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    Well then, let me tell you, I am definitely not Italian and this decision is still bad. Italy should get the spotlight for once as well, just like every other tank tree in the past. They might not have the most important tanks in history or in War Thunder, but they deserve equal treatment nevertheless.
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    We would like to tell you about a new aircraft class in War Thunder and also about guided air-to-air missiles and other new features in air battles that we will begin to implement after the release of update 1.85 “Supersonic”. Aircraft have always been a very important part of War Thunder - it was the first vehicle type available in the game. Since the early days of War Thunder, we have recreated over 650 aircraft models - that’s the largest digital interactive collection of aviation in the world. And these are not just visual models, their flight characteristics, armament and other systems are thoroughly recreated in the game. Initially we deliberately limited aircraft time periods with the golden age of piston-engine aircraft to the beginning of jet aviation, since these machines truly demonstrate the personal and tactical skill of a pilot. Guided missiles seemed to be a feature that will level all pilots independent of their skills, this is why we did not initially plan to implement them in the game. But the community has become more and more interested, so we decided to study the issue thoroughly and to find a way to implement this feature in our game. We ran the first tests with ingame prototypes back in 2017 and we have been working on new game systems and new aircraft ever since. Finally, we are happy to introduce all of this to our players. Meet a new age of War Thunder aviation - rank 6 aircraft! The first rank 6 aircraft and air-to-air missiles In update 1.85 “Supersonic” we will introduce the first supersonic jets: The Soviet MiG 19PT, the American F-100D Super Sabre and the British Javelin Mk.9. All these aircraft are supersonic and they are armed with a new weapon type - air-to-air missiles with infrared (heat) seeking. Air-to-air missiles are a new type of munitions in our game. Historically they appeared in the second half of the 20th century and were designed to solve the problem of hitting targets that were flying at extremely high speeds. The relative speeds of jet fighters were so high, that pilots could hardly aim efficiently with machine guns and cannons. Air-to-air missiles have a long history of development, like aircraft. Modern missiles have great capabilities at finding and homing in to a target and their maneuverability surpasses that of modern jets. If a target is captured by a homing device this usually means that it will achieve a hit. However this has not always been the case. The first air-to-air missiles had limited capabilities with capture range and possible overload. To capture a target a homing device needs some time to lock on to a target and all this time the pilot has to hold the target in a pretty narrow sector. When noticing a missile launch, a targeted pilot could relatively easily evade it with sudden maneuvers or by flying the aircraft against the sun - infrared devices would lose their targets against such bright obstacle. Being implemented in the game all these features and limitations allow us to believe that the new weapon type will not dramatically change the air battle experience but will add new opportunities that will make gameplay more diverse. New systems and balance New armament types will be introduced not only to combat planes, but to helicopters also. Helicopters will receive new types of defense to counter air-to-air missiles: heat flares, exhaust infrared suppression system and counter-optical-electronic systems. This will allow a reduction in the range of air-to-air missiles when launched from one helicopter to another and will allow interruption in missile guidance thus keeping primary weapons still useful. We will also add a simulation of a visual detection of a missile launch, that will be displayed in the interface. It will depend upon crew skills. We hope that all of these features will make our game more exciting and diverse, and you will like it. Looking forwards to your feedback, see you in the skies! Frequently asked questions Q. Will be the F-4/F-16/F-22/Su-27, etc. be added to the game? Further development towards more modern aircraft is possible, but these additions will be incremental, as it requires precise analysis of vehicle possibilities and their effect on game balance. Besides, the addition of specific aircraft doesn’t mean the addition of the whole range of weapons available for it’s real prototype. Q. Any plans on aviation units like the Tu-95 or B-52? We doubt strategic bombers realization is required, though some tactical strike