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    very serious suggestion, erase this devblog - act like it never happened > back to "when devserver ?". Simple and easy. other suggestion, make this PVE only. NOBODY that plays spaded vehicles should be allowed to boost or its performance, or its firepower, survivability or any stats at all. I mean come on there are already huge balance problems in this game already no need to add this as the cherry on the cake
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    nobody asked for this and it is honestly a really bad idea to implement it, because it is pay to win. You pay to increase the performance of your vehicle, and even alter the performance outside a Historical frame. I suggest to NOT Implement it. not only to prevent PR fiasco, no also to keep the players happy. You want to change smth with performance of vehicles? then how about you implement it that FPE and parts are standart and not a researchable module? This is smth the community wants since ground forces are a thing.
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    I've been playing War Thunder since forever and continously buy packs & GE almost spending 100$ every month, and I can tell you how this could work. #1 Remove "Pre-battle Training" that doesn't belong in this game, crew-levels already exist for that reason. #2 Make "Modification Upgrade" & "Mechanic’s Toolkit" obtainable only through warbonds. #3 Remove the ability to trade with them. If all of this is done, this feature could work out. I'd gladly grind warbonds and use my "Modification Upgrade" on those modifications that cost 41000 rp to grind out. In fact, it would give me even more reason to actually do the warbonds instead of the universal backups.
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    1) I have a F-82. 2) I apply a airframe pre-battle training. 3) I apply an airframe upgrade. 4) It is now a turnfighter. 5) The system destroys realistic vehicle behaviour and strategies one would execute against certain type of vehicles. It turns real vehicles into paper vehicles. It turns a skill-based game into a stat based game. 6) This system is against the very soul of War Thunder and has no place in the game.
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    Sorry I don't have suggestion for this. Just don't even implement it ever. it makes the game unfair and pay to win. We don't want arcady games we already have arcade mode. rather than this usless mechanics try to fix the problems people are mentioning in discussion and bug report section We don't need features like this to make this game WOT and be pay to win. just balance the game economy, BRs and the bug reports on pen and armors we need that much more than this things.
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    Do you want a good suggestion? Just don't do this at your game. It's emberassing that someone of you spent some time to think about this change and it is more shameful that you approved. What do you want from us? A good feedback? Tell us what you drink in your company cuz this is not vodka.
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    No one wants this, it's clear what the players want, there are countless topics on these forums telling you guys what needs to be added and or fixed, but garbage like this is put in place instead. It will be a first for me if I see you guys bring in the next update without this BS that literally none of your players want, but you guys are going to go ahead with it anyway like you always do.
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    Being able to buy advantages over non-paying players? This is a terrible idea.
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    I'd just like to notify Gaijin that I do not agree with the way they implemented the newest version of the Leopard. It doesnt have the characterics it should (historicly). I hope Gaijing will do some reseach and update the tank model.
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    Please stop it with the platform exclusives. Just stop. I know what you are trying to accomplish, but there has to be a better way. Do not worry about Xbox 1, the game stands on its own. Please focus on advertising responsibly instead of screwing over collectors, who are often your biggest return customers.
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    Dev guys, every modification "upgrade" above common specs by buying some tool will even more messes up current already broken balance in game. Have you guys realized this before you came with this wicked idea? Please do NOT implement this nonsense into a game or keep it in Arcade Battles where specs means almost nothing. Thx in advance
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    It's better to make it impossible to buy, because it shouldn't be any purchasable feature which can give you advantages over the other players.
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    If this was one of those things you won when you open a battle trophy or got at random then I would be fine with it. But to BUY THEM? Do you WANT to become the cancer that WoT is? I left WoT to get away from this crap NOT TO HAVE IT HAPPEN AGAIN. ARM THYSELVES BRETHREN! WE MUST STAND AGAINST THE WoT PAY TO WIN VIRUS THAT IS INFECTING GAIJIN!
