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    Ammo explosions at high tier naval battles: What on earth is going wrong in this game? - An Illustration There's no need to re-emphasise how abysmally terrible implementation of ammo explosions in the current high tier naval battles. People are already leaving naval because of the miserable grind before even getting a destroyer, and for those few strong-minded who finally manged to climb to cruisers or purchasing premiums, they often find their cruisers constantly explode in one minute from spawn by some random salvo. There're many discussions threads here in the forum and Reddit, and videos in YouTube in regards to this issue, regardless that devs think "ammo explosion is in the third place of all death causes" from whatever reliable statistics which we'll never know. So WHAT ON EARTH IS GOING WRONG IN THIS GAME that makes ammo explosion happens so horrendously often? Some believe that it is because of Gaijin's map design which forces everyone to CQC where gunfire being very accurate so you can effectively aim on ammoracks. Some believe that it is because dispersion in this game is too small. Some radical suggestions even asks to remove ammorack modules from X-ray completely and implement ammo explosion into a certain probability upon the total number of hits on the ship. These opinions are more or less wrong if you really do deep studies in combat records in the WW2, and I don't think removing ammorack module and purely relies on RNG probability is a good idea. In fact, the problem in which ammo explosion happens way too often, is not caused by a single reason. There're multiple issues that Gaijin fails to properly handle that contribute to the high probability of ammo explosions in this game. In addition, I realise that many players still haven't really understood how ammoracks work in War Thunder naval, so this article will also explain the most up-to-date ammo explosion mechanics in game (Gaijin changed ammo explosion mechanics drastically in the past few major updates). How Ammorack DM works in War Thunder Naval? (You can skip this section if you already know it well) Currently, ammo storage in War Thunder naval is classified into these categories (EN Client): Shells Room. For cruisers, "Shells room" is where the main calibre gun's shells being stored. It should be noted that most of naval guns from 5in up use SEPARATE AMMO, of which the shells (projectiles) and propellant charge (in metal cases or silk bags) are separately stored. Charge Room. For cruisers, "Charge room" is where the the main calibre gun's propellant charge being stored. Ammunition Storage. For cruisers, "Ammunition storage" refers to Secondary gun ammo and AA ammo storage. First-stage ammo. For cruisers, it can be the ready racks of main calibre guns or secondary guns. Not all cruisers have first-stage ammo. I find that many people are confused by the concepts of "Shells room" and "Charge room", "ammo storage" and "magazine". This is possibly because many people intuitively think "shell" = a complete round of ammo, which is not the case in real life. A complete round is always separated into the shell (projectile) and propellant charges. In ground vehicles, "fixed ammo", of which the projectile and propellant charge is fixed together so they looks like an integrated thing, are widely used, so it gives an impression of one "shell" = one complete round. After all, in a tank shells and propellants are always stored together regardless it's fixed or separated ammo, but for a warship, shells and propellants are stored in completely different spaces. I often find people mixing the word "magazine" with ammo storage. In official Q&A thread by @Tovarish_kapitan, even the developer had misunderstood the meaning of "magazine". In fact, the word "magazine" only refers to the space where propellant powders are stored, so in case of separated ammo, "magazine" =/= ammo storage because a complete ammo storage also includes "shell room", sometimes also includes a separated "fuze magazine" in real life (but fuze magazine is neglected in game). Currently in 1.99, behaviours of ammo storage when being destroyed is implemented as below: Shell room - 100% chance of FATAL explosion which destroy the ship instantly Charge room - 100% chance of non-fatal explosion, inflict massive damage to the surrounding modules and compartments, creates intense fire. Ammunition storage - 100% of non-fatal explosion, inflict massive damage to the surrounding modules and compartments, creates intense fire. First-stage ammo - 100% of non-fatal explosion, inflict massive damage to the surrounding modules and compartments, creates intense fire. It looks making sense, but in fact it does not work: In 1.99 update, the destructive power of non-fatal explosion had been significantly increased. So even if charge room, ammunition storage or first-stage ammo explosions are NOT considered as "fatal" explosion, they often destroy the "shell room" in the vicinity, which is coded as FATAL explosion source. This is why your ship being blown up when enemy just hit your AA machine-gun ammo or even first-stage ammo on the deck. Hipper/Eugen and Chapayev/Sverdlov are particularly suffering from this issue. Shell room explosion being coded as fatal explosion source in this game IS COMPLETELY UNREALISTIC. This will be discussed in the later sections. WHAT IS GOING WRONG IN THIS GAME? 1. Completely unrealistic handling of "shell room" DM While it might be surprised to some people, naval shells are extremely inert to most damage sources. A large-calibre shell stowage does NOT massively explode from gunfire damage. This is due to various reasons: Naval shells are mostly loaded with extremely insensitive explosive fillers. In battle of Jutland, British fleet was plagued by premature detonation of their AP shells, which was contributed by the Lyddite filler which was relatively sensitive to shock. After WWI, almost all navies had understood the importance of using insensitive explosive fillers to prevent premature detonation, and Japanese, which still keep using picric acid as fillers, applied shock-resistance design in their shells to solve this issue. This brought another beneficial side-effect that shells loaded with these fillers were extremely stable against almost all damage sources. Naval shells are mostly of much higher calibre than tanks. Large calibre shells have very thick wall, which makes them immune to fragments: For more detailed description and solid references, see this: All in all, on the contrary of what Gaijin thinks, the shell room should NOT be a source of fatal explosion, but in fact as ADDITIONAL PROTECTION when it is placed above powder magazine ("Charge room" in WT EN client) The only hazard to shell stowage in real life is the FIRE. By prolonged roasting effect, explosives may massively explode when temperature reaches a certain point. The most recent example of fire causing explosives to massive detonation: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-53659282 2. Shells not fuzing on water in game In real life, the fuze of the shell will be triggered when it strikes water, the maximum distance of a shell traveled in water is therefore limited by its fuze delay. However, this is not the case in War Thunder naval. In this game, shells are not fuzing when they hit the water so they can travel for 20+m or even further without being detonated. Since most of ships' ammo storage is located well below the waterline, so if the shells are not fuzing on water, the chance of hitting ammo storage below waterline is greatly increased. 