aircraft. including subsonic attackers, may possibly appear in the game. Q. What about airborne radars and radar homing missiles? These may possibly appear in War Thunder if we manage to make them easy to use, easy to learn, and without affecting gameplay and game balance. We will keep you in the loop, whenever we start working on it. Q. Helicopters carried rather advanced air-to-air missiles. Won’t they affect the game balance? That’s true, as helicopters had been equipping air-to-air missiles in later periods. Those were more advanced and effective units, like AIM-9L, and R-60. However, helicopters have less maneuverability than aircraft, also having their engines heat signatures significantly less visible, i.e. shorter lock-on distance for missiles. This makes opposition against helicopters and aircraft more fair: A jet fighter has better dynamics, while a helicopter is able to launch missile at a distance exceeding it’s guns aiming range. In this encounter helicopters’ air-to-air missiles won’t be too imbalanced, especially with the planned countermeasures, like heat flares and jamming systems. Q. What about counter-measures for aircraft? They will be introduced along with aircraft that had such devices. Q. Do you plan to add air-to-air missiles for already existing aircraft? It is possible if an aircraft could be equipped with such armament. Q. Will there be any BR changes for rank 5 aircraft and against which enemies will new aircraft fight? Will they not be too effective against the aircraft already presented in the game? BR for new top aircraft will be selected as a base from their capabilities and the capabilities of their opponents. In addition the new top aircraft will have implemented a number of features and limitations inherent to real vehicles which will also give the chance for aircraft already existing in the game. Q. Will be 6th rank aircraft available immediately with the release of update 1.85, or will it be implemented as CBT? Yes, they will be available immediately with the release of the update 1.85. We do not plan CBT for the 6th rank. Q. Will aircraft of the 6th rank be added also for other nations? Yes, we plan to add 6th rank for aircraft of other nations, we are working on it. Q. With the addition of Rank VI Aircraft, does this mean there will be no more piston engined / WW2 Era aircraft added? No, we will continue to work on aircraft from the 30’s to the 50’s as well. Q. Will you implement a sonic boom effect in the game? Yes, we will. Both the sound effect and the visual one - the Prandtl–Glauert singularity. Pre-order - Sabre Pack The Kit Includes: F-86 Sabre Skyblazers (Rank 5 USA) - available after update 1.85; 2000 Golden Eagles; Premium account for 15 days; Pre-order bonus: unique "Saber-toothed tiger" decal; Pre-order bonus: unique "Skyblazer" title. 49.99 Store Pre-order - Reaper Pack The Kit Includes: Meteor F.Mk.8 Reaper (Rank 5 Great Britain) - available after update 1.85; 2000 Golden Eagles; Premium account for 15 days; Pre-order bonus: unique "Reaper" decal; Pre-order bonus: unique "Reaper" title. 49.99 Store Pre-order - MiG-15 Pack The Kit Includes: MiG-15bis ISh (Rank 5 USSR) - available after update 1.85; 2000 Golden Eagles; Premium account for 15 days; Pre-order bonus: unique "Three-headed dragon" decal; Pre-order bonus: unique "Fire-raiser" title. 49.99 Store "Jet Power" bundle - 30% The Bundle Includes: Pre-order - MiG-15 Pack; Pre-order - Sabre Pack Pre-order - Reaper Pack; 149.97 / 104.98 Store This offer is available for PC, Mac and Linux users. New packs will be available on the PS4 and Xbox One platforms after the release of update 1.85. PS4 and Xbox One players will be able to receive pre-order bonuses in the first two weeks of the new packs sale start.
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    A good strawman, as it will surely take a lot of likes and make people laugh to an easy target. But the actual state of the game is more like: - helicopters REALLY need fixes, as they have been clearly rushed when they should have been beta-tested for a little more time, and tier VI ground battles particularly suffer from this; - naval trees are still incomplete and requiring improvements; - many nations need some vehicles to be added here and there for balancing purposes, particularly italian attackers and french high tier tanks, but also britain; - new battle modes required, current battle modes should be improved, particularly for fixing issues with attackers and bombers; - need some work on models in game; - balance issues etc. etc. BR spread etc. etc. - in the end, the indifference towards Italy as a country in game, contrarily to other nations. But let's announce in a hurry supersonic jets, which is already making people worry because of balance, instead of taking time fixing things one by one and presenting a fully polished game before passing to new ambitious features.
