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  1. On the other hand - it have much better energy retention and high speed handling than Spitfire and turns a lot better than FW190 and in the same time climbs quite nice - sound like a very decent combo.
  2. It's a brand new game content and as always - it's too good to not jump in one of them and beat the enemy. In reality, those were really good planes, I'm glad they are the same in game. P.S. - never expect balance in WT. Never. It's club or be clubbed.
  3. I also have a feeling that since some time US APHE for 76mm is ... well, close to useless as I have problems with going through things I penned ealier and post penetration effect is pathetic. Soviet 57mm do 10 times more damage to interior than US 76mm. #WTRealism
  4. gameplay

    US P47 is 4.0, German one is 3.7
  5. I'm so glad I did not wasted time for this tank. I'm sure it's the same as early UK tanks - paper armor and master of assists as you need dozens of hit to get rid of enemy tank - in the same time your vehicle is destroyed even from bombardment of free flying pigeon. Thanks for warning or how terrible this tank is.
  6. If you think T-34s have thin armor you are playing them wrong. They are not about armor (but as for medium tank they are well armored), but about mobility, possibility to fast aim and low profile combined with insane ammo - for example 57mm generates 100 more fragmentation inside than M10 76mm - according to historical sikrit documints. If you need armor, play KV-85 or IS-1, they are quite tough (I like undertiered KV much more), but be prapared that soviet medium tanks are not about armor. Don't rush towards enemy, flank them, use your speed, make ambush, play smart - and you will win. I can't name better mediums than T-34s, especially my most played T34-85, it's a beast.
  7. gameplay

    So aim for pilot/fuel tanks, German premium PBY-like plane (can't remember full name, Bsomething) is also huge and needs a lot of preparation to be taken down, just like PBY, but it can be done. BF110 is a decent plane, if anything need BR adjustments is 3.7 P47.
  8. wow, man ... if you struggle with T34s ... I really don't know how to advice you ... they are one of best tanks you can get.
  9. Maybe it would sound terrible, but I changed game mode to Arcade for grind - you can do it faster out there. After you obtain tank you want - go back to realistic.
  10. I'll had the same "experience" with IS-2. At its tier, everything can go through its armor so don't consider it as heavy tank. IS-2 have really nice reverse gear so use it - it works best when you ambush (or camp, the same thing for me), shoot and escape with your reverse to make sure you survive reloading time. If I can be honest, I have up playing IS-2 (both versions) and I'm playing KV-85 or T-34s to get IS-3. I can't see a point of playing IS-2 with this combination or terrible reload and bad armor.
  11. US planes just requires too many from 'average Joe'. They require 10000 things to be good and this simply can be too much. First, be sure you climb to the side as they can't compete with climb of other nations planes, this creates first problem as 1/3 of your team are bombers, 1/3 of your team will go towards enemy as most players (no matter the nation) do, and 1/3 will try to sideclimb. It's terrible as it splits the team and this lead to auto lose vs for example Germany where 'average Joe' can go straight at enemy and win because of superior climb. You also need to forget in most US planes about the most natural reaction in plane - flat horisontal turning - as it will simply make you dead. For 'average Joe' it's really hard. Learning curve is extremely demanding, as in opposition to 109s, where you can play most of them in the same matter - in US planes you need to discover and learn new playstyle almost with EACH fighter in their setup. That's huge and difficult for 'average Joe', takes a lot of time and patience and in most cases before you master current plane, you have next one ready to fly and ... 'average Joe' is jumping in new plane. Guns ... oh boy. 0.50 cals are not bad because of large ammo count, but are terrible in the same time as they requite a lot of hits and WT is driven by 20mm cannons - they are the most effective way of taking enemy planes down. Not to menton they are ultra terrible in jet games you can work out three shoot situations vs enemy plane, land hits and - enemy jet will still be able to runaway. Bombers ... well, bomber players are common. If you need to play US, you need to remember that you will be outnumbered by enemy fighters in most games, and you can't utilize best gameplay for US fighters - working in pairs. Bombers also leads to another terrible thing ... bomber pilots are grinding whole US tree with bombers, and than jump in Sabre... oh boy, there is nothing worse than a bomber pilot in a jet. Be prepared to face a lot of lvl 100 players in low tier games. US players usually go for jets and are not taking as that much time in other fighters. Unfortunately, not a lot of German planes are hiding 'average Joe' inside. There is a high chance that someone who just bought P47 is thrown against FW190 player with hundreads of games in it as "top tier German planes useless" syndrom. This will end in just one way. So I can recommend playing US planes only if you have big experience with other nations and played a lot of WT realistic air battles. As for entry level planes ... there are far better choices - especialy 109s or Yaks as they are a bit easier for newcommers. If you succeed with them and you think you are good - try out FW190s and LA series, and after you manage to git gut with them - jump in US plane and enjoy learning curve. So - for newcommers - absoutely not ! Don't touch US planes or you suffer For someone who played other nations in WT - yes, it's totally worth it and will give you a lot of fun as each kill in US plane is something, especially when flying underdogs.
  12. Historically, pilots shoot a short bursts from 50-150m ranges. I bet they will work in game at such short distances. On the other hand, such close combat is amost impossible in WT so ... yes 303s are close to useless in WT.
  13. b29

