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    Costs in SL are for fully spaded vehicles Vehicle: Lorraine 40t Mode: AB/RB/SB Suggested Change(s): 24000 -> 13000 in RB (which is still a lot); 9500 -> 7500 in AB Reason for change: We are talking about the most expensive (by far) non-event tank in the game in RB, despite its BR of 7.3. In AB (BR 7.0), its mobility and gun power are balanced by a total lack of armor compared to most tanks in its BR range, while being seen by all its enemies... In addition, the fast pace of AB makes the 7-shell autoloader a real handicap (long reload of 18s per shell to fill it), especially on one-cap maps where the tank cannot quicky reload (its autoloader first) on a captured cap. See also the conclusion. Vehicle: AMX-30 (1972) Mode: RB/SB Suggested Change(s): 21000 -> 12000 (yeah, still expensive) Reason for change: We are talking about the second most expensive non-event tank in the game, despite its BR of 7.7. It is almost 5 times more expensive than its German equivalent, the Leopard 1 (yes, five times!). Even after this change, the AMX-30 (1972) would still be 2.6 times more expensive than the Leopard 1... Vehicle: AMX-50 Mode: RB/SB Suggested Change(s): 20000 -> 12000 in RB; 9500 -> 7000 in AB Reason for change: The 3rd most expensive tank in the game in RB. Good mobility, but with the reverse speed of a Panther... See also the conclusion. Vehicle: AMX M4 Mode: RB/SB Suggested Change(s): 17000 -> 9000 in RB Reason for change: At its new 6.7 BR, this tank is completely comparable to the Panther II, which cost 2.5 times less and which I would rate as a slightly better tank. The autoloader is actually a handicap on the AMX M4 (and on the Char de 25t below) since it does not really boost the reload time (6.7s) and since it contains only 7 shells, leading to a very slow reload when the autoloader is empty. Unfortunately, only the few people actually playing the AMX M4 and the Char de 25t would realize that... See also the conclusion. Vehicle: Char de 25t Mode: AB/RB/SB Suggested Change(s): 16000 -> 7000 in RB; 9000 -> 5000 in AB (6000 currently for the AMX M4) Reason for change: At BR 6.7, this is simply a mediocre tank (no armor, average 6.7s reload - see above, average penetration at this BR...). Despite its better reverse than the AMX M4, its gun is much more bouncy (wobbly suspension), and this tank is less resilient to enemy fire, making the Char de 25t inferior to the AMX M4. Simply put, you almost never see this tank in battle in AB or even RB, and I cannot fathom its current repair cost in both modes. See also the conclusion. Vehicle: AMX-13 (90) Mode: RB/SB Suggested Change(s): 11000-> 9000 in RB Reason for change: the repair cost of an M1 Abrams, for a decent tank at BR 7.0, nothing more. See also the conclusion. Playing the first three tanks in an excellent BR 7.3-7.7 line-up in RB can cost you up to 65000 SL per game ("only" 37000 SL following my proposed changes). Playing the last 3 tanks in a good (nothing more) BR 6.7-7.0 line-up can cost you up to 44000 SL per game. Needless to say, you'd better have excellent games consistently with these tanks, or you have to be prepared to lose tons of SL. For comparison, playing the Russian T-54 (1951), T-54 (1947) and BMP-1, or the German Leopard 1, M48A2 GA2, and Maus, or the US M60, M103, and M48A1 would result in a maximum repair cost of respectively 22000 SL, 18500 SL, or 19000 SL in RB... That is at least 3 times less than for the French 7.3-7.7 line-up mentioned above! Of course, if you are a very good player and/or a very experienced player with tons of SL to spare (I have 120+ million SL...), you would not be worried about losing SL while playing these French tanks. But less gifted or less experienced players, especially those struggling with their SL, cannot simply afford to touch French tanks past BR 6.3. Being mostly played by good and/or experienced/"SL-rich" players hence obtaining better than average results with these tanks, their cost (and BR) keeps on increasing after each patch and these tanks become even less attractive for most players... which is a shame since most of them are pretty good and fun to play. Let's start breaking this absurd vicious circle by a significative lowering of their cost: let's make these French tanks (almost) affordable for (almost) everybody! PS: these changes are rather urgent and should occur before any global revamping of the economy in the game.
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    Vehicle: All non-premium helicopters Mode: All modes Suggested Change(s): Reduce helicopter RP and SL costs extensively. Reason for change: Gaijin, I'd respectfully ask that you take another look at helicopter RP and SL costs. As of right now, most helicopters - including the ones that aren't the top choppers - cost 390k RP and nearly 1 million SL. This needs to be changed, as it makes grinding exceptionally hard for those of us that can't purchase GE, or use premium account/vehicles. I can understand the top chopper from each nation costing that much (in most cases), as helicopters are truly lethal weapons. However, right now, helicopters are virtually impossible to grind. Thank you for this thread, and I hope you'll take this into consideration.
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    As the title says, Germany is currently roflstomping at top-tiers, which honestly seems suprising given the fact that not too much has changed. Among the issues that have become apparent are: Leo2a5 has gotten similar invulnerability Dev to Live server. XM-1 and Leopard1L/44 is still under-tiered quite massively. Abrams tanks now don't really have any defense against both Leopard2a5 and even the T80u in some cases. Leopard2a5 hordes have the strongest combination of firepower, protection, survivability and gun handling in the game  Though individually these might seem like minor things, together they've basically made German top-tier easy-mode right now, I would not be suprised to find the Leo2a5's Thunderskill winrates to be in the mid/high '70s next month. Also, for some reason these things have gotten ridiculously difficult to kill, lower glacis shots hardly deal lethal damage, the turret cheeks are ofcourse immune and the mantlet is one of the smallest mantlet weakspots of the top-tier MBT's, So, solutions?
