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  1. if your firing ap at planes that's your problem. the he rounds tear planes in half.
  2. Best premium hands down imo is the typhoon. It's amazing. The mustang use to be great but I don't know now, I havnt flown it in a very long time
  3. Na not impressed with the firefly as a whole. There are far better mediums in its br. The avenger alone I would take over the firefly.
  4. I disagree. I don't care what I face in the centurion mk1. With Sabot I can deal with king tigers and is2's head on with little problem. And the armour is still good enough for a medium, I've even bounced king tigers frontally with a little angling. Black prince again I still don't see it as over tiered at this br either.
  5. Mine would look something like Centurion mk1 Comet Ac4 thunderbolt Panzer 4's Cromwell mk1 Churchill mk3 Pershing T25 Crusader mk3 Cromwell mk5 First 3 maybe are locked into that order but hard to put a real order to the rest
  6. I wouldn't judge the whole tree on that one plane. Personally I hate the Vc in its br. It's way over tiered and it's one of the worst performing spitfires yet always gets the raw end of the stick from gaijin. There are so many other planes and I would recommend playing one of those to make money. Bombers for eg. Just print money. 60k silver lions is not hard to make at all in most planes either.
  7. Kangaroo definitely! And later versuon of the boomerang but gaijin have said the Aussie Sabre won't happen, too many sabres in game already. I would love to see the woomera in game too, it would be a beast!
  8. are you using the air round? it rips planes in half when i get a hit. i may get a lot of misses getting my aim in but when it hits it kills
  9. personally disagree. the armour is far far better in my experience in the centurion. the fv4202 getsa killed frontally by .50cals, a buggy damage model not suffered in the centurion mk1. the 17pdr apds can deal with any tank it faces with ease, faster reload and in general just a better tank for its tier. hell i dont even play the centurion like a medium tank, as it stands its easily filling the roll of a heavy tank where it sits in the tree (I believe this is deliberate and the reason for the BR)
  10. bad aim? it takes some time getting use to the guns i wont admit and it is over tiered but it definitely can kill any plane it hits quite well. but complaining an aa isnt any good because it cant kill tanks is silly.
  11. It is a great tank no doubt but not the best, that goes to the centurion mk1
  12. yeah it really is. the centurion is under tiered for sure.
  13. Black prince is a very good tank and can handle itself at it's current br just fine
  14. The 20 pdr was used from memory because the 105 didn't exist yet. And the 20pdr was modified to use bag charge ammunition to test the design of the turret an the bag charge. This was for the 120mm gun going into the new chieftain tank in the future.
  15. If the Cromwell driver was bad
  16. Again hp has nothing to do with it when it's governed by a gear box and speed governor. don't get me wrong I love all crusader tanks but game play wise the Cromwell is the better tank and deserving of the br.
  17. And that's why I said I think brits should be the first country to play if they have interest in them. You won't have to unlearn how to play aphe. You can learn how to solid shot and have fun doing it.
  18. if your shooting centre mass avoiding the modules the transmission is never going to eat up the shot. this quote alone tells me your still shooting into modules.
  19. Many tanks in game don't reach top speed. Top speed is the rated speed of the gearbox and is in many cases only obtainable when gravity has a helping hand. I don't see anything wrong with the Cromwell at all.
  20. Need to stop expecting br to represent an aa's ability to kill tanks. Aa is for killing planes and that's what it is balanced for primarily and is needed of it overly performs in the roll of tank killer I'm most cases.
  21. Russians are one shots 99% of the time head on. Germans the same till the king Tiger, that can take 3 shots to kill reliably but the 20 pdr will one shot kingntigers on a regular basis once you get Sabot. Sounds like you might wantnto tweak your aim a little. It will help.
  22. It's because of the spaced armour plates. You should get the same effect shooting at a centurion mk 10 and jumbo for eg.
  23. Just like the black prince can only ever be a premium because it was only a prototype, never in service.
  24. I would actually recommend playing brits first. Almost every description of people's struggles killing in one shot comes down to habits learned using aphe. Once you learn to stop shooting for ammo racks and modules you will get kills quite easily. Easier to play brits when you don't have to unlearn to Play. I honestly don't think there is a tier any more where brits are not competitive. The tree lacks tanks still to fill it out but it's still my most fun tree to play.
  25. I have all nations at tier 5 planes and tanks (not Japanese tanks). I have unlocked every nation as they have been added and the brits were for me the easiest, quickest and most fun to unlock. The caernarvon isn't most favourite tank in the whole game followed by the centurion mk1 now. These are great tanks you just can't palybthem like your in a panther or t-34.
  26. The system works fine, but you still have to lead a shot if moving sideways to the target. Other then that is very good.
  27. Not really, in most cases it means shooting the upper front plate instead of the ammo rack or lower glacias
  28. or that fast advancing tank formations breaking deap behind enemy lines AKA blitzkrieg was a british tank doctrine borrowed by the germans.
  29. i reckon it was this thread that queried tiger 131 at some point.
  30. I'm in the same boat as imdonefor, I rarely find any British gun but the oqf75 bounces very much Vs their average enemy.
  31. Yeah. I usually like to specify "British guns" when I mention the ability to pen. The 75 is lacklustre when compared to it's British peers I do agree. Tiger 2 as you said is really the only tank that I have to think about but even then then17pdr Sabot will pen the turret and the lower Glacias from great range 20 pdr makes a mess of kt's
  32. Couldn't agree more.