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War Thunder losing alot of dedicated players already

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Posted 10 August 2013 - 10:54 PM


I'm seeing alot of dedicated players leaving war thunder, going towards another flight sim ww2 era game (not pluging but easy guess).

Since I started involement some 14 months ago there was much promise of a flight sim that would offer it all (mainly the world war aspect of a better WW2OL) But as I hear/see many dropping out and also hear  the lost of a FM/DM team (The work they done was brilliant and made the Russian FM team look like they spent most of a week necking vodka and guessing what stuff might have been like) leaving gaijin with just the russian FM team (The work they done before was on level of WOT blueprint what-if's).


So in a nut shell it would be nice for a gaijin reply to some people like me that play a game for years:


With the loss of a FM team - Does this push the project back another 6 months

                                           - Are we going to see a russian WOT bias FM (It was made by my country it was better than everything)


World war - What level is this going based AB/HB/FRB - ( I understood the hush-hush a year ago, but at some point to much hush-hush just going to be a "don't care got the T-shirt not going back, better stuff going on"), what is it going to have for land air and sea units, Is it just going to be a AB furr ball or FRB full fight.


Bomber cockpits - Now these things (bombers) are almost useless in AB (Big neon sign saying "Shoot me, I'm a big slow prize target), but in HB/FRB the lack of a cockpit in bombers and heavy fighters can be a hinder as much as a advantage ( In FRB a heavy fighter has advantage of sight over a fighter) - Over a year of people asking for these cockpits and not even one yet, just a few pics of a russian bomber (lol ref: russian bias) months ago, yet I see plenty of new maps/planes/features/fittings etc etc.


The direction of WT - A dev once described the difference between WT (then called WOP) and WOWP's - "WT is a simulator the other is a arcade game", right now I see more arcade focus in war thunder with the selling of power in microtransactions (not even WOT went that low), I wouldn't be all that shocked to see your mum's on a list with a gold eagle price. A tad too much quick greed is washing over this game, even War gaming encourage players to grind the ranks and play the game- Gaijin just needs your credit card number with the 3 digit security code on the back (I wouldn't be supprised to see a future cheque/cash - just seen moneyz to this address button somewhere).


It would be nice to Hear back from a Dev (the higher the better), I've listen'd to a few Beta Q + A on TS, and seriously either drop out from laughing or fall off my chair in giggle and tear fits, I don't want to ask "if I can have a button to trim my plane to fly after the wing has been shot off" ( That's one of my fav roflmao moments on Q+A TS BS lol) But i do want to know if i should:

1- Stay with what was started, a great game will follow

2- Jump this sinking ship with the life boats

3- Wait till the rats jump ship leaving a few of us behind coz you p*ssed on my back and told me it's just raining.












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Posted 11 August 2013 - 12:44 PM

Personnel policies of a company are not an issue of public discussions.

There have never been exclusive "russian fm team". And now it is not only russian personnel doing the FM models.

International experts are involved in all spheres of the game development.

Further attempts of public discussion of Gaijin's internal affairs will lead to ban.

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Posted 11 August 2013 - 01:40 PM


I just want to say something.

Our goal for FMs are the same: make them as close to real life as possible. We really don't care who made them, FM team, martians, or myself, as long as they pass FM testers and as long as they have proper specs and fly correctly.

All new FMs: F-80, F8F, F9F, BTD, Vampire was made not by "international" team. Check out theirs quality, their specs. Can you see bias or big mistakes there? I can say that they're not perfect yet, but fixes to be done soon enough.

Also you can check out fixed P-47, which have just WEP problem fixed yet, but in further patches you'll see his new FM which is way more accurate. We just still have minor problems with it after 30k feet, so we're not releasing it.

In next minor patch there will be new FM for P-26. Should I say it's way more accurate than current one?

Check high speed controlability of patched P-38. Way more better, right? Where's the bias?


Our goal is to make FMs in this game historically accurate. We're going to make them like that.

We here, at Gaijin, love aviation and history. We don't really care who made one particular aircraft, we only care about it flying historically, and we dont care if we need to translate documents from Japaneese, Italian, German or English to make it fly right. What we care about is historical accuracy.

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