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  1. they'd also need to make the airfields and maps MUCH bigger as well as add more objectives for tactical bombers cause right now those kind of bombers wont work in the "arena" style maps we have currently, people just blurt out wanted these planes without think of the consequences their implementation may be to WT.
  2. it depends on the rockets HVARS will auto kill even a muas if they hit it sides but not its front you'd need tiny tims for that, same applies to accuracy as well if rockets get this kind of flak now i wonder how bad it'll be if/when they introduced Zuni rockets as they were very accurate and fast rockets.
  3. it's more the fact that WT FM and aeronautics are rather simplified even in RB and SB the fact the zero can pull a instant 9G turn and not shred its wing off or just floats when its well below its hard stall speed are just some examples the zeroes has quite the history when it come to thier FMs but its more a problem with WT's arcadey realism.
  4. i can kind see what your getting be that they somehow can pull right on your six after a merge why your going full speed seems fishy but that probably a FM or game engine problem cause in other sims like IL-2 that would never happen. the zero was a very good plane but there are some things it does ingame that are almost "magical".
  5. depends on the APCR, US variants of it actually did very well against slope thanks to heavier cores
  6. well that diagram is suppose to represent the path the fragments of real world APHE since all the HE is in the back of the shell and is also travelling in a forward trajectory along with the rest of the shell , if APHE exploded like we see ingame they'd be even more unreliable then they were historically as it wouldn't survive penetration of any good chuck of armor without detonating prematurely there's a reason why only the warhead is so thick while the back and sides are so thin. so the path of the fragments would be the same as APBC with the added benefit of having a higher chance to start a fire but negatives being worst pen,chance of fuse failure,and poor performance vs heavy or layered armor. cause an unlike in gaijin's and many in this forum and thread's reality -APHE was never the mini nuke this game pretends it was - rarely did it ever kill all or even half the crew in their tanks - nor did it ever explode perfectly in the middle of the tank in a circular pattern - detonate at the perfect time just as it pens the slightest armor
  7. what they could do is at least model APHE to explode more realistically than acting as a planted bomb with it's perfect circular explosion completely destroying the shell, but instead have something like this:
  8. yes but unlike in gaijin's world rounds would not and could not fit nor detonate in the copula like they do in WT, a round going hundreds of meters a second isn't going to stop on a dime and arm itself just as quick the few things they'd need to model are proper fuse delays on shells,shell diameter,and realistic explosion effect on APHE shells. do that and many of the BS cupola shots and shots that somehow fit in places they shouldn't would instantly vanish.
  9. if they wait to ambush you when you least expect it they have tactical awarness
  10. good players in any tank never rely on armor, the greatest armor of all is not getting hit in the first place but in this game people just durp around in their armored behemoths thinking their invincible then when they get killed by something far less armored that's hen the cries start. armor in this game is more a crutch on people's mindset on what makes a "good" tank.