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  1. You are straight up picking historical accuracy up when it suits you right now. Complaining about allied prototypes, and then saying that historical shell performance doesn't matter cus it's a game. Personally, I have no problem with prototypes and such. I can just not play them if I don't like them. But to call them out as if they exist in only allied trees is just nonsense.
  2. Only cus of your asinine claims. "Super proto shells for super proto tanks" When Germany has multiple vehicles that are straight up fictitious Against, allied "super protos" which are tanks that were actually built and tested, but deemed unnecessary And I wouldn't be complaining about AP overperforming, while APHE is also extremely overperforming. Pretty much every report from the war shows the average damage from APHE penetrations was only one or two people killed, and yet APHE in game will reliably wipe 3, 4, even 5 crew members. So I wouldn't be carrying on about how hard the poor Germans have it, having to go against the big mean solid shot, which, unless it's a US 120mm, still has to crew snipe to do any damage.
  3. Replace "solid shot" with "APHE" and it's 100% German players
  4. Well, the IS-3 and IS-6 are both WW2 designs, while the RU 251 is pretty far into post war territory, so I don't see how a german player can complain about that. No, Tigers are great currently. The occasional uptier doesn't make them useless. And when the T34 can get it's historical ammo performance and armour, then it can move up. And when the Tiger 2 gets moved up, so can the T29 Yeah, the 20 tier system where Fw 190s and P-51s faced Korean era F-86s and MiG-15s HAHAHAHAHAH I'm glad you left that little tidbit till last, because no one would have taken you seriously if you are complaining about being uptiered in a Tiger, but think a Jagdpanther against a basic T-34 is balanced. That's really just classic Germany
  5. Don't need to angle... What a load of tripe. Have you even played either of these tanks at all?
  6. Not really overestimating it's damage output when anyone that has played tier 5 Germany, Japan, Britain, or USA knows exactly how HEAT and HESH work, and how to play with less than stellar armour.
  7. 1. You don't need huge alpha damage if you are getting flanking shots. Just use your brain and shoot at ammo and crew, not just blindly into centre mass 2. It gets a HESH round with huge alpha damage anyway, so you can either blindly fire at centre mass, or you can frontally take out any tank in the game that comes looking. Yeah, and from the front you're still better armoured than anything else at the BR. The extreme angling is just a nice, invulnerable, bonus. And yet Germany is the only nation that suffers from this lack of situational awareness. Complain and complain about the T-34s and how powerful their speed is, and then Germany gets the fastest tank in the game and falls flat on it's ****, because speed is not everything, and nations without mountains of armour learn to look outside their metal box. Yeah, it does sound like the Caernavon and Centurion turret, only, these tanks are at 6.3 and 6.7, and their armour is a big, flat, rectangle. The comet turret face has a few curves. Big deal. I don't think I've ever bounced a shot on the turret with it, and I never expect it to. It has no awkward angles and blocks of reinforcement, like the Tiger does, and is overall not nearly as thick. Like most other heavies in the game. But the other heavies at 5.3 are not like this. You cannot angle an IS tank at all, or else you expose hull cheeks, and you're dead.
  8. "Hidden hope" lmao So they never actually wanted this, but you'll put the words in their mouths and complain all the same?
  9. Only because German players are too stupid to turn their heads to the side, and think that flanking is some unbeatable tactic, and yet fail at it miserably when given the best flanking tank in the game. It's armour is not just flat 100mm Unlike the IS-2, which cannot angle it's armour, and actually does have a max of 120mm of armour, the Tiger can angle to crazy angles, because its side armour is almost as thick as it's front armour. Meaning you can get it up to 150mm of armour, which is immune to the Russian 85mm, and the US 76mm, while nothing it faces can possibly be immune from the front against the 88mm. Enhanced filler round or not. That's not even mentioning the ball mount and dirvers hatch, which are troublesome areas of double armour which block a lot of snap shots. Or the turret face which will reliably bounce anything it faces thanks to it's awkward angles and areas of extreme thickness. So maybe if you drive like an idiot, never angling, never using situational awareness, and never learning a single game tactic in your life, then you might be pretty harmless at 5.3 For anyone else, it would not be.
  10. Lemme just write down the names of everyone that said yes to this, so I can laugh at you till the end of time. To think this absurd joke thread actually got support from people boggles my mind. You already got the T-34-85, and upgunned 3.3 tank, to the same BR as your beloved tiger, the tank that historically and in game, stomps the living hell out of T-34-85s all day, and now you seriously want it to be lower? I'm not really one for a slippery slope argument, but using the lowered BR of the Tiger E, to justify getting the Tiger H BR lower, is one of the most, head up butt, stupidest ideas I've seen on the forums.
  11. I don't think so It's just rarely relevant in the current meta, with 7.0 tanks almost never being top tier, they just flood the matchmaking regardless, and 8.0 tanks are rarely top tier because of 8.3 ATGMs and jets. So currently, the most important aspects of QMM are just doing nothing, but occasionally you'll find a 7.7 game with only four 7.7 tanks per side.
