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  1. Aircraft/Loadouts

    The Italian p38 was used in combat and got kills. Italy could get p51s if they operated them but I don't think it's necessary since they have their own designs and they didn't differentiate them like the British did by maxing the engine.
  2. Aircraft/Loadouts

    UK is the only nation without a captured plane (well Italy but they have potential to get one with the p38). If like to keep it that way. British planes (and commonwealth) for the British tree.
  3. Aircraft/Loadouts

    The d13 is supposed to be in the place of the d12 but gaijin screwed that up. Btw you might want to read what's in the parenthesis. The Soviet P51 didn't enter service. It was used for tests and is what influenced the La 9 and Yak 3. J2ms in nations that didn't use them is not interesting in the slightest. In fact if the US gets the j2m then that means that nearly all iconic Japanese fighter aircraft are in the US tree. The only safe ones would be the ki 84, n1k, and ki 44.
  4. Aircraft/Loadouts

    There are plenty of interesting vehicles in the main trees already. You are paying for prototypes that more often then not failed testing. In order to gain access to a vehicle said nation didn't even have access to will cost you a premium price (for the most part there are outliers). Captured aircraft shouldn't be added period. They ruin the immersion you were talking about earlier and are game breaking in simulator modes.
  5. It was noted as being able to follow US aircraft in dives.
  6. J2m5 or a talismanned ki 84 ko if you have that yet. Japanese t4 premiums are so bad it's kind of funny.
  7. Aircraft/Loadouts

    I honestly bet more people know about the xp55 more than the soviet mustang. The xp55 was on a history channel show before. The Soviet mustang is referenced nowhere unless you look for it. The Soviet p47 saw service as an air defense fighter it has its place in the tree. You pay GE for an interesting vehicle because its interesting? Its a plane that didn't see service for whatever reason so you pay for it to fly it. Captured premiums just ruin the other trees. Why should I want to fly the US when I can get half their planes in the Soviet tree? I wont even have to grind them since I can get it instantly. British deserve a mustang variant seeing that they used them a lot.
  8. Thing is in a fight the only thing the Ki 61-II had over the ki 100 was dive acceleration. That's the only things that pilots noted about it. It was a bit faster but the difference in speed was so small that it meant nothing. The ki 61-II was just a little too underpowered for the timeframe. Kind of like the Lagg3 vs Yak 1. Lagg3 was better in a dive but that was all it really had going for it.
  9. The ha 112 is a 14 cylinder engine aka the Kinsei 62. It uses adi to reach its maximum power output of 1560 hp. Otherwise it only does 1250. It is used on the ki 100, ki 96, ki 102, and ki 43-III. The others I'll have to check later.
  10. Kind of funny we all missed mentioning the ki 102 and ki 96 despite their engines being used on aircraft mentioned already. Same with the f6f5s.
  11. This is probably one of the times taic is wrong as the manual makes no reference to that at all. Odd that the 1945 edition of the sheet has this kind of error.
  12. Aircraft/Loadouts

    Mmm i wouldnt even go that far. Maybe xp50 but the xp55 is more famous than the soviet mustang. Many people dont even know the Soviets received mustangs. But it's not about iconic aircraft being premiums it's about interesting aircraft being premium and a captured premium is on the bottom end (if not the very bottom) of interesting.
  13. I don't think there is adi in the La 5fn or La 7. Imo they should have used it for the La 7 to get more power from the engine but I'm sure they had their reasons for not doing that. No adi in the ki 44. The manual only says to use adi if no 92 octane fuel is available. You are supposed to service the plane with 92 octane or 87 and adi (iirc 87 was the level of fuel used for motor vehicles like trucks). [-]I also think the ki 87 has adi but I'll have to check my info on its engine.[/-] Scratch that. My book makes no reference to any kind of adi. Final edit I promise. Fw 190 a8 has adi.
  14. Aircraft/Loadouts

