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  1. It is an energy fighter. It's sounds like you have the principles right but need to fine tune.energy fighting boom and zoomed isn't my most natural style so I know where your coming from. The plane locks up at high speeds but is only a real problem if you go too steep. Your a fast plane and heavy so it doesn't take to steep a dive to get the pace you want. Keep a shallow dive and don't be attempted to turn or make adjustments to get into a turning enemy. If your at low altitude do not dive steep, it will have you kissing the ground good bye lol
  2. You can unlock the tank destroyer line without driving a single one of them in this game.
  3. It's a great tank. Super troll armour and a great gun. Bush it up to hide the drivers hatch and you got a winner.
  4. 17pdr sabot laughs at panthers and tigers at any angle.
  5. I find the opposite actually. I've always found Sabot Tobe the most damaging round, I never carry apcbc if I don't have to.
  6. Frontally then I would have shot hull again. Centre of mass on r34 is 1 shot kill almost guaranteed so of it didn't work the first time the second would have.
  7. No actually they never said no to bigger ships. They were very specific in their wording to not exclude them in the future. They said for now and also said if testing showed players still needed bigger ships they would consider it then. Which is exactly what they did. Only even made a whole video discussingbhow they had worded it when they were announced in the first place. Yes it was either last year or early this year in a Q&A people had said with mbt etc that later planes were inbound and a sec said that the plane time line was still in place.
  8. That q&a was said to be inaccurate since by some devs
  9. There was a recent q&a where it was reiterated iirc also
  10. Lassars q&a. He definitely did say no more sabres. It's also been said that planes unlike tanks, still, will not exceed the '53 cut off. The definition of 53 is a little loose though I don't know now if it's development or production.
  11. Exactly even a jet Ace like myself can do well in this plane provided you follow those rules.
  12. Sounds like you were side on? Shoot the turret low just above the turret ring, then follow up with a shot to the drivers position and the tank is dead.
  13. they have said many times now we will never get another sabre in the game. far too many of them already. so no need to panic lol
  14. if they have more jets that fit in the time line of the game then yes if not they may be limited to what they have. if nothing practical exists maybe a purchased plane. just look at japan, they havnt had a jet added in years and probably never will have another.
  15. Yup that's my experience too mate.
  16. If you think so your doing it very wrong
  17. That was the intended result yes.
  18. I'm all for those tanks too bud just don't think the mk2 is pointless, it has a role in the tree even if it's not the most important one right now. I def want the Demo gun on a Churchill and centurion lol, I actually would love to see a line of Brit tanks with howitzers, practicum every tank used by the brits had a howitzer version. I want a non premium bp and the a45 as my top list tanks for the tree right now.
  19. i have right mouse button assigned to free camera. this locks my turret, run, plane in place while i look around the battle.
  20. yeah you might find it boring but every nation other then brits and japan have it and its a decisive advantage. a nation that relies on 1 good tank in a br is a weak nation. in this case its a matter of balance. sure we need other tanks to fill gaps and add versatility also and is priority but having the same benefits of the enemy will go a long way to giving credibility to this tree. I know you and i love the tree already but it has a bad rap and i feel largely unfairly and to have the ability to say i have 2 or 3 top tier tanks in a br goes a long way to doing that. yes to this. the british tree is a mess and lack continuity and depth. a line of tanks like you have mentioned would go a long way to filling the brit tree and making the br's full and competative not relying on just 1 or 2 good tanks.
  21. yes but this is the problem with the british tree in general. if someone loses their panther in the german tree they have other panthers to fall back on without much drop in battle effectiveness. russians famously are the same with the t34's america with shermans and pershing's britain loses a centurion has to drop to the comet. a considerable drop in battle effectiveness. more cromwells, churchills and centurions is what this tree needs.
  22. A45 heavy infantry tank - caernarvon mk1 with mk1 turret - caernarvon mk1 with mk2 turret then the caernarvon we have
  23. like to see it but after many games in my beloved centurion mk1 i believe the mk1 is undertiered so 6.0 for both tanks.
  24. The in game score doesn't match the after game score. You qctually get more for destroying bases after the other mechanics are implemented post battle.
  25. bombers are the best grinders by far. if you want to grind the fastest possible way fly bombers. fighters though the tempests and griffins are amazingly good to but bombers are still better. the other trick is to ace every vehicle around it and leading to it etc. the bonus rp from acing is ridiculously good. i had 1/4 already researched due to bonus rp from acing one my meteors. i then used my talisman canberra's to grind out the rest of th hunter in an hour.
  26. Looks like the turret has a door/window. I'm guessing a tetrarch command tank.
  27. out of that line up id replace the archer. the archer is the most situational vehicle in the lineup and probably the least effective. if you have some kind of love for it id swap out the valentine, the gun is ok but i hate the valentines armour/speed combo for that br.
  28. Upper front, flat plate. I usually go dead centre and a little high. This destroys the turret crew and sometimes the gun. Second shot same plate but aim off centre left it right to kill the law TV of the crew. Tigers are 2 shot tanks on average but not hard to kill.