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    (First, a note to the moderators as to why this doesn't belong in the World War Mode discussion: This is a general discussion about distributing vehicles via a tournament or leader board. The AMX-50 is the reason I'm writing this, but it doesn't only apply to that vehicle alone but also others, like the He 162 A-1 or E-100 and therefore, isn't exclusively linked to the World War Mode discussion but a topic of it's own.) Well, it looks like Gaijin has done it again. Another event vehicle, this time the AMX-50 Surblindé, has been announced to be tied to some sort tournament or leaderboard-based event. In this case, only 1,000 people (The top 500 single players and the top 20 players from each of the top 25 clans) will be able to receive it. Similar things have been done in the past for the E-100 and He 162 A-1 for example. (Disclaimer: From now on I will call such events "tournaments", by which I mean that only the top X players in the leaderboard will receive the vehicle/other prize, even if the events don't have a tournament structure) Since I very mich dislike these sorts of events, I would like to share my detailed opinions as well as some potential solution, and then hear from other people what they think about the situation. The problems with tournaments So first of all, let me get into why I (and apparently a large part of the community) think that this is a bad idea. 1. Reliance on other players Events like this, where victory or defeat determines your position on the leaderboard, always make you rely on randomly chosen teammates. You can be a really good player, by far good enough to make the top X to get the reward you want, if you have bad luck with your teammates a lot, which can always happen, you won't be able to make it. On the flip side, a "bad" player, who doesn't deserve the reward according to his level of skill, might very well still get it because he got good teammates by chance. So the whole point of awarding prizes only to the top X players, to only give the best players the reward, does not work with such a system. The only way a leaderboard might actually display individual people's skill, is if it was in a one versus one tournament. But as soon as you have to rely on other players that are randomly chosen, luck is involved and you might not get what you deserve/get what you don't deserve. 2. Variable tasks for a fixed amount of vehicles instead of fixed tasks for a variable amount of vehicles With our usual summer/winter/chronicles events, the tasks are clear from the start. Fulfill conditions X, Y and Z and you are guaranteed to get the reward you want. If only 1,000 players complete the tasks, only 1,000 will get the reward. If 100,000 complete the tasks, 100,000 will get the reward. You know right from the start what you are in for and what you will have to do to get your rewards, and no matter what other people do, if you fulfill your personal tasks, you will be rewarded. With tournaments, no such certainty exists. You can play exactly equally in two tournaments and one time make the top X and the other time not, simply because one time, more players finished before you (through skill or luck or a combination of both). There is no way for you to judge from the start if you will stand a chance of getting the rewards you are looking for because this will depend on which other players take part. Moreover, because the amount of rewards is fixed, some people might not make the top X not even because too man more skilled players exist, but because too many players at the exact same skill level exist. If we assume that of all the people taking part in a tournament, the top 1500 are at the exact same skill level (unrealistic numbers, I know, but this is just meant to get the point across) but there are only 1000 reward vehicles given out, 500 random players will not receive anything even though they played exactly as well as other players who got a reward. 3. Restricting potentially important vehicles Vehicles like the Surblindé might be important for certain nations to improve the lineups they can have at any given BR. Weather they just act as a backup to a well liked and reliable vehicle or introduce a new play style that might help a struggling nation compete, if only a small number of people have access to them, they won't make a huge difference. In normal task events, it's in the hands of the playerbase to decide who many of these vehicles they want to unlock to help "their" nation out, but in tournaments, no matter how hard the players try, no matter what they do, Gaijin has already decided for them to only release X vehicles, usually not enough for every player who wants one and is prepared to put in the effort to get one. Nations which are already lacking vehicles get further limited in their potential selections by events like this. Possible Solutions Now, since I don't just want to complain, let's take a look at how this situation could possible be resolved. 1. Discontinue the tournament event format (for rare vehicles) The most straight forward solution would simply be to not award rare event vehicles in tournaments anymore. Make Golden Eagles, premium time or regular premium vehicles that can also be bought from a bundle or with GE the rewards for tournaments. This would still be an incentive for people to play these events, as they can get things for free they normally have to pay for. On the other hand, it wouldn't punish collectors or regular people who were looking forward to getting the vehicle but might not be among the top X players, but would have had the dedication to unlock the vehicle in a regular event. Of course this is a very drastic solution, so let's look at some other options, 2. Timed exclusivity Make the rare vehicle a reward for the top X players in a tournament, but state right from the start that after a certain amount of time (one year, six months, etc.) it will also become available in a regular task event. That way, the "best" X players get some time to enjoy their vehicle before everyone else has a chance to unlock it, but again, the regular player doesn't get left out. Knowing that if you don't get the event vehicle in the tournament, you will have to wait a year before you will get a chance to unlock it via tasks will still be a big incentive to play the tournament, but at the same time, collectors and other players could rest assured that just because they couldn't manage to make the top X, not all hope is lost. 3. Fixed tasks within the event Alternatively, Gaijin could also not distribute the vehicle through the leaderboard but tie it to certain tasks within the event, similar to what was done for the original Spitfire Mk. IXc event. You will have to play the event and do reasonably good there (or dedicate a lot of time), but it won't be as luck based as using the leaderboard. Tasks could include winning certain scenarios a fixed amount of time, getting a certain amount of kills, the usual stuff. 4. Alternative ways of obtaining the rewards outside the tournament Another option would be to have a regular task event running in parallel to the tournament, and both ways allow you to get the reward vehicle. Players who feel comfortable that they will make the top X can try that way, and regular players and collectors, who might know they won't achieve the vehicle that way or dislike the competitiveness of tournaments get an alternative, maybe longer, route to get to their goal. Players get the choice of how they want to work towards their vehicles instead of being forced into a event type they don't like. Of course, these solutions can be combined in any possible way as well. So, what are your thought on the matter? Do you agree with me and my solutions? Do you have anything to add? I know this is a hot topic for many, but please, keep it civil! Nobody stands to gain if this topic has to be locked because some people can't behave. So, no insults, just follow the forum rules and let's have a productive, objective discussion. Gaijin have listened to community feedback before, like they did with the stock grind situation last year (though it took them some time). For all of us who disagree with Gaijin handling events like this, it's now time to explain to them why and make them understand that basically the whole community agrees on this. And if you like these events, please also let us know why! It's always important to hear both sides of any story.