    Famous in Soviet service. I never said the p51 wasn't famous.
  15. The 190 a5 in BOK and wt pitch the same. If anything the one in wt actually turns better is say. Seeing that you mentioned bos I'm going to assume you are comparing the a3 in that game to one of the heavier 190s in our game. Which is a flawed comparison because the a3 in that game is lighter than our 190s.
  16. Just because other planes are too low doesn't mean you can't comment on this one. As to the op I feel the j2m2 is fine where it is. The plane is not very fast and can only compete in speed at low altitudes. It's top speed is just over 600 kph at 6k while other planes are pushing 650. If anything is say 4.3 but I don't think it's necessary.
  17. Aircraft/Loadouts

    Because I don't want to fly a US plane in the Soviet tree unless there was some kind of historical fame to it (such as the p39). The Soviets didn't have a p51D and the p51 they had saw no combat. The Chinese p51 if it were even go to the Soviet tree served almost no purpose because they discarded them the second Soviet planes came in higher numbers.
  18. Aircraft/Loadouts

    And I'm not seeing a p51D as something desirable in the Soviet tree. The game seems like it may actually expand if social media is worth anything.
  19. Aircraft/Loadouts

    Chassis was in reference to the LVT. I'm sure the Soviets and Chinese would not want to fly together seeing as they had a fallout in 1960.
  20. Isn't that equivalent to a t80b? Anyway I really just want mig 21s and Chinese F7s
  21. Japan would get a type 90 prototype. They wouldn't be the best but not flat out terrible.
  22. I wouldn't mind war thunder going forward a bit just so I can get skins for certain jets.
  23. Aircraft/Loadouts

    I didn't say a plane has a chassis? And your second paragraph applies to the Soviet tree. The Chinese vehicles there are event vehicles and can't be seen. They also aren't planes.
  24. Aircraft/Loadouts

    But why can't it go to the US tree and be with the other Chinese vehicle based on a US chasis?
  25. 109 G-2

    It wasn't the only fighter designed like this but it's the reason there were no drastic changes to the 109 over the course of the war. I'm not sure what other aircraft had flaps that worked like that but other aircraft had hand cranked landing gear. State of the art in 1935. Still very dangerous in 1940. Showing it's age in 1943. Only really dangerous in the hands of a very good pilot 1945. I'm not speaking of it being cheap in its glory days but in the post 1942 timeframe.
  26. Aircraft/Loadouts

    Yes it would. The Soviets didn't even operates D model mustangs.
  27. 109 G-2

    One word. Money. It was to keep the costs down. The 109 was meant as a cheap fighter that could be produced easily which imo is a good idea for an export fighter but I'm not sure if I'd take this approach for my front line fighters.
  28. Aircraft/Loadouts

    That more immersion ruining than the Chinese p51 in the US tree
  29. Aircraft/Loadouts

    It's less immersive breaking than the Yugoslavian and Cuban mustang you tries suggesting.
  30. Aircraft/Loadouts

    I don't want a new mustang. I said.
  31. Aircraft/Loadouts

    So captured planes should only be added based on how much money they'd make? Well at least now I know where you stand. Yes and the mustang is 100% American so there is even more of a reason to put it in the US tree.
  32. I don't think you can remove a pair of wings from a biplane in war thunder.
  33. Hes talking about the forum data sheets. No one references the in game stat cards as data sheets and no one speaking about in game performance ever mentions the in game stat cards for anything.
  34. Aircraft/Loadouts

    So now we are back to all the captured equipment in 1945. Maybe try not to draw conclusions so fast then? The point of the tank reference was to prove that just because something is communist Chinese doesn't mean it's an automatic Soviet premium. The LVT is a perfect example of that and thats even part soviet. Why would a fully American plane reskinned for China be a Soviet premium?
  35. Aircraft/Loadouts

    Have you read anything I posted? The Cuban and yugoslavian mustang never entered service. Also Something something moving goal posts.
  36. Aircraft/Loadouts

    You claimed the p51D was in service in both Cuba and Yugoslavia. This is false. The lvt4 - zis 2
  37. Aircraft/Loadouts