3. Shell trajectory does not change after water-entry in this game In real life, shell trajectory more or less changes after water-entry. Specifically, after entering water, the trajectory of a standard shell will bends upwards and turn into a run that almost being paralleled to water surface. The shell will drastically loss its velocity or even tumble. After travelling for about 80 times of its calibre distance, the shell will lose almost all of its velocity and re-emerge again to the surface or quickly sink. This physical phenomenon greatly limited the maximum depth that a diving shell may reach below water surface. Unfortunately, this important physical fact is completely missing in this game. Shells simply follow its original path before entering the water so they too often reaches unrealistically excessive depth where most of ships do not have any armour. Some people may have noticed that some ships are "missing" side armour abreast magazine: Someone even thought that this is a bug and reported it in the forum. In fact, this is not a bug. The armour scheme of this ship in game is historically accurate, what is wrong is the physics of this game. While omitting side armour for magazine well below the waterline was a good idea in real life for saving tonnage, it does not work in this game because water in War Thunder does NOT prevent shells from reaching such depth. 4. Shells do not bounce off from water surface at low falling angle There're some people believe that why hits on ammo stowage happens so often in this game is because ships often fight at extremely close range in game. However, this assumption is NOT right. In fact, there were a lot of real battles happened at extremely close range in history, but no hit on magazine actually happened in these cases. While indeed at close range ships can quickly score tremendous number of hits on enemy, it is more difficult to hit vital parts, which are mostly located below the waterline. This is because at close range, shells almost always ricochet from water surface like stone-skipping due to low falling angle. In such scenario, underwater hits almost never happen. This phenomenon is completely missing for large calibre shells in this game, which is weird because apparently Gaijin had modelled this feature for machineguns and small calibre AA guns. A few historical examples to give you an impression of how rarely underwater hits happen at short range in real life: At last, I want to mention some other naval game which Gaijin derided as "tanks on blue grass". In that "arcadish" game, their developers recreated almost all of the phenomena I've mentioned above except ricochets from water surface. In addition, they even gives Japanese shells a super-long-delay fuze which allows them to travel further in water than others as they historically did. So which game is of "realism" and which one is "arcadish"? That's a question. Related reading materials for people who interested: About the inertness of projectile stowage: http://www.navweaps.com/index_inro/INRO_Hood.php#Magazine_Detonation Sympathetic Detonation of 16"/50 HC Projectiles BR 932, Handbook on Ammunition http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C2488104 http://discovery.nationalarchives.gov.uk/details/r/C2488212 About the physics of interaction between projectiles and water: http://www.navweaps.com/index_inro/INRO_Hood.php#Underwater_Trajectories "Underwater Projectile Hits" by Nathan Okun Shallow Water Entry of Ballistic Projectiles About how fuzes works in real life: OP 1664, US Explosive Ordnance, Volume 1 OP 1212, Projectile Fuzes Real life battle damage reports showing the hit rates across the ship at close-quarter combats: https://www.history.navy.mil/research/library/online-reading-room/title-list-alphabetically/w/war-damage-reports/uss-quincy-ca39-astoria-ca34-vincennes-ca44-war-damage-report-no29.html https://www.ibiblio.org/hyperwar/USN/rep/WDR/U.S.S. STERETT (DD-407), GUNFIRE DAMAGE - Battle of Guadalcanal, November 13, 1942.pdf Some general history about cruisers' design, showing the evolution of the philosophy behind magazine protection of various navies: Eric Lacroix & Linton Wells II: Japanese Cruisers of the Pacific War Norman Friedman: British Cruisers: Two World Wars and After
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    The T-64s... The T-72... The T-80B... These things are... are pretty much unrivalled against their counterparts such as Leopards, KPz/MBT-70s, M60s, first two Abrams's, Chieftains, Vickers... just everything. Now, if someone tells you that Abrams's are the most survivable tanks in tier VI-VII, please just laugh at them because during this week with my KPz-70, firing side shots on those T-62s, 64s and 72s only caused either their commanders or loaders to get knocked out, meanwhile everything else stays intact and enough to retaliate and kill you with one tap. If you get all those Contact-1 ERAs that absorbs everything that your enemy is firing at you (APFSDS, HEATFS it doesn't matter) and if you get a 125mm gun in return that one taps your enemy from any angle and distance, you just can't stay at 9.3 or 9.7, can you? At this moment, some wise guys will pop out and say ''NATO gets tanks with better mobility!!1!11!'' but when your side shots are far away from critically damaging the enemy, whats the worth of flanking them? Yesterday, my 152mm caliber, 346mm penetrating APFSDS on KPz-70 entered through a T-64s turret back and caused the minimal damage possible (no crew members were knocked out and the breech became yellow). Of course he turned around and one tapped my KPz-70 through the mantlet. I get this game is being developed by Russians, and maybe they believe their people built the best tanks through generations which were immune to enemy fire, but how about we take things realistically for a second and consider that Russian breeches or crews are not immortal IRL? Why do I have to play extremely cautiously with my KPz-70 because I realize that my shell will bounce off of the Russian hulls or turrets or cause the minimal damage 85% of the time and when they can just roll their tanks on the enemy because they already realize that enemy shells will bounce off them 85% of the time? Why do you have to give Russian playerbase such comfort meanwhile the NATO side suffers from no competent armor and firepower? DUDE, you just can't get an APFSDS that penetrates 479mm (almost the same as M1A1/A2) and stay at 9.7, can you?! If that's the case, my stance on taking all Abrams's to 9.3 and KPz-70/MBT-70 to 8.3 still stands as valid. Because these things don't have enough firepower to deal with their enemy, aside from having paper armor. Now, someone, once again, will say ''but the Abrams's are the most survivable tanks in the game!1!!1!!1'' but please don't take them seriously. Because whenever I fight against XM-1s, M1s or M1A1/A2s in my KPz-70, with one shot, I either entirely destroy them or disable most of their turret systems (breech, barrel, gunner, loader, commander). But when I fire at Russian tanks, they most likely survive the impact. If the BR changes on Abrams and MBT-70 won't work as a valid change, the only solution to this is the NATO vs. PACT matches because the T-80 is entirely superior to the everything US and UK offers at top tier. Its time that they need to fight Ariete PSOs that penetrates 625mm of armor or Leclercs that offers mobility and 575mm armor penetration combined. I'm sick tired of fighting them, for real.