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    Will Gaijin never learn that nobody wants vehicles to be awarded via tournaments/leaderboards?
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    Update 1.89 "Imperial Navy" - Preliminary patchnotes (25.05.2019) Dev Server will be opened from 19:00 GMT on the 25th of May until 07:00 GMT on the 26th of May DEV SERVER IS NOW CLOSED Known Bugs New vehicles from update 1.89 might have some inaccuracies in their characteristics, armour and weaponry settings. Latest armour models for the new ground vehicles is in the process of being set up and refined. Protection analyzer can show increased protection of some little zones of the vehicles. The error is related to the work of the analyzer and doesn’t reflect the real protection of the vehicle at such points. Dev server specific The test can end at any moment The following bonuses are active during testing time: Х5 bonus gain ro RP and SL 50% discount for converting RP for every nation All achievements, spent and earned in-game currency will NOT be transferred to the main game server. Test new vehicles! Standard AB and RB ground battles have been replaced by the respective events in the event menu. In Arcade mode there are 3 respawns available for the ground vehicles. Helicopters are available only in AB mode. In Realistic mode in combined battles players can use aircraft only if they have it in their line-up. Aircraft is available for Spawn Points. Both modes have pre-build vehicle line-up with an opportunity to use your own, own vehicles’ BR should be 7.3—10.0. Standard matchmaking is disabled during the test. New vehicles Naval Fleet Japan Type T-14 Type T-1 Type T-38 Karo-Tei Type 2 AB-Tei Pioneer AB-Tei Serial Seha-Tei Model 1 Type 5 CH-2 CH-8 No.13 Type, 1944 T-51b Type 11 Chikugo IJN Mutsuki IJN Fubuki IJN Yugumo IJN Akizuki IJN Kuma IJN Kako IJN Agano IJN Furutaka PG 02 (pack) IJN Kiyoshimo (pack) USSR Groza Great Britain HMS Southampton Ground vehicles USA ADATS USSR “Shturm-S” Great Britain Stormer HVM Japan Type 16 Germany FlaRakPz 1 Italy Ariete OF-40 (MTCA) (pack) France Leclerc S1 Roland 1 Super AMX-30 (pack) Aircraft USSR Yak-3U USA A2D Skyshark (Premium) AM-1 Germany Me 264 Great Britain Hunter F.6 Japan J5N1 Italy Re.2002 Early France F-86K Helicopters Japan AH-1S (Pack) New locations and missions New location “Smolensk” with appropriate aircraft missions has been added. Aircraft and helicopter “Enduring Confrontation” in location “Afghanistan” has been added. Naval location “Volcanic Island” has been added. New naval missions in the locations “Green mountains gulf” (boats), “Black Sea Port” (boats) and “Fuego islands” (boats) have been added. Location and mission updates The models of buildings in Sicily and Malta have been updated. Balance of the capture zones in Alaska has been corrected. Roads and bridges have been added to the location “Afghanistan”. Ramps, fords and tracks into the water in the “Port Novorossiysk” location have been fixed. The assets on airfields in Berlin and Sicily have been visually improved. The models of fort buildings on Malta have been visually improved. Enduring Confrontation The number of active airfields has been increased to 6 for each team. On the EC location “Afghanistan”, ground vehicles will be deployed with a detailed DM under the control of Soviet and US AI depending on the rank of the battle. For example in Rank I battles, players will need to destroy T-26 and M2 Stuart vehicles and in Rank V battles, T-54 and Patton III vehicles. Ground Vehicle model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes: Hullbreak effect has been added to the following vehicles: AUBL/74 R3 T106 FA Type 60 ATM Falcon Striker Swingfire Warrior M3 Bradley M50 Ontos M551 BMP-1 SU-100P ZSU-57-2 The Т-80B and Т-72A tank turrets have been made using “volumetric armour” technology. The armour of the Leopard 2A5 turret has been fixed. The size of the cavities for the filler, filler itself and armour plates has been made more detailed. The existing micro gaps in the turret armour have been fixed. The effect of smoke spraying from the exhaust has been added with the activation of ESS (Engine Smoke System). Aircraft model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes: Tandem HEAT warhead for the 9М120 ”Ataka” ATGMS has been added. AGM 114B Hellfire — Maximum flight speed of the missiles has been clarified. Maximum control range for the following missiles has been fixed: 9M114 9М17M 9М17P 9М120 TOW-2 Type 92 and Type 89 machine guns — Ammunition designation for the IAI (Immediate-action incendiary bullet) has been fixed. НС-45 — The explosive mass for the HEFI-T (High-explosive fragmentation incendiary tracer shell) shell has been fixed. Hispano 404 — The composition of different armour-piercing belts in comparison to similar composited belts has been fixed. AP-T, HE-I rounds have been added for the Ho-103 / 104 machine guns. 200 kg №1 bomb — The mass and type of explosive substance has been fixed. 50 kg G.A. MNN bomb — Name of the bomb, mass and weight of the explosive substance has been fixed. 500 kg №2 bomb — The weight, mass and type of explosive substance has been fixed. FAB-5000 — The type of explosive substance has been fixed. 750 pound M117 bomb — The type of explosive substance has been fixed. AH-1F, AH-1Z — The information displayed for the “New 20 mm cannons” modification, which previously showed a negative bonus to the failure rate has been fixed. AH-1G — The ammunition for the gun pod weapon modification XM-35 has been fixed. AH-1F/G/Z, UH-1B/C/C XM-30 — The name of the gun pod XM-18 modification has been changed to M18A1. UH-1C XM-30 — The following weaponry setups have been added: XM159, XM21, XM5. AH-1Z — The information displayed for the Sidewinders missile modification together with the Flares modification has been fixed. Mi-24P/V (all versions) — The possibility of using some weaponry presets together with R-60M missiles without researching and unlocking the required modifications for its usage has been fixed. Mi-35M — The IRCM modification displaying whilst it was not researched and unlocked has been fixed. Mi-4AV — The amount of the crew members stated in the vehicle card has been fixed. SA.313B — The delayed start of firing for the offensive weaponry has been fixed. Mi-24V — The display of the YakB machine gun in the interface has been changed from cannon to machine gun. P-51H-5 NA — Information about the fuel tanks protection has been added. Be-6 — The angles of the defensive turrets have been fixed. The mass, name and modification of the suspension weaponry systems R1,R6,R4 for the Bf 109 have been fixed. Fw 190 A-8 — The information displayed regarding the thickness of the bulletproof glass in the cockpit has been fixed. N.C. 900 — The armour of the radiators protection has been fixed. FJ-4B (all modifications) — The round composition of the belts for the Mk 12 mod 3 canons have been fixed. AD-4 — The possibility to fly out without any suspended weaponry has been added. Ki-109 — The possibility to participate in “Assault, Air Arcade” has been added. Ki-200 — Installed cannons Type-5 have been changed to Ho-155-II. P-400 — The amount of ammunition of the wing mounted machine guns has been changed from 3,000 rounds in total to 4,000 rounds in total. UH-1D — The display of the AGM-22 missiles has been changed to SS11 missiles. Ki-49 (all versions) — The thickness displayed of the armour plate behind the 20 mm cannons (turret) has been fixed. P1Y1 — The thickness of the rear armour plate has been fixed. Potez 633 — Separate bomb dropping for the 100 and 200 kg bombs has been added. Il-28 (all modifications) — The information about the thickness of the armoured glass of the rear turret has been fixed. Potez 633 — The “Wings repair” modification has been moved to the level 3. Sunderland (all modifications) — The guidance angles of the defensive turrets have been fixed. PBY-5 (all versions) — The amount of the ammunition of the turrets on the sides has been changed from 400 to 478 rounds per machine gun. PBY-5 (all versions) — The defensive weaponry type of the lower turret has been changed from 7.62 Browning to the 12.7 Browning. H8K2 / H8K3 — The guidance angles of the defensive weaponry have been fixed. SB-2 (all versions) — The amount of ammunition in the defensive nose turret has been changed from 950 to 960 rounds per machine gun. Ki-67 (all versions) — The amount of ammunition in the defensive nose turret has been changed from 500 to 550 rounds, upper gun turret from 400 to 500 rounds, rear turret from 500 to 700 rounds per cannon. PBM-3 — The guidance angles of the defensive weaponry have been fixed. SM.79 1942 — The research relationship and position of 12.7 calibre turret machine guns modifications has been fixed. Il-28 / Il-28Sh — The guidance angles of the defensive weaponry have been fixed. FJ-4B (all versions) — The colour of tracers for the offensive weaponry has been fixed. He 111 H-16 — The guidance angles of the defensive weaponry have been fixed. Pe-2 83 — The guidance angles and sectors of the defensive weaponry and upper turret have been fixed. F-100D — The negative indicators of information for the offensive weaponry modifications have been fixed. TBF-1c — The thickness and type of the armour element of the lower turret have been fixed. Sea Hawk (all modifications) — Presets with 30 25 lb AP MkII rockets have been added. F6F-5N — Radar system has been added. Flight Model changes: Will be added to the patchnote later Naval fleet model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes: Tactical technical characteristics, physics and damage model: All ships — The firing range of AI has been corrected. The information about the arming range and launch radius has been added to the stat card for shells with radio fuse. Battle (D14), Vosper 2nd series, Haida (G63) — Armour protection of the on-board installations has been fixed. Pr.159 — Magazines, bridges and radio rooms have been changed. Pr.1124 (1945), MBK-161 (1944), Pr. 1204 Late — Armour protection of the main calibre turrets has been changed. MBK pr. 186 — Armour of the cannon mantlets has been fixed. Armour of the T-34 tank turrets has been fixed. Higgins 78 ft PT-200 — “Anti-Air Armament Targeting” modification has been added. Pr.191, Pr.191М — Armour of the main calibre cannon mantlet has been fixed. Battle (D14) — The torpedo sight on the aft torpedo launcher has been fixed. HMNZS Leander — Shell dispersion of the main calibre cannons has been fixed. Class Isles (T-285) — The class of the ship has been changed to “Minelayer” Type М 1943 — The class of the ship has been changed to “Gunboat”. SGB (S304) — The onboard crew has been changed from 16 to 34. Description of the machine guns has been fixed. Pr. 206М — Tactical technical characteristics of the torpedo have been fixed. Vosper 1st series / Vosper 2nd series — Ammunition load has been made divided into the amount of the magazines. Fairmile D (617) — Ships armour has been changed. Elco 80 ft PT-565 — The active guidance area for the rear cannon has been increased. Pr.1124 (all modifications) — Armour protection of the main calibre turrets and conning room has been fixed. MBK-161 (all modifications) — Armour protection of the main calibre turrets has been fixed. All torpedoes now have their own damage model. You can now destroy incoming torpedo by direct fire from shells or by close explosions (for example from depth charges). Battle Rating changes: Sumner (DD-692) from 4,3 to 4,7. Somers (DD-381) from 4,3 to 4,7. Tashkent (leader) from 4,3 to 4,7. Visual changes and ship models: Haida (G63) — Differences in the X-Ray view and visual model of the 20 mm cannons has been fixed. Nurnberg — Correct rendering of the ship over large distances has been fixed. Class N (G25) — Displayed X-Ray view has been fixed. MBK pr. 186 (MK 85) — A bug with lack of the main calibre turret in X-Ray view has been fixed. Nurnberg — The blackout behind the glass window has been added. PGH-2 — Machine guns setup has been added. Fairmile D (617) — The display of depth charges in X-Ray view has been fixed. Type 1924 Jaguar — The visual bugs in the main calibre turrets have been fixed. Type 1939 (T22) — The guidance angles of the cannons have been fixed. Economy and research M60A1 Ariete - Stabilizer has been removed. BR for all game modes has been changed from 8.3 to 7.7. For example the armour-piercing shell of the Kirov now costs 10 SL instead of 70 SL earlier. Semi-armour-piercing shell of the Leader now costs 9 SL instead of 50 SL earlier. Armour-piercing shell of the Brooklyn now costs 10 SL instead of 20 SL earlier. Customization Possibility to create custom user camouflage for ships has been added. Interface The visibility in the research tree for the event vehicles which are available for purchase on the market has been added. The displayed warning regarding the impossibility of retracting landing gear when using suspended boosters has been fixed. Game mechanics New game mode “World War” has been launched as OBT. In this game mode players can participate in the reconstruction of famous historical battles. In the first season “Recon under Fire” which will last until the 10th of June you will be able to participate in the “Battle of Vitebsk”, Operation “Nordwind”, “Battle for Caen” and “Second Battle of El Alamein”. The ability to hit ATGMs whilst in flight as well as moving torpedoes, bombs and un-guided aircraft missiles with a direct hit from weaponry, shells as well as with the effects of explosions (shockwave and fragments in the air and water) has been added. Bombs with delayed fuse mode enabled already dropped of surfaces (ground) are also subject to all these factors. New types of sensors - passive optical systems, have been added. Such types of sensors will not be detected by radar warning system indications and can detect and track targets covertly. These systems have been implemented on the Stormer HVM - ADAD (Air Defence Alerting Devices) and Bradley ADATS (Air Defense Anti-Tank System). Passive detecting systems can only provide direction for the detected target. The measured range to the target it must be taken into account. Possibility of launching the AGM-114B missile in LOAL (Lock-on After Launch) mode has been added. To operate in this mode the player needs to turn