    The 35 votes are from before any one mentioned the truth about these planes. Not to mention the op is full of misinformation. There is a communist Chinese vehicle in the US tree so why cant the mustang just be a skin for the US mustang?
  38. Your stall speed would increase drastically assuming no other structural damage was caused.
  39. Aircraft/Loadouts

    35 people who probably thought these were lend leased planes. Even then 60 people who said no. And you know this how? Everything ive seen said they didnt spend much time in servive because lack of spate parts. It sounds like they had nothing else so they used them until more Russian planes arrived. Even then, there is no Chinese tree. There are Chinese vehicles in both the US and Soviet tree. Why not just make it a skin of the US mustang?
  40. Aircraft/Loadouts

    That makes no sense. You compared a captured plane to a plane that was bought and no one wants captured planes in this game so there is no point mentioning them. Just because one is already in game doesn't mean people will be onboard for more. The Chinese mustangs were actually removed from service due to lack of spare parts. Neither were the Cuban and Yugoslavian mustangs but you still suggested them.
  41. Aircraft/Loadouts

    So why bring the comparison to the Japanese b17? Remember you brought it up first. The Chinese mustangs were captured from the kmt when they fled to Taiwan. So it's captured. Which means you might as well ask for captured 262s.
  42. Aircraft/Loadouts

    Then you could justify every plane being captured in another nation because nearly every frontline plane was captured. This is faulty logic. The skins may ruin immersion but at least the planes are flying for the right side. The Yugoslavian and Cuban mustangs never officially flew for the nation's that captured them which is worse at breaking immersion than the thunder league skins.
  43. Aircraft/Loadouts

    No one thinks the Japnese v17 should even be in the game so... Aside the p51, those planes are skins. Again those are skins, not brand new planes.
  44. Aircraft/Loadouts

    Soviets had 10 units to experiment with. They never saw combat. The xp55 isn't a good comparison because that's a prototype and is in a different situation compared to a lend leased plane. The xp55 was built by the nation it is flying for. The Soviet mustang was not. The Cuban planes never saw service. We have no leisure planes in this game so how does that sound like the perfect premium?
  45. Over a year to fix EC and nothing has changed. If it wasn't clear why the sim players left then here is a reason.
  46. I commit sudoku.
  47. Aircraft/Loadouts

