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  2. Jupp. Die Fiddys haben jetzt endlich die Durchschlagskraft die ich von ihnen erwarte. Vorher waren sie vielleicht 20% stärker als 7.7mm AP-I Dabei sieht es in der Realität eher so aus: 7.7mm: ca 4kJ 12,7mm Breda/Mg131: ca 11 kJ 12,7mm M2 Browning/DshK: ca 20 kJ 15mm Mg151/15: ca 35 kJ 20mm Hispano: ca 60 kJ Mündungsenergie jeweils... Die Breda/Mg131 macht den Mangel an Mündungsenergie aber durch eine deutlich größere Explosivfüllung aus. Im Vergleich zu den US und Soviet Kugeln. Die Setzen eher auf die Kinetische Energie beim Einschlag. Obwohl die Thermitummantelung bei den M2 AP-i Gurten mehr als ausreichend ist um Feuerchen zu entfachen. Ich bin jedenfalls froh das man jetzt mit den .50ern wirklich merklich Schaden verursacht. Die Amerikaner haben die .50er nicht nur aus logistischen Gründen für fast alle ihre Flugzeuge verwendet. Die M2 war ein fast perfekter Kompromiss aus Feuerkraft, Geschossgeschwindigkeit, Schadenswirkung und Gewicht. Durch den größeren Explosivfüller haben die Bredas nach der Penetration sogar eine stärkere Zündwirkung als die M2 AP-i Geschosse. Dafür beschädigen sie Struktur nicht so stark. Aber im Low Tier gegen Doppeldecker und stoffbespannte Holzflugzeuge macht das nicht wirklich einen Unterschied.
  3. I love the smoke. Have used it several times to hide myself behind or in when I was repairing. That pesky aircraft spam can't find me then.
  4. ground vehicles

    The "rail rocket" Somua and Hanomag should be two different suggestions as they are different in many ways. Different performance on the halftracks, rockets are exposed in different way, rockets are set up in different heights etc. (Thus shooting from different angles etc.) The developers will not put them in at the same time anyways. The other might become premium and the other might become special event vehicle or perhaps something for the French. (Maybe someday in the future) I would like to see the Somua. Still the Hanomag one is OG German and would be a good fit for them as they currently don´t have any vehicles with that rocket rail system. So yes for the 8cm Sd.Kfz. 4
  5. People who think the Wirbelwind couldn't survive a BR hike must not know what it's capable of.
  6. When I play on the PC my biggest problem is getting used to the new controls. Frame rate never drops below 60 and is normally 80-100; i saw it go as high as 120 on the test drive. Ping is never above 40 and one time I saw 1% packet loss. No teleporting. And when I click on the lead indicator, a hit registers probably 80% of the time. It is like a different game. On the PC, I get frustrated with myself or the controls, not the game. It is close to perfect on the PC and close to unplayable on the PS.
  7. I haven't noticed any problems, but the Fw 190F-8 has been a standard aircraft in my German BR ~4.7 lineup for so long that I may have just passively adapted to this issue and don't see it anymore.
  8. And we all know the reason for that ))))))))))))))))))))))))))
  9. Hunnicutt agrees with that.
  10. How.... Did you have a booster on?
  11. But the only L7 armed tank that can get close to that is the Vickers MBT, while the M60A1 has twice that...
  12. Actually, that's exactly what the bombs should be doing. There's a lot of force behind an explosion of that size, and a lot of is coming from beneath the tank. Apparently a lot of the tanks taken out by air to ground in WWII were simply rolled over by bombs, and, while much of the tank was fine, the crew was majorly injured or killed by the movement.