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    Vehicle: Leopard 2A5 Mode: RB Suggested Change: 10.0 to 10.7 Reason for change: It has incredible armor and gun, with good mobility. None of the other new tanks stand a chance and as it is, German teams are steamrolling the opposition. Vehicle: T-80U Mode: RB Suggested Change: 10.0 to 10.3 Reason for change: It is better than the old 10.0s by a large margin, though it is not as good as Leopard 2A5 Vehicle: M1A1 Mode: RB Suggested Change: 10.0 to 10.3 Reason for change: Also not as good as Leopard 2A5, but much better than old 10.0s Vehicle: T-2 Mode: RB Suggested Change: 10.0 to 10.7 Reason for change: It is currently the best plane in the game. No other planes can keep up with it in any way Vehicle: Ariete (P) Mode: RB Suggested Change: 9.7 to 10.0 Reason for change: It is far better than the Challenger Mk2 and Mk3 which share a battle rating. The performance with DM33 is more in line with 10.0 tanks Vehicle: T-64A Mode: RB Suggested Change: 9.3 to 9.0 or 8.7 with 3BM22 removed Reason for change: The armor really sucks. The mobility is bad. It is more in line with the performance of XM-1 and such Vehicle: Venom FB4 Mode: RB Suggested Change: 9.0 to 8.3 Reason for change: The performance is more in line with F9F-8 and G91 preserie. One of the worst 9.0 planes Vehicle: Mig-15 Mode: RB Suggested Change: 9.0 to 8.7 Reason for change: Plane is overtiered. It is slow and doesn't climb well. The roll rate is absolutely horrible. Vehicle: F-86A-5 Mode: RB Suggested Change: 9.0 to 8.7 Reason for change: It is slow, cannot accelerate, and not very effective Vehicle: CL-13A Mk5 Mode: RB Suggested Change: 9.0 to 9.3 Reason for change: Best 9.0 in the game, it has very high winrate and mercilessly clubs allied 8.0 jets Vehicle: F-84G-RE (all nations) Mode: RB Suggested Change: 7.7 to 8.0 Reason for change: This plane has a ridiculous airspawn. Either remove the airspawn on all maps, or move it up in BR Vehicle: Sea Meteor F3 Mode: RB Suggested Change: 8.0 to 7.3 Reason for change: It rips at a super low speed and the guns suck. This plane has not been playable for years Vehicle: Meteor F4 G41F Mode: RB Suggested Change: 8.0 to 7.7 Reason for change: Ineffective and overtiered. Has not been usable in years. Vehicle: MD.452 IIC Mode: RB Suggested Change: 9.0 to 8.7 Reason for change: Is not competitive, it is more in line with Mig 15 and F86A Vehicle: MD.452 IIA Mode: RB Suggested Change: 9.0 to 8.3 Reason for change: Overtiered, quite a bad jet, worse than G91 Preserie Vehicle: AMX-30B2 Brennus Mode: RB Suggested Change: 8.7 to 8.3 Reason for change: Not any better than AMX-30B2 Vehicle: M4A3E2 76 W Mode: RB Suggested Change: 6.0 to 5.7 Reason for change: Was perfectly balanced at 5.7 and is not very effective at 6.0
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    Vehicle: almost any tank and plane from 7.0-7.3 to 10.0 Mode: AB, RB and SB Suggested Changes: decrease ALL ammunition cost. some tanks (e.g. T-62 or Chieftain Mk.3) dont need (or have) any upgraded shell and thus no ammo cost. but most of them pay up to 1000 SL per shot (e.g. M60A1 RISE (P) pays 1000SL for HEATFS) reduce vehicle repair cost in general! reduce the total SL cost to make a vehicle playable (buying + assigning a crew + upgrading the crew) Reason for change these overpriced but needed shells can easily amount to 20k SL ammunition cost in a single battle, and even with lots of kills, assists and a few captures you barely ever make SL my suggestion: the best shells should cost at most 500SL, considering a basic kill is worth ~1k SL and you need more than one shot pretty often as well even if top tiers are the "endgame" content of the game, people should always be able to move forward, not be punished for playing top tiers if top tiers are too expensive to play, people will move away from it again after the hype from a patch drops over 10k repair cost is far too much in addition to exorbitant ammunition cost. a lineup can easily cost 40k+ SL, making sure you almost always loose SL if you respawn in order to win (for crew cost) a new rank7 tank costs a total of 2.310.000SL, which is for many people a few weeks of grinding with premium and premium vehicles. it takes far too long to reach the point of making a vehicle playable! (expert crew is an absolute MUST HAVE)
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    Vehicle: Lorraine 40t, Amx 30 (1972), AMX 50, AMX M4 Mode: All modes Suggested Change(s): Reduce repair cost Reason for change: France is the only nation with such high repair cost amongs all of it's main tank fo 2 rank. How can you even consider reaserching french tank if it's to not be able to make any money and thus be obliged to grind even more for sl ?! Thoses repair cost just kill the game, they don't make it better, they only make people wanting to play less... and at one time to just leave ... Why is the lorraine 40 t so high to repair whe n the Centuro can do the sam ebut cost way way less ? Balance should not be done through repair cost ! never ! You are just killing a nation while other have the same issue ! You need to give france it's tank back !
