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    Remembering back to a time when war thunder only had aircraft repair costs were an acceptable balancing factor as they discouraged players from suicide runs and general poor play which in air RB could have a massive outcome on a match. Even back then however the system had its draw backs with players who played well losing silver lions through either being team killed and having to pay a repair cost or randomly losing connection to a game where they would lose silver lions. Now with the addition of helicopters and easy CAS for ground forces in particular (especially at top tier) it is starting to get easier and easier to be killed with having no chance of fighting back losing you money. This makes deaths at top tier feel more random than skill and being penalised over random events feels like a poor balancing system. Giving some vehicles higher repair costs is not a good way to make up for the game being unbalanced. If we think about it its more saying "We don't want you to play that vehicle because our stats say we didn't balance it properly so we are going to raise the cost to play it" If the game was well balanced all vehicles would have the same repair cost. I don't mean to come off harsh as no game is perfectly balanced but my point is punishing players through sl cost especially when many deaths can come down to luck only hurts the game. As I said the issue is mainly in GF where helicopters are more or less the hand of god at the moment but SL costs are an issue with the whole game in general.
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    They closed the thread where people were complaining about CAS being overpowered. It is obvious the developers do not want to move on that topic, but not every battle in the war had tanks and airplanes. The entire start to the "Battle of the Bulge" had no air at all, due to dense low cloud cover, just as one example. I don't ask that anything be changed about the current "tank battle", beyond renaming it "combined arms battle", and adding another tank battle mode that does not have airplanes. If, as the pilots tell us, this is not a fun mode of play, then it will quickly die from lack of interest. If, however, it does have lots of interest, then maybe this game will keep more active players, as not everyone wants to be a pilot. There are actual players that only want to drive tanks, believe it or not. I think the only objection to this will be that tankers will largely desert the current realistic tank battles in favor of tanking without airplanes. I see this as something that is actually likely, in that tankers are frequently disappointed when too many of either side takes to the air and ruins the game. (Successful planes on the enemy side mean your side gets slaughtered. Successful planes on your side mean the other team is blown away and there are no more targets, except there's always someone hiding somewhere, so everyone winds up just waiting for the round to end. Crap pilots on the other side mean there are suddenly no more ground targets, and your side winds up waiting for the game to end again, only if one of the enemy goes afk, his plane can keep the round going for quite a while, while everyone waits again. Lastly, if your team takes to the air and leaves you on the ground, and they aren't brilliant at killing tanks/planes, you quickly find you cannot cap anything, and are outnumbered 2 or 3 to 1 no matter where you go, and then you're spawncamped. This is the worst and most likely to occur when there is only one zone to capture, in that the advantaged team will nearly always have at least someone go and spawncamp the enemy, then the rest of the tanks need to either follow the camper to the spawn or just sit and wait for someone on the other side to kill the camper. Can we give this a shot? If it does empty the tankers out of the combined arms battle, it could always be adjusted in some way to entice tankers to come back to it. Also, events could be set up where tanker skill could actually be good for getting the tanks. (Pilot skill is currently the more useful in events for getting both tanks and planes, with tanking skill not being anywhere near as rewarded)
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    So how almost every air RB goes as US or British pilot? Climbing just to find every german is above us, we try to stay alive until we bait them down. Sometimes it works. If i happen to have an advanrage on them somehow and start an attack they immidiatley turn to me and force a headon which they win 90% of the times because of their nose mounted guns. So even if i attack them i need to evade :-/ Seems more like aur unrealistic battles to me.
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    Kiedyś była taka gierka Platoon i tam na start dostawałeś drużynę która losowa otrzymywała jakieś kontuzje czy obniżenia skilli. Fajnie by było w WT jak by nasi załoganci mieli takie ograniczenia. Np. kierowca nie lubi jeździć po krzakach i wybojach - 30% do szybkości jazdy, dowódca ślepy na jedno oko - 20% do zasięgu widzenia, radiooperator nie lubi jak jest ostrzeliwany z km'ów i wówczas nie działa wzywanie artylerii. Ale było by fajnie, takie elementy RPG w WT.
