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  1. Medium calibre APHE filler was buffed in 1.63 That's really the only change that has affected this tank in recent memory.
  2. A medium tank that can't just tank everything shot at it. Imagine that.
  3. I don't see why they would suddenly up and change the rules just for this one tank. More than likely they looked at it, thought it was similar to the Type 62, and thought it would be fine at 6.7 They're not exactly known for their forethought and balance. The majority of tanks that are added in have a BR that isn't right, so it's not out of the ordinary that they would do something like this.
  4. It'll be released with a BR of 6.7 and put at tier 4 It's either that or they change their minds and put it at tier 5 where it should be. This thing at BR 6.7 is going to be ridiculous though. Gaijin keeping up the trend of never playtesting anything they ever release.
  5. 108g vs 177g filler, but the KT round gets 16mm more pen Very similar turret armour. 193mm vs 176mm 2 degrees of gun depression is almost entirely not noticed Hull crew are behind much tougher armour so the spacing doesn't matter. 230mm vs 160mm effective hull armour. This means the T29 needs to be played hull down to be effective, where as the KT can go on the offensive without any fear of being penned on the hull. Creating a huge advantage for the KT. Also where the superior mobility comes in handy. MGs play no part at all in balance
  6. It's just a copy of the Gepard we already have from the 1960s Just because it's in the game, does not at all open the door to composite armour and all these other modern vehicles.
  7. They could increase the responsiveness for adjustments For example, when you're neutral turning a tank, and you turn the turret against the rotation of the hull, holding the mouse out to 90 degrees away from the gun will cause the turret to slowly traverse, but holding it maybe 10 degrees away from the gun will just hold the turret in place, or even move it the other way, even though in both cases you're trying to turn the turret in the same direction. It's the same for gun stabilisation. Because when you're driving and shooting, you're mouse is always going to be near where the gun is aiming, so the responsiveness is low, and you'll always feel the bumps, even if you have insane traversal speed. Obviously this isn't very technical, but it's a basic idea of how the stabilisation currently works.
  8. "Stabilisation" in the game is just making the vertical gun movement really fast. It's pretty lame but eh
  9. German players complaining about clubbing, lol Except the panther can fire 3 times faster, has better armour, and is more mobile. Not like the IS-2 is beating them at every turn.
  10. Yeah but with a faster reload, more mobility, and much better hull armour.
  11. Alright, so here to claim that the Panther was nerfed with purposeful armour bugs And then here, when shown a video of the same armour bugs on the T-44, suddenly it's no longer a problem with the tank, but with machine guns and projectile modelling. So again, how can it be, that a bug on the Panther is a purposeful nerf, but the same bug on any other tank is not a problem? So what is unhistorical with it then?
  12. It probably isn't even big enough for something like a destroyer to get up to even half speed.
  13. Because people bug reported it and showed sources stating that the Panther D's hydraulic turret drive rotates at 6 degrees per second. Mobility is great. It's just about the fastest tank for it's weight at it's tier. Same mobility as the T-34-85 while actually maintaining decent armour. Specifically, which part of the armour and internal components are bugged? When it was introduced into the game it was overperforming in reverse speed, and it had a 12 degrees per second turret speed. It's APCR could also pen almost any heavy tank in the game due to how the penetration mechanics worked during the early days of ground forces. It was never "broken" and it's not underpowered at all. You got your nerf to it's enemies, so how can you keep complaining about it? Also, the Panther is much better spaced than the T-34 If you shoot the turret of the Panther, of course you're going to turret wipe. That's the case with just about every tank in the game who's turret you shoot, T-34-85 included. Probably way less likely for the Panther though, due to it uniquely having it's gunner placed right down in the hull of the tank, making him much less likely to be hit. If you shoot a T-34, you're going to do a huge amount of damage because there is almost no crew spacing. It's 5 men crammed into a tank made for 4, surrounded by fuel tanks. If you're having trouble taking out a cramped medium tank reliably, I suggest you work on your aim. Your anecdote isn't very convincing.
  14. Well either the problem lies with the tank models, or it lies with the guns. You can't selectively say "T-44 penned, problem is with the gun. Panther penned, panther was nerfed" It's a nonargument. It's rubbish. The Panther has never been nerfed. It's arguably one of the best tanks in the game at 5.7 and you're still complaining about it?
  15. Alright. Dozens of tanks have bugs. It's not a nerf to any of them It's a bug. Report it. So when a T-44 loses crew inconsistently to a 7.92 it's not a T-44 bug, but when a Panther loses crew inconsistently to a 7.92 it's the end of the world for the Panther pls fix this is a purposeful nerf? Either the Panther suffers from poor modelling, the same as dozens of other tanks in the game, or the problem is with machine guns. In neither cases is the Panther singled out or nerfed at all. Also, stop saying "Strawman", because you clearly don't know what it means.
  16. You are straight up quoted as saying the panther was nerfed by armour bugs. Are you saying that you never said this? Alright. When armour bugs happen to literally any other tank in the game it's a bug, but when it happens to the Panther it's a nerf? In the same way that every tank in the game is "nerfed" whenever one tank gets buffed.
  17. I'm not gonna count the closed beta. The ground didn't even load half the time, so it's hard to comment on it being anywhere close to playable.
  18. It's not a strawman if you straight up say it. You claim that the Panther was nerfed by introducing intentional bugs with the armour Necron posts videos showing that it happens to other tanks in the game, and you respond with "How is this relevent" Mate, the panther hasn't been nerfed the entire time it's been in the game. Not even once. Large calibe HE shells were never nerfed either. Here is the change, stop spreading this rumour.
  19. You were the one that claimed that the Panther was nerfed by purposely introducing armour bugs. If you don't care that it happens with every tank in the game; A) Don't use it as an argument, or B) Don't act like you don't care when you're proven wrong.
  20. And Tiger 2(P) at 6.3 is better than both of them. Tiger will also OHKO the IS-2, but will get 3 shots off for every one of the IS-2s I think those BRs are fine for now, but the T-34-85 isn't equal to the Tiger.
  21. Seems like it's going to be club city for Tigers. All tigers now at the same BR as an upgunned 3.3 tank. Lordy...