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    Battle Rating Feedback: M.D.452 II A: (AB/RB) From 9.0 to 8.3 This plane is outmached by everything at current br and the C model is even better with same Br, it need to go down to be competitve. M.D.452 II B: (AB/RB) From 9.0 to 8.7 Same reason as above but with a bit better performance, still doesn't deserve 9.0. AMX-30B2: (AB/RB) From 8.3 to 8.0 This tank has no armor ans no stabiliser, yet at this br it can fight 9.3 which make most game impossible vs stabilised tanks, a review of it's br might help the issue. AMX-30B2 BRENUS: (AB/RB) From 8.7 to 8.0/8.3 Same reason as above another unstabilised tank that fight 80% of the time was better machines, it is basically just a B2 with era, nothing more, no br increase when this hapen on russian tank (T 64B, T80B...). AMX-13 HOT: (AB/RB) From 9.0 to 8.3 This vehicule has nothing for itself, very few missiles, useless gun at this br, we never see it in battle because there are way better choises elsewhere. This is the only atgm France has, you see the ones from other country around 8.3 in br. AMX-10RC: (AB/RB) From 8.0 to 7.7 Even if the engine was fixed this vehicule hardly fit 8.0 meta as it has 0 armor and very long reload time, the centauro is at the same br while being more armored and stabilised, not mentioning the better speed too, the amx 10 rc need to go down a little, centauro is just better in every aspect for the same br. AMX M4: (AB/RB) From 6.7 to 6.3 This tank is as much armored as a panther and just have more penetration to it's gun, with ap only your hardly one shot any targets, fighting 7.7 vehicules might be a bit too much for this tank. Char 25t: (AB/RB) From 6.7 to 6.3 Same reason as above but with almost 0 armor, this is a light tank it just has a good gun with ap only, puting it down a little would create an aligned 6.3 lineup (Ca lorraine, Amx m4, Char 25t.). AMX-13: (AB/RB) From 6.0 to 5.7 This tank is only 0.3 br difference with a 90mm gun tank, the 75mm gun cannot even penetrate the turret and hull of any king tiger 2H, puting it at 5.7br will make no difference for other nations and will finally allow a lineup with the ARL 44. AMX-40: (AB/RB) From 9.7 to 9.3 With the new addition of tier 7 mbt this tank will be too weak in top tier battle, smin told us that amx 40 will not fight tier 7 mbt so the best solution is to put the amx 40 at 9.3br since i don't believe gaijin will put the new tier 7 mbt to 11.0br. Tier 7 MBT: (AB/RB) From 10.0 to 10.7/11.0 They are just too good for the meta almost unkilable to front they need to go higher, carefull about tanks like AMX 40 and Ariete (p). AMX-30 (1972): (AB) From 7.7 to 7.3 Same tank as the Leopard 1 no reason for it to go higher, they need to have the same br. H-34: (AB/RB) From 9.0 to 8.0 Starting chopper with no gunship turret, few ammo, small caliber and not a lot of rockets, the AH-1G which is at 8.0 is way better in all aspect. SA.341F Gazelle: (AB/RB) From 9.7 to 9.3 Very few ammo, small loadout, fragile chopper at the same br all other nation got way better choise with way more weapons (more atgm, rockets and even AAM for russia at br 9.7.) SA.342M Gazelle: (AB/RB) From 9.7 to 9.3 Same reason as above, at 9.7 every other nation got way better machines.
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    The M1A1 isn't more mobile than the Leopard 2A5. The shell fragmentation of both shells is the same. The survivability of the Leopard 2A5 still better than the M1A1 specially when almost the entirety of the Leopard 2A5 turret is immune to the M829 in nearly all parts while the M1A1 turret is butter compared to the Leopard 2A5. Wrong. As it is currently modeled the DM23 can punch through the M1A1 up to 500m. And the M1/M1 IP can either reliably punch through the hull of the Leopard 2A4 with the M774 or risk a RNG on the mantlet that can leave the crew alive and just damage the breech. Meanwhile the Leopard 2A5 has the DM33, which can punch through the strongest armored areas in all the M1 variants without any issues, meanwhile the M1A1 needs to either hunt pixel sized weak spots on the turret or go for hull hits. And both Russians and Germans get shells that cn outright lol pen the M1A1 and all the M1s while every single M variants need to either go for trick shots or hunt pixel sized weak spots for turret hits and in the case for the T-80U you need to shoot exactly in the turret ring or driver hatch because it won't do much if you aim at anywhere else. Now, see how much SL does it take for you to spawn all those M1s. And after the patch both the M774 and M735 are the worst shells on 10.0 in terms of penetration compared to the DM13 and 23 respectively. Specially when the Russians also got the 3BM42 for the T-80A and T-64B, while the M774 and M735 still struggle punching through the T-64B and T-80A hulls at point blank, unless you aim exactly at the driver hatch. The M1A1 doesn't have any advantage over the Leopard 2A5 and T-80U and the new shells for the Russians nullified the M1s advantages And since you said the US gets teamed with the Russians all the time, if you ever played with any US tank you'd know the US and UK players spend the sheer majority of their matches playing against GE/RU teams.
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    Vehicle: Amx 30 Brenus Mode: RB/SB Suggested Change(s) : 1/APDS-FS lower the sl cost per round down to 400 sl or less, add OFL 105 G2 for 820 sl. 2/Lower repair cost Reason for change: 1/ The same apfs-ds on the Amx 30 B2 are cheapest yet Brenus need them more. Type 74 or 74 kai got as powerfull Apfs-ds round as standard ammo and is at the same Br. 2/Tank is not competitive against other 8.7 dur to lack of gun stabilizer and poor mobility (compared to leo 1a1a1 and type 74). Vehicle: Amx 30 B2 Mode: /RB/SB Suggested Change(s) : Lower repair cost Reason for change: Lack of gun stabilizer make it less competitive to play: no fire on the move, no reaction shot. Vehicle: Leopard 2a5 / T80U / M1a1 / chalenger mk3 Mode: AB/RB/SB Suggested Change(s) : increase br to 10.7 at least Reason for change: 9.0 tank can't even face them. Higher Rank need a decompression Vehicle: T80 / Leopard 2a4 / M1 IP / M1 abrams/ Type 90/ chalenger mk2 Mode: RB/SB Suggested Change(s) : Increase to 10.3 Reason for change: to allow to Decompress 8.0-9.7 tank and have fairest match Vehicle: T64b/Leopard 2k/Amx 40 Mode: RB/SB Suggested Change(s) : Increase to 10.0 Reason for change: to allow to Decompress 8.0-9.7 tank and have fairest match Vehicle: T72 Mode: /RB/SB Suggested Change(s) : Increase br to 10.3 Reason for change: It got good enought mobility, top gun, and good armor, even more if decompression of Br as proposed above is made. Vehicle: T64a Mode: /RB/SB Suggested Change(s) : Increase br to 10. if decompression of Br as proposed above is made. Reason for change: It got good enought mobility, top gun, and good armor, even more if decompression of Br as proposed above is made. Vehicle: Leopard 1a1a1 L/44 Mode: AB/RB/SB Suggested Change(s) : Increase br to 9.0 Reason for change: Have better firepower than the leo a1a1 which alow it to take on pre 1.87 10.0br tank. Vehicle: Object 120 Mode: RB/SB Suggested Change(s) : Increase to 8.3 Reason for change: Fire power si too powerfull to 7.7. Got an Ok mobility as well. Vehicle: bmp-1 Mode: RB/SB Suggested Change(s) : Increase to 8.0 Reason for change: All other light recon tank/IFV with atgm are at 8.0 or 8.3. Its main gun si powerfull enought compared to other 20/25/35mm canon of its other nation counter part. Vehicle: T-55am-1 Mode: RB/SB Suggested Change(s) : Increase to 9.0 or 9.3 if decompression of Br as proposed above is made. Reason for change: Got a atgm luncher gun. composit armor, wide range of amo including apfs-ds. Vehicle: Xm-1 Mode: RB/SB Suggested Change(s) : Increase to 9.0 or 9.3 if decompression of Br as proposed above is made. Reason for change: Great fire powar as it got apfs-ds as base amo, excellent mobility, spaced armor. Vehicle: Type 74/Type 74 G"Kai" Mode: RB/SB Suggested Change(s) : Increase to 9.0 or 9.3 if decompression of Br as proposed above is made. Reason for change: Great fire powar as it got apfs-ds as base amo, good mobility Vehicle: Amx M4 / Lorraine 40T/ Amx 50 / Bat chat 25T Mode: RB/SB Suggested Change(s) : Decrease repair cost by half Reason for change: At their current Br, those tank are no better than other. Are only competitiv due to their autoloader. Even when making an good game, losing one tank mean losing SL at the end. Repair cost should NOT beind e mean of balance. .