    The Soviet mustang was only experimented with. They used the inovative technology to advance their aircraft. The Cuban mustang was one of 3 flown there during the Cuban revolution. It was never used in combat or even entered service. The Yugoslavian mustang was a mustang that was forced to land in Yugoslavia hence it was captured. The Yuvoslavians only had 1 mustang and it was never anything more than a leisure plane for their pilots.
  48. It should be faster and climb a little better. It also was supposed to carry a lot of fuel so in game it will gain more compared to the ki 87. The max speed is rated at 712 or 720 kph depending on the source and on the geocities website Tatsuo Hasegawa is quoted as saying the maximum possible speed is 750 kph. Maneuverability wise me an Blakeob has discussions about this and iirc we came to the conclusion that the ki 94 will turn a tiny bit better. The main advantage of the plane should be at high speeds seeing that it was utilising a very advanced airfoil known as THT airfoil. The actual effects of it I have no idea but I don't think it should be any worse at higher speeds than the Nakajima nn series used on their fighter planes.
  49. I mean that's the same guy who attacked me for saying the f4 is running fantasy settings. He should have just been ignored from the start.
  50. It most likely does. You see the military is not about individualism so a pilot trying to differentiate themselves with a different type of ammo belt would not be sop. Any stories you hear about custom ammo belts most likely come from the ground crew for the pilot and not as a standard
  51. No, unless the pilots ground crew were some amazing dudes who personally picked out the trader rounds from the belt.
  52. For Japan it's because gaijin doesn't care enough to understand Japanese ammo belts. There was a single practice she'll that was fired first to clear the barrel of any obstructions before the explosive ammo was fired. Gaijin seems to have read only about the existence of a practice shell but not it's use.
  53. Lmao p59 would be the perfect trash jet as a reward. It would be slower than the mustang and generally useless in a dogfight. I would actually grind it just to say I have it and I've never grinded a gift plane before.
  54. Yep. If the gunval project failed the alternative most likely would have been a copy of the Ho-5. Maybe then we wouldn't hear the meme of Japanese guns being poor.
  55. That's assuming they could even build a plane that met those statistics.
  56. Very high rate of fire, reliability, and better ammunition compared to the US Hispano. The Ho 5 ap round was superior to an/m2 ap and it's HE was more effective. Only issues that came up was the fuses not always going off but that was attributed to poor storage and the issue was not very common.
  57. J7w
  58. You don't. I actually planned on buying this thing but I flew it in test flight and that convinced me that this plane is garbage.
  59. To be honest I couldn't tell you.
  60. Gaijin
  61. What's more viable is actually the US copying the ho 5 cannon and installing those instead of the Hispano. There was actually a push to copy the ho 5 cannon post war.
  62. If you want a Japanese manual you'd have to probably buy a taic captured manual. Otherwise you can find info on engines in books and online websites. I'm not fully addressing this because vmaxwt has already done that. I will say that you figure out the power with we p the same way you figure out the power on 90%. Pearl harbor was an inside job. I never saw video evidence of the Japanese doing it.
  63. When? I don't remember seeing a p51 flight model change for a while. The last time I saw one or didn't effect the wobble. Maybe it was a stealth change?
  64. I applied the heavy fighter term to the ki 44 because it was classed as a heavy fighter in real life. The zero is classed as a heavy fighter based the the definition you gave. Also based on your definition the ki 84 hei is a heavy fighter.
  65. Engine charts, manuals, books, is this a real question? We came to the conclusion that most of those charts aren't estimates actually I originally said they were estimates but later found out they actually flew those planes. So if its not on video it doesnt exist? Well then i guess you havent played anything other than US planes then. Not sure what you are getting at here. The range increase hurts the defender more because now they can't just maneuver when they should but must react to the attacker.
  66. We ave we power outputs. Just not above sea level. We as a chart and assumed it was with sealed engine gaps so we took off the 13 or so kph to come to the idea the d9 is 10 kph too fast. Even then thats less than a 2% difference and is within factory limits. It's entirely possible a d9 could ave been faster than our assumption. I am yet to see a situation where 3 cannons of any type outperfom 2 cannons in anything besides bomber interception. I mean yeah it's more guns and does more damage but it's not like we have exaggerated health like in wowp. A snapshot of 2 cannons will kill nearly the same. We have wep at sea level and the power curve should scale the same so just extrapolate the line. If you maneuver at 1k you will be killed by any decent shot. This is the same in wt as it is in il2. Evading bnz pass requires timing even more than it does maneuvering. The idea is to severely decrease their firing window and by maneuvering too early you just give them time to adjust. I never said you have to but that it's possible. Anyway the main issue isn't the high G turn it's the fact that people stick around way too long. They commit to attacks that have long failed. On the inverse side if done right you will get the kill. I've been killed by people doing a high G turn. I don't know if they knew what they were doing or just got lucky but it does work if done at the right time. Also if a guy has more than 1 enemy on his six then he did a good thing as long as his team isn't brain dead. It's called a drag and bag. I have. I dont always follow a high G turn I only do it if I'm sure it won't get me killed. Anyway that whole point was just to shine light on the advantages mouse aim gives to bnz tactics since people fail to recognize those.