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    Comparatively the L/44 has better: Ammo->DM13 is better than L15A3 Mobility->this shouldn't need explaining Reload->6.7 second vs 7.5 second best for the Mk5 Gun Handling->24/4.5 degrees a second vs 22.5/4.5 degrees a second on the Cheiftain Rangefinder->Laser Rangefinder vs Standard Rangefinder We all know that the tier 6 Meta is not getting hit but Chieftain Mk 5 has better: Hull Armor-> both are frontally killable by APCs and SPAA Turret Armor->Cheiftain's turret is kinda immune to APHE, but at 8.7 eveyone fires Sabot or HEAT-FS to which the two turrets are both as easily defeated So I'm really trying to find how Gaijin considers these equals, I have both of them and the Leo is clearly superior at 8.7 So solutions: 1. Lower the Mk5 to 8.3 where it has belonged forever, same place where the Mk3 is 2. Move the L44 back to 9.0 where it belongs 3. Do both of the above
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    Also, it's me reading all the "leaks" for the last month or so:
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    Recently got the maus and so far it isn't an enjoyable experience compared to other 7.7s I have played, at 7.7 br, its only good at a downteir and rn the 8.7br black hole has began. When at 8.7 the maus has no way to even survive the battle as everything lol pens him with atgms, heatfs, apfsds, and apds. At 7.3 or 7.0, it would be balanced as bmps, cent mk 10s, Vickers, conquerors, m46, m47, t44 100, amx 30, amx 13-90, will penetrate the turret easily, 6.7s can do the same but with either apds, ap, or apcr, 6.3s will have to use apcr and 6.0s can flank around it. I would see no problem at 7.3 or 7.0 as it wont be sucked into the 8.7 black hole and wont be too op
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    Sorry but these tanks as per usual have broke 7.7+ games for everyone just to suit the German players because 'cannot handle top tier' seriously gaijin could you maybe move these back to 9.0 and move 10.0 to 10.3 because 7.7 is unplayable again with dart-fs one shotting my tank from across the map and no armour to stop it. Seriously you give it top tier ammo and place it an 8.7.
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    Funny because some tanks in US service were called after Generals... Lee, Sherman, Pershing, Patton, Abrams
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    ATGMs when? Never Cruisers when? Never Modern tanks when? Never ERA when? Never Composite armor when? Never Supersonic jets when? Never Missiles when? Never . . Submarines when? ----- Never say never.
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    I have to say I am quite disappointed by this. Not by the content in and of itself, but by the fact that they decided to add them in the same patch as Italian tanks. Gaijin should just have waited ONE MORE PATCH with supersonic jets and I would be completely fine with them. But cramping all this stuff into one update and having Italy release in the shadow of supersonic jets is just disappointing and unfair towards them. Italy should have had its own patch, like every other tank tree as well.
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    It doesn't make sense to me and keeps putting me off whenever I get the same amount of RP for doing almost nothing (couple of assists at best) in a winning game as for doing multiple kills and caps in a lost game. I want to get rewarded for my actions in a just and fair way. This just gives me the impression that I only progress when luck wants it to and not when I actually play well. Same goes for the match duration. If I'm too efficient and kill a lot of enemies in a short amount of time, the game doesn't last as long and I get less rewards, but if I spread out my kills or just take longer cause I'm not that good, then I get more RP for a longer game. Rewards should be tied to one's performance. If you want to reward players on top of that for doing well, then reward then according to a different metric than victory/loss, because a single player hardly ever has influence on that, except when he gets double digit kills, which incidentally hardly reward more than 2500 rp without any boosters... This is ridiculous given that some later upgrades can cost 60k (thinking of the striker here). Can we please get rewards based on our performance, so that we can actually get a sense of reward and not just the current feeling of rolling through the motions without any power to influence how much you'll get at the end of a game? Worst is when you get a ton of kills and multiple captures, feeling like you did everything for a victory and then still lose and end up having spent a lot of time for such small rewards it just makes you want to quit... For the record, when I see unfairness I don't feel like spending money to progress. I feel like leaving that unfair situation. Grind is ok, it's necessary for the economy. But unfairness is just wrong.
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    The American F-100D Super Sabre supersonic turbo-jet fighter was developed as a fighter-bomber, so in addition to breathtaking speeds, it also features a rich assortment of suspended weaponry. It’s arguably the best American aircraft in the game! More on the website!
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    maybe because american use to call all their tanks to generals? M4 Sherman: General William Sherman M3 Lee: General Robert Edward Lee M1 Abrams: General Creighton Abrams and so on like Bradley, Pershing.. totally not american... Open a history book before typing...