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    Hmm... I could handle the maus at 6.7 for a week or so... Wouldnt be driving anything else tho :D.
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    Not gonna lie I’m not used to playing abram yet for I’m a long time Russian player which is the opposite play style of the abram, so is there any tips I can have on how to survive in an abram and how to earn more sl Than come to think of it, the abram was introduced back when leopark2k and t64b was introduced, but there are more mbts now with samilar spec, but abram is still costing that much
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    Because Gaijin calculates repair cost by the effectiveness of the vehicle. If repair cost is high it means that players are getting lot of kills with that vehicle (or they used to do it, once, RIP French) so in short Abrams costs lot to repair because it's best heavy tank in game. So if tank is not the problem, maybe it's the driver? ; )
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    The T32 can be shot trapped by most tanks in the game. I’ve been shot trapped by a T-34-85 at 1800 meters on Kursk. The T32’s APCR has 1mm more pen than the 128 PzGr 43. Let’s not get carried away here.
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    If you're retreating, you must go on reverse. Jumbo's reverse is 4kph, Maus's is 20kph.
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    Frankly my experience with the Maus so far is that it is an absolute monster when downtiered, and still viable uptiered: the issue being the mobility rather than the armour or main gun. And if you have the balls to use the vast majority of those 44 vehicles "that can frontally pen and in most cases cripple a Maus", sit within 100m or so of a Maus, staring down the barrel of its 128 cannon of doom, shooting needles at the 1 frontal weakspot, hoping to knock out the gunner and maybe a loader from his 6 man crew: then congrats, I sure as hell hope you have a quick trigger finger. As much as I would prefer it did not see so many ATGMs and tanks from the 60s+, I'm sure most Tier 4 tanks feel the same way about the Maus.
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    So let’s put the Jumbo at 3.7 because even in a full downtier people can flank it and there are tanks that it can’t kill with the 75mm easily.
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    The T77 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage was an anti-aircraft weapon that carried a quad .50in machine gun mounting on the back of a modified M24 Chaffee light tank. This tank had a rather unusual looking gun turret with sloped sides and two open crew positions at the back-left and back-right of the turret and mounted 6 .50in machine guns. Each of the two turret positions had a full set of firing controls and gun sights using similar technology to the remote-controlled turrets of the B-29 Superfortress. in the 2nd version called the T77E1, a number of changes were introduced including a computing gun sight and plexiglass covers for the open crew positions. the project was canceled after the end of the Second World War, partly because it was clear that the T77 wouldn’t be able to cope with fast attack jets.I fill that the t77 would work well at BR 3.7 to 4.3, and maybe even to 4.7. what do you think?
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    Over time these have been bought up in various topics, but I find it's a collective issue and therefore deserves it own combined suggestion. It is no secrete that almost every nation in WT is missing its 'big bombs'. When the game first started this was understandable, an 8,000lb or 12,000lb bomb would be seen to ruin the game within minutes. However WT has evolved: We have late war heavy bombers that drop up to 26,000lb of bombs. We have fixed the 'bomber spam' issue so now you can't just spawn 5 Yer-2's into the game and rush the enemy airfield. Already in the game for 2 years the Soviet 11,000lb FAB-5000 bomb at BR4.3, and the 6,600lb FAB-3000 bombs at later tiers. The game should accommodate all nations having their big bombs in the game. Yes I understand some of these may have been rejected in the past but the game has changed to the point where these should now be in the game. Otherwise it is purely unfair that the Soviets get their big bomb and no other nation gets theirs. Below are some which I suggest should be added. RAF - 8,000lb HC bomb & 12,000lb HC bomb US AN-M56 4,000lb bomb External bomb racks on B-17 which could hold the AN-M56: German SC2500 5,500lb bomb: Please give these your support guys. Thanks.