  67. The sealed engine gaps were never implemented aside from testing. I don't remember saying jv44 had sealed engine gaps. I said they for sure had access to c3 fuel. Then we came to the conclusion that the d9 is probably ~10kph too fast at sea level with 1.9. 595 kph is guaranteed with b4 + mw50 and 1.8 so there is no way 1.9 will not be a decent bit faster seeing that it adds 200 ps. The one 109 that is not representative is the f4 (maybe the other Friedrichs but idk). The other ones ran their settings for a long time. They just came later in their lifecycle. But why does it matter if it wasn't in service in summer 44? Performance wise it's no different from the vanilla La 7. Really what difference does 2 cannons from 3 cannons make? If you are getting hit by the b20s the shvaks would have killed you the same. The m71 engine never got it's issues fixed so while the airframe was proven, the engine was a failure. Yes wep performance is calculated but I wouldn't say that Japanese performance is based on estimations if only one aspect is. We know the military setting. Not just the j2m2 but the j2m3, j2m4, and j2m5. I said it's previous performance was suspicious . I was saying the performance it has now is accurate. I know I was just informing you because you said ki 43-III. You have to maneuver at the right moment or else you are dead. The guy attacking can shoot from wherever with safety. The attacker can also pull +10G to attack them but the difference here is the attacker is pulling significantly less since his angle is shallower. This is why the person most likely to lose control due to over G is the defender. The last point is an opinion. If I am a very good shot then the advantages of mouse aim will benefit me very much as the attacker because I can fire outside of their preferential maneuver range.
  68. The point I'm making is that heavy fighter depends on the classification the nations used. In the Japanese army the heavy fighter classification was based entirely on armament (which is why The ki 44 gets the classification despite being slightly heavier than the ki 43). While in the navy no such designation existed (both the j2m and j5n both have the same J designation for land based fighter despite the j5n carrying heavier armament and would have been useless in air combat) Also I told you my source on the ki 44.
  69. The book ki 44 aces goes over its slecifications which state the ki 44 was classified as a heavy interceptor.
  70. The "official definition" is copy pasted from wikipedia. As for a single engine fighter being referred to as a heavy you must have missed everything I've said about the ki 44 which is odd because I said it in almost every response to you. The "facts" don't support what you are claiming. The facts say the ki 44 is a heavy fighter while the ki 45 is an escort fighter.
  71. That's 2 requirements armament and range... The a6m had the heaviest armament of all Japanese aircraft until 1942 with the ki 45 otsu and compared to navy fighter until 1943 with the j2m3. The a6m also has the longest range of any Japanese aircraft. To poke even more holes in your definition, the ki 45 was originally designed as a long range escort fighter. The heavy fighter role was already filled by the ki 44.
  72. It's too sensitive to pitch inputs which is what leads to it bobbling around
  73. It has the range and armament qualifications you mentioned. Are you saying that's not all? Then what are all the qualifications to be called a heavy fighter?
  74. That means the a6m is a heavy fighter. It carried heavier weapons than any Japanese fighter of the time and had the longest range.
  75. Damn I made a lot of typos. I blame autocorrect.
  76. We had this pm discussion already. The d9 pushing 1.9 is representative of a d9 with c3 fuel. The charts with b4 + mw50 are simply what the plane was guaranteed to hit in its worst factory configuration. C3 was not just given to a handful of planes. Second if you aren't sure if the maxed our settings are representative why mention it? La 7 b20 is worse than the vanilla La 7 so who cares if it was introduced in 1945? It's simply a weapons change. Yak 9p is poopoo so its date means nothing. Explain barely out of testing. The m82 version passed it's testing but since it used more metal compared to the Lavochkin and Stalin disliked Polikarpov it wasn't accepted. Japanese planes tended to have 1 engine setting (literally the only one I was told was different was the ki 84 which was restricted from +500 mmhg initially (don't blow this out of proportion the restriction didn't last long)). So yeah they are flying on max settings. I need some proof that they are based on estimates. Maybe you should fly the j2m and make that statement. It's significantly worse than it used to be in terms of speed and the US pilot who flew the j2m said it was the best of all Japanese planes. Only n1k that should probably be worse is the n1k1 but the flight test of that was an abandoned model with a broken engine so its hardly representative. Ki 43-III ko was in service in late 1944. Many US planes are also not tiered with their historical adversaries so this point is moot. Then there is the issue of mouse aim that provides players with super accuracy that allows guns with very good ballistics (m2/m3 browning) to hit targets at unrealistic ranges reliably. 3rd person view allows planes to dive multiple kilometers and reach extremely high speeds to make them much safer attacking than they would irl. Virtual cockpit that allows people to hit the perfect angles to maximise energy conservation while zoom climbing. All of this creates an imbalance that makes US planes easier to fly than they should be. It's not overpowered it's just easier. Yes I'm purposely being annoying with that last paragraph.
  77. A6m2n -you are right. A6m2 mod 11 - the first zero to enter service but is land based so no tailhook. A6m2 (mod 21) - the iconic zero. This is the first carrier-borne zero. It had a tailhook. A6m3 (mod 32) - slightly better engines. Better altitude performance and a little faster. Clipped wings increase its roll rate and mac dive. A6m3 mod 22 - same engine as the mod 32 but has the full wing. A6m3 mod 22 ko - same as mod 22 but with type 99 mk 2 cannons. A6m5 - Most produced zero of the war. Shortened wing span with rounded wing tips. Has the roll rate of the mod 32 with a slightly better turn. Improved engine increases speed slightly. A6m5 otsu - A6m5 with a 13.2 HMG in place of a 7.7. Thickened wing skinning increases max dive speed. For the future. A6m5 hei - a6m5 otsu with two more 13.2 machine guns. A6m6 - a6m5 he with a better engine. Increases speed slightly. A6m7 - A6m6 with centerline bomb racks for dive bombing (this plane was actually a dive bomber substitute for escort carriers). A6m8 - Kinsei 62 instead of the sakae which increases it's speed. Armed with two 13.2 HMG and two 20mm cannons all in the wings.
  78. I wouldn't use the p51s in game flight model to compare with real life. Some flight models are pretty good in this game but the p51 isn't one of them.
  79. I wouldn't say no plane. The p51 was known to be really unstable with the fuselage tank filled which is why it was burned first.
  80. Aircraft/Loadouts

