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  2. no comment.
  3. Muchas gracias, ahora lo voy a comprobar. Y te felicito por todo ese montaje para simulador que tienes ahí
  4. Lets start by reversing the hvap/apcr nerf of November 2015.
  5. gameplay

  6. It is against your duty and oath to aid or comfort the enemy. Therefore, screw with enemy kill credits by J-ing out of your vehicle at just the right time. Or drive into a river/canal, as this often results in no kill credits. That is if you're doomed anyways. Sometimes I get snarky when dying.
  7. This narrative of tanks being helpless against planes makes me laugh.
  8. I generally drop my bombs from around five meters, at a speed of around 500KPH or more. Removing the bombsight has made my bombs more accurate because I eyeball every single drop instead of using the reticule to do it from higher up. I only use the boring sight when I'm using the Pe-8. I don't like my chances of outrunning the 6,000kg bomb.
  9. Kumam.Dla tego niecelne draśniecie ziarnkiem piasku urywa skrzydło a stalinium pokonje góry. Te kloce występują na wszystkich trybach od ponad 2 lat.
  10. Are you actually hitting less or just killing less? If you're hitting less maybe it's an increase in server traffic. I'm guessing that would be around the time the euro players start to speed up the game queues. If you're killing less it might just be that there are more hardcore, and therefore more skilful (in theory) players online.
  11. Just for that, I'm going to say "No."
  12. Ground vehicles

    Oh that. (thought Wulf was saying that the guns weren't Russian) xD
  13. Ground vehicles

    What he's saying is that the BTR-152 w/ the ZU-23-2 is not a Soviet modification, but a Palestinian one...
  14. Thanks TT33a, as far as I can see you have already given it to me. Dornier Do-335: The Luftwaffe fastest Piston Engine Fighter J. Richard Smith ISBN 1903223679 pg.49 That is the one I have used in the report. Cheers
  15. All Modifications are use at own risk... the game could pick up files being Modified and ban users, so have to read up on any documentation and or read the EULA/ToS for use of prohibited modifications Users banned, must contact support... however, there may not be much that can be done in the end... some can claim they were innocent, but in the end they are not... can read details here:- Hope that helps!
  16. Witzig. Ich mein wenn er von Panzern reden würde, würde ich seinen Frust verstehen. Der Vogel fliegt die Deutschen(!) in AB und kriegt nichts auf die Reihe, das ist eigentlich der Grund warum ich mich Vorgestern so über Light Vehicles-Gefechte aufgeregt habe. Um das Spiel zu lernen ist das eigentlich der simpelste Weg. Ich habe den Entwicklern schon soviel an den Kopf geschmissen hier im Forum im Laufe der letzten Updates. Letztendlich ist das Grundübel die Spieler. Ist man bei den Flugzeugen nicht komplett vom Team abhängig und kann mit etwas Übersicht das Spiel noch rumreissen, ist man bei den Panzern mit einem beschissenen Team komplett gearscht. Man kämpft mittlerweile fast nur noch mit Spielern die sich einfach durchs Spiel durchsterben. Wenn es nicht klappt ist das Spiel natürlich scheisse, schimpft man über das MM oder über irgendwelche Bots. Ich hab übrigens gerade bei den Flugzeugen keine Probleme damit wenn ich gegen +1 antrete.
  17. i understand that, my opinion is that fires should be happening more often in order to balance the
  18. Some REAL horsepower right here:
  19. poll

    The problem comes when it is not just a new "way to play" but THE way to play, seeing matches with 8-9 IT-1's on a side shows this, tanks like the IT-1 can nearly do it all, from brawl to, shoot from long distances with impunity, while maintaining the speed of a light tank, and have the armor to still take on shots. Honestly they should not have been introduced in the first place. But, they are here, so bring on the BMP series and the T55 and T-64.
  20. Today
  21. @JohnGR, How are your bug reports current status?
  22. Ground vehicles

    Yeah the ZSU-23-2 is exactly that: a duel 23mm AAA mount (and thus ZSU-23-4 doubling that with a quad-mount). Maybe the US government didn't know about it in 2001 (or didn't care to document it in detail). Don't forget the BTR-50P:
  23. 1. In tanks AB, you absolutely have markers that show you where bombs are, not to mention the whistle of falling bombs. 2. If you get hit with rockets in a plane, they're either really good, or you're doing something wrong. Summary, in AB absolutely have torp markers. RB maybe at reduced range, SB not at all.
  24. I also find that issue to be very irritating. Yes, even the most experienced person about a certain vehicle can still be argued for whatever the reason is. Either Maus still uses V1 armor thickness for nonsense reason, British APDS nerf to prevent overkill, IS-2 1944 uses prototype cast frontal armor for broad heavy tank balance (120 mm vs 100 mm), Or even denial for correct T32 lower plate armor change because it would be "indestructible" with historical armor layout. You just have to expect the worst possible resistance to actually let them know you're the most experienced one about a certain thing without proclaiming yourself to be...
  25. poll

    Theres too much hate in the forum opinion on ATGMS for me to even try and accept that as anywhere near accurate. Speak for yourself, for I see much that indicates thats all you (can possibly hope to) do on this topic. EDIT: I mean, look at the thread title. Seriously. What a curious choice of words with apparent other choices to avoid the obvious. Theres a reasons the thread is named so.
  26. tanks/vehicles

    Well the 120mm "BAT" and "WOMBAT" thingys were mounted atop roofless Land Rovers, SPBAT carriers, and FV432 APCs (doubling ingame as an Swingfire SPATGM): The M40 on the other hand, was used on everything from RadioFlyers to Jeeps to boats: Some info on the other 3 SPRGs (M50 Ontos, ELC 75-2, & ELC 120-4): And don't forget this nifty little French TD-cycle: .
  27. thanks, anybody know the status of related with 0052283 and ?
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