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    G'day everyone Since lot of suggestions about modern jets recently showed up, I decided to make one for this particular plane, why? Because that would mean that all of so called "Teen series" of jets are suggested (F-14, F-15, F-16 and hopefully now F-18) So lets get started! McDonnell Douglas F/A-18A Hornet First Hornet prototype shortly after its rollout Description Cockpit Weapon systems Specifications Performance graphs (From manual) Various video footage Photographs Sources: - NATOPS Flight Manual Navy Model F/A-18A/B/C/D, 161353 and up aircraft (A1-F18AC-NFM-000) - NATOPS Flight Manual Performance Charts Navy Model F/A-18A/B/C/D Equipped with F404-GE-400 engines (A1-F18AC-NFM-200) - The F-18 Hornet Strike Fighter brochure, May 1977 - The Air Forces Book of the F/A-18 Hornet by Tim Senior This suggestion may be updated over time. Ver 1.0 - Original suggestion Ver 1.1 - Minor edits (spoilered some pictures, made "Specifications" spoiler and "Performance graphs" spoiler) Ver 1.1.1 - Added some more pictures, more polishing Thank you for reading!
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    Considering those vehicles you mentioned are stuff there is large and will blow up if you sneeze at them I would say there is also a certain degree of player related issues here if you allow them to spawn camp you.
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    Suggestion Moderators are recruiting! Are you a dedicated and keen pilot, tanker or captain wishing to actively contribute and help shape the War Thunder Project? The Suggestion Moderators team is currently looking for new recruits willing and eager to help improve the game by processing and evaluating feedback, submitted by players through the Moderated Suggestions section. In particular, we are looking for users who reside within the US and EU regions or are otherwise active within the regular working hours of these two particular regions. Naturally, we welcome applications from all players who express interest in joining our team. Therefore, don't feel immediately disqualified if you don't meet the above mentioned criteria. What are Suggestion Moderators? Suggestion Mods are primarily tasked with processing player feedback submitted via the official Moderated Suggestions sections. Suggestion Mods represent another important link between the game community and development, processing, sorting and passing along relevant player feedback, thus actively contributing in shaping the game as a result. Requirements: Good knowledge and understanding of the game and its mechanics as well as being active players in the game and in the Community. A positive connection to the game as well as a desire to make the game better. An ability to work in an international volunteer team, sociable, and able to communicate on various communication platforms. Solid proficiency in both spoken and written English. Basic analytical skills and ability to work with historical source material Must be over 18 years of age and able to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement as well as being a trustworthy and responsible individual. What would also benefit: Any additional languages spoken (German, Polish, Japanese, Korean, ect.) A sound technical understanding as well as any previous technical experience Any relevant historical background knowledge Day to day tasks and responsibilities of a Suggestion Moderator: Processing Moderated Suggestions in the forum Basic moderation of existing suggestion threads Responding to user queries, issues and problems Log relevant and popular user feedback via In-house archive Keep status of logged feedback up-to-date Help forward feedback and ideas to the devs on a regular basis Please contact Smin1080p with your application telling us a bit about yourself and why you think you would be a great Suggestion Mod! Please title all application PM’s “Suggestion Moderator - Application [Your Game Name]”.
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    From today, 328 additional accounts have been permanently banned for using third-party modifications in violation of the user agreement - use of prohibited modifications. (EULA). The introduction of the reporting system has again proved key in allowing players to participate in keeping the game clear of players who insist on trying to gain unfair advantage. The modification detection algorithm continues to improve. List of banned players: Having an account permanently banned will result in a player losing everything in that account - Be warned! Thank you guys for your vigilance. o7 Discuss it here!