    Problem is these mustangs being suggested are both captured and experimental.
  81. Aircraft/Loadouts

    I looked into the story of the Yugoslavia and Cuban mustangs and I'm going o have to say a definite no to both. They are essentially captured planes and didn't see combat or really any service.
  82. Aircraft/Loadouts

    Still you missed my point. I said I don't like the idea of putting a top tier plane from one nation into another nation. That includes premiums. One of the most annoying things is to fly a German d9 and then see a Russian d9 right in front of you or fly a British tempest and then see a German tempest.
  83. Yes, my d30 will beat probably any of the Japanese plane you own.
  84. Aircraft/Loadouts

    That's not a proper response to what I said...
  85. Aircraft/Loadouts

    I'm saying no. The p51s the Soviets received were used for testing. These mustang never saw combat and are in the same league as the Japanese 109e7 and 190a5 which most people agree probably shouldn't have been premiums. The other p51s I'm not sure about but if rather those aren't added either. Something just isn't right when the top tier of one nation is placed in another tree that faces it regularly.
  86. I listed mine based on planes that saw a lot of service but are yet to be in game. The 4 planes i listed saw almost the entire war but aren't represented in any way in this game. If someone had 0 idea of the Japanese air forces they wouldn't know these planes existed despite the fact that they were on practically every from their respective service was at.
  87. The issue is a good 262 will not get killed by a bearcat. This is the same with all top tier planes and jets. The jets are simply too fast. There needs to be more separation between them.
  88. A heavy fighter in Japan was based on armament which is why the ki 44 was classed as a heavy interceptor despite being as light as a ki 43.
  89. What is the definition of a heavy fighter? The p47 is heavier than the ki 45 yet the p47 isn't classed as a heavy fighter. Then on the inverse side the ki 44 was historically classed as a heavy interceptor yet it's one of the lightest planes to see the entire war. And by design? What is the special design of a heavy fighter? Two engines? It certainly isn't armament because the j1n has less armament than the a6m2 and no one calls the a6m2 a heavy fighter.