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    LIKE this comment for British UPVOTE this comment for German
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    Enemy team is red My team is blue I saw some WWII machines And more modern ones too. I am sorry guys, but it's really too early for any hints.
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    Like the title says, the Leopard C2A1 being added in operation Summer should be in the British Tech Tree, there is more reason for it to be there than the German Tech Tree based on History than just scattering every vehicle Gaijin feels like to the 4 winds.
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    7.7 Russen, finde ich persönlich nicht besonders stark ! Langsam, Schlechte Kanonen, schlechte Granaten.... Die besten runden 31.07 - 02.08 2020 So der erste tag des Monats und schon das Match des Monats ? OK mal sehen... Das Team ist mal wieder schlecht, ich fahre mit meinen T54 1951 erstmal zu C. Nehme es ein und mach insgesamt 9 Gegner tot. Dan bin ich explodiert, durch bomben die man anscheinend nicht mehr hören kann wen sie im Anflug sind. Nach meinen tot hat es natürlich sehr schlecht ausgesehen... wollte erst raus gehen, habe jedoch noch den T54 1949 genommen, der ist STOCK ! der hat nicht mal das rep kit! Nochmal zu C gefahren, nochmal C gecapt, danach von hinten in B rein... dabei nochmal 9 stück gekillt ! Dan war es gewonnen! Am ende fast noch eine 3 flagge gecapt! Also Match des Monats ?... ... naja, eher nicht... ....kurz darauf ist das hier passiert.... Erstmal über der A-Linie flankiert und die gegner bei A entfernt, dann wollte ich eigentlich auf die Gegner der anderen Seite schießen... Aber beim oberen spawn sind auf einmal gefühlt alle gespawnt. Also musste ich die erstmal blockieren... erst kamen ein paar dann alle... ich habe so viele getötet, ich hab meinen Panzer noch nie so schnell leer geschossen! Ich musste mich zu A zurück ziehen da ich leer war... von da konnte ich auf die andere Seite wirken, habe B und C gut unter feuer genommen und einige Gegner entfernt, gleichzeitig habe auch noch A verteidigt! Trotzdem hat es das Team nicht geschafft B oder C zu nehmen und zu halten! Am ende haben es meine Abschüsse geregelt ! Hier dachte ich, dass ich gleich tot bin, Treffer auf den Geschützverschluss.... aber die Elite crew war zum glück schnell Match des Monats
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    "Starfighter Schemes" - F-104 Skin Contest Winners We are pleased to announce the winners of the F-104 "Starfighter Schemes" skin creation competition hosted on War Thunder Live. Every entry to the contest was truly exceptional and is worthy of recognition. Definitely check them out! All the winning entries can be seen below. Congratulations to the winners and all other artists. Excellent work on your amazing creations! Historical / Service camo (For air forces we have in game - eg. Germany, USA etc) 1st 3000 Ninetalis - F-104J "Eiko" Sea Camouflage 2nd 2000 SchwarzeKreuze - F-104S-ASA(M) 3rd 1000 Flyer1234 - F-104A/C "Smoke II" USAF Global (For air forces that are not in game, but used F-104s - eg. Denmark, Norway etc) 1st 3000 ItssLuBu - F-104A Royal Jordian Air Force 2nd 2000 BlueBeta - F-104S 9-888 3rd 1000 melon_soda123 - F-104G RNLAF Commemorative / Special (For special schemes that were used to mark celebratory events, anniversaries or displays - eg. Display teams, Anniversary, Promotional etc) 1st 3000 Magicool - F-104G "Bavaria" 2nd 2000 Aotea - F-104N NASA "Joe Walker's" aircraft 3rd 1000 Sidescrepe - F-104S "The Last Starfighter"
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    Is there a way to switch back to the previous sounds? The new ones are terrible...
