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  1. Balance? Shouldn't that read that it isn't applied to every light armor because Gaijin only half way completes a project before they hop onto the next "big idea". So you will find it's special for only certain tanks and God forbid it be a physics thing that is all though the game.
  2. There is a friend on my list in here that is dead. Knew him personally. Kinda don't want his account messed with. Has become something of a little shrine. There's one I have in WoT also. The clan he was a part of will never kick him that spot is always reserved for him.
  3. Recoil. That is why they make those shots. The instructor takes recoil out for mouse aim. For the IL2 claims yes you could but it was rare. Majority of the vets from IL2 FB, 1946, will tell you your MGs was out far but your cannons was in close. You'd use the MG to get plinks and make them turn then cannons to finish. Now the DMG models are different too so figure on that too.
  4. Being near an enemy will cause your points to go up slowly. Hitting someone, getting hit by someone, caps, assist. I think that covers what you get points for. Oh and for battle activity you pretty much need to be driving shooting and all that otherwise sitting and sniping will not give full battle activity no matter how many people you kill. When a match drags out with one person left it will lower your BA too.
  5. I'll do some looking around my town. There is a private military museum here I'll check and see if they have one. Most of our VFW has either the Sherman or a 105 howitzer sitting out front. Too bad it's not aircraft data I'm just and hour and a half from the air Force museum. Maybe someone who lives near the proving grounds would have better luck unless they already moved all the armor to Virginia.
  6. Another Air Warrior vet? My god I thought I was the last
  7. Ok for the two of you that turned this in some kind of personal attack on you some one needs to roll up a newspaper and smack you both on the snout. Secondly there was multiple people who offered the suggestion of 2D sprites which means those who can not afford to upgrade won't have to and ULQ will become more of an even playing field. But instead of discussing options that was presented you wanted to derail this into a attack. And people wonder why we can't get Gaijin to listen to us.
  8. 2D is the solution. As soon as you choose ULQ your bushes should look the ones from Darkest Hour did. For those not familiar that is a RO mod so you get an idea of how it is and how little it puts on a system to run a big map full of them. And if you're not sure what they look like just look up game play footage on YouTube.
  9. Sadly folks it's clear this is back burner stuff for Gaijin. And Mai I owe you a big I'm sorry. I have been extremely frustrated with the way the Japanese have been handled in general. And yes there was times I was frustrated with you Mai because I felt you was the direct contact between us and them. But in hindsight you must be just as frustrated to see all of your hard work just tossed to the side. The tree isn't important because it's not a money maker. Gaijin has too many irons in the fire and this tree is probably getting the least resources.
  10. 28 years it started with the aircraft then onto armor and now I'm slowly learning more of the naval side of it. I feel I'm one of the few lucky ones to have been born in a time where I have had the pleasure and honor of meeting and talking with some of the pilots and a Gunner and I don't give a position because though he was listed as a Waist Gunner of one aircraft his service records showed he served in the tail sometimes and was some times a fill in on other crews. I think it's all more about better understanding the conditions and trials these people had to face everyday.
  11. When it decides to shoot. Starting to wonder if how AAA reacts to us isn't some how tied into our player level. Squad mate will get picked up and shot at before me every time. He is level 100 I'm around the 70,s if I remember correctly. And I've seen cases where people just dive in and can get two kills before AAA even starts firing. It will track but not fire. In most of these cases after checking their player card they are a lower level around 25 or less. Now granted I have not sat down and fully tested this idea and no this isn't some kinda tin foil hat post. It's more trying to understand how the game works an an idea I have not seen people put out there for testing.