on the target pointer and point it towards the target and launch the missile. The initial point on the surface of where the sights are aimed at will be selected as the coordinates for the inertial guidance system of the missile. After the launch, the target designation can be switched off for the duration of the missile's flight and on just before it hits the target. The mechanics of air and ground-based radars have been reworked. The following features have been added: Target tracking errors have been added. For example: surface-to-air missiles of Tunguska have a maximum range of 8 km. In real life at this distance its tracking radar has a tracking error over two times greater than the radius of the missile proximity fuse and kill radius as well. The only way to increase hit probability is to use the optical sight. “Multipath” effect has been added. Radar signal that is reflected from the target and re-reflected from the surface and appears to come from underground is indistinguishable from the signal of the target. The effect occurs when a target flies at altitudes less than 100 m (and will increase as flight altitudes decrease) which will lead to errors when measuring elevation angles - the tracking radar is looking below the target. In this case it is also recommended to switch to optical sight tracking. Ground clutter has been added. Early fighter radar stations were not able to detect targets because of strong ground reflections. This effect depends heavily on the altitude of the fighter aircraft and the elevation of the radar beam. At low altitudes, the radar stations were blind. The targets under the fighter were poorly detected, or not detected at all. Respawn costs (Spawn points) for ground vehicles of BR 8.0 and higher have been changed: Helicopters without ATGMs have been reduced by 15-20%. Helicopters with ATGMs have been reduced by 15-20% For aircraft above BR 8.0, spawn costs have been reduced to the same values as aircraft of BRs lower than 8.0. For all aircraft and helicopters, the costs of spawning is now linked to the BR of the vehicle (same as onBRs lower than 8.0). Respawn costs in ground battles RB for the following vehicles have been changed: Flakpanzer I: reduced by 2 times. OTOMATIC: increased by 2 times. M3 Bradley: reduced by 25%. The possibility to choose air respawn point for helicopters has been switched off in ground RB. Graphical The appearance of clouds for the graphic settings “max” and “movie” has been improved. Sounds Preparation works for the transition to the new sound engine (project which already has sound events that have been made and prepared; sound databases which contains sound resources for the game has been created; support of new api for the new sound engine has been added; resources for all vehicles and weapons have been reworked for the support of the new sound engine). Mechanics of simultaneous support of the old and new sound engines has been created. New sound engine will be switched on shortly after the release of update 1.89 and at different times for different platforms.
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    500 for World War Mode is an atrocious affront to French Faction players. This vehicle should be available in the Summer Event and on the Gaijin Market. Comment and upvote please.
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    The markers, the flight models, the lead indicator, the bomb sights ... what the hell Gaijin ??? If it is an attempt to merge AB with RB, be advised that literally no one likes it from the 20 people I've asked. I am putting this here to see what the broader community has to say.
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    The Leclerc S1 is the first production model of the French main battle tank, developed during the 1980s as a replacement for the outdated AMX-30. Soon, French tankers will have the chance to get their hands on one of the most requested additions to War Thunder, arriving at long last with the upcoming update 1.89! Briefly: A French MBT developed during the 1980s, whose modernized versions still form the backbone of the French armored units today! History: Leclerc S1. Main battle tank, France, VII rank. pros: Autoloader Advanced protection Perfect dynamics cons: Small crew of three In War Thunder, the long-awaited Leclerc MBT will appear at the top rank of the French ground forces tree in its early production version with the release of the upcoming update 1.89. Tankers and connoisseurs of French ground vehicles may finally look forward to commanding one of the most requested additions to War Thunder ground forces in recent times! Despite being a western MBT, the Leclerc’s design features several unique aspects which differentiate it from other standard MBTs of other NATO nations. For starters, despite the Leclerc using a 120mm cannon as its main means of dealing with enemies, the cannon itself is not actually the widespread Rheinmetall L/44, but a purpose-designed GIAT L/52 gun. The longer gun not only shoots projectiles at higher velocities, but coupled with the autoloader found on the Leclerc, can also shoot at a blazingly fast rate of fire of 12 rounds/min! Download Wallpaper: 1280x1024 1920x1080 2560x1440 Fun Fact: The Leclerc received its name in honor of the WWII general Philippe Leclerc de Hauteclocque. The autoloading mechanism replaced the human loader, thus reducing the crew count to three. At the same time, the weight of the vehicle was kept relatively low, at 54.6 tons, compared to most other NATO MBTs of the time which sit around 60 tons. However, you’ll be mistaken for thinking that this negatively impacts Leclerc’s protection, quite the contrary in fact. By utilizing a specially developed composite solution, Leclerc offers 600 - 700mm of protection against kinetic and up to 1200mm against chemical rounds at its strongest points. Naturally, the Leclerc S1 won’t be a slacker on the battlefield either. Powered by a 1,500 horsepower engine, giving the vehicle a very good power to weight ratio of 27 hp/t, the Leclerc S1 is able to achieve a top speed of 71 km/h on paved roads as well as an equally impressive 38 km/h in reverse. Overall, the Leclerc S1 offers its aspiring commanders excellent firepower combined with mobility that most tankers have gotten used to and come to expect from top performing MBTs. Furthermore, the very good protection found on the Leclerc will allow tankers to more confidently engage in combat, despite having one fewer crew member on board than most other western MBTs. The highly anticipated Leclerc S1 is making its way to War Thunder ground battles and will arrive to the game with the release of the upcoming update 1.89. Meanwhile, be sure to stay tuned to the news for more information regarding the latest update coming soon to War Thunder. See you in the field, commanders! The War Thunder Team
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    Moderators, please, clean this thread a bit again, it's off-topic again and even what seems to be personal attacks
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    I mean, hey, that will give us even more incentive to use those new anti-air vehicles.
