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  1. those are more anti-air rocket then anti-surface do thei have that kind of pen in the files cause looking at them i find it hard to believe their pen is that high especially compared to dedicated anti-surface rockets like the HVARS.
  2. Is there a source readily available on the havrs penetration cause keep in mind it's a 1944 anti surface rocket not a m10 bazooka unless Gaijin are modelling it on it's base fuse and not it's SAP/HEAT warhead.
  3. so does that mean i can play this when i finally get to the battlefield?
  4. they are also being fired at about 100-200 meters when irl they were fired at 900-1000 meters form their targets so it makes since that they'd be accurate at the ranges most fire them ingame, also the HVARs AT warhead was a Mk 25 shaped-charge semi AP warhead with a internal copper cone with 7.5 pounds (3.4 kg) of Comp B. thats going to kill a tank of the era easily with a direct hit.
  5. the make it whoever damages/knocks out the most modules because you may not realize but modules do have "hit points"
  6. basically in battlefield if a player does at least 80% damage to another and someone else finishs them both players that contributed get a kill towards their kill count. So the guy that drops him will get a kill, and you will get a kill for doing the majority of the damage. it would end the whole KS argument as both players benefit but the one that did the most damage get slightly more points.
  7. there are some instances of it like when you shoot off a planes wing or cit them so bad the their mere seconds from hitting the ground or overloading and someone puts a small burst into them and gets all the credit is very disheartening, the kill should go to whoever did the most overall damage not whoever put the last few rounds into their target, you see this ALOT in the events for gift planes. it would be nice if they modeled the kill system like Battlefield's with the "assist counted as kill" reward so people don't for cheated at of their kill when they put in the work.