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  1. Agreed 100% They ruined Hurtgen Forest and many other maps.. Poland for example use to be a great map Bingo Nope, no guessing required.. Note we are not talking about the types of changes your talking about.. Moving a tree here or a rock there.. We are talking about taking big beautiful maps and limiting the boarders of said map with the sole purpose of forcing everyone down one of three paths to the center of the map, which is typically a town, which results in a Quake style shoot out where your typically so close to the enmy that you have the choice of ramming them insetead of shooting them. in English There is NOTHING REALISTIC about Realistic Battles Zip, Nada, Nit
  2. I wish they could find a way to make new maps come up more frequently after a patch.. At least for the first week or so so people can check them out online.. Since the new patch I have only seen the Ardennes map 3 maybe 4 times.. The first time I saw it it was a BIG map and I said cool! A big map.. But that was the only time, the rest of the times is is the sh*t shoot funnel smaller version with the spawn points at each end of the town and the map so small that you can not go around the town without being in view.
  3. So.. someone just got their A handed to them online from a couple of IS6s..
  4. I have yet to see it in RB.. Granted I know they come up from time to time, wrt all maps, but the vast majority of the map rotations consist of the smaller versions of the big maps.. And sadly, even when you are lucky enough to get the big version of the map in RB, the spawn points and capture points are so close that you will never be able to make use of the whole map before the mission is over.. As in realistic tactics are not useful when in this arcade light mode (aka RB) the game is still driven by bang bang shoot em up TILT FPS die and re-spawn types of players such that there is nothing realistic about realistic battles. All we can hope for is SB becomes more popular with more options (historic battles) and or they add a map filter to RB.. In light of the fact that the majority fo the player base is the bang bang shoot em up TILT FPS die an re-spawn types.. I don't think allow the few hard core simmers to pick their maps (read filter) will impact the wait times greatly for the bang bang shoot em up TILT FPS die and re-spawn types.. Kind of a win win, in that I would not mind waiting for a good mission to play.
  5. Basically each change dumbs the game down more and more.. All that is missing is the fence and signs pointing us in the one of three choices to go down.. At which point it has more to do with luck than any game skills.. The map changes make the maps more and more like a rat maze where our goal is to race to the cheese
  6. Yup.. Been seeing it in every release.. Smaller and smaller maps to negate the fast flanking tanks, as in keep them in view at all times Good sniping positions block by obstetrical or by tighter borders (RETURN TO BATTLEFIELD) Which results in FORCING everyone to play the same way.. Mosh pit ram em if you cant shoot em Quake ding ding ding high score TILT style of play.. Basically Quake with tanks
  7. Yup, use to love the big Poland map.. Now it is just a swimming pool in the center with some land and trees around it.. Only thing missing is a life guard yelling at the M18s 'NO RUNNING AROUND THE POOL' (read flanking) Just go to town and die like a good think skinned fast tank
  8. I know right? I mean a chat room titled 'ASSAULT 1.67' one would expect was created to give the users a place to talk about the changes in 1.67.. And even possibly provide feedback.. But apparently that is not the case and only positive happy talk about the 1.67 changes is allowed in said title chat room.. I mean don't get me wrong.. I hate those guys who talk about the game, good or bad, during a mission.. The only chat I want to see during a mission is CHECK SIX or Target at such and such.. So I always just assumed that the chat rooms were for that kind of talk But, no, only positive happy talk is allowed online Well that sucks.. Was keeping my fingers crossed on that
  9. I noticed.. mater of fact I noticed it after each and every update.. Not only are they making the big beautiful maps smaller.. but they are also making the borders of the map smaller (as in the point where you get the RETURN TO BATTLE notice).. such that there is little difference between arcade play and realistic play.. There is nothing realistic about realistic other than the enemy does not have a big ID floating above their tank and you don't have a green cross in your sight telling you when to shoot. Why? Who know, and who cares.. Only thing I do know is what effect these changes have on game play.. Basically these changes force everyone to play arcade style.. Real mosh pit style where everyone rushes to the center of the map and drive around the town and hope your lucky enough to turn the corner and the other guy has his gun pointed the other way.. That is the game play in a nut shell Which is fun if you are in a MAUS.. but not so fun if your in a this skin M18 So basically this game play favors big slow tanks.. Much like the big fat guy wins in the mosh pit. So for me.. arcade play was never an option.. realistic play *was* and option in that it still allowed you to make use of your tanks strengths.. but not anymore.. You can not even flank anymore on most maps.. The maps are so small that you are always in visible range.. So trade in those fast maneuverable tanks because they are not going to do you any good in the street by street mosh pit.. Trade in those tanks with the good optics that allow you to see and aim farther they are not going to do you any good in the street by street mosh pit.. Oh, and if you are one who likes to type online in game.. I rarely do so it is not a big deal, but if you do, do not talk about this online in the 'ASSAULT 1.67' chat room.. You will only get a 7 day ban for pointing out the fact that the maps are getting smaller.. you will upset the 'majority' of arcade types and be accused of spamming the chat room.. because apparently talking about the new 'ASSAULT 1.67' changes in the 'ASSAULT 1.67' chat room is a no no. Not sure is that is the best way to treat customers who have spent thousands of dollars on this game, but, I know after that I will not be spending more on this game unless something changes 'back' to the way it was. On that note.. Anyone know how the IL2 tanks thing is coming along?
  10. Whole tanks have been produced with less info than that.. If some had it, that is all some tankers need to justify having a round that was hardly ever used.. So using the same logic, the M26 should have it, at least some version of M26 should
  11. So in summary nothing has changed and the op titled this thread for attention?
  12. So.. passing judgment without actually trying it? Kind of like someone who has never had sex telling us sex is over rated I took the T34 out last night, used some GE to upgrade everything and it was pretty dam fun to play So I guess that makes me a non T34 virgin?