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    Economics Feedback: Lorraine 40t / AMX M4 / AMX-50 / Char 25t / Amx-30 (1972) / AMX-13-90: (AB/RB/SB) Around 5000sl / 8000sl very max repair cost. They are all way too expensive and not appealing to play because of this, most of these vehicules got nerfed multiple times br and repair cost wise making rank 4 unplayable, the price of eachtank should be around 4/5K with a maximum of 8K for the best one. Tier 6 MBTs: (AB/RB/SB) Around 5000sl repair cost. The price of many mbt (12Ksl +...) is way too much, making high tier a money loss while you can easely being one shot or spawnkilled, adding to this the ammo cost make high tier a money sink, the price need to go down to encourage more people into high tier. Tier 7 MBTs: (AB/RB/SB) Around 7000sl repair cost. Same reaons as above but as they are better they need to cost a bit more too. Helicopters: (AB/RB/SB) Their price need to get reviewed and lowered, their cost should be aligned with their weapon capacity, (for example more atgm, more expensive). Airplane and Jets Tier 4/5/6: (AB/RB/SB) No plane should really go above 6000sl, jets are too expensive and in many mods you can die really easely with 0 benefit making huge losses, even more in simulation, low price should encourage more people to take off instead or playing another mode. Ammos: (AB/RB/SB) Max price 300/400sl best ammo cost. You need to cut the max ammo price on tank by half if not more, with bounce, lack of accuracy ans weird damage model, shooting targets with goos ammo is often too expensive, while it should cost a bit more , 900 and 1000sl is too much.
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    Vehicles: Vehicle indipendent. Mode: All Suggested change: WT is in for an improved reward system. The way the game rewards players for different actions is overall (including premium rewards) too low. All calculations will be made including the premium reward. Going by the cost of ammunition, a 900 SL round only allows you to fire twice at a target before you're going to waste money with the next shot. If you do not get the kill, you lose more money. In return, if you fire - let's just say something like a costless round - and make critical hits and regular hits, you actually make more money than if you take out the target with a single shot. If you gain knowledge and know how to fire accurately at the ammunition storage or certain weakpoints of a tank to achieve a one shot kill, you're actually paying this knowledge with a little tax in the shape of less gain. If a player goes for the most profit he somehow needs to disable the tanks ability to shoot, to run away and then pick it apart slowly. Moreover, the idea of a vehicle of a lower BR granting a lower reward to a vehicle of a higher BR is stupid. It seems to be based on the idea that a vehicle of a "lower BR" does not equal a legitimate threat as a vehicle of the same BR. On top of that comes the inability of the player to pick what enemies he wants to face. If this was a game with a difficulty level of easy, medium and hard - that is a nice game mechanic. But as you do not pick the enemy you fight this mechanic is not fitting for the game. The Object 120 is still one of the biggest threats on the battlefield, yet it grans a lower reward for high tier tanks if they take it out, than if a M48 does it. This mechanic has to go! It is unsuitable for a game of this kind and only lowers the reward for players which face the same cost and effort to take out the enemy, no matter what they are shooting at. Further... spawncamping. Having such rediculous repair costs on vehicles is insane. I've pointed it out already, but if I may again: If repair cost is based on efficiency, then my Challenger 1 Mk.3 must be even better than the fully spaded Leopard 2A5. It obiously isn't, but it is still paying the price as if it was. And this becomes really dirty when we enter the spawncamping topic or even better worded: Situations which you as the player usually are unable to respond to or get yourself out of. There is the spawncamping example on one hand: A player has to pay up to 15.000 SL for getting sniped across the map without the single chance to get into cover or defend himself. Most maps still feature spots that allow players to basically pin down the spawn of the enemy at the start of the match. To expect the players can realize this and respond in time is one huge repair bill too late. On the other hand there still is this great imbalance that was created by official content: Helicopters. The British nation, like a few others, still lacks any ability to actually participate on even playfields with helicopters and even less when on the ground. While other machines do sometimes have suitable weaponry to fight those, i.e. Russian MBTs and now Russia with an AA and Germany and the US to some extend, certain tanks are helpless on the battlefield when encountering helicopters in the distance. This again leads to players losing their tanks without being able to do something about it. Taxing such an imbalance with a 10K+ repair cost is quite a punishment. The game's economy seems to be built with a dream situation in mind. AA is preventatively providing protection, planes are at the ready to destroy helicopters and the rest of the ground force is fighting on even grounds. The reality looks a lot different though. And it is time for an improved reward system to bring the battle result screen a little more closer to that dream situation. 