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    Since January, an additional 568 users have been permanently banned for using third-party modifications in violation of the user agreement - use of prohibited modifications. (EULA). Our recent introduction of the system of reports based on replays has allowed you to not only report suspicious activity but also your participation has significantly improved the modification detection algorithm. This algorithm is based on a machine learning system which allows us to detect almost all players who use forbidden modifications (even if they had not yet been reported). The specific patterns that we use are based on the difference in behaviour between normal players (using real visibility from the client) and a player who also has server-side information on his monitor (this information contains more data). We have implemented this algorithm in a very conservative way in order to avoid false positives. Suspicious activity is also checked by our employees after it has been detected by the program. We will continue to improve our algorithm to make sure that your gaming experience remains the best possible. Thank you. Comment here
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    every nation has their basic insigna available for a short grind, be it the soviet star, american flag and several US stars, balkenkreuz and so on... except brits, also brits have less unlockable camouflage colors than any other nation, only 2 desert and 1 winter camouflage out of 9 are unlockable with effort, while US for example has 10 unlockable ones, also germans and russian at least have 1 more woodland/european camo, brits dont. now you take the british vehicle recognition and make it available only for 2 weeks and only for 200 GE? thats not right. please give us a chance to aquire this decal at any time and not only for eagles. the vehicle insignia was used from ww1 to 1942 and in desert theatres, it is way too important to be added for just 2 weeks, it should be a permanent addition. so should its late war counterpart that is red white red. Thread related to this thread: "Vehicle recognition marking, Great Britain" « Purchase with 200 Golden Eagles
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    Pilots of Simulator Battles, we have already introduced you to the new game mechanics of “rooms” (lobby), which opens for you the possibility of choosing the game session and even the team you join. In the future it will replace “Enduring Confrontation” and will greatly expand your capabilities of simple preparation in battles. Movement to the new mechanics will proceed smoothly. In War Thunder Update 1.67 “Assault”, the new SB will be presented in the form of rooms and achievements will be able to be used in it! This will allow SB pilots along with players of other game modes to participate in the events and specials where battles will return a clear definition of the winning and losing team. In the first stage of the movement to the new SB you will find the the familiar “EC” as separate room. But this is not all the merits of the new format: in the final stages of the movement to the new SB, players will be able to create own rooms! Player will be able to choose: Which countries will be able to participate in each team Which Battle Ratings will be available for the mission (selection from the available ranges) Which missions will be in rotation, including creation of the “EC” User rooms will be in separate block and the name will include the BR fork and name of the mission. In these missions you will not be able to join accidentally from the general queue, but you can get to them from the list of rooms. We will announce separately the start of lobby mode for aircraft SB after the release of the War Thunder Update 1.67 “Assault” We hope that you will appreciate the new features of the updated SB! War Thunder - very simple Very soon SB will be a more transparent and simple mode, where apart from the usual choice of battle server the player will be able to independently choose an interesting battle. In addition, the achievements of the events and specials will work in SB and skilled players will be able to create custom player rooms. Q. What will the rules of respawn be in the new SB? A. You will able to choose whole set-ups of aircraft which will be accepted in mission. You will be able to respawn in each vehicle once (or twice if you have back-up vehicle). When losing the chosen vehicle it will be blocked till end of the battle. Q. Which missions we will see in the new SB? A. It will be missions from aircraft RB Q. Which nations will participate? A. For the moment: USSR vs Germany, USA vs Japan, USA + Britain vs Germany. Q. How deep will the customization of the user rooms be? A. You will be able to choose the BR fork (selection from the available ranges), choose missions and sides of the conflict. Q. Will you consider allowing research progress in the user rooms? A. Yes
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    There are 84*10476 threads discussing this already. I don't think we needed another one.
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    Flames from the exhausts of aircraft engines – a small change that makes a big impression in War Thunder! You can witness the exhaust flames in several engine settings, such as when starting or switching the engine to WEP. We have implemented the flame effect for all our aviation engines with exterior exhaust pipes (except for aircraft with flame suppressors and turbochargers). This new addition offers an even more immersive experience in the War Thunder universe and just looks awesome! You’ll be able to see flames blasting from the exhausts of your favourite aircraft in War Thunder update 1.67 “Assault”. Clear prop! Leave comment on our website!
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    I have spent over $600 on this game over the years, looking back that's crazy. In my mind this was going to be THAT WW2 game, you know the one, the one we all wanted. Where historical vehicles where correctly modeled and we could live out the fantasy of fighting the historical engagements. T34 VS Tiger or what have you. But never did I dream of fighting something like an ATGM or really anything post war in a Tiger 2. Honestly, can we just have a game mode or daily event that allows us to never face anything outside of the 1939-1945 timeline? No fake tanks, no paper tanks, no post war tanks, no post war ammo. Just WW2 tanks. Balance it how you like, 3 Shermans per Tiger, whatever just allow for this. Durring the WW2 Chronicles is when I spend the most money, because as least they are semi-historical matchups. I don't want all my money to go to waste, but eventually it will and I will leave the game. The power creep is too much for me, fighting WW2 vs Post war is the very reason I did not play that other tank game. So please, Gaijin if you are listening, I know I am not alone here. Give us something every day that allows for only WW2 vehicles.
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    It's a Leopard 1 with slightly less firepower, albeit more than enough to deal with 8.0 tanks, at 6.7. It's the most ridiculous BR bait I've ever seen, and I see this thing clubbing for a looooooooong time because it's a premium and they probably will never put a tier 4 tank at 7.7 (where it belongs).
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    今に始まったことではないですが、TKに対する処分が軽すぎるような気がします。例えば現在、とある界隈では「TKの数を競って、スコアに応じて景品が貰える」などという吐き気を催すとうなことが公然と行われていますし、実際に空RBではそれに関連すると思われるTKが報告されています。それらのルールを守れない連中がBANされたというのも殆ど聞きません。その迷惑を被るのは周りの一般のプレイヤーで、もちろんWarThunderにとっても不利益です。そして、一般のプレイヤーがTKが行われているがために特定のランク帯、ゲームモードでのプレイを制限せざるを得なくなるのは理不尽極まりないです。 明らかに故意なTKは証拠がそろった場合、該当するプレイヤーにBANもしくは現状よりも重い処罰を掛けるべきかと思います。現在の通報システムはほとんど機能していないのが現状です。ここのフォーラムを介してでも何とかならないものでしょうか? SB以外でのFFを完全に廃止するのも一つの手だと思います。
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    Hello, I'm pretty sure that any tanker at least once have asked himself: "What module will be repaired first? What module is repairing and which not?". The second question is probably the most important. Since the introduction of the autostart repair if a Track is destroyed, is not unusual that while (auto)repairing you suddenly find yourself with the Track repaired but any other destroyed modules unrepaired forced to double repair. This confusion could be easily solved with a simple improvement to the Damage UI: Simply indicating which module is repairing and which not. I think the two following animated examples will be self-explanatory and worth more then a thousand words NOTE: Is still unclear how repair works so I might be wrong, but from what I understood there is never been a repair order. All modules start repairing at the same time. What change is the repair time per each module. Videos in the spoiler if the gifs above doesn't works. Note: My skills, and time, as videomaker are very limited so a discontinuous animation was the best that I could do, but I think that the idea is pretty clear. I'm sure that Devs will do a much better job creating a continuous animation like the current one. Thanks to @LawrenceNL for helping me in taking damage in a controlled manner A comment, even +1, is always appreciated
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    While the concept of having a large variety of game modes in available to potential players is a good one, there needs to be a balance with the actual size of the player base being divided. BR compression is often cited as the #1 issue with the game. Planes and tanks are forced to fight opponents well in excess of their own abilities. It's even more of an issue with tank due to the armor factor putting a hard cap on performance of lower BR tanks. A suggestion for a 0.7 BR MM spread was rejected months ago despite over 5000 votes. The stated reason was "it would lengthen queue times". Now we are introducing 2 new game modes with the next two patches (I predict at least): PVE Boats PVE is great, and I know many are looking forward to this. But with queue times already long as they are, I'm not sure if this is the best time to further divide the playerbase. I admit that it will attract more new players perhaps, but that won't be enough to make up for the losses. Boats will be part of combined battles with planes. This means new players will have to research and play both planes and boats in order to maintain a competitive lineup. This limits the game mode to people who are already invested in the game with lots of planes to throw in their lineup. Not many new players will want to join, especially if they have no interest in planes. I'm not going to propose a solution because none comes to mind that Gaijin is likely to accept. I just hope that they take this rather serious issue into consideration.
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    Yeah wallet warriors, just tell me that all your T29s covered with half of forest are only bought with interest of supporting developers. Lie in my face
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    An aircraft has been added to test drive for ground vehicles, to assess ballistics for AAA. On the location “Ash River” one of the south western respawn areas, where the player respawns on the steep hill deployed on the rocks, has been changed. Note: This server update applies to all platforms unless specifically highlighted. The current provided patchnotes reflect the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates and fixes may be not listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving all the time and certain fixes may be implemented without the client being updated. Leave feedback here!