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    Russia doesnt need training wheels anymore, and doesnt need to rely on anyone else. US+GB Ger+IT+JPN Russia+France Alternates US+GB+JPN GER+IT Russia+France I mean hell, Why dont we have 3 way battles? US VS GER VS RUSSIA????
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    In War Thunder update 1.89 “"Imperial Navy” we are improving the clouds in aircraft battles at high graphical settings. Hello everyone! We are getting ready for War Thunder update 1.89 “Imperial Navy” - it will be introduced very soon. Today we want to show you how clouds will change in aircraft or helicopter battles at the graphical settings “Movie” and “Max”. Technically, our developers have been able to increase the integration steps for clouds rendering by 4 times whilst avoiding visible FPS changes. New clouds for air battles will appear in the game with update 1.89 “Imperial Navy”. To see the new clouds, you have to switch graphical settings to “Movie” or “Maximum”, or have SSAO enabled to maximum. The War Thunder Team
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    If anything, the XM-1 is a 9.3-9.7 vehicle
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    Air Simulator Battles List of Action Items 1. Removal of Third Person Views Unlikely to be changed at this time. It isn't viewed as a "bug". I will keep trying. 2. Removal of Air Spawns-Issue reported and in progress 3. Even application of BR based re-spawn timers-Issue reported and in progress 4. "Death" Penalty improvements 5. Increased effectiveness and realism of Anti-Aircraft Artillery at Airfields 6. Consistent fire damage behavior across all aircraft types-Issue reported and in progress 7. Invisible Aircraft bug-Issue reported and in progress 8. Improve Visibility against the sky (particularly as it affects VR users). Glowing clouds. Improper display of back-lit aircraft. 9. More realistic bombing paradigm 10. Improved effectiveness of "AI" gunners 11. Runway Roughness bug-Issue reported and in progress 12. Gun sight telescope bugs-Issue reported and in progress 13. Improve Mirror performance 14. Invisible bases in EC- This issue was reported and is in progress for the Stalingrad and Sicily Maps. Other maps with this issue should be reported- 15. Ability to control aircraft after flights controls shot away from third person view- Issue reported and in progress 16. ASW 2.0 for Oculus Rift-Issue reported 17. Removal of captured aircraft in matches where they oppose the country of origin. 18. ULQ dissappearing aircraft against clouds - Issue reported and in progress 19. Head/Telescope Zoom/Pan bugs- i really need some documentation on this, primarily videos. I will work on trying to recreate this but I fly in VR and this issue doesn't exist there. 20. Head movement limits to cockpit confines- This issue has been reported and is in progress. This is a massive project so it may not move very fast 21. Unrealistic glass reflections (Me410 armor glass) Issue reported and in progress 22. Trim saved in test flight does not carry over to EC - Issue reported but no recent updates 23. Random inability to choose spawn airfield -Issue reported but no recent updates. Fresh data and examples would help 24. Aircraft systems volume slider/increased aircraft systems activation volume Request for separate sound slider submitted 25. Terrain interferes with runway at A6 in Sicily map Issue reported 26. Helicopters in EC 27. Ju-288 Dive Speed FM error -Issue reported 28. Shrage Musik sights Issue reported 29. MB 175 sight 30. VR Mouse Cursor - Issue reported and in progress 31. Trees attachment to ground at 2nd LOD- I need a formal report with files and visual evidence. Floating trees report in the system already? 32. Aircraft disappear when rendering at mid range against the sky or ground in VR - Issue reported 33. Mosquito pilot position not aligned with gun sight -Issue reported 34. Expanded "canned" messages The primary purpose of this thread is essentially for my convenience, to be perfectly honest. Here is what I intend. The original post will be updated to reflect a list of Suggestions, Bugs, Gameplay Improvements, and Wishlist for Air Simulator Battles, primarily Enduring Confrontation. The list will include any news on each item as available. It is my hope that Air SB players will post short descriptions of items of interest, bugs, suggestions and wishes for possible inclusion in the list. Discuss at will. It is my goal to use my TM status to organize, present, and help to resolve as many of these issues as possible in order to improve Air SB gameplay and hopefully expand the player base.
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    Guess a lot of us was right. WWM is a disappointment and an flop. Could have been a good mode. But when you made it a AB/RB hybrid like this(Having unique mechanics. What a joke) Its 80% AB and 20% RB. You either make it 100% AB or 100% RB. Not a mix. And when you make it a Tournament/leaderboard style of event to? What where you guys thinking? I would be okay if we where forced to play WWM to grind a vehicle. The only way to get RP to said vehicles. Would be by playing WWM. But locking it behind a leaderboard where only X number of players can get it? That's just bad. And it will make people dislike/hate Gaijin even more. But that's some thing Gaijin don't seems to understand. Not much in WWM is unique. Every thing in it. Has been existing for years. Doubt this game mode will live that long. Call WWM what you want. But its a Tournament. Well. I'm at least glad i stop supporting(buying things) this game over a year ago. Its not worth spending any money on this game any more. Which i sad. I do (most of the time) like the game. But its getting harder and harder. With every update and every time you guy do things like this. The Battlefield Engineers was bad. But this is worse. Owell. Can only hope Gaijin fixes their mistakes(doubt it will happen).... And for a short time. Me and many other. Almost thought Gaijin had change and started to listen to the Community. But we where apparently wrong. Really wrong.
  15. 18 points
    Right now, its still in development and too early to say. Its worth noting however, Bombload =/= tree placement. There is nothing selective about this. You are comparing a production aircraft that flew with an operational bomb load (Pe-8) to a prototype aircraft, that flew with no bomb loads whatsoever and who's own testing proved it could actually not really anything near 13,000 kg. Our source material shows 2 tons of bombs, so we are actually going on the generous side of estimations at 4 tons. Of course we are more than willing to review this if better source material comes forward, but there is nothing selective about this.
