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  1. that pic is of the A4D-2 not the D-1 though im hoping the skyhawk if added could get this Mk.4 gunpod. though with a 4000 rpm and 1000 rounds it wouldnt be likely, but it'd be nice for hunting TU-4s
  2. the problem is US APCR was good at angles but Gaijin lumped all APCR in one boat to stop the cries of them being OP(despite their values were much closer to reality then they are now) and "make APDS look more appealing to the average player".
  3. the F86D was an interceptor not an attacker it also had a afterburner so it'd be a not go,also the mighty mouse rockets were AA only compared to the dual purpose hydras and especially zunis.
  4. no P-51 variant ever used .30 it was always been .50s
  5. half fixed
  6. its half fixed(still missing +30 of pen at 60 degrees) but is a start.
  7. -T32 hull is also sloped at a better angle at 54 degrees so are your penning it every time or every now and again? - thats exactly the probelm with how APHE is modeled in game it's WAY more powerful then it ever dreamed to be irl but with how gaijin modeled it, it's a "god round". if the T34's AP were given their proper pen values then the made up ones we have now plus the new large caliber AP buff the T34 would be clearly superior.
  8. was with you up until these two very wrong points - the T32's front plate is be no means easier to pen it can withstand a hit from the long 88mm reliably while the T29 its a dice roll in RNG's favor - the T34 should be the one at 7.0 not the T29( it's suppose to be the most powerful of the T series) but it's for some bizarre reason sits at 6.7 with very gimped ammo despite gaijin having 2 primary sources on its ammo performance
  9. The think about the US prototypes is they were all thoroughly tested and there's plenty of information on them, some of which either made too late for them to enter service, were not needed anymore for their specific duties,or the army simply cancelled their orders last second despite them passing their trails with flying colors.
  10. The whole DM/repair function is what's broken and that's universal for all nations and tanks not just a few, they honestly should have keep it a arcade only feature while in rb and especially sb if you get damaged/crippled your out of luck like back in cbt.
  11. it would sheer the cupola right off this is the real world we're talking about not gaijin's world
  12. or you could do what real life tankers would do in that situation, disengage and flank them the T95 was designed to penetrate the Siegfried Line your not supposed to be able to penetrate it frontal. this is one example of WT players being lazy thinking they should pen everything from the front that makes WOT players look smart by comparison if they see a T95 they'll simply flank and annihilate him. what Gaijin should do a better job with the DM so cupola hits simple pass though and fix the T95's traverse speed as it can be swung about way faster than it ever could.
  13. which gaijin (and this community) have a very big problem they always drag their feet when it comes to modelling US equipment properly they say they only balance reload rates yet if you bear the white star on you tank you get your very historical perform nerfed and this biased community cheers and cheers. the T34 should the most powerful of the T29 family coming just before the 103 yet we get it at T4 before(should be after) the T32 with heavily gimped performance and told it's accurate despite them have multiple sources from Detroit Arsenal and Aberdeen proving grounds they chose to "make up" their own numbers.
  14. No it wouldn't at most you get a partial penetration hit (basically the round jams itself halfway with minor spalling in the area of impact ,not a full penetration) think that one pic of the 17pdr shell stuck in that Chunck of tiger armor.
  15. the M6A1 was not a failed prototype the army did put an order in for M6 to be produced and shipped to the front lines only to cut that request at the last second mostly due to logistic and it required the need for crew re-training.
  16. what you should do is compare their stats for how long each have been ingame because the Tiger 2 has been in the game for years compared to the few months of the T29.