  13. Games are not decided by planes. Planes can only influence tickets by 100 at a time. This is paltry compared to the influence tanks can have, both by killing enemies themselves (which also yields 100 tickets) and, more importantly, interacting with capture points, which can drain thousands of tickets if not trigger a win condition on itself. Based on statistics, aircraft only kill a mere 8 of every 100 ground vehicles destroyed in RB GFs. That is 8%. This means that ~92% of other ground vehicles killed die to other causes (primarily other ground vehicles and suicides). Your ground vehicle is over nine times more likely to die to another ground vehicle than to a tank. The influence aircraft have on games is exceedingly minor compared to ground vehicles'. If the enemy team is allowed free reign of the skies because your own team did nothing to prevent that (namely fighters or SPAA), you should expect nothing different. If you leave a vulnerability it will be exploited and rightfully so. Despite often times never leaving my first spawn vehicle, I often not only do not get rocketed but survive the match to end victoriously in first place. Again, SPAA and fighters are the solution for people upset over the enemy team taking advantage of their vulnerabilities. Either you can address your weaknesses or settle with the enemy beating you over the head with them. It's your choice. Actually, based on documents provided to the forum by other users who were complaining about aircraft, it has been revealed that bombs are in fact underperforming. I cannot tell you how many times I've had a 250kg bomb land a meter or so away from my tank, only to do little more than be a harmless firecracker. In addition, this does not even account for the many times where bombs simply phase through the ground and disappear. As usual, the only conclusion to this is: no, planes are not OP. ----------------- There are player controlled air vehicles in RB GFs because that is the combined forces mode. There are no player controlled SPAA in RB AFs because they would be rather hardpressed to do anything if the players in aircraft chose to avoid them (RB AFs maps are far larger than RB GFs maps, and aircraft could simply fly away faster than the SPAA could follow). (That said, I have mentioned player controlled SPAA as runway AAA in RB AFs before.) The spawn system rewards success. The more successful you are, the more choices you have. Aircraft are some of those choices. As above, the actual number of people dying to aircraft is miniscule. People's emotions tend to get the better of them and so they overreact to deaths at the hands of planes. In reality, a tiny fraction of the amount of ground vehicles killed by other ground vehicles die to aircraft. AI is a silly "solution" because of its notorious tendency to be unpredictable and unrealistic, as well as the betrayal such a move would be to the game's mission of combined arms battles. Based on numerous statements by Gaijin officials, it is unlikely we will ever see anything like what you suggest.
  14. Hi, the payment options for Argentina are not working (i was trying to buy an italian prem plane), when i try to use them i get error 3010. I already sent a complaint to xsolla, but i got no answer from them. Can this issue be fixed?, will it be fixed soon?. Cheers
  15. Google Earth Has World War II Imagery that you can compare , should have a look at this area to see if Saipan is listed
  16. Il faut grimper les collines de travers, ça marche beaucoup mieux, en RB surtout vu que ta plus de temps.
  17. With premium/boosters activated you can get that or else talisman alone in RB you can't. I agree with OP, that 20% increase in RP gain some months ago should have been 200-400% for ground forces.
  18. This is my first post on these forums so here it goes I got the G.55S, I've been having a blast. I wanted to try out torpedoes because I've never really used them before. Anyway, about 50 matches in with a 92% winrate, I have been having quite an annoying problem with my torpedoes blowing up on the light cruisers on Norway but doing more damage. Now before you ask, I am releasing my torp correctly and the torpedo is exploding on the target, just no damage is dealt. i don't know if I'm doing something wrong, or I should take this to the bug people.
  19. I get accidents happen, especially in AB where everyone seems loath to break off a target, but one has to wonder why an intentional tk 30 seconds into match starting doesnt result in negative points, heavier lion loss or an outright immediate temporary suspension.
  20. I get accidents happen, especially in AB where everyone seems loath to break off a target, but one has to wonder why an intentional tk 30 seconds into match starting doesnt result in negative points, heavier lion loss or an outright immediate temporary suspension.
  21. No offense against our friends across the pond...I just haven't researched the British treeas of yet
  22. People still complain about this?? I have rarely spent any money on the game and was able to reach Tier 5 given a few months. In my eyes pay2win vehicle is a vehicle that is horribly down tiered to purposely serve to be almost invulnerable to most things in its BR. All these vehicles are not pay2win simply because they can be killed by almost any other tank within its BR. If you are complaining about vehicles being pay2win, look at the non premium tanks such as the T10M, Jumbo Sherman, T34, etc.. Those tanks have similar experiences as driving premium tanks, and still people accuse them as being op. If these premiums were truly pay2win as you stated, then tanks in the normal tree should in no way be at the state that they are right now, they would be worse but of course this is not the case at our current state of the game. This argument has been brought up for quite some time and i honestly dont understand why this is still a thing, i have been able to kill many premium vehicles without much problems, and its not always the vehicle that determines if a player is doing well or not, its the player itself. -edit- I'm wondering why after 2 years this thread is still up, shouldn't this be locked for necro?
  23. I would love to see one of these too. In my opinion the M.S. 406 was the most beautiful plane ever produced during WWII. And I am biased to my American planes. Yet I still say this. I used to fly it back in the old Aces Over Europe days with the France mod.
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