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    In January, an additional 438 users were permanently banned for using third-party modifications in violation of the user agreement - use of prohibited modifications. (EULA). Recently, we introduced a system of reports based on replays. With its help you have not only reported suspicious players but also you have improved the modification detection algorithm. Such an algorithm is based on a machine learning system which allowed us to detect almost all remaining players who use forbidden modifications (even if they had not yet been reported). The specific patterns that we used are based on the difference in behaviour of a player who uses only “fair” information (real visibility) from the client and a player who also has server-side information on his monitor (such information contains more data). We have implemented this algorithm in a very conservative way, in order to avoid false positives. Every suspicious player was also checked by our employees after he had been detected by the program. We will continue to improve our algorithm and will make sure that your gaming experience remains comfortable. Comment here The War Thunder Team
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    In gaming, the general idea is that you are punished for your failures and rewarded for your successes. Gaijin seems to have this the other way around. In Gaijin-world, when you outplay an enemy tank, your reward is to get spacebar-ed by that same guy a few seconds later. This takes no skill on his part of course, and there's nothing you can do to avoid it. Basically, the game designer is telling you: "congratulations on your smart play: now take this 1000 kg bomb up your tailpipe as your reward!" On the flip side, bad players are constantly being rewarded with bombers for being bad at tanks. You might say: "well it takes skill to get spawn points for a bomber!" No Jimmy, it doesn't. All you need is a BT-5 and a spawn point to park it in, boom, TU-4 for you comrade. Even better, just getting killed, but make sure you take multiple penetrating shots before dying, cause Gaijin rewards you points for getting shot multiple times. And before someone replies: "oh but it's realistic/historical/planes are part of the game" It doesn't matter. It's a game, you shouldn't get rewarded with instant, unavoidable death for getting a kill. Imagine if soccer games rewarded the players by throwing them off a cliff.
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    It does not take a genius to figure this out, look at my stats if you can and see for yourself. I was fighting the T29 in the KT thinking man this thing is crazy I bounce all the time and it consistently gets through my turret, well to be honest everything gets through the KT turret especially with that bs weak armor modifier the devs gave it for no reason but I digress. I bought the T29, and holy crap it is sooo op at 6.7. Tiger 2 is nothing, aim at the turret and boom, I have never not had a one shot kill or a bounce, not once. Meanwhile I can not tell you how many times I have faced more than one KT or Panther 2 at a time and laughed as they bounced. When they do pen, I don't die, its either the driver dies through the gun port in the hull or the gunner dies, if the driver dies I can shoot back, if the gunner dies I can run away. This tank is seriously overperfoming for 6.7. In fact I can knock out a Jagdtiger frontally through the lower plate AND bounce its shots. It is also the only time I have ever been penetrated by a jagdtiger and not been one shot killed. In fact in my 20 deaths I have only been one shotted one time and that was a side shot by an IS3. If I remember right I have 68 kills and 20 deaths and I have been playing this thing like an idiot, just rushing head on, because well I feel like I actually have armor. Where as the KT the weak-spot is your entire turret so you really cant rush or go hulldown in that. If they removed the weak armor modifier from the KT maybe that would be more fair, im not sure but either way, man the T29 is crazy good. Honestly this really bugs me because it is a premium tank, which makes it totally pay to win, its cool that I am grinding america so fast now, but really it should not be that way. I would even say this tank would be good at 7.3br. I would not call this a rant really but more of a lets get real guys. Sure winning is fun, but man this is too easy. By the way I have an ace KT and like level 10 crew on the T29. I want to add that in the KT I have trouble with the T44, with the T29, boom through every part of the tank no problem. Better gun, way better armor, equal mobility, way better survivability, in fact there is nothing better about the KT 10.5 now that I think about it.
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    War Thunder presents Update 1.67 "Assault"" Ground Vehicles Ru 251 T34 Type 87 FV4005 USSR IS-6 (premium) 29-К SU-5-1 USA T34 Т14 (premium) M8 Scott Germany Sturmpanzer II Ru 251 (premium) Japan Type 87 Type 95 Ro-Go (premium) Type 60 ATM Britain Centurion Mk I FV4005 Aircraft Ju 87 Stuka A-26B-50 Ki-67 Hiryu Spitfire Mk.IIb USSR DB-3B (M-87)/3T (М-87) IL-4/4T(model updated) USA А-26B-50 B-10B (premium) Germany Ju-87B-2 (model updated) Ju-87D-3 (model updated) Ju-87D-5 (model updated) Ju-87G-1 (model updated) Ju-87G-2 (model updated) Ju-87R-2 (model updated) Japan Ki-67-I Ko Ki-67-I otsu Britain Lincoln B Mk II Spitfire Mk IIb (model updated) New locations "Ardennes" (Mixed battles location) "Guiana Highlands" (Arcade Aircraft battles location) Location updates: Eastern Europe - Exits from the main channel on the map have been added for amphibious tanks (demonstration). The hill with windmills has been significantly reduced by comparison with the opposite part of the map (demonstration). Berlin - Exits from the channel on the map have been added for amphibious tanks (demonstration). Mechanics Game mechanics of “rooms” (lobby) - represented in the aircraft SB. “Assault” Co-op missions are temporarily available only for Aircraft. Missions Test drive has been added for Japanese ground vehicles. In test drives against Soviet ground vehicles, the following models have been changed: IS-4 replaced by T-10 and T-95 replaced by IS-4. In aircraft missions at a BR of 3.7-4.7, destroying a base now requires one less 1,000kg bomb. Interface Inventory button has been moved to the shop menu. The “Events and tournaments” button has been removed from the menu tab, instead “tournaments” and “streams and recordings” have been added. Flight Models changes Ho 229 - reduced stability margin yaw, reduced changes to balancing and redundant pitch up at high speeds. J7W1 - Revised weight balance and stabilization; made more pronounced, reduced the likelihood of falling into a tailspin in AB. Yak (entire line) - adjusted the operation of the propeller at low speeds (M-105 engines), fixed the calculation of lift with full wing flaps extended. Supermarine Spitfire (entire line) - Fixed calculation of lift on the wings. Bf 109 (entire line) - reduced flap release speed according to the real aircraft (full turn of the wheel corresponds to about 5 degrees) F9F-8 - Fixed a bug with heavy use of the ailerons at certain speeds. Gloster Meteor Mk 4, Mk 8 - Fixed a bug with the description of the engines. P-38 (entire line) - the maximum permissible speed specified for the release of the flaps has been increased in accordance with the flight manual. MiG-3-15, MiG-3-34 - corrected the dynamic pressure of the engine at altitude. Improved fuselage stabilisation. P-40E, G-50, MC.200, MC.202, Ki-10-II - the flight model has been updated in accordance with the current datasheet. The detailed specifications can be found in the datasheet section. Do 335 (entire line) - reduced vibrations of the gun sight, refined thermodynamics and radiator control. Typhoon (entire line) - Specified the geometrical data of the aircraft. Refined the aerodynamics of the aircraft. This included separate fuel tanks, primarily the spent main tanks progressing to the wing tanks. The amount of fuel loaded and weapons affect the alignment of the aircraft, Including the choice of mixture. Specified fuel consumption at different engine operating modes. Updated the thermodynamics of the aircraft. Added the ability to stay afloat for a short period during an emergency landing on water. Typhoon Mk Ia - Added extended features such as a functioning cockpit canopy. Tempest Mk V - Specified the geometrical data of the aircraft. Refined the aerodynamics of the aircraft. The auxiliary tank was updated and separate fuel tanks are now enabled. The amount of fuel loaded and weapons affect the alignment of the aircraft, Including the choice of mixture. Specified fuel consumption at different engine operating modes. Updated the thermodynamics of the aircraft. Added the ability to stay afloat for a short period during an emergency landing on water. Tempest Mk II - Specified the geometrical data of the aircraft. Refined the aerodynamics of the aircraft. The auxiliary tank was updated and separate fuel tanks are now enabled. The amount of fuel loaded and weapons affect the alignment of the aircraft, Including the choice of mixture. Specified fuel consumption at different engine operating modes. Updated the thermodynamics of the aircraft, Including the ability to control the oil cooler. Added the ability to stay afloat for a short period during an emergency landing on water. Sea Fury - Specified the geometrical data of the aircraft. Refined the aerodynamics of the aircraft. The auxiliary tank was updated and separate fuel tanks are now enabled. The amount of fuel loaded and weapons affect the alignment of the aircraft, Including the choice of mixture. Specified