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  1. Please Gaijin. At least TRY to make somewhat balanced matches. At least PRETEND like you give a damn. Even a tiny damn. I just played this battle (heck, I'm still in it and spectating): As you can see my ENTIRE team (with one single, tiny exception that has BR 6.0) is BR 5.7, yet we had maximum uptier because my Tiger cost 300 SP to spawn in. I.e. my ENTIRE team was 1.0 BR lower than the better tanks on the enemy team; tanks that included Centurion Mk.3s, T34s, etc. This shouldn't happen. This should never happen. Never ever ever ever. Despite that this isn't exactly a rare, one-off event. Just one of the most extreme cases (and a very common case when playing Germany 5.7). It is lazy game design, careless game design, and outright offensive game design. It is not a new "feature" that the matchmaker is this god-awful terrible, but by this point it's been in the game for so long that you ought to start paying damages to the playerbase for the suffering you are causing. And don't put the "it's to lower queue times!" crap. I can guarantee that 100% of that German team would rather have been in queue longer to get a battle they actually had a chance to win.