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    Aircraft: Republic F-105D-31RE Thunderchief Classification: Single-engine, all-weather fighter-bomber Visuals: Description: The F-105D was the definitive Thunderchief, as it represented the culmination of several improvements over the earlier F-105B. These modifications included the more powerful J75-P-19W engine that introduced water injection to the type, redesigned air intakes and airflow system, a modified rear fuselage to accommodate plumbing for the ADI system, a larger nosecone to facilitate the new AN/ASG-19 fire control system and R-14A monopulse radar, as well as a new cockpit that brought pilot controls and information up to a more modern standard. The F-105D Thunderchief was first deployed in mid-1960 to the 335th Fighter Squadron with delivery to European-based squadrons soon thereafter. The type would go on to become a major participant in the Vietnam War, as it became the face of Operation Rolling Thunder where the Thunderchief excelled in the tactical bombing role. Unlike earlier predecessors such as the F-84F Thunderstreak which could still boast competitive fighter performance, the F-105D was compromised by its high weight as a result of its incredible ordnance capacity in addition to its heavy airframe. This created a very high wing-loading that made it extremely difficult for the Thunderchief to evade its main opponents over the skies of Vietnam, the significantly lighter and more nimble MiG-17Fs and MiG-21s. In such scenarios, the only course of action was to open up the throttle, hit the deck, and allow the aircraft to make full use of the powerful J75 engine by going supersonic - essentially outrunning all of its opposition. Nevertheless, the F-105D is credited with 27.5 air kills against 17 losses. The F-105D was eventually replaced in its role by the much-improved, superior F-4 Phantom, although specially modified F-105G “Wild Weasel” aircraft would go on to see service over Vietnam until the war’s end. Fuel, Oil, and Water Data: Internal Fuel Capacity: 1550 gallons (1160 gal in fuselage, 390 gal in internal bomb bay) Oil Capacity: 4.5 gallons Water Capacity: 36 gallons Engine Data: Manufacturer: Pratt & Whitney Designation: J57-P-19W Type: two-spool axial Compressor Stages: 8-stage low pressure, 7-stage high pressure Combustion Chamber: annular Tail Pipe: 2-position convergent Fuel Grade: JP-4 Power Data: Afterburner Power w/ water injection: 26500 lbf @ 6900/9090 RPM (Low Pressure/High Pressure) Afterburner Power: 24500 lbf @ 6400/8990 RPM (Low Pressure/High Pressure) Military Power: 16100 lbf @ 6400/8990 RPM (Low Pressure/High Pressure) Normal Power: 14300 lbf @ 6080/8750 RPM (Low Pressure/High Pressure) Dimensional Data: Length: 64.4 ft Height: 19.7 ft Wing Span: 34.9 ft Wing Area: 385 sq. ft Wing Loading: 92.56 lbs/sq. ft @ basic mission combat weight Weight Data: Empty Weight: 26855 lbs Design Weight: 34085 lbs (with no stores) Combat Weight, clean: 35637 lbs Maximum Field Takeoff Weight: 52838 lbs Fuel Weight: 17615 lbs (basic mission takeoff weight, full tank) General Performance Data (combat weight of 35637 lbs, clean): Max Speed @ SL: 726 knots (1344.6 kph) Max Speed @ Altitude: 1192 knots (2207.6 kph) @ 36,089 ft Maximum Rate of Climb @ SL: 34000 ft/min (172.7 m/s) Power-off, flaps-up Stall Speed (takeoff weight of 48976 lbs, basic mission): 180.6 knots (334.47 kph) Takeoff Distance: 4720 ft Combat Ceiling: 48500 ft (afterburning) NOTE: exact speed:altitude figures have limited accuracy (+/- 5 knots) due to SAC graph resolution in some instances. Maximum Speeds (combat weight of 35637 lbs, clean, afterburner w/ water injection): At SL: 726 knots (1344.6 kph) At 10000 ft: ~820 knots (1518.6 kph) At 20000 ft: ~910 knots (1685.3 kph) At 30000 ft: ~1060 knots (1963.1 kph) At 36089 ft: 1192 knots (2207.6 kph, ~Mach 2.1) At 40000 ft: ~1165 knots (2157.6 kph) At 