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    Nope cease this is bad No P2W NEIN NEIN NEIN
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    The addition of a sight tremble mechanic to tanks parked on slopes in 1.79 seems incredibly weird & pointless, and I'd sure like to know the reasoning behind adding this? It definitely isn't for realism as real tanks don't tremble or bounce around when sitting on slopes. The most ridiculous part is that currently tanks with stabilizers are esp. affected by this new mechanic, with their guns jerking up and down violently just like when we had the dreaded stabilizer bug a few weeks back. This is all quite laughable when in reality 1) the vehicle would never jerk up and down and 2) even if it did the stab would, surprise surprise, stabilize the gun! https://i.imgur.com/q3mDyfF.mp4 I really think this is one mechanic to the game that the devs should immediately throw into the trashcan, as honestly it's arcade, completely unrealistic and just downright annoying. Really cannot fathom how they could ever come up with this?
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    -1 I don't like this and I'm pretty sure everyone else are of the same opinion. This... thing.. does not belong in this beautiful game.
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    I think there's still time to just remove this from the next update (1.79). At least make it for PVE only
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    *Shibiwan, How are we supposed to show anything other than estimates? The armour of the Leo 2A4 is still classified. By not accepting estimates from experts which are considered accurate by most working in the field, you are in effect making it impossible for us to submit a bug report (!) The end result is we're forced to accept what'ever fantasy numbers Gaijin makes up for the vehicle, and without a single source from their side to back it up - which is a problem when not a single expert estimate comes even close to the figures currently used by Gaijin. In short either Gaijin needs to accept the estimates by renowned experts in the field, or they have to show the basis for their own numbers. They absolutely obligated to do this if they don't want to be accused for not trying to be realistic.
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    Hi everyone. I do not know for you but i am not a real big fan of the modern era tanks. i prefer the fast reload of the low rank over the long reload of those powerful gun in the high rank. i am also a amateur of ww1/2 history and less interested in the Cold-war history. i saw a while ago a suggestion from @Panzerzwerg and i would like to show my complete support by talking about it here. His suggestion of the Tier 0 propose to add a rank before the Rank 1 and call it Rank 0. that new rank propose to introduce tanks from WW1 and Interwar era. that sound good in general but in practice, the tanks in WW1 era would usually not make a real interesting game-play. most of them wasn't meant to be maneuverable, fast, engaging other tanks and been engaged by guns. in overall, they are usually very slow tanks that usually use HE shells and cannot survive any direct hit from a tank with a proper gun. but i have to admit, there is some interesting concept there. i went on my own, decide to take a look at what a Rank 0 could look like for the game. i went to the conclusion that the Rank 0 could be incorporated into the game easily enough and also fix some problem with the balance in the current game. i finally gather many information on the vehicles that could be in the Rank 0 and built a tree that could work. to simplified the implementation of the Rank 0, i avoid to start from a BR 1.0 but rather from BR 0.0 wich allow the rank 1 to still start in the BR.1.0. in overall, it work to my opignon. the new Rank 0 would allow new resserve tanks for every nation and new premium. the everall economy would need to change a bit to make the Rank 1 a bit more expensive so the Rank 0 would not be identical to rank 1 in the economy to make sense. so here i would like to introduce you a tree that i built on my own and also talk about every single vehicles that is incorporated. i also keep a ressearch line for the armored car if ever they decide that they have enough armored car to built a complete new line. USSR Fire power over armor Good gun and good mobility They can't kill us if they can't catch us! Mobility or firepower, that's the question. Good balance between Mobility, Firepower and armor no need of a good gun if they can't penetrate your armor. if you check the trees i proposed here in rank 0, you will probably agree that those tree would work and be fun to play. i expect it to improve the qualities of playing the french and Japanese rank 1 vehicles while not reducing the qualities of the other nation. keep in mind that the other rank still exist and the match making is likely to put you against some of the rank 1 from time to time but the opposite is also true. while playing the lower rating of the rank 1, you are likely to meet Rank 0 vehicles from time to time. Here is the suggestion about the whole rank 0 please take time to click on the link of any vehicles you like to support their original suggestion.