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    The B1 Centauro is an Italian wheeled tank destroyer, built as a joint venture of several well-known Italian companies in the mid 1980s. Today, we’ll cover one of the B1 Centauro modifications that will be available to players at the top ranks of the Italian ground forces tree coming to War Thunder with update 1.85! Briefly: A highly agile and well-armed wheeled tank destroyer, able to achieve a top speed exceeding 100 km/h! More info on our website!
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    Let's be honest here, the M1 Abrams right now needs some kind of nerf. The sheer number of them being spammed right now (to the point where Japanese and the British are never to be seen with them), is extremely unnecessary. The M1 Abrams at the moment has about 63% win rate in Ground RB and 70%(!) In SB.. Compare those numbers to the vehicles they face such as the T-64 (1984) they are much lower at about 49% RB and 55% SB. And for players who fight them, how many shots does it usually take to kill an Abrams? Now how many does it take for an Abrams to kill you? Even in flanking attacks at point blank my Type 90 had to pump about 2-3 shots into an Abrams to kill it whereas on the other side they can easily kill me in half that.
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    Since everything in the rumour forum is now wiped about the name of 1.85, I decided to post here instead on the name change where there might be sympathetic voices. I was reading the entire new posts in the 1.85 thread and the same people there particularly of Greek and Spanish heritage were making fun of the Italian community and calling them cry babies. I wanted to point that out that its a couple of very vocal members doing this. Also regardless of what the admins say, this is a slap in the face to the Italian community. As one admin put it, no one cares about another tank tree. WOW. The Italian community on this game is quite strong. More than Spanish speakers, more than Portuguese, more than most communities around the world. I don't know if the Russians understand Italians but this is almost the worst thing you can do to them. Showing respect is something that was ingrained into me when I was young and I think most Italians would agree. Maybe other nations do not understand this. And I want to make clear that I am not technically Italian but of Italian background. You might feel that I am over doing this but I felt compelled to say something at least. Stand up for ourselves even if no one else cares!
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    I don't care what those "good samaritans" are saying, all the patches that introduced new tech trees had a name related to those tech trees: British tanks aka Royal Armour, japanese tanks aka Way of the Samurai, USA tanks aka Steel Generals, French tanks aka La Résistance etc... If Gaijin wanted to do the Big Money for Christmas they should have put tier VI jets alone with other things and break the stupid tradition of patch x.x5 being a tank related! And put Italian tanks in 1,87 alone with a related name. Why the difference between all the others and Italy? I laugh when people say it's because it will be a little tree... Ahaha....because the French and Japanese ones were enormous when they came, right? And now even Gaijin staff is mocking and belittling Italian tanks, good marketing move!
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    (Fun fact: people calling "whiny salty Italians" seem to have missed that most users posting perplexities about patch name weren't even Italian)
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    Have a little empathy guys. You'll find it will make you a better human being. Italians not getting the spotlight might be a bit trivial, but it's worth a comment or two from the disenfranchised.
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    Yea, totally agree. Going down the Italian tree is a long way off for me (focusing on Germans and Americans) ... but I was excited about the addition and also excited for all the people who have been clamoring for it for so long. Now ... it kind of feels like an after thought especially when you compare it to how previous nations were launched. It will be telling when the Swedish tech tree gets launched (not if, when) if Gaijin gives it all kinds of fanfare or not ... the disrespect will be real for the Italians. They deserved their moment in the spotlight.
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    I hope you guys are ready for what's coming soon™ You might want to keep an eye on the news
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    Well that's disappointing. Let's add more mechanics instead of fixing what we have. Not only that, but the focus is taken away from Italy so now they don't even get a dedicated patch focus like EVERY other nation. There's still many Italian planes to add to maintain an Italian focus while contributing to air battles. If that's not enough of a slap these jets are more pemiums you must buy to access, as if there wasn't enough premiums in the update already. I needed to vent via a post and get it out of my system after waking up to this. I'm going something cool tomorrow to calm me down. An Italian WWII CAS and tank would go some way - we all know Italy is in desperate need of the former. Maybe the M43 75/46 could be on the table. I wonder if Japan can look forward to anything in this patch?
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    I'm sorry a community discussion involving over 100 people has not gone exactly how you had hoped.
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    Germany gets an almost entire tree of foreign helicopters, nobody cares. Italy gets a premium foreign tank ,everybody laughs at it. Are you serious or just dumb ?