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  2. És milyen tankokra tennéd fel? Mondjuk amcsikra, vagy Rb-ben németre? Kíváncsi lennék a chat-re ilyenkor
  3. Supersonic test fire iirc. But the bullets slowed down and hit back the plane, which kept accelerating instead.
  4. arcade

    Unfortunately this tactic doesn't look like it will ever be changed and has become even worse with the introduction of the "hull break" mechanic. Gaijin feels that this is a viable tactic even though there have been numerous forum posts complaining about it. One can only be "kamikaze killed" so many times before they start doing the same thing to others thus making it an even worse problem. TL:DR - Just do what others do, kamikaze kill those in SPAA and light tanks like they do to you, unload your bombs/rockets right before crashing. If you can't beat them, join them.
  5. Jeśli o stabilność klienta dbają sprzątaczki to raczej podstawiają mopa
  6. in was und wo, seid ihr den Top 3 in War Thunder gewesen?
  7. As a Spitfire fan and pilot, I'm happy to hear we give as good as we get in Tier 2 to 109s! To be fair though, I don't find 109Es at equivalent altitude too much of a scare, and as Spits can climb so quickly, it isn't often I find 109s above me. When I do, this is where things get concerning and the 109 has the advantage. The early Spits have a number of weaknesses, I'd advise you to use to your full advantage: 1. No cannon (apart from the IIb, but even then it has... 2. No nose mounted guns (so head-ons are risky) 3. A radiator that leaks coolant if somebody sneezes at it (so head-ons become nearly automatic engine deaths within less than a minute unless you know what you're doing - MEC would help also, I'm sure) 4. A Carburetor - so negative Gs cause the engine to cut out. (Like real life - the number of times 109s have dived away and I forget to roll over 1st and I get the kill are remarkably small. It may seem rather negligible, but no engine for 3 seconds really helps the 109 to get away) So I'd advise side climbing, Head-Ons, Diving away and BnZ into turnfights. The latter is extremely frustrating for us TnBers, but to all of you BnZers - and now I've got my first T5 aircraft I am getting better at it - it's a massive advantage. Don't fly as if it is a brawl - try to "play chess" from above. As you say, a spit in good hands is a very difficult customer to deal with!
  8. Aynen Valqyrie hocamın dediği gibi BRsi fazla yüksek bir araç üstelik son 2 yılda 15 tane rakibi BR indirimi almışken hala 5.3 duruyor M4A2 76da aynı hesap hala 5 duruyor. Bunlar en kötü durumdaki amerikan tanklarından direk pas geç, hiç çektiğin işkenceye değmez. Eğer M36, T25 açıksa 5.7ye atla, değilse açana kadar M4A1 76, M4A3E2 75mm 4.7yle oyna.
  9. The a6m5 is at a br where people are experienced enough to beat a zero with VASTLY better performing planes. The b17e is probably decent for mindless grinding, bombing a base and then going for the next enemy fighter to find a quick death to join a new match. The a7m1 might be worth it due to t5 being such a "short" grind and the majority of interresting japanese planes being in t3 and t4.
  10. Low velocity ammo?
  11. Btw @CaID do u have a good picture of the JJ-1? All i can find ar ethese 2 which are very ugly.
  12. Szokványos rank3-as német 75-ös, pl. Pz4. Azt tudom, hogy ilyen kaliberrel nem megyünk rá szemből Jumbora, nem is szoktam. De most a foglalt Kv-1B preferálom, azzal meg aztán sok mindent lehet kezdeni, például Su-152-őt is pattintott (non-Ace ellenfél), de kerülésre legfeljebb módjával alkalmas. Csak nehezen akar leesni, hogy létezhet olyan 4.7-es tank, ami tierjében, átlag lövedékekkel szemből szinte sebezhetetlen. A géppuskafészket ritkán adja be, gondolom az se fixen 90mm, inkább 90-120. A kupola meg elég alacsony és jó kialakítású. Plusz gyakran jól is használják a tankot, kulcspozíciókat fognak vele minden oldalról házak és társak védelmében. Erre legjobb példa Port Novorossiysk, déli éledéssel a középső pontra futó utca végére ha beáll, megnyerik a meccset. Bár azt már a Kv-1B-vel, meg a kevésbé acélos T20-szal is hoztam le szinte egyedül ugyanígy, kicsit unbalancolt az a pálya szerintem.
  13. And Britain probably a perfectly balanced 6.7/7.0 105 mm armed tank that is stabilized like a 90's MBT and that can spam HESH and APDS every second. I seriously hope Gaijin will bring back balance and make Germany enjoyable to play again because the two last updates were literally making fun of Germany as a nation to War Thunder. Their vehicles trully have NOTHING competitive in the game anymore. Their guns are not the best anymore and their armor is made pointless by APDS/HEAT/HESH. One can dream one day germany wont be xxxx in a tank game one day.
  14. I spaded my Emil at 7.7. And it was amazing.
  15. Ezen a tankon rengeteged gondolkozok Mert csak így kapom meg a sarló kalapácsot.
  16. li vorrei io dei meccanici cosi` bravi
  17. Elég 1 is, de azzal kell befejezned a csatát!!! Mert ha nem akkor adja meg. Én már jártam így.
  18. Il CSL e la RSL formano una join venture per progettazione di un nuovo progetto missilistico balistico, di nome BUSSAPORTE. Il progetto del missile è stato terminato dal CSL, mentre la Repubblica Lombarda sta testando e ultimando il nuovo vettore da abbinare alla nuova arma, si stima comunque un 12x12. Allego le statistiche del missile e un'anteprima visiva del complesso missilistico BUSSAPORTE Gittata: 1500 km Carico bellico:3500 kg di esplosivo Lunghezza: 30 m Larghezza:1,5 m Peso: 19.000 kg Vettore: AlmL(Autoarticolato lancia-missili Lombardo) Sistema di guida: Inerziale autonomo CEP: 300 m Spoletta: Impatto, attivazione remota Propellente: Liquido(kerosene/ossigeno) L'attuale base missilistica livornese fornirà come fabbrica provvisoria per 5 BUSSAPORTE. Se interessati tutti gli aderenti al PSI potranno usufruire della licenza di questo nuovo prodotto.
  19. Dont worry in the future updates we get more turretless and unarmored tankdestroyers and of course tier 1 )))
  20. In our game against AV i'm sat readied up in the lobby before the game starts but I didn't get put into the match, spamming the unready and to battle buttons. Neither of our reserve players could get in either. I feel like that's a pretty old bug. and a pretty miserable one too.
  21. Germany wont get anything nice anymore. Gaijin managed to break 80% of the German tech tree by powercreeping it to hell.
  22. diese schlussfolgerung kann ich nicht nachvollziehen.
  23. BR 1.0 wäre ne Maßnahme, da wäre das Teil brauchbar.... Munition buffen wäre auch dringend nötig es ist schwer genug mit dem Hobel was zu treffen, wenn das gelingt, sollte das Ziel auch gefälligst in 1000 Stücke zerbröseln es kann nicht sein das ich mit ner 102mm mit Bodenzielmuni (1kg Geschossmasse, 690g TNT) ne feindliche Piaggio perfekt von oben in den Rumpf ballere & grad mal nen kritischen Treffer bekomme der nicht mal die Flugeigenschaften des Getroffenen beeinträchtigt. Das darf nicht sein!
  24. I just want every mg that is modeled on the tank to work. i think doesn't work on the m24. but at low tier the rear turret mg is useful for attacking flanking enemies as many low tier tanks can be killed with mg's
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