fuel consumption at different engine operating modes. Updated the thermodynamics of the aircraft, Including the ability to control the oil cooler. Added the ability to stay afloat for a short period during an emergency landing on water. P-400, P-39 (entire line) - The amount of fuel and ammunition carried now has a more pronounced effect on the alignment of the aircraft. Acceleration improved (especially in a dive). Controllability at high speeds has been increased. Resistance is reduced at low speeds. Fixed a bug in which the firing of guns on the ground led to the aircraft overturning. Adjusted thermodynamics. Total control of the aircraft improved in all game modes. Ki-84 (entire line) - the flight model has been updated in accordance with the current datasheet. The detailed specifications can be found in the datasheet section. P-47 (entire line), Ki-83 - Fixed a bug which leads to a shortfall in engine power at altitudes above 6500 meters. Flight data has not changed and matches the datasheets. Lincoln B Mk II - Has been initially configured according to the data sheet. B-10B - Has been initially configured according to the data sheet. Ki-67-1 (entire line) - Has been initially configured according to the data sheet. DB-3 - Has been initially configured according to the data sheet. A-26B - Has been initially configured according to the data sheet. Economy and research The ability to purchase winter camouflage for GE has been removed from following vehicles: Leopard A1A1, Pz.III B, RakJPz 2, RakJPz 2 HOT, 8,8 cm Flak 37 Sfl., LVT(A)(4) ZIS-2, M163, T20, M551, T29, M56, ASU-57, ASU-85, IT-1, КВ-122, Object 906, ZIS-43, Type-62, Т-62, ZSU-23-4. From now on, these camouflages can only be obtained by unlocking them. British A-30 Challenger tank has been moved from the 4th to 3rd rank. Sounds Voice over for Japanese crews has been added. Supercharger sound for KV-220 engine has been added. New sound for the MG C30 L automatic cannon has been added. New sound for Type 3 machine gun and new sound for M2 have been added New sound for Type 92 machine gun (and Lewis) has been added. .com reported bug fixes Client crashes for some map areas have been fixed. (source). Bugs related to the animation of instruments in the F6F-5 cockpit have been fixed. (source). .ru reported bug fixes Non-destructible float on N1K1-Ja has been fixed (source). Display of the side float on the N1K1-Ja after the wing has been destroyed has been fixed (source). Replay of the sound playback of the vertical elevation of the M26 T99 has been fixed (source). A bug related to the choice of voice-over for crew of different nations has been fixed. (source). The flaps animation issue, where they were not releasing symmetrically, has been fixed. (source). The absence of additional (researchable) weaponry for the Nakajima Kikka in X-Ray view has been fixed. (source). Texture bugs on some aircraft and ground vehicles have been fixed. (source). Other Flame effects from the exhaust outlets for aircraft have been added. Fixed a bug related to different armor penetration values of HESH projectiles. The values of armor-piercing for this type of projectiles have been revised. Cromwell Mk I - detailed the commanders hatch and area around the machine gun. Comet I / Comet Iron Duke IV - detailed the commanders hatch and area around the machine gun. T92 - fixed the 7.62-mm machine gun model used from M73 to M37. FV4004 - machine gun model has been changed from BESA to Browning. M551 - Max speed value has been corrected from 40 km/h to 69 km/h. Ammo racks for tanks at rank 5 are now more detailed (divided into a larger number of modules). The “add-on armour” modification now increase the mass of the vehicle depending on the amount of elements. Additional reward (decals) for regular log-in into the game has been added. Aircraft model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes The visual separation of wings now corresponds to the displayed model in X-ray mode. With the destruction of aircraft components (EG separation of the wings, tail, etc.), the damage model now matches the visual model. Updated float destruction models for hydroplanes. Added fuselage destruction for all aircraft with fixed landing gear. Fixed the suspension mounting gap for weapons on wing mounted pylons. Fixed the influence of aileron deflection on the aerodynamic resistance of the aircraft. Bomb trapeze has been added (Ju-87, SBD-3). Fixed internal damage for aircraft collisions. Now, parts of the model are not damaged by weak and minor collisions. Improved the behavior of the aircraft on the deck (fixed a bug that caused damage to propellers). Clarified aerodynamic resistance for an open bomb bay. Fixed the fuselage gap that released water from the PBY-5A. Updated fight models for aircraft with aerodynamic asymmetry in AB. They are no longer leaning forward. Updated mechanics for the damage model regarding aircraft control surfaces - added a probability factor so that now the separation takes place in a certain speed range. General fixes in the behavior of various parts of the aircraft damage model, such as the separation of the wings and tail units. P-39 (all models) - Updated armour in cockpit. H8K2, H8K3 - 800kg HE bombs have been added. J2M4 kai - Weaponry has been changed. Type 92 mod 1 - wing cannons have been replaced with Type 92 mod 2 cannons. Pokryshkin’s P-39N-0 - Armour has been fixed. The problem, where on some aircraft it wasn’t possible to create user camouflage has been fixed. Wrong name of the Pe-2-31 in German localization has been fixed. Wellington - A bug, where dropping torpedoes required the the bomb-bay to be opened has been fixed. Separate dropping of torpedoes has been added. Hudson Mk V - The angles of elevation of the defense machine gun have been corrected. Flaps, rudder and aileron DM has been corrected for all planes. G5N1 - deflection angles for upper defensive turret have been corrected A bug with modification “bullet proof glass” has been fixed on affected aircraft. Typhoon Mk.Ib - Rocket weaponry has been added. Type 91 mod2 and mod3 torpedoes setup according to USNTMTJ - Japanese Torpedoes and Tubes - Article 2 Aircraft Torpedoes. (source) Wirraway - Information about defensive weaponry has been added. Tu-2 - Additional bomb load has been added. Do 17Z-2 - Defensive weaponry has been fixed. Hampden TB Mk I, Hampden TB Mk.I UTK-1 - preset with bombs/torpedo has been deleted. Presets with 4x1000lb + 2x250lb and 6x250lb bombs have been added. Spitfires (all models) - Errors with armour have been fixed. Pe-2-31 - Localization in the German version has been fixed. Ki-21-I hei - Deflection angles for upper defensive turret have been corrected. A-20G-25 - Deflection angles for upper defensive turret have been corrected. Ki-49-I - Information about defensive weaponry has been added. DM on engine nacelle engines for all aircraft has been fixed when landing. He 111H-6 - Defensive weaponry has been fixed. H8K2, H8K3 - Deflection angles for upper defensive turret have been corrected. 800kg HE bombs have been added. Pe-8 - A bug, where it was possible to shoot from stern turret by killed gunner has been fixed. SB-2M - (all models) - Nasal defensive turret has been fixed. Do 217E-4 - Information about defensive weaponry has been added. Ju 88C-6 - Ammunition for defensive weaponry has been fixed. Ki-45 otsu - 37mm canon modification has been added. A bug, where by dropping bombs from pylons the message popped-up that the bomb-bay is closed has been fixed. Ju 88 (all models) - Information about the defensive weaponry has been fixed. Ar 234B-2 - Errors with armour have been fixed. Added new aircraft rockets: Soviet Union - RBS 82, RBS 132 Japan - Type 3 No.1 Mod.28 Mk.1, Type 5 No.1 Mod.9, Type 3 No.6 Mod.27 Mk.1, Type 5 No.6 Mod.9 Ground Vehicles model, damage model, characteristic and weaponry changes: Added Weapon Stabilization For the following vehicles: Germany: Leopard A1A1 (two-plane) FlakPz Gepard (two-plane) USSR: PT-76B (two-plane) Object 906. (two-plane) T-10M (two-plane) T-62 (two-plane) ZSU-23-4 (two-plane) USA: M551 (two-plane) M60A1 (two-plane) M3 / M3A1 (single-plane, vertical) M5A1 (single-plane, vertical) M4 / M4A1 / M4A2 (single-plane, vertical) M4A1 (76) W (single-plane, vertical) M4A2 (76) W (single-plane, vertical) M4A3 (76) W (single-plane, vertical) M4A3E2 (single-plane, vertical) M4A3E2 Cobra King (single-plane, vertical) M4A3E2 (76) W (single-plane, vertical) M24 (single-plane, vertical) Great Britain: Centurion Mk 3 (two-plane) Centurion Mk 10 (two-plane) Chieftain Mk 3 (two-plane) Conqueror (two-plane) Falcon (two-plane) Japan: STB-1 (two-plane) Type 74 (two-plane) M24 (single-plane, vertical) M4A3 (76) W (single-plane, vertical) Added emulation of the vertical stabilizer for tanks with guns, vertical guidance of which was made with the help of a shoulder stop: Germany: Pz.35 (t) Pz.38 (t) Ausf. A Pz.38 (t) Ausf. F Great Britain: A13 all model Tetrarch Mk I Valentine Mk I Matilda Mk II Crusader Mk II Japan: Ha-Go Ha-Go Commander Chi-Ha Ch-Ha Kai Chi-He Ka-Mi Ke-Ni The current provided patchnotes reflect the major changes within the game as part of this Update. Some updates and fixes may be not listed in the provided notes. War Thunder is constantly improving all the time and certain fixes may be implemented without the client being updated. See you in battle! Discuss and leave your feedback here!
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    These three were in the first page of the Heavy Vehicles part of the USA section. As a side note I haven't driven my T29 in probably four months. The T32 is a far better tank anyway, so I don't see why it's the T29 everybody complains about.
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    Where did T29 touch you?
