fighting compartment is nightmare for my british tank, solid AP go through the cheek, and kill the gunner, that's it, and seeing Tiger II H back away, only when some commander is bright enough to load shell in the turret to give me bonus is Tiger II H each or weaker than T29, I cant tell, but i dont found T29 any harder to kill than Tiger II H, and among 6.7 Heavy, Tiger II H is never at the bottom food chain, more like at very top end of it
  21. i try all different line-up and no matter which line up facing G8N1 is auto failure of mission among all line up, only my MiG-9, with other MiG-15, Hunter, and my 262 unicorn actually win i need large calibre that can toasted a bomber in 1-2 shot, even my British 4 20mm wont have enough firepower to safely took them down key work is safely, even my P-51 could took bomber down, but it require me to stay on the target for much longer time, and the AI gunner+formation is a RNG void, 1hit and if my engine start leaking, I can not dream about landing and repair, because how fast each bomber wave spawn to make this game actually balance, either tune down AI gunner accuracy in this mode, or give longer window between each wave spawn
  22. as long as Gaijin still use W/R as a parameter to adjust BR, then never happen i have seen too many RU-251 rush to cap and reborn as a pilot before my Ferd even leave spawn for more than 100m
  23. the Tiger II H is still very good, and one of the best 6.7 heavy among T29 but with panther II boost to 7.0 i struggle to get a line up with 6.7
  24. just to add this I dont own M41 or T92 but T-44 and Charioteer is no where counter of RU-251 T-44 is a very standard side flaking medium which would struggle in frontal engagement Charioteer have bad gun depression, APDS which wasnt as amazing as HEATFS and no reverse, it have speed to get you to position and be sneaky neither of those play like or remotely perform close to RU-251
  25. I hate to jump into this debate of RU-251 but it is not a super hellcat at 6.7 my super hellcat have a open turret, and I have no HESH round help me deal with those IS-6 neither HEATFS which have a superior penetration that keep constant over the distant I think player skill should never take into balance, i.e. WR could mean nothing in balancing BR a BR should solely based on the stat of the tank alone that say a tank having high skill ceiling have nothing to do with what BR it should sit
  26. I love to see marker being remove, if not at least reduce the distant and remove this satellite position sharing with friendly non-sense but with marker remove, RB Air would also need some rework on winning condition, so that it wont be TDM like what we have now, and avoid game dragging long by last survivor climbing into space
  27. with T92 at 6.7 and SU-100 6.3, Charioteer at 6.3 the RU-251 and Jpz 4-5 should really be no lower than 7.0 and in this same case, Jpz 4-5 have to be lower than RU-251 without HESH if Jpz 4-5 given HESH i think they can be at same BR,
  28. i like the idea of assault mode, which give attacker, heavy fighter and bomber some play ground other than flying RP in other mode but the assault mode is a test of your luck, even I dive with over 250mph with a steep angle, i still got light up in 1 pass, and I am only fighting the Do-217 not some crazy flying gunship to make matter worse, this mode does not encourage you to land and repair once my engine leak, I am better just J out and use a new plane instead of landing and repair, which I would not have enough time to take off and climb to alt not to mention the AI fighter is just flying target, and the ground unit require no effort to destroy, even my .303 bb gun can handle the ground units, why should I bring a Vicker Tempest or 50mm Me410
  29. we could use assault mode in RB too so that Bomber and attacker have some role to do but currently the AB assault mode just have too many thing need to polish
  30. among all my Sherman, I hate my E2 most since I see Tiger/Panther 99.9% of time my E2 lack mobility to flank, the 75 gun is horrible against some spacious tank like Panther and Tiger but back to the topic this is not a german exclusive issue, it happen to all nations at different BR, it just the BR is not spread wide enough in general
  31. it is not the tank but the driver and given the new shinny toy RU251, it just make matter worse ru251 is a very powerful tank in the right hand with the RU251 introduce, my experience in German team is either most of the RU251 wipe out before my Ferdinand can reach my position or most of the enemies got slaughter by our RU251 before my Ferdinand can reach my position but the former is way more common, my advice, stay away from that BR range till the hype cool down
  32. should have an "both" option for 1st poll
  33. slightly off topic but there are some misunderstanding in the text the copper is not liquified, there a paper publish relate to similar matter, cant remember which issue, but it is from journal of condensed matter the cone shape copper did get push outward and traveling at a very high speed but it remain in solid state in a super-elastic phenomenon, the penetrating power come from the hypervelocity impact it create a shockwave, turning the armor into a hydrodynamic state, hence it cutting through the armor like liquid