50000 ft: ~1140 knots (2111.3 kph) NOTE: exact speed:altitude figures have limited accuracy (+/- 5 kph) due to SAC graph resolution in some instances. Maximum Speeds (combat weight of 35637 lbs, clean, military thrust): At SL: ~640 knots (1185.3 kph) At 10000 ft: ~624 knots (1255.7 kph) At 20000 ft: ~607 knots (1124.2 kph) At 30000 ft: ~585 knots (1083.4 kph) At 40000 ft: ~540 knots (1000.1 kph) NOTE: exact climb:altitude figures have limited accuracy due to SAC graph resolution. Rate of Climb (combat weight of 35637 lbs, clean, afterburner w/ water injection): At SL: 34000 ft/min (172.7 m/s) At 10000 ft: ~27500 ft/min (139.7 m/s) At 20000 ft: ~20500 ft/min (104.1 m/s) At 30000 ft: ~13750 ft/min (69.9 m/s) At 40000 ft: ~6200 ft/min (31.5 m/s) NOTE: exact climb:altitude figures have limited accuracy due to SAC graph resolution. Rate of Climb (combat weight of 35637 lbs, clean, military thrust): At SL: ~ 8750 ft/min (44.5 m/s) At 10000 ft: ~8500 ft/min (43.2 m/s) At 20000 ft: ~6750 ft/min (34.3 m/s) At 30000 ft: ~4000 ft/min (20.3 m/s) At 35000 ft: ~2500 ft/min (12.7 m/s) Time to Climb (takeoff weight of 48976 lbs, military thrust): From SL to 20K ft: 5.9 min From SL to 30K ft: 10.15 min Armament: Guns: 1x M-61 20mm cannon (1028 rounds total) Bomb/Rocket/Missile Ordnance: (spoilered below due to the wealth of ordnance type and mount locations) Sources: [1] Standard Aircraft Characteristics: F-105D-31 Thunderchief, (AFG 2, Col-1, Addn 49) June ‘70 [2] USAF Series F-105D, F-105F & F-105G Aircraft Flight Manual, T.O. 1F-105D-1, 20 June 1969, Change 3 - 9 September 1970 [3] Characteristics Summary: Fighter F-105D-31, (AFG 1, Addn 99), April ‘71 [4] Characteristics Summary: Fighter F-105D-31, (AFG 1, Addn 58), January ‘64
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    Id stick with the STA series of tanks, they have a low sillouette and can perform well in sneak
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    You snipe. I attack. Two fundamentally different play styles. You are Passive, i am Aggressive. Im going to get killed more than someone who sits back 2000 meters on a Hill waiting for 10 minutes to shoot 3 or 4 people. I will never understand why people think K/D is a indicator of skill. Let me know when you have people who don't die once or twice in a match, then show me those peoples K/D and maybe i'll care.
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    Your service record also says you have Less RP gained than me, and your 4.2 K/D is a joke, i've been in more battles than you with my M1 alone, and have more victories than you do, which means you sit back and snipe. Anyone can do what you do, and my K/D ratio is over 1.0. I play the objectives, i don't sit back behind my teammates. I Don't die once and then leave the game like 95% of the people who play this game do, i will respawn even if im outnumbered and 75% of my team has left the game or quit.
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    I have wanted this this too, and I would be just fine with rough estimates.
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    I voted on this with a +1 some time back. But i'm feeling a larger need for this feature more than ever xD A good example is the new T-30, 37 seconds to reload, and then one of your two loaders dies and its fully reset?? 74 seconds to reload plus the time your guys are swapping places is a real bumber :/
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    Here The Screenshots of the Skill and Modification levels. The Grafical error was first seen with a compleatly stock crew. however i also tested it with a pretty good crew of which you can find the stats in the attachments. the error still existed with this crew.
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    Screenshots for my previous post. For some reason I couldn't attach them despite not exceeding the file size limit.