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  1. Or you could check my stats, and see I play UK the most, then Germany, and Russia third. Or maybe the big British battleship in my sig wasn't obvious enough that I like Brits
  2. I never said it was exclusive to German tanks. My point was that it's not exclusive to Russia or any nation. Well that's not what they said. Russian tanks are no harder to penetrate than those of any other nation.
  3. The whole "donut" around is 100mm on 100mm of armour, and with the sloping it can be up to 240mm of effective armour from head on. Sure, it's not a huge deal most of the time, but it can be an annoyance when taking a snap shot, and having it simply bounce off. High hardness steel has a 1.25x modifier for effectiveness. So it ends up being 75mm worth of armour in total. Not that it really matters though. The armour that uses the modifier is so thin that the bonus from it is negligible, and most people don't even know it's a thing in the game. I was only bringing it up because of the claim that it's something that Russia uses to "stomp" other nations, when they only have it on a single tank as side plating, while other nations use it more, and in neither case is it relevant.
  4. Duke of York sinking Scharnhorst British Battleships sinking Bretagne And then the Pacific battles others have mentioned I think it's a testament to the power of battleships, that they can survive so much punishment, and stay fighting, or at least floating. Like Prince of Wales taking a hit to the bridge and completely destroying it, and taking a penetrating hit to her machinery, but still fighting on to cripple the Bismarck, of HMS Valiant taking a torpedo hit, and then sailing all the way across the Atlantic to America for repairs.
  5. If what I've heard is true, the vibrations from an Iowa class firing it's guns would knock out the fuses for it's radar Not something that is really thought of in the design of such things
  6. Yeah, that's fine, but there is nothing wrong with using CCCP
  7. None of these things are exclusive to Russia at all though? Tiger tank in game are infamous for their "weakpoints" such as their machinegun ports and driver viewport, which are both actually double the thickness of the rest of the tank, Russia has a single tank with high hardness armour, where as Germany has it on all Panzer 3 tanks with the addon armour, and if you think the 122mm gun is OP because of it's large filler, while ignoring the huge reload, low penetration in high tiers, bad gun handling, and poor slope performance, then you need to play those tanks some more.