    I'm sorry but I hate being "fighter escort" for a bombers. Why? because in most cases bombers are making fighters go 1 vs 2 and are actively making US lose. It's the same since game release. I'm aware that flying and pressing space is very nice and fun, but bombers are useless for fighters as they simply can't help US fighter with enemy on his tail - and since most US fighters works best in pairs... now you understand my hate towards bombers. I always sideclimb with US fighters, but not for helping a bomber. WT is not a place for bomber pilots just because of gameplay rules - B29 is just a dumb exception that is terrible for BOTH sides - I hate having them in team as enemy fighters will simply swarm my plane, and enemy team have B29s as they have to search them on some insane altitudes. Seeing friendly bomber going down in flames is making me feel this great warm feeling somewhere inside. Sorry, nothing personal, it's just the way it is.
  14. I don't feel any differences when I activate booster as my typical MM is the same all the time - I always play as bottom tier vehicle in all games.
  15. Hi Madwolf, welcome back. I've also returned to WT some time ago. I'm playing tanks mostly but a fair air combat is not as that bad to relax in free time. US is quite nice to fly, but it really depends on tier and plane you are using. I think P-47 is quite worse than it was before but on the other hand thigs like P-38G or F6F are quite nice to fly. Maps doesn't seems as one sided as they were before - Norway is still not as that balanced as it should be, but traiding air start for airfield since game start is fair, and if you allow landing craft to A - you got an airfield as allies. I like this map. There is still Hokkaido, it can be nightmare but once again - playing P-38G there is a pure joy as both your and enemy plane, have strong and weak points. Seems balanced. Just top tier is a total mess. 0.50 cals in jets game are close to useless, so the only Sabre worth flying is the F-2, although 0.50 cals are buffed a bit now but be prepared to totall destruction when new Italian jet will come in to play - I watched its performance and he is going to mess a lot in top tier games are you will get ultimate combo of German MIG as great high speed plane supported with insane turning Italian jet and ME163. Those are going to be a tough days. I think it would be best to jump in to game and give it a try. It doesn't much effort and thre is a chance you will love it. Just make sure you will find a good plane to have fun as not all playes are worth playing (and there were a lot of FM adjustments so you need to learn planes capability once again). Regards
  16. Sinec realistic mode in WT is not realistic - markers should stay. But I think that removing of name markers is not a bad idea, as well as adjusting spotting range linnked with camera facing. Those are nice ideas.
  17. gameplay

    Gunners are OK - in most cases you will be hit when you are following bombers at their 6, so human error fault. Bombers can be easily taken down from unusual angle when shoot in wing tip or pilot. I don't have a problem with them.
  18. If we talk about performance of planes near 3.0, I would pick P38G over P-40 all day long as it provides more options in air. As for me, P-40 have now different model than some time ago, I'm finding it more difficult to play than before as it was low-mid alt plane with decent maneuverability for catching zooming 109s in traps, but now ... I finding P-40 more bulky and overall not as that great plane to fly. 0.50 cals are OKish, but they require a lot more hits on enemy plane to take it down so few maneuvers are working not as that good when compared to 20mm cannon armed planes. It's not a bad plane, but for sure I can't name it 'a clubber'. You can get kills, but once if you are in underdog position. .. there is not that much you can do, especially if 109 will get on your tail. On top of this, I love how P-40 looks, and I think it can be quite good in Sim, as it have really nice view from cockpit. 109s were my first planes in Realistic, I consider them as a bit easier to fly because of several reasons, I wouldn't call P-40 a bad plane in the same time - although my bets are going to 109s as in my opinion, two equal skilled players clashing in fight - the one in 109 is going to win.
  19. I'm playing almost since day 1 of WT ... and it was always the same. Cheers, see you in air.
  20. gameplay

