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  1. It's funny how organized the naval system was compared to the army kitai system that by the end of the war was literally random numbers.
  2. The f4 had better performance than the g2 irl and the g6 was initially worse than the g2. The switching of the engines was all about upgrade potential. The db 601 was reaching the end of its developmental life while the db 605 was still fresh.
  3. Because they wanted to use the db 605 instead of the db 601 that was reaching the end of its developmental life and the db 605 was better at altitude.
  4. Well its either you do what I said or contiue to complain about not being aale to pitch enough.
  5. Predicting is actually easier than it sounds and will only require a little practice to perfect it. I used to do it just like this until I switched up my playstyle. I was capable of perfectly predicting in one day. You do it a lot when you try to pull lead so the learning curve isn't that steep. If the guy rolls to try and avoid all you need to do is pitch or just reset for another attack. I didn't show an example from wt because no video like this exists and I don't want to record wt footage. This method will allow you to adjust in real time. If you are pulling lead and the guy rolls to avoid how do you adjust without blowing your energy?
  6. Well the issue was that youda008 could not even get guns on so for him it's either he misses and blows energy or he can whittle his opponent down. If you want to continue pulling pure pursuits go ahead. If it works for you then it works.
  7. of course you do I'm not saying you don't. I'm saying you will save more energy doing that then you will pulling a lead pursuit.
  8. which is why you can reset because you didnt waste energy in the turn.
  9. Maybe because you keep trying to pull pure pursuits? Position yourself so they fly into your guns. Like this. This video is about the 190 but it applicable for all aircraft.
  10. Don't have or plan to get the p61 so I can't comment but bnz in the f7f and f82 are what they excel in. Their high speed and the f7fs high climb means that resetting is easy. And I bet it is much easier to bnz with a p61 then it is to fly defensively.
  11. It isn't easy in certain planes. Its the same in all planes (of course i am talking about fighter planes so not bring up smartass answers like po2 and don't bring up obviously outclassed aircraft like the Chaika vs sabre).
  12. I know you were going to bring up a bomber. This is just a poor argument from someone go has no arguments left. You cant bnz in a pby because it has no offensive armament and was designed as a bomber instead of a fighter.
  13. That's not going against my argument. Randy made a blanket statement saying that defensive flying is easy. I said it is not. If it is only easy in certain planes then defensive flying isn't easy because you need a plane that is good at it.
  14. Yes. If it was truly easy you could do it with any plane. You can bnz with any plane and it largely stays the same difficulty. Defensive flying varies depending on the plane.
  15. You are not really going against what I said. You said you've seen an agile plane defend against bnz attacks easily but not a lesser agile plane. If defensive flying was easy you see the same thing happen with all planes.
  16. I've already seen the first video and after watching the second video I see nothing that proves defensive flying is easy. All I see is someone who's gotten good at defensive flying because he does it a lot. Its my english example again. I grew up speaking English so it seems easy to me. Someone from another nation may find it hard because they did not grow up learning English.
  17. The issue is that you over simplify everything and rely on anecdotal evidence to prove your point. Just because you find something easy does not make it easy. I think English is an easy language but many people would disagree with me. Simply turning to defend against a boom and zoom attack is not all it takes. If I am in a 190 and an lf mk 9 is diving on me I can't simply just turn since the spitfire can pull harder than me and will cut into my turn. Then there is the situation when a plane is on my six. I once again can't simply turn to defend against that. Turning only works in the situation that the attacker already puts himself at an unfavourable angle and you just make the angle worse.
  18. No it isn't.
  19. So I'll take it as you not having the report.
  20. This isn't a report.
  21. Well I'll just agree to disagree.
  22. Not just running but also the perfect low angle zoom climbs.
  23. There is more to it than just diving on your opponent. You can make feint attacks to make your opponent bleed his speed for example. There is more to it then up and down maneuvers. It's incredibly easy to just run the whole time and make the most accurate of low angle zoom climbs. Maintaining your optimal speed is very easy with a mouse and virtual cockpit than it is with a joystick and actually cockpit.
  24. No Japanese plane besides the j7w and probably the ki 83 should be over 5.7 as they are all slow. The lf mk9's speed line up with the ki 84 almost exactly. The ki 84 is fast for a Japanese plane but it slow in comparison to other fighters at it's br. Technically the lf mk9 does have good low altitude performance but due to the way rb is played, top speed means a whole lot more in combat than I'm sure it meant irl since players are constantly flying over their top speeds. Which means planes not designed exclusively for low altitude combat (ie p51, d9) can still beat the spitfire. It seems you need to learn how to use bnz tactics. That's all I can say. Of course the spitfire can dodge the attacks easier than others but there is more to bnz than just making diving passes. It's also a mind game. Stock syndrom effects everyone at t4.
  25. Lf mk9 climbs well that's true and it turns well. Those are it's only strengths as it is slow and dives poorly. Comparing speeds with Japanese planes is silly because Japanese planes in general are slower than contemporaries it's like saying a turtle is fast because it can beat slugs in a race. Now the f7f has a decisive speed and dive advantage over the spitfire (also isn't bad as a climber either). All the f7f has to do is use zoom fighting tactics and the spitfire will not get guns on.
  26. Lf mk 9 is overtierd at 5.7. People just don't know how to deal with a better turning plane. The f7f will stomp the lf mk 9.
  27. In what report?
  28. We have to be realistic here.