  9. 16 points → changes: New Arsenalen skin for an Ikv 73! Churchill Mk VII → Churchill VII Infantry Tank Mk IV A22F "Churchill" Mk VII → Tank, Infantry, Mk IV, Churchill VII (A22F) A30 Challenger → Tank, Cruiser, Challenger (A30) A30 SP Avenger → Self Propelled 17pdr, Avenger (A30) Crusader Mk. II → Tank, Cruiser, Crusader III, AA Mk II Iron Duke IV → Comet I "Iron Duke IV" A34 Comet I Iron Duke IV → Tank, Cruiser, Comet I (A34) "Iron Duke IV" A34 Comet I → Tank, Cruiser, Comet I (A34) Churchill Mk III → Churchill III Infantry Tank Mk IV A22 "Churchill" Mk III → Tank, Infantry, Mk IV, Churchill III (A22) A.33 Heavy Assault Tank "Excelsior" → Tank, Heavy Assault, Excelsior (A33) L-62 ANTI-II – country of origin is now Finland. M60 (all) – turret limits changed. T-69 IIG, Ikv 91 – automatic sight distance correction added. All wheeled vehicles – added steering speed and neutral steering speed. Ariete (all) – commander MGs max elevation: 20° → 60°. Challenger 2 (both), Vickers 7 – elevation speed: 5°/s → 11°/s. M60A2 – zoom nerfed. BMP-3 – max brake force: 56000 → 130000, gear ratios changed, suspension dampening force increased. 120 mm CTG 120/L50 cannon – DM23 speed: 1640 m/s → 1680 m/s, penetration slightly increased (418 mm best instead of 410 mm) New decal: eSports Ready Raw changes: https://github.com/gszabi99/War-Thunder-Datamine/compare/ → changes: New German IL-28 skin. It is unknown whether it's German or Soviet. Raw changes: https://github.com/gszabi99/War-Thunder-Datamine/compare/ Current dev version: Current live version:
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    Match des Monats! Deutsche br 6.3 Ich war low tier... 6.3 gegen 7.3! 19 kills gegen 7.3... das ist krank! Was in dem match noch krank war, war der matchmaker... der dachte sich, ja geben wir den Gegner mal doppelt so viele 7.3 und 7.0 Panzer wie meinem Team. Leider 1x indirekt geteamkillt worden, der zweite tot war auch komisch.... 3x auf den feind geschossen, der erste ging ganz normal durch die anderen 2 Schuss sind an der selben stelle abgeprallt, dann war ich tot.
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    Those new sounds for explosions and tank shots are absolutely awful, is there a possibility to use the old ones? The planes may be good, but the tanks are utterly horrific.
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    Hopefully something like this: Or announcement of proper map, not that urban junk! Or allowing NATO vs Warsaw Pact teams! Or fix in economy!
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    As the title says. Currently we are in the ridiculous situation that the top tier MBTs of some select nations have to start with the nerfed HEAT-FS round (M1A1, M1A2, Leo 2k, Leo 2A4, Type 90, Type 90B, ZTZ 96, ZTZ 96A, Leclerc, AMX-40) and the APFSDS being a tier 3 or 4 research for some of them doesn't help either. We were promised last year after the HEAT-FS nerf that the situation will be looked into when enough data has been gathered. We are almost a year in from that moment and still nothing. What more data does GE need? Can you come up with a better excuse?
  15. 13 points → changes: Romanian EULA added. Added the 6 new event vehicles, their skins, statcard and tech-tree images. Added 5 new weapon decorators. F11F-1: BR – 9.0 Stock rep cost – 4860 / 12270 / 52600 SL Loadouts: 4x 500 lbs Mk. 82 4x 500 lbs Mk. 82 + 2x AIM-9B 2x 1000 lbs Mk. 83 2x 1000 lbs Mk. 83 + 2x AIM-9B 28x FFAR 38x FFAR 14x FFAR + 2x AIM-9B 38x FFAR (somehow different) 38x FFAR + 2x AIM-9B 4x AIM-9B Ar 196A-3: BR – 1.7 Stock rep cost – 380 / 870 / 930 SL Leopard C2 MEXAS: BR – 9.0 Stock rep cost – 2230 / 3950 / 2320 SL Cannon and shells are the same as the Radkampfwagen 90. Gen 1 gunner thermal as Tier III mod. Ikv 73: BR – 3.0 Stock rep cost – 1560 / 2190 / 2630 SL Freccia: BR – 4.0 Stock rep cost – 2720 / 4200 / 0 SL Maxim Gorky: BR – 5.7 Stock rep cost – 4560 / 4400 / 0 SL M4 Composito – added max repair time value of 140 sec. Crusader Mk. II "The Saint", HSTV-L – added max repair time value of 125 sec. Wood and duralumin armour types received a new line – ' "shatterArmorQuality": 0.5 '. All cruisers – main calibre turrets (after death) now have 15% chance of catching on fire and 85% chance of nothing happening. Fulda stars on the night sky – longitude: 18 → 11, date: 1942.8.23 → 1942.8.26. New menu line – "unlocks/inventory";"New item". Raw changes: https://github.com/gszabi99/War-Thunder-Datamine/compare/ Current dev version – Current live version –
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    Sound The whistle from nearby cannon shells currently has low playback probability. We continue to improve this effect and in future updates the sound of a passing shell will work more accurately and realistically. The sound of low calibre bullets passing at close range is now quieter. The whistle before the explosion of an artillery shell strike now has a probability of playback but it will not be played every time. Taking into account player feedback the following changes have been made The volume of enemy/allied aircraft engines has been lowered. The volume of the enemy/allied ground vehicles as well as the sound from the player’s ground vehicle have been increased. The volume of ATGM and rocket volleys has been lowered. The sound of the Ju 87 Stuka siren at long and short range has been changed. A bug has been fixed where active air defense (flares) sounded like ATGM’s when firing. The sound of allied/enemy machine guns dependent on distance from them has been adjusted. Now the distance is more noticeable with the ear. The sound of explosions dependent on distance from them (in increasing) has been adjusted. Now the distance is more noticeable with the ear. Ground Vehicle model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes: A battle speed mode for ground vehicles with gun stabilization through a shoulder rest, whose stabilization limits are in the area of the first stage of the cruise control, has been implemented. The changes affect the following vehicles: AMC.34 YR AMC.35 (ACG.1) AMR.35 ZT3 B1 bis B1 ter FCM.36 H.35 H.39 "Cambronne" D2 R.35 (SA38) S.35 Pz.35(t) Pz.Kpfw. 38(t) Ausf. A Pz.Kpfw.II Ausf. C (DAK) Pz.Kpfw. II Ausf. F Sd.Kfz.221 (s.Pz.B.41) L3/33 CC Type 1 Chi-He (5th Regiment) Type 2 Ka-Mi Type 89b I-Go Ko Type 95 Ha-Go Type 97 Chi-Ha Type 97 Chi-Ha Kai Type 98 Ke-Ni Tetrarch Mk.I Independent Cromwell I Matilda III A13 Mk I (3rd R.T.R.) A13 Mk.II A13 Mk.II 1939 Churchill I Churchill III AEC Mk II Crusader "The Saint" Crusader III Daimler Mk II M2A4 (1st Arm.Div.) LAC M8 Valentine I Aircraft characteristics, damage model, and weapon improvements: The images of suspended weaponry have been changed for the following aircraft corresponding to the weaponry names: Mi-24V Mi-24P Mi-28N AH-1S AH-1S Kisarazu The position of the elements in the menu of the suspended weaponry has been corrected for following vehicles: Martin 167-A3 LeO 451 early LeO 451 late PB4Y-2 The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated. Leave feedback here
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    Beste Runde bis jetzt im M26.