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    Better armour? Only on the turret. The UFP is comparable in terms of thickness and the LFP is much weaker. Similar mobility? The Centurion maxes out on 35 km/h on flat terrain. The Panther will easily do over 40 km/h on flat terrain, and has better acceleration at high speeds as well. Gun on par with the KwK 43? Don't make me laugh. Pzgr. 39/43 has better penetration at all ranges and all angles compared to the Shot Mk.1, and has HE filler as well. Only sabot outmatches the Tiger II, and that has unreliable post-pen that requires very precise shot placement to get results. "My Tier IV German tanks can be penetrated through their UFPs by something" is not an excuse to raise the BR of one of the few British tanks that are competitive at their BR range. Maybe once the Centurion Mk.3 gets its two-plane stabilizer it can be uptiered, but it remains to be seen what stabilizers will do to the overall game meta.
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    30 Shermans per Tiger. Was not surprised when I saw you want to be that guy in Tiger. Seriously man, MiG-15 was there before tanks in any form. I'm pretty sure you knew what this game is before you paid first time.
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    From 20.00 GMT on March the 11th until 07.00 GMT on March the 12th The Dev Server with Update 1.67 "Assault" is open for player access! Dear Players! The Dev Server will be opening today featuring the new War Thunder Update 1.67 "Assault" You can download the Dev Client here. Note : RP gain x10. The Dev Server may close an any time, so please make the most out of the opening window! >> Preliminary Update Note are here << This is a preliminary update. Expect to see bugs and inconsistencies in this opening of the dev server. The content you see should not be taken as final and will likely be changed, added to or indeed removed on final release. Please report any unusual behavior on the forums! Please try to focus on testing new vehicles and locations and leave feedback. Thank you. The War Thunder Team
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    Aujourd'hui je viens vous parler du seul gameplay présent dans ce jeu en réalité, le grind. Cette volonté manifeste de s'assurer que les joueurs vont prendre du temps beaucoup de temps pour rechercher le véhicule qui leur plaît et encore plus pour le rendre opérant. Ce topic ca fait longtemps que j'ai envie de l'écrire, mais ces derniers temps j'ai eu le loisir de constater les abysses du grind. C'est un pavé que vous allez devoir digérer, j'annonce je suis sympas, je vous invite à allez vers la fin pour la conclusion mais le développement qui va suivre même si chaotique car surtout écrit à la volée n'en reste pas moins important pour comprendre la conclusion Je vous propose un retour dans le passé, j'aimerais vous parler d'un futur meilleur, mais le passé glorieux d'une époque révolue permettra de mieux appréhender les problématiques exposer ici bas. Le jeu sort en 2012, personnellement je l'ai rejoins vers halloween 2013 ca fait un sacré bail déja. A cette époque lointaine et reculé, nous sommes au système avec 20 tiers. Quand vous passez au tiers supérieur vous débloquer automatiquement l'accès à tous les véhicules de ce tiers. Ce qui permet d'avoir un deck plus homogène d'ailleur Ce système aurait été viable et n'est pas resté d'ailleurs si nous avions un jeu réel ce fameux World War Mode ( WWM ) Pourquoi cela aurait été viable, déja car on donne un but réel a ce que vous faites, on enchaine pas des parties sans cesse, sans ce but permanent de débloquer la pièce qui va permettre d'enfin réparer votre char, ou d'avoir enfin l'injecteur sur votre avion. Gaijin est visionnaire, avant même l'arrivé des chars, nous avons le droit de pouvoir avoir un onglet pour les chars et un autre pour les navires, nous sommes fin 2013 Et nous voila en 2017, le WWM reste un rêve, oh wait l'année dernière gaijin à communiquer la dessus, pour reprendre en gros la même com qu'il a 4 ans. Mais si on a pas le WWM que faire alors, on change le système on réduit la capacité des joueurs à rechercher leur véhicule ainsi qu' a débloquer les pièces sur ces mêmes véhicules. D'ailleurs lors de ce système à 20 tiers vous pouviez échanger votre niveau via les GE pour débloquer des rangs dans les véhicules, moins de grind, mais vous pouvez enfin participer au jeu, a un jeu oui pour vous détendre et jouez ce que vous souhaitez sans pour autant perdre un temps considérable, et je vous assure que vous auriez tout de même mis de l'argent dedans. Gaijin vend d'ailleur le fait que le temps de full up un arbre entre le système à 20 tiers et celui mis en place à l'aube de l'arrivé des chars en décembre 2013 est similaire. Bon ils ont été sympas le grind d'un jet T5 est passé de 500k à 380k pour la recherche, dire que je connais un joueur qui avait tous les avions américains sans avoir trop forcé via le système à 20 tiers. C'est ennuyeux il aurait put s'amuser, maintenant il va devoir prendre du temps sur lui pour faire pareil dans les autres nations Les temps sont dur ma bonne dame, mais c'est pas grave le jeu est plein d'espoir, même si le grind est long nous avons une journalière qui est présente. Une journalière différente de ce que nous avons aujourd'hui, oui oui le fameux bonus *2 Assez simple à expliquer, chaque nation profite d'un bonus *2 sur la première victoire de la journée si on compare à ce que nous avons aujourd'hui dites vous que c'est l'équivalent d'un booster 100% sur chaque nation et fonctionnant uniquement dans le cadre d'une victoire donc profitant du bonus lié à la victoire. Bien mieux que le fameux 10% d'xp pour tous les alliés sur une partie..... et encore cela pourrait être pire vous pourriez avoir celui de SL. Malgré une certaine difficulté à partir du rang 4si vous n'avez toujours pas de premium, le système est respirable, le *2 plus le focus sur votre nation préféré permet de développer votre arbre principale et de progresser à votre rythme ailleurs sans avoir l'impression de rester bloquer sur du biplan. Arrive le printemps 2015, changement de programme, louloute est notre CM, un nouveau CM qui aura duré 1 moi ollie pew pew ( de mémoire, un pseudo approchant ) nous annoncent avec joie que le système des * 2 disparaît, pour être remplacé par le système des caisses que vous connaissez aujourd'hui. Ca grogne, le CM défend Gaijin, ne vous inquiétez pas au final vous ferez autant d'XP, vous n'avez rien à craindre. Bah bien sur, et la marmotte elle met le chocolat dans le papier d'alu. Non et doublement non, en tant que joueur notre capacité à rechercher un véhicule ou à débloquer les pièces d'un véhicules viennent de ralentir. Mais j'ai été mauvaise langue, on oublie les Golden Wager qui a fait son apparition En soit le GW est un élément intéressant du jeu mais excessivement punitif et limité qu'a un nombre restreint de joueur. Un peu d'explication, même si les joueurs actifs du forum ont une forte tendance à se connecter tous les jours, dite vous bien que ce n'est pas le cas de la grande majorité des joueurs. du coup le GW il ne le voit même pas, et même plus triste l'autre bonus des caisses pouvant octroyer le bonus 500% ils ne doivent pas le voir souvent. Quoi incroyable les joueurs ont un travail, une vie de famille, des amis. Et même ceux qui ont un temps de jeu conséquent, faut-il encore faire les 20 parties ( le rookie et le commandeur n'étant pas présent au départ ) cela limite au team la capacité à rentrer un GW pour au final un investissement temps assez élévé pour le gain réel. Dans une certaine mesure j'étais défenseur de ce système car c'était le seul moyen mis en place dans ce F2P pour gagner la monnaie premium du jeu le GE, dans tout autre jeu de type F2P vous avez l'occasion de gagner cette monnaie premium, je ne dit pas que c'est simple, ni court mais c'est faisable et pour tout le monde en y mettant un minimum les moyens, ici c'est tout de même très restreint On a constaté quoi le jeu prend de la bouteille, le fameux pic des 100 000 joueurs connectés en simultané est en chute libre et il faudra attendre automne 2016 pour voir la courbe remonté enfin, été 2016 un gouffre entre 45k et 50k joueurs, sa pique un peu. Mais je disais le jeu prends de la bouteille, car les majs se suivent, on ajoute du véhicule à la pelle dont un grand nombre de premium, d'ailleurs le jeu équilibré ou simili équilibré prend une tournure de P2W via certain véhicules qui non franchement pas le bon BR, ou étant parfaitement OP dans la méta du jeu Mais gaijin n'a pas fini de nosu surprendre, on gagne trop de GE sur ce jeu c'est bien connu, une seule solution on mets en place des bundles, et oui vous arrivez à vous payer des véhicule premium ou bien le compte premium, malheur à toi, ce nouveau char bien opé c'est directe en euros, quoi les joueurs ne veulent pas acheter les petits cancer de calliope, panzerwerfer 42, pas grave hallowwen 2015 est fait pour toi, joueurs. lors de la caisse pour gagner un GW, tu as de forte chance de gagner la location d'un véhicule inutile pendant 1 heure, et oui ma bonne dame tu n'en a pas besoin car tu as dépassé le Rang 2, mais c'est pas grave une loc 1 heure pour un gameplay plus que discutable fera bien l'affaire. La communauté hurle gaijin fait machine arrière, les loc disparaissent à peu près et nous gagnons les rookie et commander. Bon ca tourne toujours, moins équilibré, des mécaniques qui prennent des claques, mais on joue Gaijin ajoute alors le Warbonds ( WB ), une véritable journalière, non pas vraiment la encore j'ai défendu ce système, un moyen d'avoir un véhicule premium de