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    I don't think its Pay 2Win but I really don't like whole idea behind it. I think that this mechanic doesn't belong into game like WT. But if they introduce it I wont use it so its more like MEH for me. But I would suggest one thing: Limit it just to PvE. There it could be nice bonus and it wont get advantage in PvP.
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    Remove these modifications from the MARKET!!! That's easy solution! Only from warbond shop please, don't be dat greedy..
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    Suggestions: -Remove the ability to buy/sell them on the market. .-Limit their effects to not increase vehicle's performance but to give them extra utility. -Limit them to one per plane and give them different benefits to fit a role instead of just making them better. Like this: -Rangefinding time reduced by 30%, turret rotation speed reduced by 3% -Reload time reduced by 10%, gun accuracy reduced by 5% -Maximum speed increased by 3km/h, acceleration reduced by 2%. Make it very tiny changes that basically fit a role that you like to play. Every tank crew or pilot could favour a different type of strategy so if we need to have them let them have trade-off's. they don't have to be hard stat nerfs, like reload speed, turret rotation speed, etc. maybe someone else can come up witha better idea. But in my case for example the "Rangefinder" mod would be good to have in tanks like a Challenger where you are going to be hull down and sniping so your turret rotation speed doesn't matter as much as being able to range shots quicker. I don't know... I am just trying to give them at least some sort of trade-off so that players without don't have only disadvantages against them...
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    I've been surprisingly quiet lately; haven't fulfilled my (self imposed) quotas for criticizing this game. Update 1.79 is coming up, bringing more composite MBTs to war "tumbler". Lets dive in! Type 90 "Kyu-Maru": T-64BV: Centurion AVRE: XM1(s): XM803: Leopard 2A4: Basically, I see this patch as a crap show: More of Gaijoogle bending the rules and ignoring their basic moto of "enough sources"... I guess enough sources means "is there a Wikipedia article about this vehicle?"... As they seem to just be making up their own armor and penetration values as they go along, for the sake of balance... I wonder whom that sounds like... cant quite put my finger on it... anyone remember? Anyway, I'm not excited... haven't been for a while, as the updates have been rather shallow in purpose, with all the "new shiny" that appeals the large amount of (mom's) credit card wielding spastics that play this game because "it's not WoT, so it must be gud yo". Still no proliferation of wheeled vehicles, still no fixes for post penetration effects, still no desire to complete the WWII era sections of the trees for vehicles they may have missed...
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    My opinion is that Gaijin should give everyone the means to test the new vehicles, everything should be unlocked or every player should be given a large amount of GE on the dev to unlock the new vehicles, the players could get a taste of what is new and the devs would get much more information about balance and what needs to be fixed, nerfed or improved.
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    Type 90 's composite armor was weaker than M1 abrams in War thunder. This is very strange. Type90's it is made by titanium alloy and ceramic plate . Ceramic plate has much stronger than depleted uranium. and No uranium Plate M1 has stronger than Type90 in War Thunder. In one Magazine 「世界のハイパワー戦車&新技術」(World High Power tank and new Technology ,Sold in 2007 December) , one writer who watched the Type90's defence test told "One Type90 proto type (A) shot with the other Type90 (B) in 250m with some HEAT-MP and APFSDS.After the test, the Type90 Proto type (B) ran itself and we could found the scratches on the hit( 3 was by HEAT-MP,and the last one is by APFSDS on the turret and one scrathes by APFSDS on the body.... " As you can be seen , Type 90 has over 540mm Deffence on the turret and on the body. This fact is the evedence the Type90's armor in this game is not far from the real. This magazine is sold out , but can buy in amazon or auction site as an old book. Please ask DMM corp or War Thunder japan to get the magazine and stock it. At least Type 90 's deffence is over 540. IT IS THE TRUTH.