  16. 18 points
  17. 17 points
    Thats ok, then id have to collect all 6 Infinity Stones and deal with all of you in just a single snap On a serious note, stay tuned to the dev blogs
  18. 17 points
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    How am I supposed to fight against KVs and T-34 in a PzII ? Simple, through tactics (ambushing/flanking and so on). But how am I supposed to apply those tactics when I have a MARKER on my head? It's about common sense. So what I'm trying to talk about is this: the asymmetrical gameplay is really interesting, I think it's a step in the right direction, BUT having an asymmetrical fight means that the disadvantaged team have to be smart and flank, trying to create a situation where the numbers doesn't count. You can't do it when the enemy knows where you're heading to. I really hope that Gaijin will really listen to its community by deleting the markers... just on the Devblog there are countless comments about this general concern, and I'm not even counting the complains here in the WWM General Discussion and even those on Reddit or on Youtube.
  20. 16 points
    I am the exact opposite! Finally some love from Gaijin for Nations like France, Japan and Italy. Type 16, Leclerc, Roland, F-86K, cool Rank VI Premiums, even a STORMER is there for the British. Maybe even a Eurocopter. It feels like this is 1 in 100 updates where the main focus wasn´t on the US, Germany and USSR
  21. 16 points
    So it seems they found a way to make ppl hate WWM even before the start... Well done, again.
  22. 16 points
    I wonder if 1.89 ground battle will look like that
  23. 15 points
    We present an epic trailer of the major feature in the upcoming update 1.89, the Japanese Imperial Navy in War Thunder! Backlit by scarlet rays of the rising sun, here it comes: one of the strongest naval powers in the world, the Imperial Japanese Navy! We presenting the entire current line-up of the Japanese naval forces in the upcoming War Thunder update 1.89 “Imperial Navy”. Gun and torpedo boats, submarine chasers and destroyers, light cruisers and the first appearance of heavy cruisers, the true power of the exotic and ambitious Japan is sailing into War Thunder! Enjoy the video and look for the release of update 1.89 “Imperial navy”! BANZAI! The War Thunder Team
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    Oh god please tell me this isn't real.
  25. 15 points
    I don't mind event vehicles which have some specific objectives or way of completing but I don't like tournament style "best player" rewards for myself, so I won't be grinding for this vehicle at all.
  26. 15 points
    https://warthunder.com/en/news/6186-development-amx-50-surblindé-french-powerlifter-en Oh YeAy ThIS Is ToTtalLy wHaT tHe CoMmUnIty WaNtS a E-1o0 2.o BeCaUs ThAt EvEnT iS lOvEd By EveRyBodY RIGHT Guys...... right guys!? but ps. it seems after they made selling event vehicles on the market a thing these events have become much more commen and are bassicaly turned into impossible grind fests only made to have people miss these vehicles so they will buy them on the market for absurd prices becaus that is a way to make a quick buck i guess
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  29. 14 points
  30. 14 points
    I can't even click a battle I want to join since the battle window UI keeps scrolling down while it updates the entire list. Even after collapsing each category, it still does it. It's just too annoying so I stop bothering.
  31. 14 points
    How about this @Smin1080p: It's getting too much dust, free the Re.2005 from the Gaijin's locked hangar!
  32. 14 points
    Le Leclerc S1 est le premier modèle de production de MBT français, mis au point dans les années 1980 en remplacement de l’ancien AMX-30. Bientôt, les tankistes français auront la chance de mettre la main sur l'un des ajouts les plus demandés de War Thunder, qui arrivera enfin avec la prochaine mise à jour 1.89! En bref: un MBT français développé au cours des années 1980, dont les versions modernisées constituent encore aujourd'hui l'épine dorsale des unités blindées françaises! Histoire Le développement du char Leclerc remonte à 1964, avec le démarrage d’une étude de l'armée française sur les remplacements possibles du char AMX-30, sur le point d'être mise en service à ce moment-là. Au début des années 70, l’infériorité de l’AMX-30 par rapport aux MBT plus modernes de la série T soviétique était devenue évidente. En conséquence, les travaux de mise au point d’un remplaçant ont officiellement commencé et les premières spécifications souhaitées furent établies en 1977. En 1980, la France et l'Allemagne ont entamé le développement conjoint d'un nouveau MBT. Cependant, comme dans le cas du projet Europanzer par le passé, l’effort commun a rapidement pris fin en raison de différends, la France poursuivant alors ses travaux seule. Le nouveau MBT devait offrir des performances de pointe en utilisant les derniers équipements disponibles. Toutefois, comme le prix unitaire devait être substantiel, la France a recherché un partenariat avec un autre État afin de réduire ces coûts. Finalement, un partenariat a été établi avec les EAU, qui seraient le deuxième et unique autre opérateur du nouveau char, en plus de la France elle-même. Ainsi, en 1986, le char reçut son nom «Leclerc», avec la production initiale de six prototypes. La production en série a ensuite démarré en 1990 et s'est poursuivie jusqu'en 2007. Pendant la production, le Leclerc a été construit en plusieurs lots et séries, chacun apportant diverses modifications et améliorations au prototype initial, tandis que certains intégraient des évolutions majeures. Au cours de son service actif, le Leclerc a fait partie d’un certain nombre de missions de maintien de la paix de l’ONU, principalement au Kosovo et au Liban, avec des résultats positifs. Plus récemment, les EAU ont déployé une partie de leurs Leclerc au Yémen, certains véhicules ayant alors été endommagés. À la fin de la production en 2007, environ 860 Leclerc avaient été construits pour les forces françaises et d’EAU. Char Leclerc S1, France, rang VII. Plus Chargement automatique Protection moderne Mobilité parfaite Moins Équipage réduit: 3 membres Dans War Thunder, le très attendu MBT Leclerc figurera à la cime de l’arbre des forces terrestres françaises dans sa version de production initiale avec la publication de la prochaine mise à jour 1.89. Les tankistes et les amateurs de véhicules terrestres français pourront enfin commander l'un des ajouts les plus demandés des forces terrestres de War Thunder ces derniers temps! Le Leclerc est un char de combat occidental, mais sa conception présente plusieurs aspects uniques qui le différencient des autres MBT des pays de l’OTAN. Pour commencer l’utilisation d’un canon de 120 mm comme armement principal est classique, mais sa version est spéciale. Ce n’est pas le fameux Rheinmetall L / 44, mais un canon GIAT L / 52 spécialement développé à cet effet. Le canon plus long permet de gagner en performance grâce à une vitesse de projectile plus élevée, et son chargeur automatique moderne lui autorise une cadence de tir particulièrement élevée pour un tel calibre, avec 12 obus/min! Fonds d'écran: 1280x1024 1920x1080 2560x1440 Anecdote: Le Leclerc a reçu son nom en l'honneur du général Philippe Leclerc de Hauteclocque, figure emblématique française de la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Le mécanisme de chargement automatique a remplacé l’humain, réduisant ainsi le nombre de membre de l'équipage à trois et en conséquence la taille de la tourelle. Dans le même temps, le poids du véhicule était maintenu à un niveau relativement faible, 54,6 tonnes, par rapport à la plupart des autres MBT de