bas rang simplement en jouant. En théorie c'est magique mais dans la réalité on pourrait considérer le système comme une arnaque. Allez un peu de mathématique si un véhicule coutent 3400 WB quau mieux par jour on puisse en gagner 120, cela signifie 28 jours de taches parfaitement rempli. Un peu dur pour une journalière qui a pour but si on se base sur toutes les journalières d'autre jeu de simplement pousser les joueurs à se connecter faire la petite tache sans même forcer, et puisque vous êtes connecté, bah vous allez bien faire autre chose et donc jouez au final, un moyen subtil de faire vivre un jeu et de motivé les joueurs à rester et à se connecter, tout le monde est gagnant. Ici je ne partage pas cette avis, on a dit 28 jours ou vous devez parfaitement réussir vos warbonds, ce qui implique bien souvent de changer la tache ou de choisir un deck spécifique pour la bonne réalisation. Et marrant de surcroît si vous n'avez pas les véhicules adéquate et que vous change la tache il faut débourser des GE pour l'avoir, c'est bien dommage. Problème de temps, problème de deck adapté, mais ce n'est pas fini pour pouvoir prétendre aux WB et se payer son petit premium il faut des rang 4 et rang 5 Donc pour un final un gain dérisoire mais très utile pour un débutant dans ce jeu, on lui offre aucun cadeau car il ne pourra pas le faire au final. Ceux qui en ont le plus besoin sont ceux qui seront le moins enclin à pouvoir réussir. drôle de concept. Le WB fausse bonne idée élitiste qui met ouvertement de coté la masse des joueurs de ce jeu Le GW fausse bonne idée qui met aussi de coté une grande partie de ces joueurs Les bundles un moyen fort sympathique de s'assurer que même ceux qui réussissent leur GW vont quand même débourser de l'argent dans le jeu ( surtout quand on sait que les joueurs qui font des GW sont bien souvent des joueurs plutot bourrin et ont de d’énorme chance d'avoir déja mis de l'argent en jeu. Et le fun du fun le retour de la location tous les 15 jours au revoir le GW qui pouvait aider Et pendant ce temps votre grind est toujours aussi long, et on ajoute continuellement des véhicules en jeu, chaque top jet ou top char ajouté a ce jeu c'est 380k pour le déloquer et environ 500k pour le full up C'est long très long, dans n'importe quel jeu de type MMO quand le jeu prends de la bouteille, et qu'on ajoute du contenu on s'assure aussi que les nouveaux joueurs puissent prétendre rejoindre les plus avancés en souffrant moins, passez d'un jeu a environ 300 avions à aujourd'hui + de 700 véhicules ( premium compris ) sans réduire le temps de grind c'est assez flippant Pauvre nouveau joueur qui débute il va falloir mettre un paquet d'argent sur la table pour prétendre avancer. Oh wait gaijin à beosin de vivre, c'est sur comme tout le monde et comme toute société, je ne dis pas le contraire la dessus, mais regarder combien ont couté les chars à -70% a noel 2016 pour un pack on a quoi 8 chars peut être pour 100€ et c'est du -70% ca fait mal très mal. Mais c'est un autre sujet revenons à notre histoire de grind Le grind il faut aussi l'expliquer au final par le nombre de kill pour visualiser le temps nécessaire. Si vous avez le courage, j'avais écrit un topic a ce sujet à propos de l'attacker ( jet anglais ) cette avion j'ei eu le loisir de le up quand mon compte premium c'est fini, a full up il tourne aux alentours de 250K soit la moitié d'un jet top tiers ou char top tier, il aura fallu 565 kill pour le full up, j'ai profité via un event gaijin de 3 jours de premium et je jouais avec le système des bonus de caisse que nous connaissons aujourd'hui 565 kill pour 156 parties en AB. A la grosse pour un véhicule top tier coûtant 500k XP pour être full up avec les bonus des caisses il faut prévoir entre 1100 et 1200 kill sans compte premium. Bon courage, on achète facilement un compte premium, voir parfois on gold des pièces car cela devient insupportable, tant mieux pour gaijin, mais cela a forcément un contrecoup une expérience prohibitif Ce contrecoup c'est la fidélité au jeu, j'ai parlé de la période a 100 000 joueurs, et de la chute à 45k mais ca encore c'est la partie facilement visible. En jeu c'est bien pire un grind aussi élevé c'est un nombre incroyable de joueur qui ne joue pas les parties. Comment ca des joueurs qui ne jouent pas des games. prenez le temps d'appuyer sur Tab pour voir l'évolution d'une partie, globalement à faire en AB la ou il n'y a pas de contrainte de spawn Et bien en haut tiers, vous verrez des joueurs avec un seul véhicule a toute es games, des joueurs qui vont sortir 2 T1 alors qu'ils sont top tiers, simplement pour faire un rush suicide et éviter le blocage de véhicule, ragequit simplement car ils ont raté le début de la partie et pour finir les leavers car le BR est hautement défavorable ( imaginez vous en M26 pershing face à un T54 pour bien rire ) Mais la au moins vous avez au départ un 16vs16 les joueurs se sont adaptés a ce grind insupportable, ils leavent ce qui est déjà mal engagé et vu la conception de certaine carte, en 2 min on peut déjà identifier le gagnant d'une partie dans 90% des games Et en avion le top tier ca leave, non c'est pire il faut attendre longtemps parfois, pour des games entre 6 vs 6 jusqu’à 9vs9 et cela plus que souvent. Je disais au début de ce topic que cela faisait quelque temps que je voulais poster mais qu'il a fallu un élément déclencheur pour motiver à poster. Cet élément ce sont justement les jets en top tiers. les jet c'est un gameplay particulier même en AB et je conçoit parfaitement que c'est pas ce qui plait le plus dans ce jeu Mais dela à en arriver a ce qui se passe maintenant et ma dernière session réel de jet sur ce jeu c'est à dire pendant e bonus 100% pendant les playoff de la thunder league ( blague à part l'ES s'en est ou ) c'est à dire janvier 2016, il y a un monde vaste. le sus nommé Grind Thunder le vicieux, le créateur de frustration légendaire, de gameplay hasardeux. More Grind Less Fun. Un autre élément déclencheur étant aussi l'ajustement du coût des pièces du F9F-8, dernièrement de nombreux jet malgré un Br élevé non pas eu forcement un coup de recherche de 500K Je pensais d'ailleur que Gaijin avait décider de réduire le temps de grind de ces véhicules, mais en faite non. il faudrait surtout pas que les joueurs puissent s'amuser et profiter du jeu Un peu d'image pour comprendre l'hémorragie et le risque de perte du patient Des temps d'attentes élevés tout de même 5 min pour de l'AB sur 3 serveurs avec 73k joueurs de connectés, ca fait mal. 14 min ce matin pour moi, et un joueur qui signale le 17 min. On joue un jeu PvP mais au final les joueurs restent bloqué sur leur bombardier, un gameplay tellement passionnant qui a ruiné temps de game ( moins en jet ) par la rapidité de mettre fin à une partie. qu'au final les joueurs ne veulent plus jouer. Car si il débloque enfin le petit véhicule sympa qui fait rever ( hunter, sabre F2, mig 17 ) primo ils ne savent pas jouer chasseur, il ne savent pas jouet jet et mieux que tout leur game sont rapidement pourri car une horde de bomber à décider de spawn et mettre fin à la game en - de 5min Tristesse affligeante quand tu nous tiens, merci au B29 et au Tu-4, créateur de fun, et tueur de jeu. Et le must du must le RB char, un mode qui globalement devrait être le plus abouti ou du moins le plus intéressant ( je ne compte pas la simu pour son coté élitiste ) un mode qui au final ne paye pas en XP pour un temps passé énorme. partez en RB avion faite 3 kill vous ferez plus d'XP qu'en RB char avec 5 cible au sol et 3 avions abattu. Si quelqu'un voulait bien imager les gains d'XP je l'en remercie. C'est tout de même troublant qu'une partie AB char qui dure 2 fois moins longtemps rapporte 1.5 fois plus d'xp C'est tout de même un mode obligatoire pour pouvoir espérer jouer des chars léger ou autre autre TD sans être une victime de service Je pense être arrivé au bout de ce message, globalement je pense avoir passé une heure à retranscrire ma pensé. Désolé encore du pavé, et des probables fautes, je me relis rarement, et là j'ai franchement pas envie. De même désolé si c'est un peu décousue parfois, mais la passion prend le pas sur la forme Merci a ceux qui auront eu le courage de lire En conclusion Gaijin oui toi développeur du concept Grind Thunder Peut-on espérer un gain significatif de l'XP pour débloquer les modules ou une réduction du coût de recherche des pièces ? Peut-on espérer gaijin que quand un joueur possède tout les avions ou tout les chars d'un arbre l'XP accumulé ne soit pas perdu et permette de débloquer/avancer dans la recherche du véhicule ajouté ? Peut-on espérer le retour de GW en lieu et place du système honteux de la loc que personne ne veut, je sais parfaitement que le X2 ne reviendra jamais ? Peut-on espérer une réflexion profonde de votre jeu afin que les joueurs jouent une partie plus de 5 min sans avoir l'impression de jouer à World of Bomber ? Peut-on espérer un mode RB char ou a l'impression de progresser et non pas de subir, j'entends par là une augmentation des gains d'XP ( SL ) de minimum 50% ? Ca ren définitive, je t'assure que les joueurs prendront toujurs un compte premium, des véhicules premium, mais oh miracle tu gagneras des joueurs réguliers
