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  1. My Strv. 81 says yes to overperforming
  2. It seems to have fixed itself.
  3. Well there's all of them there which you can probably imagine but i need to search for that specific one. It doesn't come up with anything. I'll talk further in the morning once this hopefully fixes itself.
  4. Like I said I can't find it.
  5. No, how else would I bring up the map select menu? Have you ever been in a CB Before?
  6. Custom battles don't work like that.
  7. you don't search for battles like that...
  8. Ok hold on I need to close all my things
  9. All of them except for the Pilotage one
  10. You're literally missing the point I did what he said and it wasn't there
  11. You clearly didn't read my original post I can't select the mission because it's not there...
  12. Custom Battle You have 12k battles you should know this
  13. Doesn't work.
  14. They've just completely vanished from the create session menu in CB's.
  15. Is this from Argentina?
  16. Give him Adderal.