l’OTAN de l’époque, autour de 60 tonnes. Cependant, vous auriez tort de penser que cela a un impact négatif sur la protection, bien au contraire. Le Leclerc dispose d’un blindage effectif de 600 à 700 mm contre les obus cinétiques et jusqu'à 1 200 mm contre les obus chimiques en ses points les plus résistants, grâce à l’utilisation de matériaux composite développés spécialement. La mobilité est reine sur les champs de bataille moderne, et le Leclerc série 1 est un champion dans ce domaine car propulsé par un moteur de 1500 chevaux lui procurant un très bon rapport poids/puissance de 27 ch/t. En pratique, cela permet d’atteindre une vitesse de pointe de 71 km/h sur les routes ainsi qu’un impressionnant 38 km/h en marche arrière. Dans l’ensemble, le Leclerc S1 offre à ses futurs commandants une excellente puissance de feu, associée à une mobilité primordiale pour tout MBT moderne. Dans un même temps, la très bonne protection du Leclerc permettra aux tankistes de combattre avec plus de confiance, même s'il compte un membre d'équipage de moins que la plupart des MBT occidentaux. Le très attendu Leclerc S1 rejoint les combats terrestres de War Thunder et arrivera en jeu avec la sortie de la prochaine mise à jour 1.89. En attendant, restez à l'affût des actualités pour plus d'informations sur cette prochaine mise à jour de War Thunder. Rendez-vous sur le terrain, commandants! L'équipe War Thunder
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    In fact it looks more like a Pandramodo's trailer than a Gaijin trailer.
  34. 13 points
    OK folks, let's cease with the attacks on various youtubers. That isn't the point of the thread.
  35. 13 points
    Your saying that XM1/leopard44/T55 wasn't pay to win before ?
  36. 13 points
    As usual I took screenshots of all the new vehicles, sadly a bit late today, but in case someone hasn't seens anything yet, there you go. Tanks: https://imgur.com/a/NOdkXT0 Aircraft: https://imgur.com/a/PlZ1Cf8 Ships: https://imgur.com/a/S9xkeQC
  37. 13 points
    Sorry to say, but this is probably because of the series of cases when people did many bug reports but they remained untouched even after the release of the big updates. And I'm not talking about serious and complex issues. The Lincoln's proper bomb load was reported on the dev server. The issue was fixed 1 year after the release of the patch. All they had to do is just give 8 another 1000 lbs bombs to the plane from the type of bombs it already had. And it took one year. Seeing examples like this and many others don't really encourage people to do bug reports because it just not worth the effort.
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    Furutaka is the lead ship of her class and also the first heavy cruiser commissioned by the Imperial Japanese Navy in the 1920s. Also coming to War Thunder as part of update 1.89, a highly modernized version of the Furutaka will be available as the top heavy cruiser to all aspiring captains of the upcoming Japanese naval tree! Briefly: The lead ship of her class offers impressive firepower at the expense of mobility. History Furutaka, although being the lead ship of her class, was laid down after her sister ship Kako in December 1922 at the Mitsubishi shipyard in Nagasaki. Despite construction on Furutaka starting later than on her sister ship, she was completed sooner and was commissioned into service with the IJN in March 1926. During the interwar period, Furutaka served alongside her sistership before being assigned as a reserve in the early 1930s. During this time, Furutaka underwent overhaul work which, amongst other changes, modernized her anti-air armament. Following the completion of the modernization effort, Furutaka was recommissioned into active service. However, by 1937 Furutaka found herself once again in drydock for another major overhaul. This time around, Furutaka received upgrades in almost all aspects. Most notably, her primary armament was upgraded to three dual 8-inch guns, a number of smaller calibre AA weapons were added and the previously integrated torpedo launchers were replaced with two quadruple launchers abaft of the funnels. This increased Furutaka’s overall displacement significantly, prompting the addition of bulges to the hull in order to preserve stability and also act as an additional layer of torpedo protection. Modernized for war, Furutaka began her service career by taking part in the invasion of Guam in December 1941 and later, Wake Island. In early 1942, Furutaka assisted in Japanese landings in New Guinea and the Solomon Islands. Furutaka also took part in the Battle of the Coral Sea in May 1942, securing the capture of Tulai island, escorting the Shōhō carrier, and then escorting the damaged aircraft carrier Shōkaku back to Truk. After reorganization in the Japanese navy, Furutaka participated in the successful Battle of Savo Island, witnessing the sinking of her sister ship Kako while Japanese forces returned to Rabaul. However, Furutaka joined her sister ship in the deep shortly afterwards, being sunk by American fire during the Battle of Cape Esperance later in October 1942. Furutaka-class: Heavy cruiser, Japan, Rank IV pros: 6 powerful 8-inch cannons Good protection Excellent torpedoes cons: Large silhouette In War Thunder, Furutaka will be the top heavy cruiser awaiting captains in the Japanese naval tree, coming to the game with update 1.89. Furutaka features the upgraded six 8-inch (203mm) guns spread over three dual turrets. Anti-air weapons include four single 120mm utility cannons, four dual 25mm cannons assisted by two dual 13.2mm MGs. As a result, captains won’t need to worry as much about any threat posed by aircraft. Furutaka features a more conventional layout for the two quadruple 610mm torpedo launchers, located abaft of the funnels. Besides firing the deadly Type 90 torpedo, these launchers are also able to traverse horizontally, making aiming a lot more convenient. Download Wallpaper: 1920x1080 2560x1440 3840x2160 Fun Fact: Due to a larger draft, created by the increase in displacement following the overhaul in 1937, some portholes on the ship were permanently below the waterline, earning them the nickname “aquarium”. Furutaka’s main protection feature, the 76mm thick belt, remains unchanged. However, as part of the 1937 overhaul, Furutaka was fitted with bulges on either side of the hull. Although primarily added to address stability issues caused by the increased displacement, these bulges also improve torpedo protection by offsetting the force of the blast away from internal modules. Having mentioned increased displacement, Furutaka also loses some of its mobility because of it. Thus, unlike Kako, Furutaka will only be able to achieve a top speed of 32.9 knots (61 km/h). As the top heavy cruiser of the upcoming Japanese naval tree, Furutaka is expected to dock in player ports with the release of War Thunder update 1.89. In the meantime, stay tuned to the news for the latest information about the incoming major update coming to the game. Until then, happy hunting captains! The War Thunder Team
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    From today, 464 additional accounts have been permanently banned for using third-party modifications in violation of the user agreement - use of prohibited modifications. (EULA). The introduction of the reporting system has again proved key in allowing players to participate in keeping the game clear of players who insist on trying to gain unfair advantage. The modification detection algorithm continues to improve. List of banned players: Having an account permanently banned will result in a player losing everything in that account - Be warned! Thank you guys for your vigilance. o7 Discuss it here!