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    As a note I'm going to be adding more to this as I dig out information. Sorry about the incomplete post. Anyone that wants to help me with info on Russian, British, and German APCR and APDS the help is more than welcome. I'm starting this topic so we can have a civil discussion about HVAP, APCR, and APDS performance issues that are seen in game. As many know, most post war HVAP, and late war APCR shot penetration values were lowered some time ago. In an effort to apparently make post war or early to late 50's APDS performance values look better. There were no sources given for said adjustment, and no real reasoning was given. Other than what I can assume was for "balance" reasons. This has resulted in, pretty much all HVAP/APCR rounds that have come into the game with newer vehicles, being more or less pre "nerfed", having performance nowhere close to what actual primary historical documents list. On top of that, a lot of World War 2 vintage, and late 40's early 50's APDS rounds are under performing vs vertical plate and at low obliquity (17 and 20pdr being good examples). These early APDS rounds still used the Sharp nose core design. They mainly varied in bore diameter to core diameter ratio, and core length to diameter ratio, similar to APCR and HVAP core differences.. APDS The different APDS designs I'm referring to: Classic mk1 17pdr apds. 20pdr APDS Using the Sharp nose core design, with aluminum impact cap. Not sure which mk. 105mm L7 APDS, round nose design,confirmed as L52/M728. 120mm L15A5 APDS, round nose core. 105mm APDS, this time with double cone semi blunt nose, and wobble cap, most likely L36/M396A2 based on descriptions I've read. 100mm 3BM8 if I'm correct, standard sharp nose design, with solid core sheath 100mm bore to 48mm core diameter. 122mm 3bm11 apds, at least thats what I get from reading the pages, again same design as 100mm 3bm8 making this closely related to first gen sabot. As you can see from just these images, there are at least 4 different designs of APDS in the game. Each of which should have different performance characteristics based on their different designs. The Sharp nose APDS's should behave fairly similar to HVAP. Very good versus vertical and low obliquity plate. But, not good against high obliquity plate, though slightly better than HVAP at range.. Then you have your mid era double conical nose design with the wobble cap. Being fairly blunt in nature, this round has much reduced performance vs vertical plate, but retains fairly good performance vs high obliquity plate due to better normalization. And finally you have your more advanced round nose longer core late APDS rounds, which receive slightly better vertical plate performance, than the mid era blunt nose, but increased high obliquity performance. This isn't touching on another variance between nations. Bore to Core diameter. US designed HVAPDS uses a much different bore to core ratio than say the USSR. For example US 76mm M331A2 APDS, has a 50mm sharp nose core. Which actually makes it more comparable Russian 100mm 3bm8 which also has an approximately 50mm sharp nose core. I'm not sure what the core diameter is on the Russian 122mm 3BM11, but it appears to be about 60mm, again 1/2 bore diameter, just like 3bm8. I'd need someone with more information on the 20pdr and 17pdr APDS to give me the core diameters for those, but from what I can find, the mk1 apds is all 1/2 bore diameter.. HVAP and APCR HVAP and APCR have similar issues, though there isn't as much variance in core design. The main differences with HVAP and APCR are Carrier/sheath design, and again core to bore diameter, and core length and weight. US HVAP 76mm M93 has a 38.1mm Core diameter 3.95lb core, exactly 1/2 of the bore diameter.. Compare this to the 29mm 2.01lb core of Arrowhead German 75mm APCR. Or the 35.7mm 4.25lb core of 88mm pzrgr 40. I couldn't find exact Core info for M304/T30e16, but my understanding from internet searches is 45-48mm core weighing about 8lbs. Which is where the difference in performance comes in for the 90mm HVAP at 3350ft/s, and 88mm APCR at 3050ft/s. The 90mm is throwing about twice the core mass at a higher velocity, when compared to the 88/L56, its the same story for the 88L71 vs the 90L73. For those wondering, this is the main reason why American HVAP of a similar caliber performs so much better than German or Russian APCR of the same era. Russian APCR rounds are very similar in core diameter ratio and weight to German APCR rounds from what I can find. Performance numbers from manuals and reports for HVAP. Someone else will have to supply me solid numbers for Russian and German APCR, otherwise I can just use whats in WW2 ballistics. First up is situation report 34, which lists performance for 76mm T4/M93, 90mm T30e16/M304, 105mm T29 HVAP. For 76mm M93 vs vertical plate we get P.B.yds 246.38mm 500yds 213.36mm 1000yds 185.42mm 1500yds 157.48mm 2000yds 134.62mm for 90mm M304/T3e16 vs vertical plate we get P.B.yds 314.96mm 500yds 284.48mm 1000yds 254.00mm 1500yds 228.60mm 2000yds 205.74mm for 105mm HVAP T29 vs vertical plate we get P.B.yds 381.00mm 500yds 360.68mm 1000yds 335.28mm 1500yds 312.42mm 2000yds 292.10mm Next up, is an unknown archive scan. If anyone can help me find the original document this is from it would help greatly for bug reports. This gives performance for T30e16/T44 HVAP fired from the 90mm T15e2 and T54 guns at 3750ft/s vs vertical plate. P.B. 373.38mm 1000yds 302.26mm 2000yds 241.30mm Next up We Terminal Ballistic data Volume 3 Which has penetration graphs for M93/T4 and T30e16/M304 76mm M93/T4 HVAP-T @ 3400ft/s Angle 10m 100m 500m 1000m 1500m 2000m 0° 247mm 241mm 213mm 179mm 151mm 124mm 30° 182mm 177mm 156mm 130mm 109mm 91mm 55° 73mm 71mm 63mm 53mm 43mm 35mm 90mm T30e16/M304 HVAP-T @ 3350ft/s Angle 10m 100m 500m 1000m 1500m 2000m 0° 314mm 308mm 282mm 251mm 222mm 195mm 30° 245mm 241mm 219mm 190mm 171mm 148mm 55° 92mm 90mm 83mm 73mm 65mm 57mm To back this up, we also have TM 9-1907 1948 76mm M93 HVAP 90mm M304 HVAP And the final source on these two alone is Handbook of Ballistic and Engineering data for ammunition Vol 2 76mm M93 90mm M304 APDS Penetration Performance. This is where I need more help from other sources. Starting this off with an unknown document scan for 17pdr mk1 apds, if anyone knows where this is from it can be used as a report source. Note that this is a first generation 38.1mm(1/2 bore diameter), 3.83lb core being fired at 3950ft/s, which makes it very similar to M93 HVAP fired at a higher velocity or at the same velocity from the 77mm HV gun. From the OQF 17pdr gun @ 3950ft/s vs vertical plate P.B.yds ~273mm 500yds ~250mm 1000yds ~230mm 1500yds ~212mm 2000yds ~193mm World War 2 Ballistics gives 100yds 275mm 500yds 256mm 1000yds 233mm 1500yds 213mm 2000yds 194mm From the 77mm HV gun @ 3400ft/s vs vertical plate P.B.yds ~220mm 500yds ~203mm 1000yds ~185mm 1500yds ~169mm 2000yds ~152mm Compare the Above to M93 HVAP at the same muzzle velocity, note that after 1000yds the apds round has better penetration, due to less drag from the extra mass of the HVAP carrier slowing down the projectile. Where as that extra mass at close range gives hvap a noted advantage. 76mm M93/T4 HVAP-T @ 3400ft/s Angle 10m 100m 500m 1000m 1500m 2000m 0° 247mm 241mm 213mm 179mm 151mm 124mm Next Up we have 76mm M331A2 APDS fired from the M32 gun of the Walker Bulldog at 4125ft/s Note this is a 50mm sharp nose core projectile, don't know the exact core weight yet, somewhere under 8.3lbs, educated guess until I can find documents is about 4.2lbs. From Document armament for future tanks or similar combat vehicles. Point blank it estimated by the difference between 1000 and 2000 yds. 76mm M331A2 HVAPDS-T @ 4125ft/s Angle P.B. 1000yd 2000yd 0/90° 291mm 261mm 231mm 30/60° 216mm 193mm 170mm 55/35° 110mm 94mm 78mm 60/30° 85mm 73mm 61mm From Document armament for future tanks or similar combat vehicles. 120mm T102 HVAPDS @ 4500ft/s 23lb projectile, Sharp nose core(first generation), 75mm core diameter, approx 12lb core, PB is estimated from 1000 and 2000yds Angle P.B. 1000yd 2000yd 0° 546mm 495mm 444mm 30° 447mm 406mm 365mm 55° 171mm 155mm 139mm 60° ~152mm 137mm ~122mm Tabulating Data from the documents @bellezza03 posted below. 120mm L1 APDS, Sharp nose core (first generation), Unknown core diameter, Unknown core weight, 4700ft/s. 120mm L15A3 APDS, Round nose core (third generation), 68.58mm core diameter, 12.16lb core, fired at 4500ft/s
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    MOBILITY The Type 62 has mediocre mobility for a light tank, with no neutral steering, 6 mph reverse speed, and capable of hitting high 20s with average acceleration. The RU-251 literally hits a higher speed in reverse than the Type 62 can do fowards. The tank accelerates like the 2nd coming of Jesus. Its neutral steering is extremely swift and thus can turn on a dime very quickly in comparison to the Type 62, let alone basically any other tank in the game. FIREPOWER Type 62 has a weapon comparable to the T-34-85's main gun. Poor -5 gun depression, poor turret traverse rate. Best normal AP ammo is BR-357 with ~160mm pen at point blank. Otherwise you use a HEATFS round with 300mm pen at 850 m/s. It's also a "gift" tank so it comes stock with the need to grind everyyng out. Ru-251 has the gun from the RaJaPa, but better ammo loadouts. The gun has a good -9 gun depression and a good turret traverse. The gun has 90mm HESH with 102mm pen which is devastating against sloped fronts, including the T-44 and T-62. This HESH is generally superior to the APCBC of the Type 62 except against very specific targets e.g. 150mm turret armour like on the Centurions. The HEATFS it has access to has 320mm pen at 1,200 m/s (!!), meaning it well eclipses the Type 62's capacities. ARMOR Basically the only place where the Type 62 wins, as its turret is 50mm thick. Won't protect against any tank guns at 6.7 though, or most SPAAGs around there either. The RU-251 and the Type 62 are both light tanks. That is where the similarities end.