1st change: Bring in a new reward named: "Mobility kill". It should be rewarded with 500 SL or a little more and should be given to a player which either damaged the tracks, the transmisison or the engine - in short rendered a tank immobile. These types of kills are of value in actual combat as well and should not fall short in WT either. 2nd change: Bring in a new reward named: "Expert Gunnery". This reward should consist of 500-700 SL and be awarded each time when a tanker achieves a one shot kill on an enemy tank. 3rd change: (and the most important addition) Bring in the feature of "Assist counts as kill". This is a mechanic which was used in Battlefield and probably deserves the title of the best implemented reward mechanic to ever exist in a video game. The deal is simple: If a player shoots a target and critically damages it, lowering the crew down to a number of 2 or completely disabling the tank (engine and gun) with a shot and the target gets killed within the time of his reload, i.e. 7.8 sec + 5 seconds for aiming, he does not get the "kill assist message" but rather receives the "Assist counts as kill" and gains 80% of the kill reward if he achieved a disable or 90% if he lowered the crew down to 2. If he did both it always will be the latter reward. This way, teamwork finally gets a little more rewarded and "kill stealing" as we knew it should be history for the most part. 4th change: This is for air RB now. And it is a complicated problem. Often, good Pilots will set up a kill for an ally but don't really get any reward for it. It requires signifcant skill to fly defensively, survive and then have your teammate clean up the kill. Maybe there's an option you figure out. But having Pilots leave the game without any reward even though they survived 4 engagements of 4 different players but could not get a kill is truly a sad thing for them. 5th change: Reduce the cooldown when a player misclicked and up the reward for a successful kill by intelligence a little: This is easy but still very significant: Change the way the spotting works by having the player hold down the key, have a circle appear in the sight/binocular which shows in what area a player will achieve a "spotting" and have the "spotting" happen if the player releases the key. If no vehicle was in the circle - a shame, if there was, the usual highighting happens. This way, people can spot more easily and can earn a scouting reward more consistantly. Additionally, lower the cooldown of a "failed spotting" by 15-25% as a misclick can have you stuck behind cover for a minute, being unable to spot just because the mechanic didn't work correctly, or you accidentally hit V instead of C. 6th change: Have spaded vehicles earn a "Battle Star". Add a mechanic which enables fully spaded vehicles to unlock a "Battle Star" after they grinded X number of RP. This Star should award them with a reward of a good amount of SL, probably between 100K and 300K. That should be it for now. I know it is a long list and contains some critique as well, but I think a little critique never hurts and I hope that these suggestions can make it into the game to improve the whole gameplay experience.
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    Vehicle: XM-1 Mode: RB Suggested Change: 9.0 BR to 9.3 BR Reason for change: It has mobility and gun handling of the modern tanks. HEATFS proof armour. Well spaced crew removes almost any chance of killing vehicle in one shot. It is essentially a Leopard 2K without a 20mm cannon or smoke shells. The gun is more than capable at even 10.0 battles. Vehicle: AH-1Z Mode: RB Suggested Change: 10.0 BR to 11.0 BR Reason for change: This is a modern vehicle places at a battle rating where it fights vehicles 30/40 years older. It can fly at an altitude where it is untouchable to groundfire while is can shoot up to 16 high powered guided missiles from above. In its current state, it is broken. Even fixed, it should sit at a far higher BR than it does now. Vehicle: Pz IV F2 Mode: RB Suggested Change: 3.3 BR to 3.7 BR Reason for change: This vehicle has a gun that will kill almost any tank up to 4.7. Added with good mobility, reload speed, gun depression and survivability due to 5 crew and it is simply the best vehicle at 3.3, by quite some margin.
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    I'll offer some general changes detached from specific vehicles: Increasing the maximum reward modifier (SL) for ground vehicles at tier IV-VII and scale it down to where it currently hits its maximum (tier III/IV) to provide a continuous increase in SL rewards. Increase the premium account SL modifier to 2x from 1.5x. Someone paying what is essentially a subscription fee on top of other microtransactions shouldn't need to worry about SL gain at all, and should probably be drowning in excess SL. I think with these changes above that ammo costs could potentially remain where they are. I won't comment on specific repair cost values, but suggest they be dynamic based on the BR of the match (much like Spawn Points) - an example of how it currently works is that fielding a lineup with the Chieftain Mk.10 as your top BR vehicle with the Mk.5 and Mk.3 Chieftains as backups; the Mk.10 is your most effective tank in this scenario but has the lowest repair cost, the mk.3 and 5 which are facing potentially significant uptiers in this lineup (up to 10.0) and reduced effectiveness are the more expensive tanks. A dynamic repair could scale these down by some percentage to reflect their effectiveness in such an uptier.