    From my perspective, it would be nice to get separate game mode for only bombers - they could fly there, do bombers stuff like ... you know, bomb things and shoot eachother with their turrets. This could be fun and could prevent fighter pilots from losing games because of bomber spam. Win-Win situation.
  21. From some weird reason I feel good looking at "complain post" from Spitfire Griffon pilot on Hokkaido. Nothing personal, just this strange warm feeling. Peace and love lads.
  22. Unfortunately you miss with reality a bit. It's not about "they are better coordinated because of below average planes" as some German planes are INSANE, literally insane. The deal is about that, you fly mostly two planes - FWs and 109s. Their way of flying is more less the same since low tiers up to a place where they are replaced by a rocket or jets. Second thing is - they are doing exactly the same as other teams - pointing their planes towards enemy and rush climb .... deal is - it simply works against most enemies as their "underdog" planes outclimbs most of the competition. You will see how good German teams are when they get more bombers and ground & pound attack planes (sry for double post)
  23. There is no difference in skill as players are flying all nations. US if often getting a beating from two main reasons (not taking bomber spam in to account) - first of all, they have biggest playerbase so there is a chance of attracting poor pilots, and those planes are hard to fly correctly. Second thing is - there are tiers, where players with hundreads of hours in game are trolling newcommers. But after all that years of playing I can say one thing - no matter what nation you play, you will encounter good and bad teams no matter what you do. It's just the way it is. The only thing that can quarantee you a loss - are bombers. If you have bombers in team ... well, you are dead man flying.
  24. 0.50 cals are terrible. I had a match today, I've flown with my Sabre A-5 ... during a dogfight with enemy MIG I managed to get 3 firing opportunities - in all cases I managed to hit enemy plane at distance of 400-500 meters ... for no effect. I would give 6 fiddies for a SINGLE 20mm cannon all day long. It's just the way it is since WT was released - cannons rule in WT, fiddies are bad on BnZ planes as you need to shoot at target for much longer time to get rid of it. The only exception are P-47s as they have 8 of them, not to mention undertiered German P-47 - it's insane and I consider it as easy mode, just because of 3.7 (for some sikrit reasons) and planes it fights against - no 109G2s to deal with. And for the OP - if you can't deliver pain with FW190, try to attack enemies already in fight with your teammate. There is a chance he will be taken out by you or the guy he is already fighting as he won't dodge all attacks - and you don't need a lot of hits from such gunship as FW190. If fight is long and you already lost some altitude - consider staying at current alt but keep speed and make passes through furball - I find it as a great way of dealing with enemy fighters.
  25. congrats on kills, but win a game with IS-6 in team is ... basically not a huge achievement.
  26. Funny. After playing reaistic for years ... I've just moved to Arcade as it simply generates more fun and it's balanced far better. Happy tanking. Regards.
  27. Great performing planes are often abused by really good players. P-40 in my opinion requires a bit more skill than 109s, but it can go against it. It's far more balanced than top tiers.
  28. Man, but it's US russian game, russian rules. You know, T-34 advanced technology won the war, sikrit documints etc.
  29. If you notice Hokkaido - at any tier but especially in jet games - press Esc + "Return to hangar" and reenter a game with other vehicle/plane. Its going to help you a lot with having fun from the game. Its working for me so far
  30. I believe it's "just as planned" as "new premium tonks must sell well" It's going to be nerfed with next patch, it's just the way it is. A F2P game model with OP premium content - since WT release.
  31. Man, just get your Sabre and get totally opposite experience - at high tiers, the enemy team have more bombers than US. Thanks to this, I started to love my A-5, even if it's not as that good - but remember, each MIG down thanks to A-5 makes you feel like top ace.
  32. Well, as most of players have no idea about air combat during ww2 - they are doing what their instict is saying ... they turnfigt. It works in most cases, but won't work in fights against better turning planes. That's nothing strange. I would be surprised if whole team would fly like super ace, playing planes like real life trained pilots.