  12. Yeah, sure But you said it was ridiculous to think that some people only play one nation, but yet here you are. Because it's the only tank that was thrown in against heavy tanks it cannot penetrate even the rear of, unless it's within 10m. And it's not uncommon for tanks to get new shells. M46 got a HEAT shell months after it was released, Tigers got a second APHE shell a few months ago, I expect the T34 will eventually have it's APDS added. But the point is, they removed it because people were complaining about it being a time travelling shell, and had to move it down because it no longer had the shell. This creates the situation, where the russian 6.7 competitor to the Tiger 2 is no longer a competitor, and with nothing else to take it's place, German tanks are forced to get uptiered. But really that is just typical of a lot of German players at this point. Club whatever is weaker, and nerf anything stronger, until eventually a popular tank comes along that is stronger, and they face entire teams of it, because they got everything else in the BR range pushed down. Of course, there is the solution of adjusting the quantitative matchmaking so that it extends to the top 2 brackets in each game instead, so instead of having a game with 4 7.3 tanks in each side, and then one team is packed with Tiger 2s and the other with IS-6s, making the matchmaking unfair, have it so there is perhaps 3 BR 7.3 tanks, and 3 7.0 BR tanks on each side, and the rest are 6.7 and 6.3 tanks. This would push the IS-6 spam up into higher tier battles, where the limit on 8.0 tanks would spread them out over more games and increase the demand for 7.3 and 7.0 tanks in 8.0 games.
  13. Most people play all nations, sure But only one nation in the game has so many die-hard fans for it, that play it almost exclusively. Let me think which nation that might be....
  14. The devs weren't the ones complaining for months about the IS-2 having the D shell. They gave it to the tank in the first place. You can quite easily blame the people that complained and got it removed, leaving the Russians with only a single, premium, 6.7 tank. I have little sympathy for this self imposed ruination the German players have brought about.
  15. And the IS-3 can still be penetrated almost everywhere by the Maus. Generally regarded as a crap tank unless it gets a downtier, and putting the Maus in every game it has, would make it a crap tank 100% of the time. The 100mm gun is good, but both of them can be penetrated by even the Maus' coax 75mm. A 3.3BR tank upgunned and fighting at 7.7 tank doesn't seem completely fair to me. Without the D shell, these tanks are lucky to penetrate it at 10m when it's completely flat ground and no angle. Including the 10% variance in your calculation is really just borderline dishonest. It's been in the game since the start, and has never been used in these comparisons before, and we're not starting now. At 500m you could fire every round the tank carries 4 times over, and you'd consider yourself lucky if even a single shot penetrated.
  16. Yeah, take away the IS-2s D shell then throw it in with tanks it can't possibly hope to penetrate, and then push the T-54 out of the mix. "Fair and balanced" HAH
  17. These things happen, and have happened for a long time now. In my experience, there has been no change, and in the game files, there has been no visible change. If these things change, then I might agree with you, but personally, I have found nothing different than usual.
  18. That is if there are any changes at all. All I've seen in this thread, are anecdotes, and videos of things that have been happening in the game for as long as I can remember. Shots that don't penetrate but cause a handful of spalling has been around for ages. It happens regularly. It's a problem, yes, but not the cause of some phantom patch. And nothing that has come about only recently. Latency issues, replay issues, x-ray and kill cam issues. All known and common.
  19. No, because I went through the entire damagemodel.blk file and found nothing. You also complained for months that the Pak 44 damage had been nerfed, when in fact it had been significantly buffed. So you'll have to excuse me for not taking your word for it.
  20. Shell fuses are individual and hard. If the armour is thicker than the value listed, then it will arm, if it's lower, it will not. It is possible that hidden changes have taken place, but not very likely at all. The damagemodel.blk for the game contains all the values the game uses for shell variables, pretty much. Of course, without seeing the game code, and access to the game engine, we can't know for sure what other values are in there, but generally, changes for these things are made in the blk, and there have been no changes.
  21. Check yourself. Values remain untouched.
  22. And it doesn't really matter. If they haven't changed, then their effects are the same. No changes in the file, no changes in the game. Description or not.
  23. Boy is this a witch hunt if ever I saw it. Just a dumping ground of complaints for every wonky shot. Shots that any time in the past two years would be passed of as hitting a badly modelled part of armour, or hitting from a weird angle, but have now become the fault of some nerf that doesn't exist. These kinds of penetrations, where the shell doesn't penetrate, but causes a few fragments of penetration have been in the game since as long as I can remember. Looking at the damagemodel.blk of the game, you can see that almost nothing has been chanced since a month ago, and certainly nothing to do with penetrations and APHE Unless something within the game engine itself were changed, then I doubt there has been a change at all, because as far as I know, all the changes to shell mechanics happen in the damagemodel.blk file.
  24. Just because a bunch of idiots don't know how to play a light tank, doesn't mean it's not OP Anyone with half a brain can use a light tank with 320mm of penetration to club the living daylights out of anything they face. And everyone complains about the IS-6... Perhaps you missed the half dozen threads each day about it needing a nerf.
  25. Because the ZSU-57 isn't treated as an SPAA It gets light tank spawn costs, and thus, light tank repairs costs too
  26. M42 :12,850 M163: 24,780 Coelian: 18,450 Kugelblitz: 17,560 Gepard: 20,480 ZSU-23-4: 22,050 Falcon: 19,910 Japanese M42: 17,220 Type 87: 20,480 All high tier SPAA has high repair costs. It's part of them nerfing SPAA to not be dedicated tank hunters, along with removing APCR belts and such
  27. "Armour bug" It's not a bug, because it's a non-serious april fools event. They said themselves they just gave it a totally made up number Let's not waste time on this nonsense