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    Ok, Gaijin. New sound really sucks. When shooting you from a tank (10.7) sounds like someone nailing nails to a coffin. Are you going to destroy GRB?
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    Eventzeit und mit den Russen läuft es wieder ! Eine Runde und die erste Teilaufgabe erledigt:
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    A German Leopard 1A3 Upgraded with -German 1A5 turrets -German EMES 18 fire control system -German MEXAS-M armor --> British tree
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    As we said in a Q and A recently, one was actually planned for the last major update but didn't quite make it. So its expected in the next one. So yes, the chances are very high indeed for a new T-72 version. That feeling when you can actually say yes in the rumor topic to something for once rather than deny ))))
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    Top tier was hard enough to enjoy anyway, but the fact so many new players can buy their way to top tier has lead to the formation of garage top tier teams. Legit garbage. Total trash. Teams that legitimately do not know what they are doing. The fact I can consistently get #1 in my team by racing around like a spurging xxxx just ramming and shooting whatever just shows the skill that would normally be expected of players at top tier is woefully absent. It's sad that the final destination that players spend years striving for in this game has been ruined by it's own developers greed.
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    Alright, let me start by saying that I know Gaijin has been busy lately, but I think this should have been done a long time ago. We have a lot of unfinished cockpits, but I think that a lot of the bomber cockpits are in the worst condition. They have literally no detail in them at all, just dials and a plain black wall behind them, like on the B17 or B25, to name a few. I was excited 5 years ago when they finally gave cockpits to bombers, but I have been waiting since then for them to be finished, and I thing it's about time they were. If any of y'all feel the same, drop an upvote or something to get this topic noticed.
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    Armor is useless, gets one shotted all the time, is frickin huge, has no thermals, and its dart and heat rounds got nerfed. If the T-55AM-1 gets to be an 8.3, them why can’t Leo2k be a 9.3? I originally thought it shouldn’t be moved down but after testing it in battle it definitely seems underpowered. Even the frickin BMP-2 missile can slice right through. Its a 9.3 no doubt, esp considering gaijin refuses to give the 2k its thermal sights.
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    Oh yup, there we go. Got em. Thats my Dov Blog bingo card already got one stamp. I was wondering how many seconds it would be after mentioning T-72 before "BuT MaH t-90" since the great era of Mirage spam came to a close.
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    can u revert the sounds somehow ?atleast playerside,they sound just sad compared to the old ones.
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    Mal wieder etwas 6.3 gefahren. Gegen 6.3 Gegen 7.3 und nur durch meine Leistung gewonnen Gegen 7.3... Der Gegner hatte glück das ich nur 30 Granaten dabei gehabt habe
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    https://m.vk.com/wall-13137988_3834619 World War Mode is a waste of resources. Please quit wasting time on it and focus on fixing Naval or Helo EC instead.
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    Bringing together this many players, from all over the world, 24/7, and allowing them to interact... air, sea, and land, with an absolutely dizzying array of vehicles from just after the Great War to plenty that are still in service today... This is an amazing feat.
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    Das war das All time Match für mich in 5 Jahren WT AB GF: Meiner einer allein als Low im 8.7 teilausgebauten OF-40Mk.2A gegen 9.7 in Mosdok auf dem EU-Server. Wurde diesmal, zu meiner Verwunderung, nicht durch einen der zahlreich herumschwirrenden Helis, sondern durch einen mich geschickt hinter einer Hügelkuppe frontal angreifenden T-72A, den ich leider zu spät bemerkte bei der Vielzahl an Gegnern, gekillt. Drückte danach TAB, um zu sehen ob ein Wiedereinstieg noch lohnt und sah dieses..... Das hab ich in 5 Jahren WT noch nie erlebt, das mein Team keinen einzigen Panzer-Kill schafft, obwohl genug 9.7-er im Team waren!!! Der MM wird immer besser, was die Verteilung der Hirntoten betrifft.... dieses Match schlug dem Fass den Boden ins Gesicht....läuft Gaijin...ich musste so Tränen lachen .
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    Yes I totaly agree. That whizzzzzz is so annoying.
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    New Sounds are Worse than Sounds in beta of War Thunder the Tiger Cannon Sound Like flat sound of punching the table
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    Except this is a video game. Not the real world reflecting all the political situations and geographical differences. There is no need for the massive over complications of any of that. We just have Germany. Case closed from this point on. Back on topic.