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    Just fyi, the Joke is the tank that is before the T34. Not the T34. Poor Wehr-fan getting fantasy paper tanks that were never built or buffed beyond historical stats to carry their skill-less butts. Oh, and just fyi, rube, the T34 wasn't post-war. Just like the T29 wasn't. What's wrong? Pissy that the US has a few tanks that haven't been gutted so badly that they have a decent chance of fighting a KT or Tiger? There is no Nation in this game that is more handicapped by nerfs and blatant refusal-to-fix issues than the US Tanks.
  27. 17 points
    Guys, guys Why is no one talking about this new feature? Also is this the right place to talk about it? I guess not... But whatever, i think a lot of people don't know about this
  28. 17 points
    Gaijin has stated they will not introduce the British AVRE series because they where not desighned to fight tanks. Let us ignore the KV2 and Brummbar for a moment. What does Gaijin release in patch 1.67? The Sturmpanzer, a vehicle designed for the sole purpose of supporting infantry against enemy infantry and fortifications.....
  29. 17 points
    Low quality bait thread at this point.
  30. 17 points
    Sturer Emil is slow as xxxx whilst having no turret or armour. M4 105 has garbage firepower due to underperforming HEAT damage and a terrible reload. Oh, and garbage turret traverse to boot. The RU-251 is fast (even faster with newest changes), has two amazing rounds so it can kill anything it needs, has great manoeuvrability, and awesome gun depression to boot. The M47, which resides at 7.3, performs worse than this tank. Its armour doesn't stop very much either. The Leopard 1's armour doesn't stop much, but it's widely regarded as the best performing vehicle at the end-tier. The objective of a lightly armoured tank is to simply not get shot. Every map has areas where the fastest tanks will club because of the design. First shot wins, and the RU-251 will always be in a position to have the first shot. I can't stand the delusions of light armour = bad. Play correctly and it doesn't make a damn difference.
  31. 16 points
    It is NOT OP it is Pay to Win 320mm HEATFS cost only 540sl while normal one cost 740sl
  32. 16 points
    OK. 5 Pages and we had our first significant whack. Guys, we don't like handing out warnings. We rather sit back, chill, play the game and have fun, just like you all do. Please, please, follow the rules, use common sense, and be polite.
  33. 16 points
    so the next 300 pages about american prototype tanks... bring it on.
  34. 16 points
    Low-tier German SPG Sturmpanzer II uses the mightiest HE charges in War Thunder so far. 15 cm sIG 33 auf Fahrgestell Panzerkampfwagen II (Sf) a.k.a. Sturmpanzer II was a German Self Propelled Gun based on the modified chassis of the Panzer II Light tank built as a replacement and improvement for the Sturmpanzer I Bison, that was too heavy and presented a large vertical profile. The SPG was in production from 1941 with total of 12 vehicles completed. Sturmpanzer II weight was 16 tons and with its Büssing NAG typ GS water cooled 8 cyl. 7.9 liter gasoline engine it was able to reach up to 45 km/h on the road (15 km/h cross-country). Its maximum armour plating was up to 30mm thick and the vehicle was armed with the 15 cm sIG 33 howitzer, that was generally used as a heavy infantry gun until the very end of the World War 2. All vehicles saw duty in 707th and 708th sIG Kp (Sfl.) and while some were destroyed, the rest remained in the DAK and fought until the Axis surrender of Tunisia in May 1943. Download Wallpaper: 1280x1024 | 1920x1080 | 2560x1440 In War Thunder, the tank will be strong reinforcement for the low tier of the German Ground Forces Tech tree. With it being able to quickly relocate and strike with surprise even against the most armoured foes, it will surely not be an overlooked vehicle. The low profile and a large 150mm howitzer makes you a very dangerous enemy. Besides, the Sturmpanzer II uses same shells as Brummbär, the mightiest HE charges in War Thunder so far. Be wary of your insignificant armour and missing roof, this is an open-top vehicle that can easily be destroyed by even the smallest caliber machine guns in the game. Put some camouflage on your tank, add some bushes and hide outside of the frequent combat area. Use your rogue potential and play on your strength - your cannon that is able to one-shot most (if not all) of the enemies on your tier. Previous Development Blogs: Spitfire Mk IIb: an old friend B-10B: The Racing Bomber Typ-Klasse 140 Jaguar: the Schnellboot Successor Guiana Highlands – The Lost world A-26B-51: The King of Attackers! The Ardennes Gun Stabilizer Centurion Mk I: A Tank for a New Era Type 87: The Japanese Gepard Spähpanzer Ru 251: The Fastest on land T14: The Ground Assault Tank Heavy Tank T34: Commanding Respect FV4005 - Big Box Surprise IS-6: the Soviet Hammer
  35. 15 points
    I just find it rather amusing that the IS-6 is a WWII vehicle. It doesn't have post war ammo and was completed and tested from 1943-1944, which is the same year as the Tiger II, making it a WWII tank, yet most want it up tiered to fight post war tanks yet this forum also complains about post war vs WWII tanks.
  36. 15 points
    You can try to paint imaginary scenarios to justify your completely non-factual argument whichever way you'd like. The fact remains that the RU-251 is a better performing vehicle than many vehicles that are higher in battle ratings. You continue to avoid any points anyone brings up and just strawman their argument. It's a classic case of: S L I D I N G L I D I N G Also, applying your logic. Leopard 1 can be killed by a T-44, therefore Leopard 1 should be fine at BR 6.3. Not very logical, now is it? Tiger II H players actually playing their tanks to its strengths is what makes 6.7 Germany good. The issue being there's a lot of Tiger II H players that are using them like complete morons. And the Panther II got up-tiered because it was too good for 6.7 (like the T29). Germans get up-tiered? Jagdtiger, Tiger II 105, and Panther II deal with that no problem. Germans get top tier? GG. What is the issue beyond the appalling state of Tiger II player skill?
  37. 15 points
    German fanboy whining about T29. I remember all the whine posts from these Tigger drivers when the Caern came out.
  38. 15 points
    I went through 3 pages, didn't see even one. Sorry T29 driver.
