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  1. Well you could argue that because it's not like that for any other plane. The closest example we have is the g2 but we only have one non premium g2 while the other g2 is premium.
  2. Change flew to in production (or as close as the axis nations could do) since there were some very high performance planes that first flew at the end of the war.
  3. Nothing fits that term. Almost all props in this game flew by 1945.
  4. There are 0 superprops in this game.
  5. Both of those would wipe the floor with every prop in the game.
  6. That's in a match though. Is it like that in the hangar?
  7. Load up a test flight in sim and look at the rudder.
  8. That's the instructor trimming the rudder iirc. Not a bug.
  9. Nothing warrants having both in game. They should change the engine settings of one to 1.32 wep and then there would be a good reason.
  10. The Russian air force did not have as many high performance planes as the west, their air doctrine was very outdated, and the numbers strategy would not have worked against the US. You can say they would have success on the ground but the air was a different story.
  11. I think it was less of a risk to lose an f80 seeing that North Korea had a tiny industrial base and the US still had better jets being held back. It's different from a hypothetical operation unthinkable since the Russians have a large industrial base and would have been working on their own jet prototypes so the risk of copying a Western jet is more likely.
  12. Notice the trend. Frags per battle goes up with an increase in turn ability (relative to its adversaries). Drag is always significant also.
  13. It was something they had an edge over the soviets so risking losing it and having Soviet jets flying using copied engines was a risk. Not to mention there were much more piston aircraft available. And using jets for v1 interception is much different from using jets for offensive patrols. If you lose a jet intercepting a v1 you ensure you get all sensitive items back. If you lose a jet over enemy lines the sensitive items are most likely lost forever.
  14. I doubt the west would have used jets. Germany only used jets put of desperation while Britain and America largely held their jets back. Jets would only be a factor if the soviets posed a real threat.
  15. I don't know ow about the spitfire but the p63 was in fact used. It was supposedly purposely mislabeled in records as a p39 but there are German pilot notes of seeing an elongated airacobra. If I ever see where I saw the quote I'll post it but it's been a long time since I last saw it.
  16. I 185 is full metal and certainly doesn't outrun a p47m at 7k.
  17. Not sure if trolling or trying to be edgy but the spitfire certainly wasn't bad and neither was the p40.
  18. R2y2 v2 and v3 were not created by gaijin.
  19. The big change for this plane (imo) is the turn. It now has no issues out turning yaks and will give spitfires a run for their money.
  20. A flat roll is much safer than a flatspin. A flatspin would spell death in a dogfight.
  21. Sounds like a snap roll. You can do that with a joystick.
  22. The mig 3 was one of the fastest fighter planes in the world at altitude when it entered service. At altitude the mig 3 could still compete with the german planes a year younger.