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    General note before providing feedback: I play four nations, Britain, Germany, Unites States and the Soviets, I will restrain myself from providing any feedback on nations outside of my experience. Chieftain Mk 5 - Realistic Battles - From 8.7 to 8.3 Quite simply: it's virtually identical to the Chieftain Mk 3, which sits at 8.3. This glaring inconsistency is further highlighted by the fact that the Panther A is currently sitting at 5.7, whilst it's notably less mobile Panther G counterpart still sits at 6.0, therefore, a marginal mobility increase that the Mk 5 Chieftain offers is not enough of a justification to increase it's battle rating. -Alternatively- Provide it with L23 APFSDS and change it's designation to 'Chieftain Mk 5/4', then also keep it's battle rating of 8.7, this would allow it to adequately perform it's role as a long range sniper whilst still having the drawbacks of poor hull armour and lackluster mobility. Chieftain Mk 10 - Realistic Battles - From 9.0 to 8.7 The Chieftain Mk 10 is a legacy tank with applique armour and increased firepower via the addition of an APFSDS shell, this also applies to: - Leopard 1 A1A1 - T-55AM - Type 74G - M60A1 RISE Except, all of those tanks are at 8.7, not only that, all of them have vastly superior mobility, superior hull armour and some even possess superior firepower, there is no reason for the Chieftain Mk 10 to be going up against the likes of Type 90's and T-80U's. Important: this should only be done if the BR ceiling is not raised to 10.0+, I will provide further details down below. M1A1 - Realistic Battles - From 10.0 to 10.3 (preferably from 10.0 to 10.7) The M1A1's M829 APFSDS allows it to fully negate any armour that the previous generation of MBT's possess, it also retains the excellent gun handling and mobility characteristics of the M1 series. I only suggest a relatively minor increase of 0.3 as this vehicle does not gain a protection upgrade compared to it's opposition. Leopard 2A5 - Realistic Battles - From 10.0 to 10.7 (preferably from 10.0 to 11.0) The Leopard 2A5 is very much similar to the M1A1, save for one crucial difference: it's turret armour offers VASTLY superior protection, this makes this arguably the most potent hull-down vehicle in the entire game, even more so than the Challenger 2 due to the Leopard 2A5's increased mobility characteristics. It's DM33 APFSDS shell also allows it to fully negate any armour of the previous generation, this vehicle should be seperated from the older vehicles as much as possible, especially now that the hull armour is proof against shells like M774, 3BM-22 and L23 APFSDS. As I stated, this needs to be as high up as possible, 11.0 would be ideal, but I do not believe Gaijin is willing to go that far, still, I can't help but note this. T-80U - Realistic Battles - From 10.0 to 10.3 (preferably from 10.0 to 10.7) The T-80U offers the highest level of forwards mobility of the new MBT's, additionally, it retains excellent portection that is largely proof against the vast majority of tanks it is likely to meet, especially so against the previous generation. Much like the M1A1 and Leopard mentioned before, the T-80U has access to the 3BM-42 shell, this once again defeats any older generation of armour at virtually all distances, this vehicle simply cannot be allowed to continually meet 9.0 and preferably, even 9.3 vehicles. Important: these following changes should only be made if the Battle Rating maximum were be lifted to 10.3 or (preferably) 10.7. Leopard 1 A1A1 and Leopard 1 L/44 - Realistics Battles - From 8.7 to 9.0 With the increase in battle rating of the various top-tiered vehicles, this premium tank can quite easily return to it's previous spot, it's powerful gun will allow it to compete quite handily against the enemies it is likely to face, whilst also providing some breathing room to the non-stabilized 7.7 vehicles that it currently dominates quite regularly. It's mobility is also sufficient to atleast get this vehicle to proper power positions, this is also another reason as to why it should not be able to meet 7.7's, those vehicles often cannot contest the Leopard 1 in reaching such positions. T-55AM - Realistic Battles - From 8.7 to 9.0 Very much the same story as before, this vehicle can now move upwards where it won't be as harmful to the 7.7 bracket any longer whilst also not having the T-55AM suffer too much due to the majority of 10.0 vehicles being dragged up into 10.7 territory. Type 74 and Type 74G - Realistic Battles - From 8.7 to 9.0 Basically, refer to what I stated on the Leopard 1 A1A1. XM-1 - Realistic Battles - From 9.0 to 9.3 At the risk of repeating myself: now that the battle rating ceiling is heightened, this vehicle should be moved up and slightly seperated from the previously mentioned premium tanks, mainly because this vehicle has exceptional mobility, rivalling that of the T-80U or Leopard 2A5, not only that, it is also equipped with a excellent stabilization system and has good gun handling characteristics overal, it's survivability is also slightly higher than those mentioned above.
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    Vehicle: M4A3E2 76mm Sherman ("Jumbo") Mode: AB/RB/SB Suggested Change: 6.0 BR to 5.7 BR Reason for change: It's basically inferior to the 5.7 German Panther in almost every way (by the way, the recent lowering of the BR of the Panther A to 5.7 BR from 6.0 BR is hence debatable). Its "armor" is mostly ineffective at this BR. This was probably the less justified BR increase of the last patch. Vehicle: M36B1  Mode: AB/RB/SB Suggested Change: 6.3/6.0 BR to 5.7 BR in AB/RB Reason for change: the BR difference between this Italian M36 and its American counterpart (although different) is totally unjustified considering the "performance" of the tank. Vehicle: AMX-13 HOT Mode: AB/RB/SB Suggested Change: 9.0 BR to 8.3 BR Reason for change: This tank is comparable in capability to the AFVs now in the game. While the HOT missiles are great (but only 6 loaded), the gun is totally ineffective to fight against most tanks in the 8.7-10.0 BR range. Vehicle: AMX-30B2 Brenus Mode: AB/RB/SB Suggested Change: 8.7 BR to 8.3 BR Reason for change: Every tank at 8.3 BR and above have gun stabilization. The lack of a stabilizer cannot be overstated as a weakness for this vehicle in this BR range. ERA "protection" (useless against most tanks using APFSDS) is the only (lame) reason I would put it at 8.3 BR instead of 8.0, despite its armor being among the worst at this BR. The AMX-30B2 Brenus cannot reasonably be at the same BR as the 2 Leopard A1A1... Vehicle: AMX-30 B2 Mode: AB/RB/SB Suggested Change: 8.3 BR to 8.0 BR. Reason for change: Same reason as above but without the ERA protection. Vehicle: AMX-30 (Premium) Mode: AB/RB/SB Suggested Change: 7.7 BR to 7.3 BR (as before the last patch) Reason for change: the Premium AMX-30 lacks the great 20mm gun of the AMX-30 (1972) allowing to kill planes and many light vehicles, and to destroy most obstacles to be able to shoot the HEAT shell. Also lacking an AP shell (like the APDS of the Leopard 1), the Premium AMX-30 strongly suffers in environments with many obstacles. Vehicle: Char de 25t Mode: AB/RB/SB Suggested Change: 6.7 BR to 6.3 BR in AB and possibly in RB too Reason for change: At BR 6.7, this is simply a mediocre tank (no armor, average 6.7s reload - see below, average penetration at this BR...). Despite its better reverse than the AMX M4, its gun is more bouncy (wobbly suspension), and it is less resilient to enemy fire, making the Char de 25t an inferior tank compared to the AMX M4, Simply said, you almost never see this tank in battle in AB or even RB. The autoloader is actually a handicap on this tank (and on the AMX M4) since it does not really boost the reload time (6.7s) and since it contains only 7 shells, leading to a very slow reload when the autoloader is empty. Unfortunately, only the few people playing the Char de 25t realize that... Vehicle: Wilberwind Mode: AB/RB/SB Suggested Change: 3.7 BR to 4.3/4.7 BR in RB and 4.0/4.3 BR in AB. Reason for change: completely OP in RB at its current BR. No, really. It would still be the best SPAA in RB at BR 4.7 (name one other SPAA which could claim this title... Could not? My point exactly) and would still be a reasonable tank killer if used in this purpose (which is questionable for SPAA). At its current BR 3.7 (and even at BR 4.0-4.3) it is obviously the best SPAA by far, but also a deadly tank killer, which borders absurdity. The Wilberwind is also a much better SPAA than the Ostwind in-game. Vehicle: Sd. Kfz. 234/4 "Pakwagen" Mode: RB Suggested Change: 3.0 BR to 3.7 BR in RB (possibly 3.0 BR to 3.3 BR in AB; but not a necessity) Reason for change: would be still almost "OP" at 3.7 BR in RB thanks to outstanding mobility and a very good gun. Definitely OP at 3.0 or 3.3 in RB.