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    Title says it all. Today, I wanted to play with my M1A1 after a long time, and the situation has gotten worse. In the past, US and UK teams were able to team up with French and USSR teams but today, I played against the combination of Germany, USSR, Japan, Italy, French and Swedish teams with either only US teams or US/UK combined. Solution? Simple. The US and UK factions should never have tanks at top tier. Everything they have at 10.3 needs to get downtiered to 9.3 and fight 8.3 tanks occasionally because lets face it, they are not worthy of fighting other factions 10.3 vehicles. Apache vs. Ka-50/52? Kamovs wins without losing one single round. Abrams vs. T-80s? Abrams stands no chance. Against Leopards? Abrams stands no chance. Ariete PSO? Something that gets 625mm penetrating APFSDS should never have added to the game. Leclerc? Abrams stands no chance. SPAAs? Kamovs destroys any ADATS on sight. During those 13 matches I played today, I barely witnessed ADATS killed any helicopters or aircraft in the air. Sgt. York? Decent, but another easy kill for anything PACT or Axis top tiers, or even 9.3 vehicles. Another solution could be the other thing I expressed in other topics; NATO vs. PACT matches. USSR and China can have Swedish and Japanese tanks on their team as Sweden and Japan are not a member of NATO. So teams consist of US, UK, Italy, France and Germany fighting against USSR, China, Sweden and Japan would be the another definition of balance in top tier. Opinions?
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    Ganz netter lose. 12 Killst mit dem T-V. Leider durch einen spielfehler gestorben.... ich hab gesehen das bald einer hinter mir kommen wird, hab alle 2 sek die cam nach hinten gedreht, hat aber nichts gebracht, plötzlich ist in der luft eine granate gespawnt und der gegner war erst in der killcam zu sehen ^^ Dan war ich tot und somit war das spiel verloren.... auf dem BR spielt man ja grundsätzlich alleine gegen das komplette gegnerteam, diese blauen dinger auf der map sind ja nur Dekoration. Hab dan versucht mit dem t34 zu cappen, da waren aber zu viele gegner im weg ^^
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    Disclamer, this isn't a rant, nor is it a "I QUIT! REEE!" post. More of an observation from someone who's spent far too much time, and arguably money on this game. With the release of Starfighters, we've got a few cool new toys to grind and suffer the stock grind with. That's normal, we're used to that. However something about this update is different. F-104, cool plane. One of the jets I hoped to see in game some day, purely for its historical significance in many airforces around the world. However, we're now seeing compression hit such a, well, compressed state that we're watching Air RB become unplayable for two BR brackets. F-104G/J is mostly a waste of a slot in 10.3 games, you're just free food for the top dogs and their potent missiles. I can get a few kills but it's absolutely a struggle compared to my F-4EJ/FGR.2. Conversely F-104A/C run completely amok in 8.7 games, always top tier. The entire bracket where most premium jets are is now rendered almost entirely useless by the presence of these new jets. They are essentially untouchable, capable of twice the speed of their competition and can dictate the flow of a game single handedly. The most hilarious thing is that if the F-104A/C were to go up to 10.0, they'd be worse than useless. 0.3 BR difference is now the barrier between being so overpowered that other planes literally can't touch you, to being completely useless to the point where you might as well not spawn in. If that isn't the most obvious example of how bad compression is now, I don't know what is. It's not just the 8.7 bracket that's suffering either. Because of this, people want to grind their F-104A's at lower BR's where they won't see these planes. So they take out their F-89D's and make the 6.3-8.3 bracket almost intolerable. Have fun flying those Me-262 A1's guys. So I try to play some top tier Brits to grind my Challenger 2 2F. Within a few minutes half my team is dead because there's one or two Ka-50/52 raining down ATGM's from 10km whilst also killing any helicopters or aircraft that spawn in. Sadly I get the same issues when I try to play Japan or USA. So that's fun, no top tier tanks for me for a while. I try heli EC to grind my British Apache with my Lynx. Nope that's not going to work, one look at the leaderboard shows nothing but Ka-50's in the top spots with around a 3/1 KD ratio. I get a few base kills, 50 AI ground unit kills and a few player kills by pure luck, only get 7k RP for 40 minutes work. The next game I spawn into has been in progress for a while, I take off and literally 10 seconds after spawning I'm dead. There's a Ka-52 camping our helipad a few km outside of AAA range just spawn camping. I switch helipads, the same thing happens again. So heli EC is out of the question too. I go to play some naval, sometimes that can be fun. I always loved the design of the IJN Tone, I'll hop in my IJN ships and have a go at that. Hmmm, well that wasless than ideal. The global HE nerf has made most of my ships almost worthless especially when they're stock with no SAP/AP round. What's worse are the Fletchers and USN CL/CA's that take almost zero damage from HE shells. I no longer have to worry about the Graf Spee, but sadly my IJN line up is utterly useless now. I tried playing 4.3 DD's which have always been the most fun IMO, except the place is swarming with Fletchers which I essentially can't damage. So that's out of the window too. So I've tried almost every game mode there is. Air RB is no longer fun to grind anything in, because of the imbalance between BR's and compression being the worst its ever been. High tier ground forces isn't that fun, because the nations I main face Germany/USSR almost every game and just get completely stomped. I can't play heli EC to grind my helicopters because its objectively broken and essentially unplayable unless you're flying a Ka-50/52. I can't enjoy naval because of the HE rework and the overpowered state of US warships which are absolutely just farming kills for days at the moment, with a pronounced spam of USS Helena premiums just to compound the issue. Nothing feels entertaining in this game anymore, unless I play low tiers which in itself has balancing problems, with HEATFS that used to reside up at 7.7 in the Leopard 1 (once considered the best tank in the game) now as low as BR 5.7. HEATFS at the same BR as a M18 Hellcat and only 0.3 BR higher than the Sherman Jumbo. Compressions hitting lower and lower BR's with each update. I used to be able to spend absolutely countless hours playing this game and have fun. There were issues but they were manangable. However of late I really worry for this titles future. Player retention is still an issue. Events are becoming increasingly aggressively monetised. Each update brings further compression and power creep at ever escalating levels, yet we see no sign from Gaijin that they are looking at expanding the BR system to higher levels to allow vehicles to breath and actually be useful. There has been no development of Heli EC since it came to be, with balancing issues galore. Naval is still a half baked game mode, with atrocious map design and arguably the worst economy system in the game. Developments to air RB are welcome, however there is still an abject lack of diversity especially at top tier where interceptor aircraft are worthless owed to them having nothing to intercept. They aren't really capable of going toe to toe with dedicated fighters, and become dead content as a result (expect to see very few F-104's after a few weeks when the hype dies down). I'm running out of ways to enjoy myself and defend any of Gaijins behaviour. Frankly, at the moment they're either running out of ideas and just making a mess of things, or they're deliberately milking the game for everything it's worth, for well knowing what it will do for the titles longevity. God I want this game to be successful, there are elements to it which are just insanely good and there's nothing else out there like it. With Gaijins primary development focus most likely being Enlisted now, I can't help but feel things are only going to get worse. I'm curious what the wider community thinks, over to you.
