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  1. Speaking for SB: What is the rationale behind the P-47D-28 so much more expensive than the D-25, and the F4U-1a USMC twice as expensive as the F4U-1a? And behind the CL-13a costing one third of what the German MiG-15bis does, and how come the German MiG-15bis costs twice as much as the Russian one?
  2. Since I suppose it'll take a while to fix the gunner AI and to actual remove all manual gunner control from all bombers for SB in waiting for a better system of controlling gunners, please remove ALL multi-engine bombers from SB. At this point they are beyond xxxx. It's impossible to attack them even at 700kph without getting immediately shot down, regardless of angle. With gunner AI and gunner control scheme being designed for AB and RB, some kind of stop-gap measure need to be taken to prevent the rampant abuse of heavy bombers as Death Star Super-Duper Ultra-Fighters of Doom™. EDIT: Spelling