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  2. Stream hat genau an der Stelle angehalten: xD Süß.
  3. Less teamwork is not what we need.
  4. O-I is not comparable to the T-35 statistically, it is leagues more powerful.
  5. Bonjour, pas de souci pour les fichiers c'est normal des tuto sont fait pour ça Cordialement
  6. Im afraid you translated that wrong. Firstly there will be no tier V vehicles. Secondly, the correct translation of that answer has already been posted:
  7. My computer would reboot just as i starting flying and all i done to stop this from happening to me so far was to check the block on start up screen for VSync from off to on.
  8. Not necessarily. At the moment I am awaiting permission to share files on the Type61 SPAA. So their answer is in regards to if it won't be an option, it may be a last resort. However we will be looking at access to composite armour vehicles if they go with the Type87.
  9. Nope, il gioco si basa su ciò che è vendibile e fa hype e i limiti cambiano andando avanti, la storia dello swingfire insegna: "no, non lo mettiamo" "ma gli altri hanno l'IT1, lo sheridan etc i british devono avere qualcosa di simile" "GIB swingfire" "no, è troppo" "GIB swingfire" "no" "GIB swingfire" "soon" "GIB swingfire" Devblog: swingfire, e ora so ca**i. L'introduzione di un mezzo quasi anni 90 creerà molti desideri, molte richieste, molti "se c'è questo può starci anche.." "se gli danno questo, allora voglio avere....", esattamente come è appena successo in questo topic con l'OTOMATIC. Inoltre, non è per dire, ma ci sono già stati alcuni leak che fanno pensare alle corazze reattive.....
  10. That doesn't hold true at all though. If it was purely random, you would expect to see the blue curve, but this cannot be as it is not as simple as flipping heads or tails. There are many hidden factors that are unknowns.... so instead you see something more like the red line. Factors to consider: Strength of the faction, BR position in the spread, strength of the player, modules unlocked.... There are many factors that can change this distribution... so we should never see the blue line... yet the blue line is an accurate model of WT... so there are hidden factors that are making it that way.... and in my eyes its: bias map layouts, bias lower BR position in the +1 spread for better players. This is why people feel like they get punished (being a better player) or constantly get put on the harder to win side of a bias map. If the data was public, it would be easy to prove... but it is not so I have to collect data manually myself, I have about 500 data samples.
  11. fighter

    So you confirm that Ki-61s are appropriately tiered at 4.7-5.0? If so, then I maintain that the Ki-100 deserves to be there as well, since its performance is very similar.
  12. Jak vidno tak kvalita zobrazení vody na ULQ a odrážení emblémů od hladiny má vyšší prioritu než řešení např. poupravovat zobrazení vegetace a objektů při low grafice a celkově zneužívání nízkého grafického nastavení pro lepší viditelnost než protivník v tankových RB a SIM....
  13. Stavo "spadroneggiando" col mio fido 190a4 contro un premium p39k, ma la fortuna non era dalla mia parte, così un micro freeze m ha fatto perdere contatto visivo col nemico ed ha interrotto la mia manovra. ho recuperato abbastanza in fretta, ma mentre ero a mezz'aria e inerte un tizio con un B25 (toh, un altro premium) si è messo in mezzo colpendomi prima con le mg anteriori e poi rafficando col mitragliere. Non contento di tutto ciò anche un p47 (ed io che credevo di star combattendo contro i russi su stalingrado... ma vabbe!) si è unito alla festa. Con un po' di furbizia ed una massiccia dose di C sono riuscito a scappare salvando la pellaccia!!
  14. Sorry, but I don't assume that at all. I simply don't know for sure. For instance, after making this reply, I will spam bombers /attackers at ground targets because I want a score of 3000+ and win, using T4 aircraft. And I want to do this with the least number of attempts. But as soon as I get it done, I will put that deck back in the hangar. Besides, I doubt the game in which I do this will be short. So technically speaking, it is not what I would do for pure fun, yet it is kind of a thrill.
  15. I've posted several suggestions in the countless other threads about the same issue. I think the ideal solution would be replacing the current air battle system with a new system that allows you to spawn planes of your choice from the existing pool (as opposed to bringing a plane of your own, which would be a disadvantage to people who haven't researched their air trees) and a point system that allows you to choose the plane and its ordnance. The more kills and assists you earn, the more points you earn. Better planes and heavier weapons cost more points. Surviving an air battle could refund part of your points. Losing your plane would disable that particular plane for the rest of the battles, but you could still spawn other planes, provided you have enough points for them. Since a completely new system is unlikely to be introduced, they could just give better rewards to people who take the time to make it through the air battle alive instead of ramming tanks to return to their tank as quickly as possible. Punishing them is not the way to go as it is very easy to lose your plane accidentally or due to enemy fire.
  16. Well even without paying you can still get Eagles, Premium vehicles and premium time. There's the daily login, test drives, events, wagers, etc
  17. Über kurz oder Lang wird der T29 sowieso hochgestuft. Das weiss das Pro und das Kontralager, also wieso rumstreiten ? Wobei, wenn er hochgestuft wird gibt es kein vernünftiges US-6.7er-Deck mehr. Ich habe den auch, möchte also auch das er dort bleibt wo er ist, normal ! Fahre ihn aber selten, wenn ich US-6.7 spiele, dann beginne ich meist mit dem SuperPershing. Als Gegner ist der T29 echt übel, jedenfalls wenn nur der Turm zu sehen ist. Habe mir mit diversen Kötis schon oft an ihm die Zähne ausgebissen. Dann denke ich immer, wieso schon wieder auf meiner Seite, ist doch genug platz.