  39. 9 points → changes: Romanian EULA added. New menu lang line – "workshop/summer_2020_exchange";"Exchange items — ""Operation S.U.M.M.E.R. 2020""" New weaponry lang line – "weapons/cannonBrowning-Colt_Mk12_Mod0";"20 mm Browning-Colt Mk12 Mod 0 cannon" (The F11F-1's cannon) F11F-1: Stock AB rep cost – 4860 SL → 4690 SL. Stock RB rep cost – 12270 SL → 11860 SL. Stock SB rep cost – 52600 SL → 50820 SL. But spaded rep cost got higher. Tier II modifications needed to unlock Tier III – 1 → 2. Cannon changed – 20mm Mk. 11 Mod. 5 → 20mm Mk. 12 Mod. 0. One-second burst mass fixed on statcard – 2.64 → 7.3. AIM-9B is now Tier III modification instead of Tier IV. New modifications: Offensive 20 mm New 20 mm cannons New boosters Ar 196A-3: Now has only one loadout – 2x S.C.50. Slight DM changes. (Its damagePartsDependencyMap is now not from an external file but listed in the DM itself.) Leopard C2 MEXAS: Purchase and expert crew cost – 1.020.000 SL → 690.000 SL. Train cost – 290.000 SL → 200.000 SL. Ace cost – 1.080.000 RP → 1.010.000 RP. Repair times reduced. RP multiplier – 2.32 → 2.26. Some modifications got a slight increase in cost. (+10 GE) Talisman cost – 2800 GE → 2700 GE. Received the automatic sight distance correction for Sim. Ikv 73: Now has 3 crew members listed on the statcard instead of 2. Received some new armour. Received an 8 mm Ksp m/36 machine gun, used by the commander. Maxim Gorky: Parts and Dry-docking modifications are now more expensive. All the other modifications have lowered GE costs. Removed its HE shells. (Still has dist. fuse HE and variable time fuse HE.) (Same 100 mm cannon as on the other Kirov class CL already in-game.) F.222.2, N.C.223.3 – default and 5x 200 kg + 7x 100 kg loadouts: icons fixed. All small boats – received damage effects for their fixed and first stage ammo racks. Raw changes: https://github.com/gszabi99/War-Thunder-Datamine/compare/ Current dev version – Current live version –
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    Russen 6.3 T44 kann schon gut sein #
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    SB GF! Das hat halt einfach mal Spaß gemacht und der 300% booster hat sich auf der Huey richtig gelohnt. Vor allem war der Anflug in den Cap gar nicht so einfach
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    Kleinstfahrzeuge Wen man alles alleine machen muss (6.3)
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    What is the situation now : gun barrels of ground vehicles do not have a physical existence. So they go through buildings and other vehicles. What is the problem : it leads to completely unrealistic situations, such as - a vehicle with a long barrel being able to turn around its turret in a narrow street or being close to a wall - very close combat situations where a vehicle with a long barrel is able to shoot another vehicle next to it (in reality its gun would be blocked by the other's vehicle turret). What is my suggestion : Give the gun barrel a physical model, at least in RB and SB, to prevent the gun barrel to go through obstacles. But do it in a way so that when the gun barrel collides with an obstacle no damage occurs to the gun. Comment : the suggestion of a full physical model as been rejected by the devs because colliding the gun with walls and other vehicles would damage it, and this would make gameplay uneasy. This is why I suggest that colliding the gun will not damage it. Thus we'll have a solution where both realism and gameplay are preserved.
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    Not gonna complain overall for the new sounds. However, while it's great to hear near shells and bullets whizz by next to you, when someone drops an arty on you, all you hear is schrapnel flying by. It's louder than the explosion itself. It just sounds like someone dropped wet fireworks on you. Also, after a few more battles with the tanks, you get hit, what do you hear ? "whizzzzzzzzzz". Ricochet ? "whiiiiiiiiiizzzzzz". Non penetration ? "Whizzzzzzzzzz" The ennemy shell hits next to you ? "whizzzzzzz". The teammate next to you fire back ? "whizzzzzzz". You get killed ? "whiiiizzzzzz" ? Why even if your tank get destroyed you hear this whizz ? Why does it needs to whizz all the time ? When you're in an intense close combat you just hear this constantly and OMG this becomes annoying...
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    These sound changes are good for the flyby stuff, but the gunshot and explosion sounds are kinda bad. The L/44 now sounds like a mortar and the explosions sound like slaps again. The sounds until that update (below) sounded so awesome with alot of bass and everything. Would it be possible to revert the gunshots and explosions to before again?