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    It's the usual problem many designers who know little about game development or game communities and more about economics make: They try to make a one-fits-all soluition and end up creating something nobody really likes because they tried to marry concepts that just don't go together well. In this case, they tried to prioritize squadrons, but also include random players, ending up with long queue times that throw those single players into matches (if it even works) that have already long started or even are about to end. They try to make the game mode suit to both AB and RB players, and further alienate their Sim players who feel ignore once more, meanwhile AB players feel too sluggish and "hardcore" while RB players are bothered with markers ruining ambush and flanking plays while making both SPAA'ing and bombing skillless nonsense. And I'm not even getting into the constant bugs or the UI that looks like it's been cobbled together by the intern over the last weekend. I'm really just talking about the bad game design. I mean, I can understand that with all those different queues, they just don't have the playerbase to support them all and get low queue times for all of them. But by doing this one-fits-all BS to what should have been their poster child, THE BIG THING, after all that time that went into developing this mode... all they managed to do is disappoint. Massively. And they even put a little rotten cherry on top of this steaming pile by offering a vehicle reward to the topranked players who grind this game mode. A vehicle that the French could have REALLY used in their normal tree, or at the very least as an easily attainable reward vehicle for anyone who participates to a certain extend in WW mode. Instead, it is once again only for people who have no job or other commitments, who play the system instead of playing for the team and victory, who will cheat and have their accounts banned just like the last times this happened and who once again will make multiple accounts to sell the vehicle. Just how far removed from your community even are they to be surprised by this backlash? Nearly anyone could have told them this would happen if you go about things like this. Personally, the markers were a total dealbreaker for me. Being sneaky, being able to flank and hide and be a stealthy little ba***** is the most fun thing I can do in this game. I also enjoy being a good SPAA gunner and CAS pilot without needing any markers, both of which takes out the thrill of a good shot or a good drop. As long as those stays, I will not play the mode.
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    It's a real paintjob applied to the AH-1S.
  43. 12 points
    Hi all. As you all know, playing EC in tier 4,5 and 6 has been getting more and more, mildly put, "challenging", due to the massive use of bombers. They are getting spammed on all nations, they fly to the airfields, j out and repeat. Not only that, but they get double xp aswell. This problem has become so huge, that it makes the whole gamemode EC uninteresting at above mentioned tiers and its been going on for far too long now, in fact, it has become gamebreaking, a word that I dont use recklessly. The last game I played yesterday was again full of bombers, with just one or two brave fighter pilots on each side, including me. I think, this is not in our (the players) interest, nor is it in the interest of Gaijin. To counter the current sitiuation and make the game enjoyable again for most folks, I would like to make following proposals. a) make spawns of bombers cost more than 1 bomb run+J-ing out. If they end up with a minus they'll stop. b) make turrets of bombers less accurate with AI and make it so that when aiming with mouse, you have no aiming reticle anymore, just the graphical representation of the turret with the crosshair. Thats both realistic and accuracy suffers greatly c) Make AAA at AF work against fast-flying jets AND let it fire earlier so that it can actually shoot down incoming bombers at altitudes below 4k meters. So if a bomber pilot wants to bomb the AF, lets at least make him work harder for it. In my opinion, these points, if taken into the game, can solve the current situation, and while bombers will still appear, their numbers will go down dramatically, while the difficulty of doing their job will go up. If you dont agree to my mentioned points that is fine, but I think we all agree on the fact that _something_ has to be done. I am also aware of the fact, that we sim players are a minority within the War Thunder universe, and that the priority of Gaijin dealing with problems regarding EC is quite low. Still, the problem and the frustration has become big enough to get a contructive, civil discussion going about this topic. I am looking forward to hear your opinions, your proposals and contribution to 'make sim great again'. Let's go! Greetings, Spicy
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    My name is Mr. Nobody Soviet spy...
  45. 12 points
    Didnt find the proper forum to post this so its ending up here. You need to fix the World War "looking for battle" slider. It jumps up and down which hinders me in finding a proper game to play in. Atm its impossible to use. Its also very imbalanced. KV-1 vs Panzer 2s? It would make sense to have this matchup if germany had the flak 88 and panzer 4s available. Atm its just an automatic win for USSR. I have a hard time understanding how Gaijin justifiy this imbalance. Atm it feels like children are making this.(this is not an insult mods, its how it feels).
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    I just played WWM and its a mess.
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    And like Gaijin, you are totally missing the point that it's not the lack of larger ships that doesn't appeal the players but the lack of good map design, balance and rewards. But hey, let's add battleships, subs and aicraft carriers, people will love playing them in this mess of a gamemode. With you it's the same thing everytime : - "Rank 6 tanks, it will make the game better !" : did nothing. - "Rank 7 tanks, it will make the game better !" : did nothing. - "Rank 6 planes, it will make the game better !" : did nothing. - "Heavy Cruisers, it will make the game better !" : will do nothing. Just how naive can you be...
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    So far what we need after the recent dev blogs: M1A1 needs HA (badly), USA needs top tier jet (badly), Germany needs top tier SPAAG, Japan needs top tier SPAAG, Italy needs top tier jet and top tier MBT (badly), France needs top tier Jet and top tier SPAAG, Britain needs top tier Jet (extremely badly), and top tier SPAAG