  18. Here my point of view, forgive me if a repeat something already said, 1-Air Arcade mode must be splited up to bomber mode(with no limitation of bombers number) and fighter mode(with a strong limitation of bombers per game). There are big differences between planes and kind of pilots and if you mixed all of them up in a single arcade mode the result is a domination of one sort of style of playing or a type of planes, in our case, in War Thunder bombers are completely dominating the air game. If gaijin improves bombers the problem are going to be worse. 2-For avoiding too short games, make impossible to choose a bomber as your first plane, and if you jump out or crash the plane on purpose get a lock crew for 1 min or so. 3-In my opinion, golden wager must change its way of obtaining it. If you are involve in a game with squads with golden wager active, it is a game wasted. I want to say in here other thing completely diferent about this game to make it more attractive, at least for me. Please Gaijin make squadron battles with jets (without grounds) it would be great. We need more jets with premiun too.
  19. I'm not sure, OP. You still wouldn't get the intended effect of the solid shot if that was implemented, unless you angled the shot so that it rebounded into more crew members - which might mean hitting the tank from an angle at which its armour is thickest. The rebounding fragments would probably have lost significant energy, meaning they wouldn't be strong enough to kill crew members. If you widened the cone of spall (on vehicles without spall liners (which narrow the cone)), that might be a better solution, but then all rounds probably have some level of spall effect. I think some spalling paired with the effect of the shell bouncing around inside the tank might be the most effective solution.
  20. To jel ale na sibiř.....nebo co?
  21. Bende de çok fazla oluyor. Yak9T'nin 37 mm.lik topu düşman uçağının her yerinde patlıyor. Ama hiç etkisi yok. Azalmadı bende.
  22. How is making all plane classes equally important a bad thing? Currently TDM being the preferred win condition renders ground pounders in particular almost useless in most situations, and that's even if they play it safe and live to the end of the match. Most bombers, with specific exceptions for the B29, Tu4, and maybe Do217s, are rendered useless as well, because matches often end by TDM before the bombers can get back to altitude and finish off the AF, and that's IF they live that long.
  23. T29

    Moja nowa opinia na temat T29. Czołg z początku bardzo mierny dla użytkowników teraz stał się plagą. Ładunki miotające nie wybuchają a naprawy trwają 9sek przy 4 osobach. Dla mnie mocno przegięty jak na ten moment
  24. Apresentamos mais um conjunto de competições disponíveis este fim de semana no portal! Modo Arcada Modo Realístico Modo de Simulação AVIAÇÃO: 512 jogadores 256 jogadores 128 jogadores FORÇAS TERRESTRES: 1024 jogadores 64 equipes 128 jogadores Mais informação acerca das competições Air blitz-tournament 1x1 para 512 jogadores no modo Arcada: Agora é sua chance de voar o famoso caça A6M2 “Zero” na maior copa deste fim de semana e ganhar o título “Master Duellist 1x1” exclusivo apenas aos melhores! PARTICIPAR Prémios: 1000 Golden Eagles + Conta Premium + Título Air blitz-tournament 1x1 para 256 jogadores no modo Realístico: Esta competição no modo realístico irá testar as suas habilidades de pilotagem com o fantástico aviação japonês Ki-84 ko Hayate! PARTICIPAR Prémios: 1000 Golden Eagles + Conta Premium + Título Air blitz-tournament 1x1 para 128 jogadores no modo Simulação: Baseado nas opiniões dos jogadores, decidimos fazer todos os torneios aéreos deste fim de semana um pouco maiores. Desta vez você pode voar outro belo caça japonês - o Ki-61-I otsu em ambas as versões ordinária e premium (norte americana). PARTICIPAR Prémios: 1000 Golden Eagles + Conta Premium + Título Tank blitz-tournament 1x1 para 1024 jogadores no modo Arcada: Mapas de tanques esperam por si na maior copa deste fim de semana, juntamente com conhecidos veículos. Escolha a sua máquina de guerra e conquiste o pódio este sábado! PARTICIPAR Prémios: 2000 Golden Eagles + Conta Premium + Título Tank blitz-tournament 2x2 para 64 equipes no modo Realístico: Altura para jogo de equipe com tanques de nível IV - pesados e com grandes armas e motores potentes, é isto que está esperando por você! PARTICIPAR Prémios: 2000 Golden Eagles + Conta Premium + Título Tank blitz-tournament 1x1 para 128 jogadores no modo Simulação: Você gosta dos Leopard, Chieftain, T-54 e M60? Então este torneio é para si! Estes tanques de nível V irão lutar pela supremacia consigo aos comandos. PARTICIPAR Prémios: 2000 Golden Eagles + Conta Premium + Título Estamos esperando por você no nosso portal de competições
  25. Alors voici mon souci le FV4202 comme le centurion ou le caern on un rack d'obus à l'avant du char à coté du conducteur, rack que bien évidement pour des raisons de survivabilité je cherche à vider. Sur le centurion ou le caern pas de problème quand on retire des obus c'est le premier rack à être vidé mais pas sur le FV4202 On voit bien le rack avant avec 20 obus 2 rack de 6 obus et 2 rack de 5 obus dans le bas de la caisse un rack de 4 juste au dessus et 4 obus en ceinture de tourelle Voulant vider le rack avant et les obus de ceinture de tourelle j'en prend 27 (6+6+5+5+4+1 dans le canon) Et en partie je me retrouve avec ça, alors il y à bien 27 obus mais pas du tout la ou je le souhaite, ni la ou c'est "logique" de les laisser. Hey les mec on prend que 27 obus Ok on va remplir le rack qui est le plus loin du loader qu'il se fasse bien ch***, au passage ça tiendra chaud au conducteur si on se prend un shoot ! Attention humour second degré !!! Bref, au moins j'ai compris pourquoi je me fait systématiquement ammorack. )
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