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  1. they'd also need to make the maps and airfields about 4x bigger to compensate.
  2. uhm no? there are aircraft that had them that were passed to development and/or fit well within the tech cutoff, things like: A4 Skyhawk A-37 Dragonfly later Skyraider variants OV-10 Bronco(being made by Nova98R) hell even the cougar could mount them
  3. absolutely no, if there one nation that doesn't need any captured aircraft in their main tree it's the US. and since US Zuni and Hydra FFAR's were found in the files whenever the come they'd be great at countering TU-4's with their 739 and 770 m/s velocity they be great at picking them off. we dont need anymore copy/paste aircraft for nations that have fleets of better suited aircraft at their disposal.
  4. when can we expect a more fleshed out line for the dedicated US attackers something other than the worst variant of the skyraider which is still lacking it's real world performance.
  5. That high top speed was only achieved at very high altitude, higher than the average that's flown in-game; it's reputation for being able to outrun anything and everything is a tad inflated.
  6. The starship is great in all but I'm more interested in know if the US attacker line is getting anything new this patch, especially with rocket pods all but confirmed on the G.91 there's a few planes off the top of my head that equipped them that would make excellent high tiers
  7. That's very disappointing on both the Bronco and especially US Attacker line i would really like to see Zuni rockets as I could use those for both anti tu4 and ground purpose with their 770 m/s velocity and high accuracy.
  8. Hope that's not true I want my skyhawk
  9. lets keep this beauty pageant of jets going gaijin add this next please
  10. it also has to do with muzzle energy too which the T34's gun is on par to slightly better to the pak 44 and the fact its firing FULL caliber shells not sub caliber also the performance of the T34's shells are also not accurate in the quite alot of penetration is missing despite having two primary sources on them if modeled right it could go up to 7.0/7.3.