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    6.3 Jagdpanther. Heute wars noch besser als gestern! Der kill hat nicht mehr gezählt Vor der Runde einen Booster aktiviert und schon wird man in ein BOT team geworfen... war die einzige Niederlage. In dem match wurde ich durch den Boden abgeschossen xD
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    Witaj Graczu! Polski dywizjon PGP zaprasza do wspólnej gry Rekrutacja na discordzie: https://discord.gg/UXKu68a Strona Dywizjonu Szukamy graczy: - co potrafią grać na luzie i nie spinają się o statystyki - aktywnych na discordzie jak i w grze - graczy RB - z poczuciem humoru - poszukujących towarzystwa - chcący zdobyć maszyny dywizjonowe Wymagania: - 750 Gier [RB] - 3 Era samolotów (wykluczamy maszyny premium) - 3 Era czołgów (wykluczamy maszyny premium) - Aktywność 1500 miesięcznie - przestrzegania regulaminu dywizjonu Korzyści: - Oczywiście pojazdy dywizjonowe - Towarzystwo do gry na wszystkich BRkach i pojazdach - Interakcja pomiędzy osobami z dywizjonu
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    I highly doubt this is true, pretty much everyone I have talked to over the years agrees that the ground forces tasks are significantly more difficult and time consuming, disproportionate to the air and naval tasks. 40 kills in planes is significantly easier, you get upto 10 spawns, enemy gets upto 10 spawns, with 10v10 that means potentially a 100 kills up for grabs for either side. Compared to ground forces, you get 3 max in AB, so in a game of 10 players you only have 30% of the targets available and only 30% of the vehicles available for yourself. You don't even have to play to game to understand which one of these is done easier. Win 10 battles versus 14 battles.. assuming games last an equal length, that is going to take 40% longer. An average game taking 10-20 minutes, 4 wins, 50% winrate is 8 battles, so you've added 2 hours of grind time there in an ideal situation for ground forces. Drop 10 tons of bombs v capture 15 zones.. this is a free task for planes, can complete this in a single game with a bit of luck.. 15 captures for tanks is incredibly more time consuming and entirely relies on the map rotation and how the game plays out, with plenty of games having a single contested zone that gets captured once during the round, and even with 3 caps you have almost no chance at getting the first one with everyone trying to chase it.. so that's 3 for 3 where ground is going to take significantly longer, this task alone will skew the time required by hours. Destroy 11 enemies v 12 enemies, again an easy advantage for planes, going back to the first point, significantly more spawns and respawns available for planes, significantly more targets meaning a lot more chances to get the required number of kills. 10 assists versus 30 assists.. and to make it a complete sweep for planes, you need 3 times as many assists for tanks, whilst for planes it's significantly easier to get them. It's completely counter intuitive for a tanker to not shoot to kill, and to leave the target alive, let it kill your teammates and hope someone kills it for you, and if it takes too long you won't get the assist on it either, or if you didn't damage the vehicle enough or hit a certain module it's not going to count either. Add in the fact that planes, still, have significantly more targets available to them to get assists on. Please explain how somehow ground forces is 'far quicker and easier' and somehow 'greately skewed' RB and Sim have significantly slower gameplay, significantly fewer targets available to them and a higher skill requirement to perform well, getting 6 kills in Sim is borderline impossible as games are so small you're going to have to kill the entire enemy team, getting 1-2 kills in Sim is more difficult and challenging than getting them in AB, same for RB.. removing the multiplier is absurd and unreasonable. Assists are a lot more difficult to aqcuire so why this does not have a multiplier is really questionable.. if anything you should have added a multiplier for RB and Sim assists and instead you went and removed it for the kills. I can't say much for naval as I really don't care for it, but from what i've heard it was borderline trivial. I'd love to see this data you guys always talk about, the data that justifies a vehicle getting a 10-20-30-40-50-60-70k repair costs, and killing off entire tech trees because it's unaffordable for the average players, it's always based on this mystery data on which everything is based, but not enough respect for the playerbase to be open and transparant about these matters and we just have to put blind faith and trust in your decision making without ever giving us proper reason to do so.
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    The icons of corresponding gaming platforms (PC and consoles) have been added to the players nicknames. Icons for consoles will be visible to PC players and vice versa. Sound New sound events for explosions have been created. New sound events for gunshots have been created. New sound events for projectiles flying past nearby the observer in all calibres have been created. New sounds of the flight and flypast of ATGM’s and unguided rockets have been added. The volume balance of major sound event groups has been reworked. Ground vehicle characteristics, damage model, and weapon improvements: Clarifications in the designation of British ground vehicles of rank III. BMP-3 — A bug has been fixed with jerky movement when turning from halted whilst the W and A/D buttons are pressed, the vehicle repeatedly trying to switch between N and first gears. Pvrbv 551, Lvrbv 701, Type 94, Sd.Kfz.221, AEC Mk.II — A bug where the vehicle continued to turn for a while after releasing the A/D keys has been fixed. CV90120 — The initial speed of the DM23 shell has been changed from 1640 to 1680 m/sec with corresponding adjustments of the armour penetration value. Source: RUAG — 120mm Compact Tank Gun brochure. M60A2 — Sight magnification has been reduced to 8х/10х variable. Source: FM 17-12-4 — Tank Gunnery, M60A2. T-69 IIG, Ikv 91 — A bug where there was no automatic setup of the distance for the laser rangefinder has been fixed. Challenger 2 (all modifications), Vickers Mk.7 — The vertical guidance speed of the cannon has been changed from 5 to 11 degrees per second. Source: Vickers Tanks: From Landships to Challenger 2, Christopher F. Foss & Peter Mckenzie, Keepdate Publishing, 1988-1995 // Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank, Haynes Manual, Haynes Publishing, 2018. Ostwind II — A bug where the thickness of the breech part of the cannon was 5mm thick has been fixed. ANTI II — The Swedish flag in the vehicle card has been replaced by the Finnish flag. Ariete (P), Ariete, Ariete PSO — The elevation angle of anti-aircraft machine guns has been changed from 20 to 60 degrees. M60A1 Ariete, M60A2, M60A3 TTS, M60A3 TTS (Сhina) — A bug where the depression angle of the cannon didn’t reach the value indicated in the vehicle card by 1 degree has been fixed. The current provided changelog reflects the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates, additions and fixes may not be listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving and specific fixes may be implemented without the client being updated. Leave feedback here