  39. 14 points
    With recent changes in the BR and new vehicles additions we are creating a dangerous gap at 6.7 BR. Looking at the tree: Relevant 6.7 vehicles (RB) USA T34 T29 (PREM) T95 T26E1 M46 M56 T92 M26 (PREM) M46 (PREM) M26 T99 (PREM) German King Tiger King Tiger (PREM) RU 251 (PREM) URSS (yes it's in portuguese so nevermind it) T34 100 (PREM) Brtain Caernarvon STRV (PREM) FV4005 Tortoise Japan Type 60 SPRG As you can see there is a serious tank gap for Japan, Germany and Russia, this is becoming a serious issue that causes a lot of problem in the game. For example overtier happens much more for 6.0, 6.3 (because there are way too many 7 and 7.3 vehicles in the game and a lack of 6.7) Vehicles like Panther A, G, F, M26, Jumbo, ST-A1, A2, IS2 etc end up suffering a lot in these cases On the other hand the 7br has most benefits, almost all games are undertiered (7br mixed with 7.3 and 6.7 and lower) and 8 br games are extremely rare. Other problem is for the very common German + Japan games. If a 6.7 game happens the chance of the team losing is very high, this happens because as shown above Japan and German desperately need 6.7 vehicles, Russia even tho they lack a 6.7 tank don't suffer so much in this case as most of the games they fight alongside USA and Britain. What should be a solution for this issue?
  40. 14 points
    RU251 have 90mm cannon same like jpz in tier 5 it have hesh shells and heatfs 320mm pen that so op for 6.7 and it should be same br of jpz or little higher because the t34 100 it was have 6.3 br and su100 was 6.7 but after that t34 100 got 6.7 and su100 br decreased to 6.3 because t34 100 have turret advantage and su100 its a tank destroyer and lower speed so that should happen for ru251 and jpz 7.0 it will be a good place for ru251
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  42. 14 points
    Germany is not a weak nation. The people playing it so badly make it weak.
  43. 14 points
    Its like an M56 without all the severe downsides like protection against coaxials and an actual turret. Plus it goes just as fast forward as it does in reverse. Yet despite being better than the M56 and T92 in basically every way, its the same BR as both of them.
  44. 14 points
    Hello, I wanted to suggest a small addition to a Norway map mainly for air rb/sb which can be refreshing and interesting at the same time. That is a Tirpitz battleship ai which can serve as an objective/mission to be destroyed by allies or saved by the axis. Some wiki info: In early 1942, the ship sailed to Norway to act as a deterrent against an Allied invasion. While stationed in Norway, Tirpitz was also intended to be used to intercept Allied convoys to the Soviet Union, and two such missions were attempted in 1942. Tirpitz acted as a fleet in being, forcing the British Royal Navy to retain significant naval forces in the area to contain the battleship.[4] Not sure where exactly to put it on the map that can be decided by you, however it would be better if it was in one of the Norway fjords like historically while being protected with some triple aaa on the hills.
  45. 13 points
    i know this used to be a thing but now only our squad can do it it gets harder to deal with when you random squad member get KIA early match why not allow any ally to assist and speed up repair time so that way a players who are incapacitated to contribute more on a side not for players who dont have repair tools other players can assist by using theres in game and it should come with a in game award like heroic valor award fro helping an ally who didnt have part yet
  46. 13 points
    We have historical events and the WW2 Chronicles series throughout the year with realistic lineups. In addition, the game has spanned from the Spanish Civil War to the Korean war (at the earliest) even from its conception in 2012, so I am rather confused how you could have only just discovered now it was not just machines from the Second world War.
  47. 13 points
    Since January, an additional 568 users have been permanently banned for using third-party modifications in violation of the user agreement - use of prohibited modifications. (EULA). Our recent introduction of the system of reports based on replays has allowed you to not only report suspicious activity but also your participation has significantly improved the modification detection algorithm. This algorithm is based on a machine learning system which allows us to detect almost all players who use forbidden modifications (even if they had not yet been reported). The specific patterns that we use are based on the difference in behaviour between normal players (using real visibility from the client) and a player who also has server-side information on his monitor (this information contains more data). We have implemented this algorithm in a very conservative way in order to avoid false positives. Suspicious activity is also checked by our employees after it has been detected by the program. We will continue to improve our algorithm to make sure that your gaming experience remains the best possible. Thank you.
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    i've heard that in 1.69 stability of the client will be updated!
  49. 13 points
    H8K2, H8K3 - 800kg HE bombs have been added. Good they will be able to do something now.. if they manage to not burn before reaching a target. J7W1 - Revised weight balance and stabilization; made more pronounced, reduced the likelihood of falling into a tailspin in AB. yeah no more flying a kite pushed by the winds G5N1 - deflection angles for upper defensive turret have been corrected Will have to try but after all those years could it be that the gunner will finally work correctly ? saw fixes for some others planes having similar issues, will try and see. Rockets for Japan Finally something, but nothing for the premium A7M or premium J2m's or other planes able to get those ?? only 4 planes ? I see you decided to lower a bit the BR's of the Ki-67's from 5.0 and 5.3 to 4.7 and 5.0, nice... but still way too high for something having as best load 1x 500Kg only and being worse than Ki-49's in every single aspect, meanwhile Soviets get a PE8 at BR 4.3 and a 5 tons bomb, plus 2x20mm + 2x12.7mm able to one shoot players at 900 meters distance easily since the AI gunners are snipers for those, and it earns the same RP and more SL's than the first Ki-67 having a BR higher than it ? Perfect balance Tovarish... P1Y1 still unable to do precision dive bombing, 2 major patches after his release this plane is still unable to do his job, makes now 3 major patches this thing was introduced and nothing... also nothing fixed for the Japanese tanks, like the Chi-To turret able to be penetrated frontally by 12.7mm MG fire where it should have 20+75mm armor and list goes on... Speaking of Japanese tanks i see you added heavy tank for Japan... barely any armor, the high exposed turret have slightly less armor than a US m2a4 reserve tank, slow, poor turret rotation and ammos having some of the lowest penetration in game, 34mm and 29mm at 500 meters, rendering it useless if not played at close range where it can't do anything, at close range it will be destroyed in a blink before you can move your turret and point your guns at something, all this at BR 1.3... Might get it if i get a 50-75% discount ticket one day, without shells better than this it's only meat i'm afraid. I noticed the Type-60 HESH ammos get now a penetration of 127mm instead of 145mm before ... This thing is ranked BR 6.7 in AB, have only 10 ammos and no armor, unable to reload in most maps, getting killed by arty falling near by, by plane MG's, by tanks MG's, kamikaze pilots that just need to ram it, unable to reload in many maps having a single objective and already unable to penetrate half the things it had to meet at his current BR of 6.7 before the HESH pen nerf. Now it get ridiculously low penetration and while having HEAT shells possible with better pen those are far worse than even solid AP shots in game, dealing close to nothing as damages and when you have only 10 ammos the last thing you want to do is spend your ten ammos shot at a single vehicle for no kill in the end. The HESH shells before nerf were already not able to one shoot things and needing often many shells to kill something ... And i bet it still have bugged gun sights or is unable to aim when a single gun is selected on the top of this. This thing is supposed to be a tank destroyer, but gets ranked versus things it cannot destroy, versus tanks having more firepower and penetrating and effective shells than this thing... usually tank destroyers have a BR making them face things they can easily one shot kill, putting them at ranks where all tanks have inferior penetration power, here there is a special treatment again, this thing while being a tank destroyer have less tank destroyer abilities than all tanks it sees ... this thing struggles to take out things out with the non nerfed HESH shells already and now will have to rely only on the unable to kill something properly HEAT shells ... yeah... well nope... Continuing with this i see the nice addition for the Germans with the 150mm gun at BR 2.3 in AB and see default reload time at 19.5 seconds ... meanwhile i get a gun of the same caliber with Japan Ho-Ro getting 26s default reload time, the same configuration more or less for those both vehicles. May i ask why Japan can reload only in 26s when this thing can do it in 19.5 seconds ?? What justifies this difference ? Waiting to play the new AB air map and see if some planes will really suffer at those altitudes or if due to the unequal boost treatments in AB across the Nations it will make no differences to use a high altitude performing plane or not . Need to try the stabilizers on tanks, not sure if this will be a good thing for the gamelay or not tho. Overall extremely disappointing update from my point of view, was waiting for Japan tanks bugs fixed, after all they are now officially released, at least some of them could have been fixed or receive the missing shells etc, was waiting for some ground attack planes for Japan, we received a few rockets on very few planes and that is nice, but the Ki-67's loadout and BR's are a slap in the face, same for the things like over tiered P1Y1 still not fixed after so long... All this is turning into a running gag seriously. I don't know if i will published or not but yeah disappointed is the word that resume this patch for me, was waiting for so much more...
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    Hey guys, the recent complaint waves about SPAA being able to use armor holes and incredible weakspots such as the tiniest turret rings (and recently being killed by a quite turret ring OHKO on a Churchill by a T-34) made me think whether it is time to model shell diameter when taking into account where and how shells hit. Shells in a game that strives for (some sort of) historical accuracy should not have 0 diameter for any calibre. A large shell should not be able to smuggle its way into in between the sometimes tiny space between turret and hull to get a turret ring kill or something similar if it IRL was of larger diameter as the space between the two aforementioned parts. This would serve to 1.ease the issue SPAA are when they shoot at armor that is faulty modelled 2.improve immersion 3.reduce the occurance of shells with 0 diameter making their way into tiny weakspots that would be no issue IRL as shells IRL actually had a diameter and would be stopped by surrounding armor What do you think? Kind regards, Stahlvormund101