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  1. Hmmm I don't have one of those magnetic measuring devices, like the one used to measure the T29 by that WoT guys (forget his name).. But if there is a way to do it prior to blowing them up, using some other method I could maybe do that? We do have some A1s also, but, they are going to blow up all the M60s first.. About two years ago we had a bunch of M48s but they are all gone now.. Well except for a few that they used to simulate some other tanks, but they took the turrets off and juse use the hulls.. We also have a couple of M551s in the yard. We might have a vidoe.. but.. I would have to check to see if it has been OPSEC approved for release
  2. Hmmm it does look like that in the picture.. I walked by them everyday and didn't notice it.. I think it is just an optical allusion, in that the on the the right is a little closer to me when I took the picture. They move those four out to the field last week, we got six more in now, so I can not go back and measure the height to see if it was in fact sitting lower.
  3. I know.. I know.. but missiles need targets and troops need training!
  4. These M60s will be used as targets.. As in the helicopters will try and blow up the tanks using their missiles.
  5. We got our first 4 of 15 M60 ground targets.. Took them awhile to get them running, but they did. We installed our remote control systems and took them out to the test track for testing.. One of them thru a track, so, will have to fix that but the rest are working great. It is going to be said to see them get blown up.. but also fun.