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    Vehicle: MD 452A Mode: RB Suggested Change: 9.0 BR to 8.3 BR at least Reason for change: This Aircraft is slower, with poorer energy retention than all of its peers. Furthermore, it has mediocre acceleration and no secondary armament. It is fully outclassed and requires a downgrade in BR to be competitive. Vehicle: MD 452C Mode: RB Suggested Change: 9.0 BR to 8.7 BR at least Reason for change: This aircraft does not have the speed, acceleration, or energy retention to compete with 9.0 aircraft. It is better than the IIA, it can be one step higher. Vehicle: G.91 R/1 Mode: RB Suggested Change: 9.0BR to 8.7 BR Reason for change: This aircraft is quick and fairly nimble, but slower than Sabres and MiGs. It also only has 4 X .50cals for main armament and cannot be armed with AAMs. Vehicle: Venom FB.4 Mode: RB Suggested Change: 9.0 BR to 8.3 BR. Reason for change: It's most comparable peer is the G.91 Preserie which is 8.3. Obviously it is slower than MiGs and Sabres as well as having other disadvantages compared to those aircraft. Vehicle: AMX-13 HOT Mode: RB Suggested Change: 9.0 BR to 8.3 BR at least Reason for change: This tank is identical in capability to the AFVs now in game. The AFV's range in BR from 7.7 to 8.3. The AMX-13 HOT has the excellent HOT, no reload time for its six missiles and can fire them on the move. However, it's main gun has low pen for its BR and is not stabilized. ON Balance I would say this could go at 8.3 as the HOT is marvelous and the Main Gun has more punch than the ACs on the AFVs. Vehicle: AMX 30 B2 BRENUS Mode: RB Suggested Change: 8.7 BR to 8.0 BR. Reason for change: Every Tank 8.3 and above has stabilization. The lack of Stabilization cannot be over stated as a weakness for this vehicle. It would be the most capable non stabilized MBT which puts it at 8.0 Vehicle: AMX 30 B2 Mode: RB Suggested Change: 8.3 BR to 8.0 BR. Reason for change: Same reason as above plus it is basically an AMX-30 1972 with APFSDS...hence one BR higher. The Centauro ROMOR Mode: RB Suggested Change: 9.3 to 8.7 BR Reason for Change: It is a wheeled tank destroyer with Hull Break vulnerability and the same offensive capabilities of the 8.7 MBTs. It belongs at 8.7 despite it's weaker protection and Hull Break because it has excellent smooth terrain mobility. The Chieftain Mk.5. Mode: RB Suggested Change: 8.7 to 8.3 Reason for Change: 100 more HP than the Chieftain mk.3 is no reason to give this tank a higher BR. Furthermore, all of its peers get APFSDS. This tanks belongs with the 8.3 MBTs. The Chieftain mk.10 Mode RB Suggested Change: 9.0 to 8.7 Reason for Change: If a T-55AM and an Leo A1A1 L/44 are 8.7 this tank should be 8.7. This belongs with the first tier APFSDS MBTs at 8.7 as it has better armor, a comparable round, and much slower speed.
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    Vehicle: All Mode: All Suggested Changes: It would be nice to see a cap implemented somewhere around the 10,000SL mark of repair costs. Reason: Quite frankly it is extremely difficult to get more than 10,000SL in a single go of a tank. Without doing the exact math it probably takes 1-2 flag captures and 2-3 kills just to reach that 10k mark, and that doesn't include the cost of ammunition. Further as repair costs rise it only reinforces how well a vehicle will perform because only players who know they can do extremely well in the vehicle will even bother to drive it out and it inevitably just produces a vertical spiral of a vehicle getting more and more powerful and more and more expensive and before you know it you have a Lorraine 40t that cost 24k to repair. Vehicle: Most naval ships in T2 or T3 Mode: All Suggested Change: The reduced cost of Parts on FPE present on tanks, was not applied to ships. Reason: Parts and FPE are probably the most vital modifications. Spending too long unlocking them is really detrimental to the overall gameplay. Vehicle: All Mode: All Suggested Change: Adjust the research costs to account for new vehicles and the expanded inventory of playable vehicles. Reason: I'm really swinging for the fences on this one, but it would be very nice to see research and SL costs for vehicles reduced as a whole. Looking back on the game over the last year we have gone from T5 vehicles to T7 vehicles adding in who even knows how many vehicles. It would be nice to see the research and SL grind adjusted to reflect the fact that their has been so much growth in the game. Especially for ground battles were more often than not taking one vehicle into any given BR of that BR is usually not enough. The whole ground RB game mode is built around the fact you will have multiple spawn outs in several different vehicles. It would be nice to actually be able to fill out BR slots without invest 1,000 hours of play time to do it. Further when you have ranks like tier 6 when the battle rating spread goes from 8.0 to 10.0 it just feels not properly balance when a tank at battle rating 8.0 is as expensive as a tank at 10.0 to unlock and spade. If you look at any of the intermediate tiers, T1-T4, vehicles of a lower battle rating tend to be cheaper with bug jumps in cost only really coming when you change between tiers.
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    Vehicle: M1 Abrams, IPM1 Abrams Mode: RB Suggested Change(s): Reduce repair cost Reason for change: The high repair cost was a reason to balance the supposed superiority of the Abrams against other lineups, but considering how reduced that is in regards to the makeup of teams now with the Leopard 2A5 and T-80U, there is no reason to impair American teams with such a prohibitive repair cost for an advantage which doesn't exist.
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    Ever since they increased the sp cost of planes to 720 past 8.0, we've had alot of ah-1g's bleeding SL for a while and now that they've learned how useless a chopper is without atgms, we end up having empty skies at 8.0 to 9.0. OP Radar mechanics have just made things worse. Playing AAA used to be fun and chanllening when it was skill based. Now it isn't skill based and to me it is boring even though highly effective. For each kill you get, you have 10 to 15min without anything flying. And sitting there is just the most boring game play ever. Choppers now have guided air to air missiles and those who don't have either gun pods or other means of defense. Plus they can count on friendly AAA to defend them. There is no reason to keep spawn costs for planes this high. If choppers die to much, then their economics need to be rebalanced. What gaijin decided to do instead of making girls drink for free at a club to get more of them in, was to make guys pay triple the price for drinks. This doesn't make sense. Reduce plane sp cost back to the original level and reduce sp cost for choppers as well as their rp costs and sl repair costs. This way, more people will try choppers all the whilst not blocking off planes for those who still wanted to enjoy that part. To finish the argument off, the new AAA makes flying a plane even more challenging and restrictive so no need to keep the artificial barrier. Players will balance the skies.
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    Vehicle: H34 Mode: All Suggested Change(s): Reduce cost from 990k to 590k Reason for change: WHy does the French H34 cost 990 K to buy while USSR counterpart the Mi 4 only 590K ? that doesn't make sense
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    Yes the gun is equipped with a electro hydrualic gun stabilizer but when this system is on, from what i could read at least, it is the gun that follows the EMES 15 and not the contrary. French never mounted stabilizers on their tanks. It's all done via slaving the gun to optical devices. Just because there is not a built in 2 plane gun stabilizer does not mean the main armament is not 2 plane stabilized1. It's just a matter of how. Moreover, the AMX 40 did not feature a gun stabilizer either. Only the english written website spread this information, no french document state that it had a built in stabilizer It was again acheived via slaving the gun to gyro stabilized optical devices. Even the AMX Leclerc does not have a built in gun stabilizer. The gun is slaved to optical device, the FCS that allows for corrections is available to both the commander and the gunner. Only available to the commander in both AMX 40 and AMX 32
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    Vehicle: Challenger series (rank 6) Mode(s): RB and SB Suggested Changes: Reduced repair cost of both tanks. Removal of APDS on MK2 and addition of L26 on MK3. Reason for change: Below This is from an RB and SB players perspective. The Challenger MK2 and MK3 is considered one of the worst top tier tanks in the game (by the community) yet they're the most expensive tanks at top tier (if I'm not mistaken). The Mk2 has to use APDS to fight 10.0 tanks if it wants to make a profit to counter the high repair cost and then pay 900sl every shot for a round (L23A1) that makes it competitive or 600sl for a round (L23) that barely does any post pen fragmentation compared to the former round. The Mk3 is almost as expensive as the Leopard 2A5 which can reliably pen the Challengers incorrectly valued UFP armor yet it's nearly the same repair cost as a tank with armor that's actually performing close to estimates and second hand sources while the Challengers armor according to official sources is still under performing and players have to use these tanks to face more capable, better equipped tanks with lower repair costs, better shells (stock and upgrade shells) and higher or equivalent battle ratings to the Challengers. Also, the fact that the challenger MK2 still has APDS stock and the Challenger MK3 still doesn't have the L26 despite the T64B and T80B getting the 3BM42 found on the T80U as its best round is quite the slap in the face. Can you all please revisit this tank and play it in RB and SB and consider how it performs because it's not such a dominant, meta, or OP tank yet it has one of the highest repair cost of any rank 6 and 7 tank. It's not fair. Thanks for letting me share this with you.
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    Vehicles: All Rank 5-7 Vehicles Mode: All Suggested changes: Lower/Remove Shell Cost Reason for changes: Whats the point of Shell Costs in the first place? Whats the point of grinding towards a new more improved shell if you're just gonna loose lions? Why punish players for grinding for days or even weeks ( especially without premium ) to get a better round, many players struggle to gain lions at top tier in the first place. It's not fair. Vehicles: Challenger 1. mk2 and mk3 Mode: All Suggested changes: Lower repair cost and Shell Cost Reason for changes: Buffing the Challengers repair cost was an absolute joke in the first place. It's one of the most expensive top tier MBTs in game at the moment, it's not even the best. In fact, it's one of the worst compared to other top tier MBT's especially in City maps. it's current repair cost is disappointing, me and probably many others enjoy the challenger even for it's lacklustre performance, but at the moment there's no point playing it at all.
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    Vehicle: M60A2 Mode: All Suggested Change(s): Decrease research cost Reason for change: The M60A2 "Starship" is a neglected vehicle that is no longer being played or obtained as 380,000 research points is excessive for something with ATGMs that are ineffective against most of it's opponents. I suggest 210-280k rp for the starship as it still keeps the starship relatively expensive, but not absurdly so.
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    I remember years ago there was x2 XP for your first battle and on certain days x4 I think. How come this was removed?